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Title: Duke Nukem 3D: Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress
Genre: first person shooter
Developed by: Jack Walker <clint20[at]neo.rr.com>
Site: http://www.zxdware.net/NR
Development started: 1997
Platform: Windows

NR:IotM is a modification for 3D Realms' classic first person shooter, Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition.

Fourteen characters will be playable in total; Among other characters (not related to the series) Ami (regular character) and Minako (secret character) will be available.

Here is a few of Ami and Minako's unique abilities/attributes:

- If standing in water, her damage against monsters is 3.5x stronger and her defense against attacks is also equally stronger
- If UNDER the water, her damage against monster is 6x stronger and her defense against attacks is also equally stronger
- Takes 33% more damage from Fire-based damage and explosions
- Takes 90% less damage from Ice-based damage and explosions
- Mercury VR Visor allows Ami to light up areas and monsters. Additionally if the targetter is pointed at a monster while turned on, she can read their exact stats, including their Level, HP, Armor, etc.

- Metal-Based hitscanning attacks deal 75% less damage [basically bullets/shotgun pellets/etc]
- Explosives and Missile attacks deal 33% less damage [basically RPG missiles and other explosive attacks]
- 50% more benefit from normal health items (Small Medikit recovers 15% instead of 10%)
- Can jump higher than most of the characters

- Both have three possible forms to use in the game: "Civilian", "Senshi" and then the super-powerful "Balanced" form, which in later versions of the game have to be accquired through special means.
- Civilian form doubles attack damage to enemies, but also reduces defense from enemy damage by 33%.
- Senshi form doubles defense from enemy damage, but reduces attack damage to enemies by 33%.
- Balanced form triples attack damage to enemies AND defense from enemy damage, but will have a minor MP drain in later versions to offset it. (Balanced form basically looks like their "Princess/Queen Outfits", and one idea is that the respective character will have to find a way to warp to their planetary castle to acquire the balanced form.)

Note: Both Ami and Minako are planned to be able to use their special attacks in all three forms [this is to give all the forms some semblance of balance], and will probably have new moves they don't have in the series.

Download of the project's demo version is available at developer's website.

This page was updated on September 28, 2007.