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Title: Monster Land
Genre: action
Developed by: Skidanov "ALakazam" Alexander
site: http://morgeyz.elayne.ru/
Date: January 21, 2004
Platform: Windows

Written in Visual C++.
This game is 3D action where you, controlling Sailormoon, have to complete three levels, fighting a boss at the end of each one. After beating them all you will meet the main boss -  Bauul. The game runs in full 3D environment. Clicking the right mouse button, you can change the view - first-person or third-person.

SailorMoonFreak improved textures for Sailor Moon model. Two pics from archive (Sailormoon.jpg & Weapon.jpg) must be put into folder "\Data\Models\Sailormoon" (replacing textures with the same names). This is an optional feature and you can use textures distributed with the game by default as well.

Download improved textures (16.6 KB): mland_smtex.zip

Download Monster Land game (4.83 MB) mland.exe