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Title: Sailor Moon and Her Sailor Scouts Computer Fun Set
Genre: colorforms
Company: Gryphon Software Corporation
Release date: April 01, 1996 (?)
Platform: Windows

Basically, Colorforms is a classic children toy, that consists of a colorful cardboard backdrop with various paper-thin plastic figurines. Colorforms firs appeared in 1951 and since then almost every cartoon character, every comic book hero, and every movie star that could possibly be considered a child idol came in the Colorforms variety.

Sailormoon Colorforms Computer Fun Set is a video game based off the idea of colorforms. It is one out of three licensed Sailormoon video games released not by Japanese companies.

Gryphon Software Corporation official site, that was formerly available at (http://www.gryphonsw.com) is now closed.
The demo version of the game, that was distributed by the company, is fully functional with the following limitations:
* You can only place five objects in the picture at any time.
* You can't save or export any images, but images can be printed.
* Only two modules are included with the Demo. The full product ships with four modules.
* Only three backgrounds are included with the Demo. The full product ships with nine backgrounds.
* The demo version does not pronounce the letters while they are typed with the Text tool.

Menu on the right allows you to choose different color patterns. Menu on the bottom contains available actions and options (new game, clear background, remove item, random position  etc.)

Menu on the left contains available figurines (characters, items and shapes), text tool, fill tool and several others.



Download of the demo for this game is available (1.00 MB) colorfrm.zip