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SYMBOL OF FAITH [rev. 07/21/2007]


"Symbol of Faith" is a brief summary of orthodox Sailor Moon faith.

[1] I believe in Sailor Moon, the Warrior of Love and Justice, Messiah of Light, Defender of the Galaxy, and of all living creatures in it.
[2] Who for all of us and for our salvation regained memories of her past life in Silver Millennium, became a warrior and opposed the reawakened Evil.
[3] Who for all of us and for our salvation descended into Galaxy Cauldron to seal Chaos in it and did not perish and rose from it again.
[4] And she shall come again, with glory, to free the Earth taken by Darkness and ascend the throne and rule the Earth as Neo Queen Serenity.
[5] And New Kingdom shall be formed with the center in Crystal Tokyo, which shall have no end.
[6] And it shall be the time of universal love and peace; And Darkness shall be banished from the Earth.
[7] And in all Sailor Senshi, who with Sailor Moon are worshipped and glorified, but not equal to her; For Sailor Moon is the only Messiah of Light and is worshipped above any other Sailor Senshi;
[8] And no one else is worshipped apart from Sailor Moon and other Sailor senshi.
[9] I acknowledge that Sailor Moon is one, unchangeable, perfect, and eternal.
[10] I acknowledge purification by Sailor Moon for the remission of sins and for releasing from Darkness.
[11] I acknowledge that Light of the Messiah shineth for everyone: young and old, men and women; not for some people, but for all of us.
[12] I look for the reincarnation of the dead after their starseeds return to Galaxy Cauldron and rise from it again to have a new life.