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Title: Momotan/Sailor V Shooting
Genre: arcade game
Developed by (patch): Prot <prot[at]chitaonline.ru> & Anton-P
Site: http://www.sailorvgame.ga
Date: January 08, 2008
Platform: Windows

Momotan is a 3D arcade action game (demo version) by Katomy (Japan). Official Website

There are 3 levels in total, levels 2 and 3 have bosses; time attack mode is disabled. Full version of the game was not released.

Sailor V Shooting is a modification of original Momotan game. This patch, developed by Prot and Anton-P, converts 3D model of the main character to Sailor V, replaces some other 3d, graphic and text resources, changing the game into Sailor Moon-themed one.

Download of the game (3.95 MB): momotan.lzh (the patch is not compatible with other versions of the game downloaded somewhere else).

Once you downloaded and unpacked the game, run the patch (it is self-executable). In a dialogue appeared browse for the folder where you have installed the game and click "update" button. Start the game by clicking momotan.exe. If everything was fine, you'll see Sailor V and Artemis in the game.

Download Momotan to Sailor V patch (602 KB) momotan_to_sailor_v_patch.rar