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That's how it all started - Artemis just has brought Sailor V game arcade machine into Game Center Crown (it wasn't an easy task for a cat!) - Sailor V manga, vol.2, p. 51.


Minako is playing the game for the first time - Sailor V manga, vol.2, p. 52.

Sailormoon anime, ep. 02.

Sailormoon anime, ep. 02.

The first place in ranking and unbeatable score of 111130 points belong to Ami Mizuno - Sailormoon manga NCE, vol. 1, p. 61.

When people witnessed Ami's score, their reaction in the anime was quite similar to that in the manga - Sailormoon NMB, vol. 2, p. 67.


This poster behind counter in Game Center Crown may be an indication that in Sailormoon world Sailor V game 2 also exists (btw, it also shows a mask that looks quite similar to Banpresto trademark sign - the company that produced several Sailormoon games in our world) - Sailormoon NMB, vol. 7, p. 67.