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Talking about buying Sailor Moon stuff, like licensed DVDs, manga, music CDs, anime albums and other things, we must not forget that we talk here about things, meaning much more than just ways of getting cool stuff that we can then read, insert into our DVD players, paste to walls or arrange on our shelves.
We talk about things that everyone who loves Sailor Moon is holding in their hands and must care about - the very future of Sailor Moon.

One of the most important motivations for official companies to release Sailor Moon DVDs, print manga, produce-any-other-stuff is very simple: they want to make money. As far as Sailor Moon stuff is bought, the companies are interested in producing it, in further promoting Sailor Moon to TV screens, in making new projects (like PGSM).

We can waste the whole our lives petitioning TV companies with letters "bring back Sailor Moon!", but if Sailor Moon copyright holders won't be sure that Sailor Moon is still popular and producing SM stuff/airing it on TV/anything else is still a profitable business, it won't return.

May be someone can say they do not have much money and their contribution in the form of buying several volumes of Sailor Moon manga (or any pieces of other licensed SM stuff) will have no effect upon general situation with popularity of Sailor Moon in the world, but this is not true.

The Great Pyramids in Egypt would never reach their height if not constructed from small (comparing to the general mass) stone blocks. In the same way, even the small contributions (like buying one or two volumes of licensed SM manga) will eventually influence the decisions, made by Sailor Moon copyright holders concerning the question if they must continue promote Sailor Moon to the world or abandon it.

Buying licensed Sailor Moon stuff gives us a real way to help Sailor Moon stay popular and gives us a hope someday to see Sailor Moon continued and returned to TV screens.

Sailor Moon gave very much to her fans - isn't it the time to think about what we can do for Sailor Moon in our turn?

Online stores where you can buy official Sailor Moon products:

www.amazon.co.jp - the Japanese division of Amazon.com. When you will search it, input Japanese katakana for "Sailor Moon" instead of the English word (otherwise you will find the same stuff here as on Amazon.com itself). They sell a lot of original (Japanese) Sailor Moon stuff, including manga, DVDs, music CDs, video games and many more. Ordering pages (like credit card information, shipment and billing addresses) are available in English.

www.cdjapan.co.jp - an online shop selling primarily Sailor Moon DVDs and CDs (episodes, music, musicals, PGSM). If you are new in buying Sailor Moon stuff online, I recommend to start here.

www.amazon.com - hardly needs an introduction. They sell a lot of North-American and European Sailor Moon stuff, including DVDs, CDs, manga and other books.

www.jpqueen.com - a great second-hand store selling primary manga, anime albums and other Sailor Moon books (Sailor Moon doujinshi also). From time to time you can find other Sailor Moon stuff there (like music CDs and gashapon figurines).

www.mandarake.co.jp - a great second-hand store. Many precious Sailor Moon items that I own now, were bought there from. To catch stuff you want you will need to check it regularly.

http://www.catzia.com/smsales.htm - a USA store that ships orders internationally. They have some rare items that can be difficult to find anywhere else. Some cosplay stuff is custom made though (not official) so check each item carefully before ordering it.

www.ebay.com - well-known world auction. Almost all sellers require payments through PayPal. The choice of Sailor Moon stuff surpass all other stores listed above. But since you will deal not with one company, but with different people, be careful while buying stuff. Many people there sell bootleg and custom made items without mentioning that they are not official.

www.auctions.yahoo.co.jp - this is a true motherload of Sailor Moon goodies ^_^. Unfortunately, sellers at this auction do not ship worldwide and work only with Japanese customers. But it has so fantastic choice of Sailor Moon stuff that I cannot omit mentioning this auction. You can find there almost all Sailor Moon stuff ever produced, including Sailor Moon bed sheets, Sailor Moon pillow cases and Sailor Moon curtains. If only you are not lucky so much as to live in Japan, a possible way to buy stuff from the auction is to apply for help to some mediate-companies. As soon as I have a chance to buy something there from, I'll write more precise info about this auction.