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Two finished Sailormoon fan-created games were developed by TELE-Pathetic Industries. Unfortunately, their homepage that was formerly available at (http://w3.panam.edu/~jarero/Sailormoon.html) is now closed.



Title: Sailor Moon Quiz v 3.0
Genre: quiz
Developed by: TELE-Pathetic Industries
site: closed
Date: August 22, 1998
Platform: Windows
Developed with Visual Basic 5.0.
In this quiz you'll have to answer Sailormoon-related questions (which are NA Sailor Moon dub-related for the most part). This quiz is not all that big: there are 14 questions at all and they are always the same.

If you get good scores you can win prizes:
1st prize - Sailor Stars SFC game
2nd prize - manga summaries
3rd prize - a neat little animation
(these prizes actually are links to now closed websites)

Download Sailor Moon Quiz v3.0 (238 KB)



Title: Sailor Moon Swat v 1.3
Genre: quiz
Developed by: TELE-Pathetic Industries
site: closed
Date: June 7, 1997
Platform: Windows
*from README file*
"Sailormoon is locked in combat with the powerful Queen Beryl. Queen Beryl using the energy of the Negaverse multiplies herself into numerous copies! Can Sailormoon defeat them all before the fragile balance between the Negaverse and Earth is crushed and universal destruction comes about? YOU ARE SAILORMOON, locked in the decisive battle to save the Earth from an enemy with the POWER TO DESTROY ALL OF MANKIND!!! Don't believe any of those lies it's actually just electronic Wack-a-mole with a Sailormoon bend. But it can be fun and addicting, oh yeah and it's free so what could be better than that."

This game is very simple. You'll have to moondust Queen Beryl using Moon Stick (by clicking left mouse button on appearing pictures of Queen Beryl. The more accurately you play the better score you get).

Download Sailor Moon Swat v 1.3 (105 KB)