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    SHARP X68000

    The X68000 is a computer, released in Japan by Sharp in 1987. The computer used a similar to DOS operating system called Human 86k. Originally it came with a 10MHz 68000 CPU and 1MB RAM. The computer included 2 MSX compatible joystick ports, parallel, serial, external floppy (It could run 4 drives, two were built-in) port, 3D goggles port, TV/monitor control, SASI (interface similar to SCSI), headphone, microphone, RGB in/out. When the new system first appeared it was one of the most advanced computers of the time. But it was not so quickly developing system as those of concurrent companies. In 1993 Sharp X68000 was discontinued.

    Many games were released for Sharp X68000, manufactured by such companies as Namco, Tecmo, Konami. Due to the fact that computer itself was never released outside of Japan, almost all of them are unknown in English-speaking world.

    There exist several emulators, allowing to run X68000 games on a PC. I suggest using these two:

    XM6 (367 KB) xm6_170.lzh
    WinX68kHighSpeed (193 KB) winx68khighspeedv094.zip
    BIOS (483 KB) x68000_bios.zip

    In order to start either emulator, put bios files (cgrom.dat and iplrom.dat) into emulator folder.

    The Sharp X68000 games were originally distributed on floppy disks (large games often required several disks). Floppy disk images usually have extensions .xdf or .dim. In order to load a game into X68000 emulator, click "FDD0" ("Floppy Drive #0") menu item and browse for floppy disk image. If game comes on two diskettes, load the second floppy image into FDD1. Then click "reset" menu item.

    In order to play games that come in the form of hard drive images ( .hdf extension, 39.5 MB) you will need: for XM6 go to "tools">"options">"SASI". Set quantity of drives to "1". You will see a path to your image of HDD. Click "1" (under "No." header) and browse for image you want to use. For WinX68kHighSpeed click "Option" > "Config" > "Miscellaneous"; In the "filename" field click "open" button and browse for image you want to use. Then click "reset" menu item.

    Many Sailor Moon X68000 games cannot be played from keyboard directly. For XM6 you will need either virtual joystick or an actual one. You can install a virtual joystick using program PPJoy.

    Download PPJoy (1.76 MB) ppjoysetup.zip
    Installation guide: ppjoy.htm

    WinX68kHighSpeed has built in joystick emulation. Click "option" > "JoyKey Mode".

    Important: before playing any games you'll have to set amount of memory used to maximum values. For WinX68kHighSpeed click "Option" > "The amount of MainMemory setting in SRAM". Set the value to 10. For XM6 click "Tools" > "Options" > "System"; in "memory" field select from drop down menu "12 MB (Maximum)". Close emulator and start it again.

    Use the menu on the left to navigate through articles about Sailor Moon X68000 games.

    Special credits go to Julien Foyard <julien_foyard[at]hotmail.com> who helped me to find more than half games featured in this section.