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Title: Sailor Moon Galaxy Destroyers
Genre: RPG
Developed by: Michael Ingram <dbzhotline[at]yahoo.com>
Site: n/a
Development started: September 2009
Platform: Windows/RPG Maker XP

Author's description: "The game is being developed using RPG Maker XP. It's in an alternate timeline, supposedly sometime during Sailor Stars. It starts a lot like the first episode of Sailor Moon R, none of the Sailor Senshi remember their adventures. The quest starts with a new enemy called the Galaxy Destroyers, kidnapping Molly and taking her to their ship. Molly has to break out of the ship with the help of the new Senshi. That's where it gets to the Senshi going off to find two more new scouts and then having to find the Galaxy Wand to defeat the Galaxy Destroyers, who plan to, (of course), destroy the Galaxy.

For characters, I'm including all the Inner and Outer Senshi, the Sailor Stars, and five new scouts."

This page was updated on September 29, 2009.