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Title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story
Genre: RPG
Company: Angel
Release date: 09/22/1995
Platform: Super Nintendo
Download: English version Windows installer (3 Mb)

This game belongs to RPG genre.
Shaman Apsu, commanding the Oppositio Senshi (Sin, Nabu, Nergal, Marduk and Ishtar), revives the enemies of Sailormoon defeated in the past. She wants to take Sailormoon's Silver Crystal and defeat Sailor senshi. After Mamoru is wounded in a fight against Oppositio Senshi, Sailor senshi have to collect the four stones that represent the Dark Kingdom shitennou, plus the Rose Crystal (Barazuishou), in order to cure Mamoru. During your walkthrough, you will meet Mistress Nine, Black Lady, professor Tomoe, Ayakashi sisters, Queen Beryl and many other enemies from the first three seasons of Sailor Moon anime. The game's combat system allows you to use different formations, special attacks and combo techniques, when two or even three Sailor senshi perform their special attacks at the same time, that produce new kinds of special attacks.



This game was fan-translated into English by Bishoujo Senshi Translations: Cecil Stormclaw, Moose, Lina`chan (http://www.terminaldogma.net/smrpg/ ) and FuSoYa's Niche ( http://fusoya.panicus.org/ ). This translation in the form of IPS patch was released on September 10, 1999.
Here are two screenshots: from original game and from the translated one.

You will need an IPS patch utility to apply this patch to original rom of the game. One of the most easy is Lunar IPS, also developed by FuSoYa's Niche. Please note that after applying a patch you cannot undone changes so do a backup copy before patching a rom. Download Lunar IPS (40.0 KB).

Alternatively, you can download the rom patched already to English version.



FuSoYa's Niche also released a map editor program that was used during translation of the game to replace graphics with text in Japanese to English. The program allows to view all maps (tile sets) from the game, extract and modify them, add new treasure chests, sprites and locations.

Download BSSM Another Story game (2.15 MB) bssm_as.zip
Download BSSM Another Story game English (2.37 MB) smrpgeng.zip
Download BSSM Another Story translation patch (365 KB) sailor100.zip
Download BSSM Another Story map editor (86.4 KB) smedit81.zip



snes-anotherstory.zip (4.35MB) - download a zip archive with the game manual's scans plus cartridge box and cartridge label scans. All scans are thanks to Andreani Xavier

snes-rpg-collector-card.zip - (266 KB) download a zip archive with scans (front & back) of a collectable card for the game. Scans are thanks to Andreani Xavier

snes-rpg-collector-card2.zip - (257 KB) download a zip archive with scans (front & back) of a collectable card for the game. Scans are thanks to Andreani Xavier