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    Kisekae Set System (KiSS) is a system allowing creation of virtual "paper dolls". The player can dress and undress the dolls in different clothes using mouse to click-and-drag the clothes. In order to play with Sailor Moon KiSS dolls you'll need a KiSS viewing program. Two the most popular are PlayFKiSS and Direct KiSS (PlayFKiSS is more popular, Direct KiSS is a newer program. As long as it concerns Sailor Moon dolls, there is not much difference between two. I use PlayFKiSS).

    Download KiSS viewing programs:

    PlayFKiSS: PFKS083B.zip (418 KB)

    Direct KiSS: DirectKiSS1-0-1.zip (427 KB)

    All dolls will be sorted (mostly) alphabetically with 20 dolls per page. According to generally used practice, archive names of KiSS dolls are used as titles. In some rare cases there exist dolls with the same names, in order to avoid confusion I renamed them adding '(2)' to filename (e.g.: ami.lzh > ami(2).lzh). All these cases will be stated in comments to a particular doll.

    This section was updated on October 9, 2008.