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Arrow and Corrie have developed two Sailor Moon video games with RPG Maker 95. Their main site (formerly available at www.ginzuishou.com) is closed. Other site http://www.geocities.com/moon_rpg/ is still online (as on May 31, 2006) though abandoned since 2001.



Title: Sailor Moon Super Stars - Past
Genre: RPG
Developed by: Arrow and Corrie
site: http://www.geocities.com/moon_rpg/
Date: February 12, 2000
Platform: Windows

The game was intended as the first one in a trilogy (past - present - future). Out of three games planned only this one was finished. (Super Stars - Future game was abandoned after completion approximately 35 % of the game (no playable version was released)).


Download Sailor Moon Super Stars game (2.51 MB) SuperStars.zip



Title: Usa-chan wa Onee-san desu (?)
Genre: RPG
Developed by: Arrow and Corrie
site: http://www.geocities.com/moon_rpg/
Date: February 21, 2000
Platform: Windows

The game comes with quite funny faq.txt so I just put its entire content below.

= = = = =

Q. What should be in the game I downloaded?
Arrow: *pulls our a list and consults it*
One 'Setup.exe' file;
One 'Usa-chan.zip' file;
One 'FAQ.txt' file (Wowie! Look, you found it!);
One 'unlha32.dll' file...
What the Dios does that do Corrie?!
Corrie: *shrugs* I have no idea. Just don't mess with it!
Arrow: Yeah...that's it. It you don't have it all you've got problems. If you have more that that we wanna know what the Dios you've got 'cos WE'VE never seen it before!

Q. I just downloaded this supremely awesome game. How do I get it working?
A. Corrie: Suck-up! SUCK-UP!
Arrow: *whack*
Corrie: OUCH! You double click on the 'Setup' Icon. DON'T try to unzip the 'Usa-chan' file for Dios' sake! It'll probably then go into a really messed up screen in which the only thing in English will be a 'Next' button. Browse and select where you want to unzip the game to by clicking on the '______...' button (the top one not the bottom one) then click 'Next'. It should then start installing and the rest is pretty self-evident.
Arrow: ... That's pretty messed up game designing Corrie!
Corrie: *sweatdrops* Eh...I'm a poor defenceless amateur...It works! What does it matter what it LOOKS like!

Q. What is this game about?!
A. Arrow: It's set during the flashback in the Sailor Moon R Movie.
Corrie: It was just so cute we decided to make a mini game from it!
Arrow: Dios yes!

Q. But I haven't seen the R Movie!
A. Arrow: *gak* SCANDALOUS!!!!!!!
Corrie: Go and buy it NOW!!!!!!!!! It's the absolute BEST movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Arrow: Anyway...this doesn't have any spoilers and you don't need to have seen it or anything. It's just...
*Arrow and Corrie look in pity at the poor people who have never seen the R Movie*
Arrow: Poor deprived things! you don't know what you're missing out on.

Q. How does it work/what does it do/can I touch this/huh/oops!
A. The directional keys on the Keyboard will take you in the appropriate directions. Sometimes you will find you can't go in a certain place. This is called a wall. We hope you are familiar with this concept.
The 'Enter' or 'Return' button is the action button, ie. you use it to talk to people/open doors/ do really useful things. When in doubt, we suggest you wander around and punch this mercilessly. Have fun!
When a person says something it will be displayed in a large grey box at the top of the screen. You can read it...if you want to.

Q. I died. What now?
A. ... How on EARTH did you manage that?! You CAN'T die in this game!!!!! It's a mini-special by Dios!!

Q. Why can't I save?! I haven't seen any save points at all!
A. Corrie: *sigh* You see what happens when you try to make things easier for people!
Arrow: You can save the game anytime by pressing 'Escape'. This will bring up a very useful screen with things like 'Status' and 'Items'.
Corrie: And 'Save'.
Arrow: But if you have to save in this game you really suck!

Q. Why did you make this game?
A. So people would visit our sites, please do! That's http://www.geocities.com/moon_rpg and http://www.ginzuishou.com...yes, http://www.ginzuishou.com! You won't be disappointed!!

Q. No, really!
You don't believe us?? OK...um...yeah, we wanted to make this planet a better, kinder place. *cough* Really! Also, we tried to find Sailor Moon games and not only can very few be found but they all either suck or are in different languages. Or usually both. We found this scandalous so we took it upon ourselves. We were bored (and on a sugar hit) one day and it seemed a surprisingly good idea at the time...later of course we found out it was hard, long and the programming was incredibly tedious...but we...we did it for YOU!!! *weep*
*cue violins*

Q. So what do YOU get out of this? ...I'm not going to give you any MONEY you know!
A. Arrow: *sulk* If you LOVED us you'd give us money!
Corrie: There is the whole site visits thing (that's www.geocities.com/moon_rpg and www.ginzuishou.com by the way...best Dios sites you've seen in your life!!) but actually our plan is to take over the world using Sonic radiowaves we have embedded into this game....

Q. My entire screen just went green! HUH??
A. Arrow & Corrie: ... Dios! That wasn't supposed to happen!!!

Q. Now it's BLACK! What now?!
A. Arrow & Corrie: DIOS! That wasn't supposed to happen either! You're on your own with that one...

Q. Are there more RPGs?
A. Yep! This is the second one out. Check out our sites for more info and downloads. We also plan to put out more games when possible.

Q. When are these going to be out?
A. Arrow: ...
Corrie: ...
Well...sometime. As soon as we can really, this is the second one out so...
Corrie: We promise they will come out eventually though, please do not harrass us, it won't get the games done.
Arrow: And it will involve us yelling 'By Dios' a lot.
Corrie: ...is true...

Q. I want to put up links to your RPG, can I?
A. Corrie: We don't mind you uploading this game to your site but PLEASE no direct links. It kills our bandwidth and we get in trouble.
Also please have a link to our site somewhere nearby...or else!

Q. Your questions are evil/weird/scaring me/how the heck should I know by Dios??
A. ...That's OK, if you met us in person you would be more scared. It's true though, we've been around anime FAR too long...

Q. I recognise that midi!! It certainly isn't Sailor Moon...
A. *ding* That is correct! Some aren't even anime! We don't feel we should descriminate on good music because it didn't have the joy of being in Sailor Moon. Besides, prove it isn't!! We challenge you to listen to the hundreds of CDs in all the different languages and find out. Besides, if we only used Sailor Moon, where would that leave us?? I mean, one of the German Sailor Moon CDs had *gak* AARON CARTER and the Tamagotchi song on it!!
*Arrow turns to Corrie*
Arrow: Actually, you're right, I think we SHOULD include that...
Corrie: *nods evilly*

Q. What the heck is Dios??
A. Ah...the fun is knowing that you'll never know!!

Q. Does it have anything to do with Greek/Roman mythology??
A. *Arrow and Corrie wince* DIOS no!!

Q. Aha, but I KNOW what Dios is!
A. Arrow & Corrie: *wink* Suuuure you do...

Q. You know, this FAQ is an AWFUL lot like the last one only kinda edited...
A. Arrow: ...
Corrie: ...Dios.
Arrow: *cough* As if we'd just recycle the same FAQ! What a SHOCKING idea! If you just close your eyes and wait and we'll be right round in person to correct this...NOW CORRIE, NOW!!!!
Corrie: RUN BY DIOS!!!

Q. WHAT?! This isn't according to the anime/manga/Naoko Takeuchi's original creation! I think I have a right to complain!
A. *Arrow and Corrie look at each other then throw the RPG maker at the complaining people*
Corrie: *smiles sweetly* Why don't YOU give it a try then! As far as I can see, you've gotten this game for NOTHING! You don't like it? Don't play it or try to do better. Don't yell at/argue with us because we don't care!
Arrow: And a LOT of work has gone into this game!!! *points at Hyperion's name* Do you want to KNOW how many craters on the moon/Greek myths we had to go through to come up with that?! Whenever this game departs from the standard story we have seen all the episodes and have copies of all the mangas. We KNOW Sailor Moon, please trust us on this! Besides, this story does not directly conflict with any of the storylines as far as we are aware, it just charts some unknown territory that we were curious about, such as...who IS Serenity's father? Why does he never appear? How did Endymion and Serenity first meet etc.

Q. But I'm a rabid purist...I want BLOOD!!
A. But we rabidly don't care - we're not going to edit/change the game because you are a control freak - come on, get a life!!

Q. You guys are my heros, where can I buy statues?
A. *Arrow & Corrie back away slowly*
Corrie: RUN BY DIOS!!!
Arrow: DIOS YES!!!

= = = = =

Download Usa-chan game (2.55 MB) usa.zip