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Using moonie codes (mooniecodes) is a great possibility to tell other moonies about one's feelings towards Sailor Moon, deliver one's opinions upon different Sailor Moon matters and provide full and precise personal info at the same time. Compiled mooniecode is a single line of ASCII characters where each character (or characters group) represents a piece of encoded info. If not compiled into a mooniecode, the same information would take 100+ lines of plain text. The length of a mooniecode itself varies accordingly to sections included. After being written down, either by a program or manually, such a mooniecode can be used as email or forum signature (or communicated to other moonies in any other way you please).

The very idea of using mooniecodes was conceived by Tolaris and presented in version ( 0.7.15) on Jul 15, 1997. The last version written by Tolaris is (1.12.05). There exist several other versions written by different authors. Senshicodes were invented as well, each featuring one of Sailor senshi. The most full and up-to-date mooniecode is (1.14.15a) version, written by Tenchi wielding the Illumina sword. (1.14.20) is not a separate version, but modification of (1.14.15a); It was created for no other reason but to make this version available for processing by a program.

Nowadays mooniecodes are pretty much forgotten and hardly used by anyone.



Moonie Codes below are available in txt format. You can read them online or click links with right mouse button and select "save target as..." to save them to your PC.


Moonie Code Encoder with the Phoenix Extension Version 1.27
By Chi Ming Cheung (alt.fan.sailor-moon).
Mooniecode version: (1.12.05)
Function: encoding
Download: (943 KB) MCEncoder.zip

MoonieCoder for Moonie Code 1.12.05 version 1.1 n (Build 5.4.46)
By TSailor.
Site: www.TSailor.de
Mooniecode version: (1.12.05)
Function: encoding
Download: from the site above
Note: German language

Mooniecode Visual Interpreter 1.0
By Anton-P.
Site: http://www.sailorvgame.ga
Mooniecode version: (1.14.15a/1.14.20)
Function: encoding, decoding
Date: 01.12.2005
Download: (1.63 MB) MCInterpreter10.zip