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Title: Sailor Moon Dating Simulator: Sailor Saturn
Genre: dating simulator
Developed by: Maraviollantes
Site: http://www.sailorvgame.ga
Date: November 11, 2006 (1.0), December 20, 2008 (1.1)
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Contributors: Nekorin, Adam Clark, Carrie Krueger, Kathy Stojanovski, Cristal Fairy, Elanorea.

Developed with Game Maker 6.1 http://www.gamemaker.nl

Game Play:
The goal of the game is to win love of Hotaru Tomoe by asking her out on dates and giving her gifts. You have 20 days with one possible date per day. Answers selected during dialogues on dates will eventually affect Hotaru's feelings (i.e., "correct" answers will raise "intimacy level" and "wrong" answers will reduce it). You can go shopping for gifts any time during the game. Once you have a gift, you can give it to Hotaru during any date. Day 21 is the last one, the ending depends on your actions.

Version 1.1 of the game features new backgrounds (locations) and updated game graphics.

The game is completely free for non-commercial distribution. You can upload it to your own website, post at forums, send to your friends, upload to any file-sharing service, or distribute in any other way you will find appropriate, without asking any permission of mine and without giving any credits to this website.


SMDS poster [539 x 800]

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smds-ss11.zip (3.65 MB)



Hungarian language by BSzili <col.lawrence [at] gmail.com> smds-ss11-hun.zip (3.65 MB)

Swedish language by Henrik Bäck <backhenke86 [at] hotmail.com> smds-ss11-swe.zip (3.65 MB)

Spanish language by NemaN <neman101 [at] hotmail.com> smds-ss11-spa.zip (3.65 MB)

Italian language by Mario Siddi <yukitosiddi [at] gmail.com> smds-ss11-ita.zip (3.66 MB)

French language (translated by SansNom) (3.66 MB) smds-ss11-fr.zip