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Title: Sailor Moon RPG
Genre: RPG
Developed by: Ampharos
site: http://www.smrpg.homestead.com/index.html
Date: September 25, 2004
Platform: Windows
This game is made with the OHRRPGCE engine. You will need an OHRRPGCE player (GAME.EXE) to run this game (the last version of the player is available for free at OHRRPGCE site.
This game was developed by Ampharos (apart from Sailor Moon, the same person has web pages dedicated to Pokemons and Digimons). The game does not bear any especial title apart from Sailormoon RPG. Graphics are rather simple, as you can see on the screenshots below. Unlike many other fan created Sailormoon RPG games, built with OHRRPGCE or RPG Maker, this one is finished, that gives additional credits to Ampharos.

Download Sailor Moon RPG by Ampharos (440 KB). Click here.