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Title: Sailor Moon 82
Genre: RPG
Developed by: N/A
site: closed
Date: 1/28/1997
Platform: Ti-82
This is a small text-only RPG for Ti-82 calculator (the site of its creator was formerly available at (http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/4981/index.html )

All text below is written by Andreani Xavier:

The TI-82 is a very old discontinued calculator from 1993. The game is still compatible whit more recent calculators:
* TI-82 Stats, TI-82 Stats.fr
* TI-83
* TI-83+, TI-83+SE
* TI-84+, TI-84+SE
Except the TI-83 (discontinued too), those calculators are still actual, sold in shops, and used by students.

Depending upon the link or emulator software software used, the file SLRMOON2.82P may have to be renamed, before being transferred to the calculator or emulator:
- to SLRMOON2.83P (for a TI-83, TI-82 Stats)
- to SLRMOON2.8XP (for a TI-83+, TI-84+)

After downloading and unpacking the archive below, double click Vti.exe. The archive have a save for the game already - ti82.sav and it will be loaded automatically during start of the emulator. After this, with your mouse click "prgm" button on your emulator. You will see a menu with only one choice: 1:SLRMOON2. So click "1" button and then "enter". The game starts here. You must use number, direction and enter buttons to control it.

Here are instructions how to load the game manually, without using sav-file After starting the emulator (without sav-file present in emulator's directory) you will see "Mem cleared" message. Press a blue button with "2nd" written on it. Then "x, t, e/LINK" button. You will see a menu (screenshot#2). Press "right" direction button (so as to select "receive" menu item) and then - "enter" button. If everything was right, now you will see "Waiting..." message. Click right mouse button on emulator and select "Send file to VTI" option. In dialogue window browse for our Sailormoon game (it is called SLRMOON2.82P). You must have a message "SLRMOON PRGM Done" after this.

From now on follow the same steps as for playing the game with sav-file.

Another thing I've discovered on that game:
On the 1st menu where you have to type a number from 1 to 7 to choose character (Sailor Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Tuxedo Mask, and Nephlyte...)
If you type 8, you choose the hidden character Malachite.

You usually have to fight in order Jedyte, Nephlyte, Zoisite, Malachite, Queen Beryl, and Negaverse.
Of course, if you choose Nephlyte, you don't have to fight Nephlyte :)
But there seems to be a small little bug: if you choose Malachite, you really have to fight against Malachite at your 4th fight... But it doesen't prevent you from ending the game: just kill yourself, Beryl and Negaverse. Simple :)

Download the game + Virtual TI emulator (524 KB). ti82pack.zip



Title: KaruHota
Genre: visual novel
Developed by: Tako
site: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/5771/
Date: July 24, 2003
Platform: Windows
This freeware game is developed with NScripter game creation system ( http://www2.osk.3web.ne.jp/~naokikun/ ) which is usually used for creating games belonging to Visual Novel genre.

The game is built around dialogues with Hotaru Tomoe (you'll have to answer her questions) and requires knowledge of Japanese language. If anyone can give more precise description of the game process, please contact me. Due to my ignorance of Japanese, I was never able to answer even the very first question :(

Download QHota game (1.06 MB) qhota.lzh



Title: Sailor Moon Brick Game
Genre: puzzle
Developed by: Lun@
site: n/a
Date: n/a
Platform: Windows

Sailor Moon Brick Game is a freeware game developed by Lun@ (release date is unknown). The game process is similar to classic arcade game Arcanoid: bouncing Chibi Chibi on a trace you'll have to destroy rows of blocks in the top part of screen.

The game was developed using The Games Factory game creation system. Being originally distributed as editable .gam-source file the game was playable only if you had The Games Factory itself. The archive below contains stand-alone executable of the game (converted to exe by me - Anton-P).

Download Sailor Moon Brick Game (250 KB) SMBrickGame.zip



Title: Dark Moon Pong '98 Final
Genre: pong
Developed by: Jason Nguyen
Site: closed
Date: August 15, 1999
Platform: Windows
From "readme.txt": Ah...the good old days of pong. Those were the best. Wait, what am I talking about? I'm only 15 years old. Pong was too long ago for me to remember, but I'm trying to bring it back in STYLE. And what better way to do it than with the Dimando, Safiru, and the rest of the gang as our hosts?

The object of the game is to bounce the ball off your paddle and try to get the opponent to miss. The one with the least misses wins. The game is a bit buggy, but still can be played.

Download Dark Moon Pong (597 KB) darkpong.zip



Title: Anime Rally version 1.0
Genre: racing game
Developed by: Bartman
Site: closed
Date: June 21, 2006
Platform: Windows

Not a Sailor Moon fan game actually, but rather an anime game with a single character from Sailor Moon series (Usagi Tsukino) present in it. Website of the developer is closed.

You'll be riding a small cart on different tracks. The game has three modes: Time Attack, Get 100 Points, Trophy Race. Up to four players are supported in multiplayer mode (that's probably why the download package is rather big). During races you can perform regular and special attacks.

(thanks to Luna Lover for info about existence of this game).

Download Anime Rally (20.2 MB) animerally.zip