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Title: Sailor Moon Puzzle Game
Genre: puzzle
Developed by: Vance Velez
site: http://www.vplanetmag.com/ruview16.shtml
Date: April 11, 1998
Platform: DOS

Written in QBasic.
In this game you have to form rows of blocks of the same color by shifting the blocks you have available around. If you clear at least one row before time runs out, the row of matching blocks will disappear and your timer will refill. If you don't clear anything before the timer runs out, the blocks you have to take out will grow in number. You can also use combo techniques to clear several rows at once and gain more points (please visit http://www.vplanetmag.com/guide7.shtml to read about this techniques).

This game must be played under DOS or Windows 3.x/95/98/Me.

The game can be run under Windows 2000/XP or newer using DOSBox utility (free download is available here: http://dosbox.sourceforge.net ) After downloading and installing it, open folders with the game and with DOSBox. Drag Sailor Moon Puzzle Game executable (smpg.exe) with left mouse button and drop it into DOSBox executable (DOSBox.exe). After this the game works under Windows XP without any problems.

Download Sailor Moon Puzzle Game (160 KB). Click here