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Title: Sailor Moon Another Story 2
Genre: RPG
Developed by: PrinceEndymion88 <evanescencebeppe[at]msn.com>
Language: Italian / English (soon)
Development started: Summer 2008
Platform: Windows

Story: An old enemy is back alive ... Furious, she will unleashing his anger on Sailor Moon bringing alive, or by passing again on the side of evil, old enemies already defeated earlier by Sailor Moon. The enemies come from the series Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Moon Stars.

[*]Title screen animated, with the succession of cinematographic film style sailor senshi.
[*]Ability to save up to 99 slots with image that identifies your position in the game.
[*]Introduction with animated presentation logo .
[*]Rebuilt Juuban district, Usagi's home, Osa-P, Game Center, Hikawa Shrine, Rei's Temple, Mamoru's Room, Park, Center of Tokyo.
[*]Official Story: An enemy previously defeated by our Sailor Moon has returned and will relive her worst nightmares. Our heroine must fight back against Nehellenia and the trio Amazon, Galaxia and its followers and all those who gave battle.
Sailor Moon fight officially with the Eternal Fuku. The story takes place after the clash with Galaxia.
[*]New characters introduced : Fish Eye, Tiger Eye, Hawk Eye, Sailor Juno, Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Vesta.
[*]Fight against: Manichino meccanico.

Currently the game is being developed in Italian language.

Game play video: http://www.veoh.com/videos/v15547811M3fNA8KT

Game demo:

Sailor Moon Another Story 2 - Demo 3[1].0.part1.rar (95.7 MB)
Sailor Moon Another Story 2 - Demo 3[1].0.part2.rar (95.7 MB)
Sailor Moon Another Story 2 - Demo 3[1].0.part3.rar (24.1 MB)

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