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The following article by Kungpow explains how to extract the content of Sailor Moon Plus *.pak file, edit it and repack back.

This should be all that's in your "rip pack" folder, the game BOR.Pak, the extract.bat file used to rip the contents of the game, and paxplode, the actual application. Double click on the .bat file only to start the extraction process.


For those of you curious to see the actual code of the extract batch file, there it is. If you have a renamed .pak file, simply rename BOR.pak file to rename that. You can use this multiple times as long as you keep track of what the .pak file is named.


Some screens of the dump process...


Now this next part is very important. Because we don't want to overwrite your original BOR.pak file, we need to make a folder called SMP (or if you're ripping other BOR titles, make a folder named after that game so you know what it is) and put the BOR.pak in that folder.


Now put the dummy bor file in its place, this is important when you're testing bor files while you're making them.


Now drop in your "flavor" of OpenBOR and drag the dummy bor file into the paks folder but leave the DATA folder outside. Congrats you're now at the stage to drop in the expansions whenever I get around to it ^^ You can play around with several things at this point. See all the sprite sets, look at the cutscenes and of course look at all the pages of code. Pretty cool huh.


Now if you want to make a new file to distribute for a release, you need to drop in the makepack batch file and the packer exe.


The Packer and paxplode work on the same principal except they do the opposite of one another.


I slightly modified the code so your BOR files don't go out in no man's land but they should end up right in that same folder when it's finished packing itself up.


Some shots of the packing process...

Tada! You've just made your first pak file to play! Remember when you distribute "games" just make sure to include both openbor and the pak file or just the bor.pak file. That's all you need.
You can download my "rip pack" here (74.0 KB): rip_pack.rar
The dummy bor pak file should be in the zip file named paxplode, and the packer stuff should be in the packer zip file. I packaged them together as one kit.