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Title: Sailor Moon S
Genre: puzzle/mini-games
Company: Bandai
Release date: 1994
Platform: Sega Pico

In this game you go to next "stage" by turning over pages of game cartridge. Each page contains areas that can be touched by console's pen, allowing you to interact with the game.

Title page: you can click on the five Sailor senshi and watch their transformation phrases.

Page 1: you can change colors of some objects in the room. When you click on the notebook you proceed to mini-game where you'll have to guess numbers and watch images of characters from the series (you'll be shown two out of three numbers).

Page 2: celebration: you can click on all characters and Luna-P. When you click on the dish, you proceed to mini-game where you'll have to decorate a cake.

Page 3: Kaolinite captured Mamoru and Chibiusa and you must save them. You'll see a circle with senshi symbols and must press red button when symbol of the senshi you picked is highlighted.

Page 4: you fight against Kaolinite and Nekoneru. When you click characters you'll see them performing attacks. Clicking on Sailor Moon allows to play mini-fight of Sailor Moon vs Nekoneru.

Page 5: dress-up game: you pick senshi and dresses for them.

As of June, 2009, there is no functional Sega Pico emulator, so you can play the game only if you buy Sega Pico console itself. The video below shows the entire game. You can also download archives with scans of game booklet and scanned pages of game cartridge. ( scans of the cartridge are provided by Nicsailor, webmaster of Moon Paradise )

Gameplay video (151 MB): sega_pico_sailor_moon_s.avi
Game booklet (13.6 MB): sega_pico_s_booklet.zip
Scans of cartridge (4.18 MB): sega_pico_s_moonparadise2002.free.fr.zip