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NEC PC-8801

The NEC PC-8801 (PC-88) is a computer introduced by the NEC Corporation in 1981 and was an early Zilog Z80-based computer. The PC-88 was never released outside of Japan.

X88000 PC-8801 emulator (491 KB) x88000.zip

The Sailor Moon game below was found thanks to Ryo-Cokey



Title: Moon Rinse
Genre: puzzle (?)
Developed by: Kob soft
Date: n/a
Platform: PC-98
The description below is provided by Daniel Bruce:

This game plays just like Othello except that the lowest score or a tie score wins a round. Your opponent is the computer which plays as each of the sailor senshi starting with Usagi. When you win a round, a doujin picture of the senshi that you defeat is revealed along with a password that can be used either to view the picture or to play from where you received the password (players can figure this out on their own or you can figure it out for them).

For those of you who have never heard of Othello, it is a board game (possibly from Ancient Greece) in which players take turns placing colored pieces onto an 8x8 grid. The playing pieces are disks that have two colors on them, one on each side, which are usually black and white. You place your piece onto the grid forming a row if three or more pieces with at least one of your opponents pieces falling between two of your pieces. You the flip your opponents piece(s) over so that the entire row is the same color as your piece(s). More than one such row can be formed with just one piece. The highest score (the player with the most pieces on the board when all pieces have been played or all possible moves have been made) wins the round or game. Moon Rinse (above) only differs in the winning objective( lowest score or ties win instead of highest score winning) and playing piece colors (red and blue instead of black and white).

Game controls are as follows:

Space: start game/place piece

Numbered keypad (0-9) or arrow keys: move pointer around grid.

(Note: Whether you use the keypad or the arrow keys may vary depending on your computer system and/or keyboard layout. Also, if your keyboard has a numbered keypad, you may have to turn off NUM LOCK in order to play the game).

Download the game (501 KB) pc_8801_moon_rinse.zip