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Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R
Genre: RPG
Developed by: Danny Mao <kagome_lover[at]sbcglobal.net>,
Daio <amakura2392[at]gmail.com>
Site: n/a
Last version: November 22 2007
Platform: Windows

Danny Mao (Rose)- Graphics,putting the game together
Daio- Story/script writer

Ever Wondered what happened between that 4 year gap after the final act leading up to the wedding?

Well.... Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R Takes place two weeks after the end of the final act....

The Pretty Cast

Usagi/Sailor Moon: Usagi likes to listen to the pop idol Aino Minako. She has a carefree attitude and will help anyone in need. She fights for love and justice and transforms into the pretty Soldier Sailor moon.
Weapon: Usagi's Princess Sword. The Sword uses the power of the Ginzuishou.

Ami/Sailor Mercury: A quiet bookworm in Usagi's class, She is hugely intelligent, with an IQ of 300, and can transform into Sailor Mercury, acquiring power over water. Ami's shy exterior masks a passion for knowledge and for taking care of the people around her.
Weapon: Mercury uses a sword to fight against the enemy. She transforms her Sailor Star Tambourine and, calling on the power of water and the planet Mercury, she transforms it into a sword.

Rei/Sailor Mars: An elegant miko, Because of her work as a Shinto priestess, Rei can sense and dispel evil even in civilian form. When she transforms into Sailor Mars, she can also manipulate fire.
Weapon: Calling on the power of fire and the planet Mars, she transforms her Star Tambourine into a short sword.

Makoto/Sailor Jupiter: A tomboy who transfers into Usagi's school, Very tall and strong for a Japanese schoolgirl, she can transform into Sailor Jupiter, attacking with lightning and with some control over plants. Both Makoto's parents died in a plane crash years ago, so she lives alone and takes care of herself.
Weapon: She uses her Sailor Star Tambourine and, calling on the power of thunder and the planet Jupiter, she transforms it into a spear

Minako/Sailor Venus: A perky idol who acted on her own as Sailor V for some time. She has a companion cat called Artemis who works alongside Luna in guiding the Senshi. Minako transforms into Sailor Venus, Soldier of Love, and is the leader of Sailor Moon's four inner guardians.
Weapon: Transforming her Sailor star Tambourine, she calls upon the powers of the planet Venus, it changes to a short sword.
Download demo version of the game (19.2 MB): pgsmrdemoact1-2(nortp).zip
Download RPG Maker 2003 runtime package (required) (13.6 MB): rm03_1[1].08_RTP.zip

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