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Quake is a 3D first-person shooter released by id Software, Inc. on June 22 1996. It was the first game in the popular Quake series of computer and video games. In single-player mode, players explore and navigate to the exit of each level, facing many challenging monsters and a few secret areas along the way. In multiplayer mode players on several computers connect to a server (which may be a dedicated machine or on one of the player's computers), where they can play against each other.



Title: Sailor Moon Quake TC
Genre: mod
Developed by: n/a (alantjs@tm.net.my)
Site: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Pagoda/8563/
Date: 2/14/1998
Platform: Windows

Sailor Moon Quake is a modification of original Quake game. The intended goal was to replace all weapons, bonuses etc. with the ones related to Sailor Moon and players - to Sailor senshi.

The development of this modification was left unfinished after making available on February 14, 1998 a small preliminary release. Out of ten Sailor senshi declared only the model of Sailor Mercury was finished. Armor bonus is replaced by Sailor fuku and several minor changes were made to weapon effects (without replacing any weapon though).

SM Quake must be installed on the top of original Quake game. In the folder where you have installed Quake, create any new folder and put config.cfg and Pak0.PAK files (extracted from archive with SM Quake) into it. After this, start Quake (from command line) with additional parameter "-game": "[quake exe name here] - game[folder with SM Quake name here]". E.g., if you named your folder sailormoonquake, this line can look as follows: quake -game sailormoonquake In order to not type this line each time, you can create a batch file (.bat) and put this line into it. Afterwards, SM Quake can be started by double clicking this bat-file.

Download Sailor Moon Quake prelim. release (1.61 MB) smquake_beta2.zip



Title: Minako Quake 2.14
Genre: mod
Developed by: Tenchi wielding the Illumina sword
Site: http://minako.planetquake.gamespy.com
Date: January 04, 2001
Platform: Windows

"Minako Quake" is a modification of original Quake game, replacing the main character with Sailor Saturn. The mod also features 3rd person view. While Sailor Saturn is the only senshi available in the mod, she can "transform" (to a certain degree) into 9 other senshi (z and x keys). Transformations affect only hair and clothes colors, though. Hair styles, costume details, the Silence Glaive in hands stay the same.

 In order to install the mod, run Minako-Quake-v2-install.exe. When asked for the directory to install to, enter your Quake dir. Default is "C:\Game\Quake", if your Quake dir is different, specify it using the "Browse" button.

Download Minako Quake 2.14 (3.16 MB) Minako-Quake-v2-install.zip



The following models of Sailor senshi must be used for Quake 2. In order to use them, extract the content of archives and put the folders into baseq2\players folder of Quake 2. After this, Sailor senshi models will be available for selection at the "player setup" menu option of multiplayer mode.

Sailor Mercury is developed by Alan Thum Joo Soon (released: 6/11/1998)

Sailor Venus (3/28/1999), Sailor Moon (1/31/1999), and Sailor Jupiter (6/17/1999) are developed by Nick Cureton

Download Sailor Moon model (434 KB) sailormoon.zip
Download Sailor Venus model (366 KB) sailorvenus.zip
Download Sailor Mercury model (703 KB) sailormercury.zip
Download Sailor Jupiter model (470 KB) jupiter.zip