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Title: Sailor Moon Solitaire
Genre: card game
Developed by: KatC
Site: closed
Date: June 11, 1996
Platform: Windows

Well, if you ever played Solitaire card game, that comes by default with any version of Windows, that's it. The only difference is that each card has pictures of our beloved Sailor senshi (and other Sailormoon characters) instead of standard cards. Also included is a substitute deck of cards. If you put the file "cards.dll" into the same directory as another windows card game (such as Cruel or Freecell), the Sailor Moon deck will be used automatically.

Download Sailor Moon Solitaire (343 KB)



Some programs for playing Klondike (solitaire) and other similar card games (for one player) allow using custom-made card sets. Usually such card sets come in packages with *.reko or *.rkp extensions. You can download several different programs supporting such packages at Rekonet.org. The program called AS-Solitaire allows you to play 40 different games. Cardgames Deluxe contains player, viewer and reko/rkp sets creator. There are several other programs with different features. Using cardsets is very easy. As soon as your have your solitaire program installed (I use AS-Solitaire) click "load cardsets" menu item and browse for your reko/rkp package.

Rekonet.org - visit for download of reko/rkp solitaire programs (check "programs" menu item)


SAILOR MOON REKO/RKP PACKAGES [screenshots are clickable]

Cardset by Frank (Frankc) (?)

Download (579 KB): Sailor.zip

Number of cards: 55 Colors: 64

Cardset by Unknown (?)

Download (621 KB): SailorMoon.zip

Number of cards: 59 Colors: 64

Cardset by Andreas Grundler

Download (531 KB): SailorMoon2.zip

Number of cards: 59 Colors: 256

Cardset by Anthony Pagano <anthpaga@yahoo.com>

Download (701 KB): PGSM-CS01a.zip

Number of cards: 57 Colors: 16384

Cardset by Anthony Pagano <anthpaga@yahoo.com>

Download (722 KB): PGSM-Youmas2.zip

Number of cards: 57 Colors: 16384

Cardset by Anthony Pagano <anthpaga@yahoo.com>

Download (668 KB): PGSM-S_E2.zip

Number of cards: 57 Colors: 16384