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Idinaloq is a freeware 3D space-shooter game developed by Namikaze Project. Download of this game is available from Namikaze Project official website: http://www.namikaze.org

At the game start you have to choose a pilot out of five girls (initially only four girls are available). Each one has a different space fighter with unique set of characteristics. At the end of each level you'll have to defeat a boss. Please visit
http://www.namikaze.org/software/idinaloq/index_e.html for detailed Idinaloq storyline information and game play help.

Two game movies are distributed in a separate archive. In order to play Sailor Moon Idinaloq replacement pack you have to download only the game itself without movies.

EDIT: as of 2009, the original game download seems to be not available at the developer's website any longer, so now the game itself is hosted here: id102-22.lzh (20.4 MB)



Title: Sailor Moon Idinaloq
Genre: space shooting
Developed by: Anton-P
Site: http://www.sailorvgame.ga
Date: July 31, 2006
Platform: Windows (All versions, including Windows XP)

Sailor Moon Idinaloq is a replacement pack for original Idinaloq game. This pack is not a product of Namikaze Project.

After downloading the pack unpack it from archive into the folder where you have Idinaloq game installed. You must see two files: readme.txt, install.bat and repl\ folder, containing files that will be replaced. Double click install.bat. If it does not find idinaloq.exe it gives error message and closes itself. Otherwise it starts to copy files from repl\ folder. Press any key when you are prompted to.

After installation is complete, run Idinaloq game as usually (by clicking idinaloq.exe). If everything was fine, you will see Sailor senshi as pilots in the game.

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Download Sailor Moon Idinaloq replacement pack (846 KB) sm_idinaloq.zip