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Title: Super Moon Fighter v. 3.02
Genre: fighting
Developed by: Sprite Team
site: N/A
Date: 1996
Platform: Windows
Sprite Team is a group of developers from Japan, who created several Sailor Moon video games. Most of them were released for Sharp X68000, an almost unknown outside of Japan computer. Sprite team's webpage, [ formerly available at http://www.pluto.dti.ne.jp/~sprite/ ] is now closed.

Available senshi: Eternal Sailormoon, Sailormars, Sailormercury, Sailorjupiter, Sailorvenus, Sailorchibimoon, Sailoruranus, Sailorneptune, Sailorpluto and Sailorsaturn. During a fight, Sailormoon will be followed by Luna and Sailorvenus - by Artemis, that can be used in certain special moves. Each senshi has her own set of special attacks, described in a help file, distributed along with the game.

You can find the help file translated into English here (right click and select "save as"): moonfighter.htm

Download Super Moon Fighter v. 3.02 (1.35 MB) moon302.zip