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Title: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The RPG
Genre: RPG
Developed by: Chains of Fate < jddalton1988[at]aol.com >
Forum: http://s12.invisionfree.com/PSSM_The_RPG_Forum
Platform: Windows

Dark Kingdom Story Arc Synopsis

Aeons ago, when the Earth was still one kingdom... A paradise of gods once revered as the pinnacle of civilization, was conquered and forgotten over the course of one fateful night. Under the influence of a Great Evil, mankind, seeking to gain the paradise for themselves, waged merciless war upon it and won... but at a price. The entire Earth was left in shambles and mankind was forced to begin its evolution anew from the beginning. It is said that the ruler of the paradise gave up her life to send the souls of the fallen to a new future, and to seal the Evil within the deepest regions of the Earth. And though the Evil would one day free itself from its prison, a new hope would rise from a mother's sacrifice... and a Soldier would be born.

Blissfully unaware of the destiny that lies before her, Usagi Tsukino dreams of being Sailor V, the famous hero of love and justice who protects the dangerous streets of Tokyo when the curtain of night falls. Little does Usagi know that inside of her lies great potential; a power she must use to battle an ancient evil and a merciless witch bent on global domination. Everything that Usagi believes will be tested, but she cannot be afraid.

Her mission is to secure the lost kingdom's Phantom Silver Crystal, the source of all energy throughout the universe, and unveil and protect the kingdom's princess. Usagi's journey will be hard, but she will not be alone. Fate deals her a hand of fortune and entrusts her with friends and guardians to help her along the way. Though they may argue and turn against one another throughout their struggles, their bond can never truly be broken. Only by accepting their past lives will they put a close to the dark events that led to their reincarnation so they can truly live again.

In her darkest moments, Usagi is saved by a mysterious jewel thief known as Tuxedo Mask, also looking for the Phantom Silver Crystal. Who is he, and why does Usagi's heart race whenever he is near? Blinded by love and enduring the weight of the world on her shoulders, will she be able to fulfill her destiny?

It is only through strong faith, firm will, and deep love that she will succeed.

This is the story of the pretty sailor-suited Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon.

I. About
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The RPG is a massive project recreating the entire story (mostly the manga's story) of Sailor Moon. The game's final chapter will be an original story arc involving Chibiusa and her guardians, the Sailor Quartette, in the future. Playable characters include all of the planetary Sailor Soldiers, the Sailor Starlights, and other main characters such as Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask. Some playable characters will be optional and others will only join the party under certain circumstances.

The game will be released by story arc in the following order:

• Dark Kingdom Arc

• Black Moon Arc

• Infinity Arc

• Dream Arc

• Stars Arc

• Apocalypse Arc (Original, final story arc)

II. Release Date and Download Information
There is no release date currently planned, but the game will be released by story arc.
As the story arcs are released, they will be available free for download and put up on the site and forum. All you will have to do is run an .exe file in order to install and play the game. For computer requirements please check out the Features page on the forum.

III. Story
As mentioned earlier, the game spans all five arcs of Sailor Moon; the Dark Kingdom Arc, the Black Moon Arc, the Infinity Arc, the Dream Arc, and Stars Arc as well as the original Apocalypse Arc. Most of the side stories (movies and specials) are being included as well. Although the game is based on the manga's story, creative license is being used to add and change the story to better suit a role-playing videogame and to make the experience a very epic and original one. There will be a large amount of original characters and plot points. A number of plot elements and characters from the anime, live action, and musicals are also being included.

IV. Graphics
Graphically, the game is being composed of original graphics and rips from various games including PSSM: Another Story. For screenshots, check out the Media section of the site or the Screenshot section of the forum here.

V. Music / Sound
The game will feature a large amount of original songs, previews of which can be found on the site and forum. A number of tracks from the anime, musical, and live action soundtracks of Sailor Moon are also being used as well as music from various other movie, TV show, and video game soundtracks. There will be voice acting for scenes and battles, done by voice actors chosen for the game.

VI. Gameplay and Features

A. Battle System

The battle system will be side-view and active time (meaning that the action takes place in real time.) Battles will be very fast paced and feature animated battlers and enemies.

Active Time Battle System
On the battle screen, a status summary of each character is displayed. These encompass HP levels, MP levels (where applicable), and an ATB gauge. The ATB gauge determines when a character can take action. When the gauge is filled completely, the player can issue an order to that character. Enemies can attack while you are issuing an order.

Rows and Party Members
Battle formation will consist of two rows. The front row boosts physical attacks and the back row boosts physical defense. Magic is not affected by row. Parties will consist of five members with the ability to swap out during battle with no penalty. The active party can’t heal the non-active party in battle. Any party members not present when the battle ends do not receive any TP but do receive half of the EXP gained by those who are present.

Each party member will learn a large number of Techs (Special Attacks and Magic) throughout the game. Magic consists of healing, barriers, stat moves and anything else non-offensive. Attack All spells will increase in strength against one enemy. There are also Double and Group Techs in which two or more party members can combine their turns to unleash one devastating attack.

Elements and Status Effects

# Elements are:
# Fire / Ice
# Wood / Metal
# Earth / Wind
# Dark / Light
# Lightning / Water

There won’t be a secondary opposition system, such as Wind makes Fire stronger or Water makes Wood stronger. Status ailments are: Poison - % of HP lost each turn until healed.

# Freeze – Cannot move. If hit, instant KO.
# Paralyze – Cannot move for three turns.
# Charm – Attack same side.
# Confuses – Attack at random.
# Sleep – Enemy cannot move for three turns. If hit, wake up.
# Blind – Acc. Reduced.
# Slow – Speed Reduced.
# Weak – Attack Reduced.

Non-random Battles
Battles are initiated in the field by coming into contact with a visible enemy. Battles can usually be avoided if you don’t wish to fight.

B. Game Environment / Game Mechanics / Cut Scenes

Semi-interactive Environment
By examining objects such as shelves, barrels, etc. in the field, you can find items and money. Some objects are interactive.

Caterpillar System
Active party members are all visible in the field while walking around. You can also change their order freely, and some people may respond differently when spoken to depending on what party member is in front.

Pixel Movement
As opposed to moving square by square, the player will be able to move pixel by pixel, creating a much smoother experience.

Cut Scenes
Cut scenes in the game will be voice-acted and will feature animated character sprites with pictures, sprite animations, and face graphics. A character’s face graphic will also display their current emotion as opposed to staying static.

Realistic Aspects
Characters in the game wear different clothes on different days and interact with the environment. Various weather effects are also present throughout the game such as rain, snow, thunderstorms, etc. Some NPCs will only give you valuable information if you talk to them several times. Others may become annoyed if you pester them too much. As the story progresses, the lives of NPCs do as well. Some NPCs have a set schedule every week. Others are only around at certain times throughout the game. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in side quests!

Key Command Events
At certain points throughout the game, you will participate in Key Command Events. You will have to press certain keys at the right time to complete tasks or beat certain bosses successfully. Depending on how well you do, you may receive secret items and other hidden goods.

Expanding Tokyo
As the game progresses, lots of new shops and other places will appear and open throughout Tokyo. You will also be able to venture outside of Tokyo by using a travel menu as opposed to a world map to make traveling between the locations a breeze!

C. Other

Unlockable Outfits
You can unlock various different outfits for every party member by completing tasks and side quests.
Some examples of outfits. Some examples of outfits. Some examples of outfits.

Arcade Games
The arcade in the Juuban Shopping Center features a number of mini games including the Sailor V action game featured in the anime and manga.

Collect tokens by completing tasks and side quests. Tokens will earn you various items, weapons, armors, helmets, new outfits for party members and other secret items.

VII. The Team
Chains of Fate - Leader/Developer/Spriter/Tiler/Scenario Writer
Jeanine - Spriter
Kwaka - Spriter
Silver-Eyes - Main Artist
Ghost - Menu Coder
Kairose - Menu / Battle System Coder
John Yamashiro - Composer


Akeera - Spriter
xxGhost_Whispererxx - Website Coder
Melichan - Spriter
Yumecosmos - Tile Artist
Dodging Tires - Artist
Lyndii - Tile Artist
OverCoat - Composer
Pierson Brown - Composer
Trance Authority - Composer

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This page was updated on May 8, 2010