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Stagecast Creator lets you build your own "sims" -- simulations, interactive stories, games, and more, making the rules that determine how characters in your games will behave and interact. Visit http://stagecast.com/ for details. Evaluation version of Stagecast Creator (expiring in 120 days) is available for free (player included does not expire). Download of evaluation version for different platforms is available from here You will have to download Stagecast before being able to play Sailor Moon games listed below. After installing the software, downloading and unpacking the game, run player, click "open a sim" option in main menu and browse for .sim file.



Title: Sailor Moon Mini Games
Genre: Mini Games
Developed by: Luna Lover (Sailor Pluto Fan)
site: none
Date: December 17, 2005
Platform: Windows

"In this newly released outstanding game called "Sailor Moon Mini Games" you'll without a doubt have a blast. Play along in a total of 8 exciting small games that include all of your favorite Sailor Moon Characters! You can catch falling cats, freshen up on your baking skills, overcome challenging mazes, and dance wildly to a few tunes... just to name a few. So, I hope you enjoy playing the most well made independent game in the universe. See ya! Also keep on looking for more great Mooniful Inc. titles!"

 - Sailor Pluto Fan

Sailor Moon Cat Catch Frenzy


Sailor Mercury Maze Madness


Sailor Mars Flame Fortune Teller


Cooking with Sailor Jupiter


Sailor Venus Dance


Mini Moon Movies


Pluto Puzzle Panic


Exclusive video game clip of Sailor Venus


Download Sailor Moon Mini Games (2.81 MB) Sailor Moon Mini-Games!.zip



Title: Sailor Moon Rescue the Scouts
Genre: platform game
Developed by: Luna Lover (Sailor Pluto Fan)
site: none
Date: January 5, 2006
Platform: Windows
This game is very difficult. You have to overcome three small levels (3 per world) by dodging obstacles and jumping over holes. You'll really need to master the jumping because it is hard! The best way is to jump and then quickly move your finger to the direction in which you wish to move and hold that button. Once you reach the end of the three levels, you will face one of the evil generals, and to retrieve the scout he has captured you must answer questions about that scout (use number keys). At the end a little animation will play of Queen Beryl being defeated. The music will continue after the animation, so wait until continuing to the next stage (the credits). Also there are 4 worlds (1 for each inner scout). First you re in urban Tokyo, then you are warped to the north pole, followed by a trip through a cave in the north pole, and then finally the mysterious corridors of Queen Beryl's castle.

Download Sailor Moon Rescue the Scouts game (2.36 MB) Sailor Moon Rescue the Scouts.zip