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Title: Sailor Moon Encyclopedia 1.01
Genre: information game
Developed by: Paul VM
site: closed
Date: 1999
Platform: Windows
This program allows you to view profiles for ten Sailor senshi (Sailormoon, Sailormars, Sailorvenus, Sailorjupiter, Sailormercury, Sailorchibimoon, Sailorpluto, Sailoruranus, Sailorneptune and Sailorsaturn) and contains a list of all 200 episodes'  titles with first air dates.

The Paul VM's page, that was formerly available at (http://members.xoom.com/paul_vm/sm/) is now closed.

Download Sailor Moon Encyclopedia 1.01 (151 KB)



Title: Sailor Moon Infodex v. 3.52
Genre: information game
Developed by: the Webmaster007
site: http://smgame.tripod.com/Infodex.html
Date: August 25, 2001
Platform: Windows
This is a program that will provide you information about different aspects of Sailormoon universe. It has two modes: for North-American version and original (Japanese) version. The following sections are present in North-American version mode: Aliens, Characters, Heros, Monsters, My Entries, Negamoon, Negaverse, Sailor Scouts, Song Lyrics, Special Items. The following sections are present in Japanese version mode: Aliens, Black Moon, Characters, Dark Kingdom, Death Busters, Heros, My Entries, Sailor Soldiers, Sailor Starlights, Sailor Stars.

 Both modes also allow you to view the full list of episodes with short synopsis. "My Entries" section allows you to add your own entries. The program has detailed HLP-file, distributed along with it. Developed with Visual C++ 6.0.

Apart from this program, the Webmaster007 also developed several web-browser interpreted Sailormoon games (in JavaScript): SM hangman, Sailor slots, Sailormoon dressing room, Sailor Memory. All of them are free and available at Webmaster007's webpage.

Download Sailor Moon Infodex v. 3.52 (275 KB)



shot of title screen is n/a

Title: Sailor Moon Attack Generator
Developed by: Nerv
Site: n/a
Date: March 28, 2002
Platform: Windows

This little program will allow you to produce randomly generated names of new "attacks" for Sailor senshi. You can select either English of German language and regulate the length of attack's name.

Thanks to Tassara <tassara [at] azet.sk> for sharing this game.

Download the game (28.2 KB): attackgen.zip



Sailorsaturn calculator version 1.0 by TuxedoMK (website of this person, formerly available at (http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Temple/4955/Player) is now closed. I don't have further info about the author). It has the functions of a standard calculator that comes by default with Windows (but much better than the last one, since it has a picture of Sailorsaturn on it!)

Download Sailorsaturn calculator (51.1 KB)



Sailor Moon FLV Player - a program for playing files with *.flv extensions (file format used by YouTube)

Download (552 KB): smflvplayer.zip



Here are several boot screens for Windows XP. You will need BootSkin program (available for free at www.bootskin.com).
All these screens have an animated progress bar just like default Windows XP boot screen has.

Sailormoon title screen.

Amazon trio logo.

Usagi & Minako




Click here to download a picture (in *.eps format) with this very ofuda that Rei used in anime against evil spirits (it has four ofuda on it). After printing out the picture you can cut it in four pieces and each one of them will be approximately of the size of actual ofuda.  (This ofuda is drawn not by me. Unfortunately, I do not know who did it and that's why I cannot give here the credits the author undoubtedly deserves). Here is the same ofuda in *.pdf format.



Click here (1.88 MB) to download a pack of those cards that Al and En from Sailormoon R used to summon cardians (here are twelve cards). All of them are high-quality pictures, prepared for printing. The size of each card (14cm. x 9.33cm.)  corresponds to the size of actual cards so they must be printed out without any scaling/resizing (one of the ways possible is to paste each picture previously on a blank sheet that has suitable size for printing (e.g. 10cm. x 15cm.)

All cards are drawn by Anton-P