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Title: Sailor Moon S 3D
Genre: action
Developed by: Andreani Xavier
site: http://moonparadise2002sl.free.fr/
Date: N/A
Platform: Windows

This is a Java 2 game and requires Java 2 Virtual Machine to be installed on your system.

It can be played either online (go to the website above) or using a downloadable version of the game. This game runs in 3D environment. In order to win, you'll have to defeat other Sailor senshi walking around (by throwing pink hearts in them; you have ten these hearts at start but can pick up the ones thrown by you or by other senshi) - quest 1; collect all heart energy - quest 2.

After the game starts, jump off the platform and run along walls. You will find an enter to a maze where you can hide from other senshi (fighting with them at once would be rather challenging). After doing so, you can start advancing through a maze looking for convenient possibilities to meet with your opponents.

Go to http://moonparadise2002sl.free.fr/ to play the game online and read all additional info about it.

Click here for a downloadable version (428 KB).