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Title: Pretty Soldier Sailormoon: The Last Chapter
Genre: RPG
Developed by: Cinnamon
Site: http://www.flonne.com/chapter/
Development started: Summer 2007
Platform: Windows/RPG Maker XP

Plot Outline
A year after the events of Stars and Sailor Moon has found that her life has became a lot easier. Over the period of the 12 months, less and less youma have appeared, culminating in a peaceful six months. Mamoru has left for University again and is doing well, with daily correspondance between him and Usagi. Everyone is content and things are going so well two weddings have been planned, those between Michiru and Haruka and Usagi and Mamoru.

It isn't until Usagi is running late for school one day when she believes she sees the witches five. The other Senshi try their best to pass it off as too much sugar, however, things go from bad to worse when Usagi is woken in the night by an astral projection of Guardian Cosmos. Chaos has attacked the Galaxy Cauldron and merged with it, making Choas the mother of every star seed in existence.

Things take a turn for the worst as a variety of villains from the past now return to the future. Anyone who has stood in the way of Chaos in the past is now under threat and the galaxy turns to Sailor Moon, the brightest star seed in existence. With the return of the Star Lights, the Animamates, the Amazoness Quartet and Sailor Galaxia returning to the side of good, Sailor Moon and the Senshi are thrown into a confusing battle where the lines between good and evil have never been so fragile.

Can Sailor Moon finally put an end to the evil that is Chaos and with the help of the other Senshi, save the world?

The game is going to be really indepth so it will take a long time to create, so don't get your hopes up! It will focus on villains from a variety of places, the manga, the anime and the movies. There will be a high number of playable characters, each with their own battle set and attacks. I'm debating on the idea of using dialogue or not due to the size of the file, however, currently, I'm focusing on getting the main work done.

The game requires installation of RPG Maker XP runtime package (23.8 MB): xp_rtp102e.zip

Download demo (44.8 MB) the_last_chapter_demo.rar

[click thumbnails for full size screenshots]

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