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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 1 (001 - 500)

From http://starfox.simplenet.com/ (Starfox)

1. You want to dress up like a Sailor Scout for Halloween.
2. You name your cats Luna and Artemis.
3. You make your own variants on their attacks, "Dish Cleaning Activation!... Palmolive Bubble Blast!".
4. You get invited to a wedding and think "Oh, cool, I get to dress like Tuxedo Mask.".
5. You start thinking it's strange that your grandfather is more than three feet tall.
6. You tear apart a perfectly good floppy disk, just so you can throw the little round disk inside, around the room, while yelling "Moon Tiara Magic!".
7. You're working with Lotus 1-2-3 and just before hitting the enter key you shout "Spreadsheet Calculating Activation!".
8. You buy a lathe purely for the purpose of making a quality moon wand.
9. You ask the people at Jergens' Jewelers for the Silver Moon Crystal.
10. During a thunderstorm you keep shouting "Jupiter Thunder Crash!".
11. You start taking the scouts into account while drawing up your plans for world domination.
12. While in chemistry class you decide to design safety goggles that look just like Darian's mask.
13. While watching a videotape, when it gets to a commercial, you yell "Fast Forward Activation!"
14. You have long arduous debates about whether or not there is a Sailor Scout for that possible tenth planet, Khyron.
15. While having dinner at an Italian restaurant, you think you see Serena, out of the corner of your eye. After checking, it turns out it was just a waiter carrying a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.
16. The electricity goes out, you light a match and shout "Mars Fire Ignite!"
17. You get one of those little bubble toys and blow bubbles at people while shouting "Mercury Bubbles Blast!"
18. Seeing a thermometer freaks you out! Because it has mercury in it, and you can't stop thinking that it's Amy's Blood!
19. You spend hours scrutinizing your forehead to see if you might have a Moon symbol on it.
20. Your dream wedding dress looks exactly like the Moon Princess's dress.
21. Even your parrot knows the theme song by heart.
22. You own 2 VCR's. Just in case one fails during taping of the show.
23. You do Sailor Scout poses to warm up for your aerobics classes.
24. You have an official Sailor Moon pillow, and you're 26 years old!
25. You buy a new ZIP disk drive, just so you have a place to store all of the Sailor Moon pictures and sound clips you have downloaded.
26. You spend evenings at your local Mensa group, seeking a girl named Amy.
27. Everyone looks at you for yelling "Mars.. fire.. Ignite!" right before the artificial volcano erupts at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas.
28. You strap an antenna to your head and stand outside during thunderstorms with your arms crossed over your head, hoping to be struck by lightning.
29. You try and shut people up by blessing a Post-It and sticking it to their head.
30. You set up a .wav file to play Serena's transformation music whenever your computer reboots.
31. You run around screaming "Moon Healing Activation!" for no reason at all.
32. Everytime a new establishment opens near you, you get suspicious and wonder if its a trick of the Negaverse.
33. You take a look at your life... and decide you should be more like Serena.
34. You go down to your local arcade to attempt to contact Central Command.
35. You sing the theme song in the shower.
36. Your day starts with you glued to the screen for thirty minutes shouting obscenities at the villains. And anyone who dares to disturb your viewing gets bubbles blown in their face.
37. On weekends you watch two episodes from previous weeks to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
38. A while back you were found in a thunderstorm wearing an aluminum hat jumping up and down and shouting "Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap!".
39. You carry a hard-plastic rose in your jacket... just in case.
40. Your friends start talking about something boring like Melrose Place, you start to think: "What would Zoycite do in this situation...?".
41. No one is looking, you sit down in front of the fireplace and attempt to ask the spirits some questions.
42. You get a crescent moon tattooed on your forehead.
43. You are depressed that your cat has never started talking and offered you mystical powers.
44. In even a minor crisis, you hear that Tuxedo-mask guitar riff.
45. 'Sailor Says' has changed the way that you live your life. You now :
a) Eat your vegetables every day.
b) Help your parents around the house... though you moved out 8 years ago.
c) Keep a positive self-opinion like Sailor V.
d) Plant a tree every time you see the environmental episodes.
e) Work as hard academically as physically so that you can be more like Sailor Mercury.
46. You can't seem to ever get the theme song out of your head (even in your dreams).
47. You almost got fired cause your boss came by while you were writing a 15 page post to alt.fan.sailor-moon.
48. You aspire to be Tuxedo Mask but end up being Tuxedo Melvin!
49. You see too many similarities between you and Serena.
50. You start talking like a valley girl for no particular reason.
51. You shout "Mercury! Calculus! Integration!" in math class.
52. You turn on the Cartoon Network to see Popeye the Sailor Scout. (hmmm... how would that go? *sing* "I'm Popeye the Saaaiiilor Scoooout.....").
53. You wish you were a 14 year old in Tokyo, going to Crossroads Junior High School.
54. You can't eat Spaghetti and Meatballs, without breaking out laughing!
55. While using your word processor, you shout "Spell Checking Activation!" or "File Saving Power!".
56. You nickname your computer Amy.
57. You take an old doorknob and pretend it's your very own Imperium Silver Crystal.
58. You are hungry, and you wish Lita could come over to your place and cook for you.
59. You petition your local school board to introduce sailor-schoolgirl uniforms.
60. You only get 31 points on your test, but you feel good because you have 1 point more than Serena got.
61. Your parents say 'go get a job', and you think, "okay, I'll be a Sailor Scout, or maybe I'll work in an arcade..."
62. You are looking for a date, but are only interested in girls who have long blonde hair and always wear a red ribbon in it.
63. For no good reason, you run around giving speeches, followed by silly gestures and ending with, "In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!".
64. Your two big thrills during the day are watching Sailor Moon and reading the alt.fan.sailor-moon newsgroup.
65. You sit in class and wish that you could be at home playing with your Sailor Moon dolls.
66. You are stuck on school homework, and you wish you had Amy's phone number or Email address.
67. You feel embarrassed, you picture yourself with a "teardrop" on the back of your head.
68. You watch copies of Sailor Moon over and over and over...
69. You make a tape of the Sailor Moon songs and listen to them on the way to school AND cry during 'My Only Love' and cheer at the end of 'Carry On', out loud on the bus!
70. Your notebooks have more Sailor Moon doodles than notes!
71. Your friend who is ALSO a Sailor Moon freak says, "I think YOU've been watching too much Sailor Moon!".
72. You're dissecting cats in Anatomy class and you can't stop thinking of Luna and Artemis.
73. You pretend that your sick just so you can stay home from school and watch Sailor Moon.
74. You tie a small penlight to your index finger and shout "Venus Crescent Beam Smash".
75. You buy a copy of every show ever made of Sailor Moon, quit your job, and decide that your new makeshift 24-hour Sailor Moon channel is all that you need to live.
76. You start wondering if Sailor Moon might be for real, and you go to the library to research facts about the moon and try to prove to yourself that there might have once really been life on the moon.
77. You get into a fist fight, but before your first swing you take the time to say..."In the name of the Moon, I will punish you.".
78. You're eating M&Ms and you associate each color with a different character from the show. Yellow = SailorMoon; Red = SailorMars; Blue = SailorMercury; Orange = SailorVenus; Green = SailorJupiter; Brown = Tuxedo Mask -And once you're down to your last six, you eat them in the order that they died in "Day of Destiny" (green-blue-orange-red-brown-yellow).
79. You kidnap your neighbors black cat, and paint a crescent moon symbol on its forehead.
80. You think that, with practice, you too will be able to jump 18 feet into the air.
81. You cut five inches off your (already) mini skirt, just so you can dress more like the Sailor Scouts.
82. You can't pick up a rose without having the temptation to throw it at someone.
83. You get caught in Wal-Mart buying Sailor Moon dolls, and make up some lame excuse like, "It's for my little sister/daughter/niece...".
84. You sell everything you have, and move to Japan. In hopes of finding the Sailor Scouts.
85. Someone tells you, "You act, look, or sound, just like Sailor Moon". AND you take it as a Compliment!
86. Your girlfriend thinks you like Sailor Moon more than her.
87. Your girlfriend thinks you like Sailor Moon more than her. AND SHE's RIGHT!
88. You steal hairbands from your sister and throw them at people while yelling "Moon Tiara Magic!"
89. You are attacked by an intruder while sitting at your computer, so you grab your mousepad and throw it at him while yelling "Moon Mousepad Magic!".
90. You develop a sudden attraction to girls with blue hair.
91. You set your house on fire, in hopes that the spirits will talk to you.
92. You see your mom, who looks exhausted, and wonder if her energy has been drained.
93. You get the reference to all of these.
94. You make a "You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When..." web page!
95. You've been watching too much Sailor Moon??? There's no such thing as watching too much Sailor Moon!!!
96. You hang upside-down from your feet, in an attempt to stretch your legs. So you can look more like Sailor Jupiter.
97. You'd rather watch a repeat episode of 'Sailor Moon', than watch a new episode of 'Friends'.
98. You consider having plastic surgery done, so you can look more like Raye. (note: This only applies to Michael Jackson:)
99. You can sing along to the Japanese theme song, and you don't even know Japanese!
100. You are reading this web page!
101. You have come back to read this web page more than once!
102. You dress in blue, dye your hair blue, and wear blue contacts, just to be as cute & cool as Amy.
103. You submit a request to the people in charge of the local bell tower that it should play Alan's flute song as part of it's noon repertoire.
104. You use Sailor Moon posters as your wall paper in your room.
105. You call up every toy store in town, asking if they have a floating Luna ball.
106. Just before a test you stand up, point at the test paper and shout, "On behalf of the moon, I will take this test!"
107. You like Sailor Mercury so much, you've stopped taking showers and now only take bubble baths.
108. You voluntarily go around calling yourself "Muffin".
109. You decide where to go for vacation, based on whether or not they might sell Sailor Moon merchandise there.
110. You carry around a bunny backpack.
111. You can get up at 5:30 am to watch Sailor Moon, but can't get to a 1:00pm class on time.
112. You grab a car key and start yelling at it to take you back to the time of the moon kingdom.
113. You cut your hair short and dye it blue, in hopes that it will make you smarter.
114. You start thinking of which one of your friends is most like one of the Sailor Scouts.
115. You start saying "Sail..." and your friends roll their eyes, thinking 'not again!'. Even though you *could've* been about to say something like: "Sailing sounds like something that I might like to do sometime."
116. As you are writing down the word "determination" you realize that Mina's name is hidden inside it.
117. Instead of liking Fridays (like everyone else) because the week is finally over. You hate them! Because it means no Sailor Moon for TWO WHOLE DAYS!
118. You change your DOS prompt to read "C:\>Type here, Meatball-head!"
119. You get personalized license plates that say something like "SLR MOON", "SLR MARS", "TUX MASK".
120. You try to suppress "bad" emotions so that you don't help out the negaverse.
121. You look up at the night sky and see the moon, and you can't help but think of Serena.
122. You see a blue Mercury(car) driving down the street and wonder if Amy could have designed it.
123. You try to picture what married life will be like with your fiance, but all you can imagine is what life would be like married to Serena.
124. You try to convince your Internet System Administrator, that your email address should be changed to "princess@moon.kingdom.com".
125. One morning when you don't want to go to school so early, you go outside and yell "Mercury Bubbles Blast!". In hopes that the ensuing fog will cause a two hour delay.
126. You take classes to learn Japanese, just so you can watch the original Japanese episodes of Sailor Moon.
127. Your friends and family ask you to see a psychiatrist, to talk about your Sailor Moon 'fascination'.
128. You wish that you were an anime character, so that you could meet the Sailor Scouts face to face.
129. You go out and buy a black cat and name it Luna.
130. You celebrate the Scout's birthdays.
131. You suddenly become suspicious of any store offering huge discounts, believing it to be a Negaverse trap.
132. While in Astronomy class, you are asked "What are the two closest planets to the sun?". And without hesitation you answer... "Amy and Mina".
133. You start to think about... anything. And it always seems to turn into something to do with Sailor Moon.
134. You try to diagram the scouts' speeches in English class.
135. You refuse to join an exercise club for fear that Jadeite might actually be behind it.
136. It's the only reason you get up in the morning!
137. You constantly pester your boyfriend to where a Tuxedo. So you can fantasize he's actually Tuxedo Mask.
138. While watching a concert, you suspect all the flute players are aliens summoning cardians.
139. You nearly break down and cry, when your alarm doesn't go off, and you miss an episode of Sailor Moon.
140. You've actually done some of these!
141. You hang your Sailor Moon doll from your cars rearview mirror.
142. You only have muffins for breakfast.
143. Everytime you write a 4, it ends up looking like Lita's symbol.
144. While playing a card game, you suddenly throw down a card and say "Cardian King of Spades, come forth!"
145. The Sailor Moon FAQ is your bible.
146. Your e-mails 'signature' file quotes Sailor Moon episodes.
147. To get a boyfriend, you try pointing your finger at him and saying "Venus Love Chain Encircle".
148. Your laughter begins to sound just like Serena's in 'Sailor Moon Says'.
149. In crowded places you start to sing the Sailor Moon theme song, in hopes of finding a fellow Moonie in the crowd.
150. You know what a "Moonie" is.
151. You ARE a Moonie!
152. You are constantly trying to recruit people into watching Sailor Moon.
153. You start to act like Serena -always late for school, never doing homework, crying all the time.
154. You collect all of the Sailor Moon trading cards.
155. You print out this whole "You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When" page, to show it to your friends...
156. You plan on naming your first child "Serena".
157. You spend hours watching Sailor Moon, frame by frame. In an attempt to learn all of Sailor Moons hand movements.
158. You talk and the words don't synchronize with your lips.
159. You plant a rose garden, in hopes of attracting Tuxedo Mask.
160. You actually *wake up* when your (oh-so captivating) chemistry teacher starts talking about Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium and how they were named after the respective planets.
161. You sign the online petition to keep Sailor Moon on the air. http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/sos/
162. You sit down and write a hand written letter, to help keep Sailor Moon on the air.
163. You've developed Serena's "Sloth-like sleeping habits", and are proud of it.
164. You would rather have the Silver Imperium Crystal, than all the diamonds in the world.
165. You apply for a job as a writer in Japan because a couple of people liked your Sailor Moon fan-fiction story.
166. You lose sleep over whether or not Serena and Darian are going to get back together.
167. You see a Ferrari and wonder if it's Neflyte driving.
168. You're in the summer Olympics as a discus thrower, and your secret weapon is... saying "Moon Tiara Magic!" as you make your throw.
169. You suggest Sailor Moon to be the theme for your next dance.
170. You wear red star earrings, just like Rayes.
171. That guy you can't stand suddenly becomes irresistible all of a sudden just because he called you "Meatball head".
172. You can't remember what the acronyms "ASAP" and "RIP" stand for but when you see "YKYWTMSMW" for the very first time, you say without thinking "Oh... You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When!"
173. You start calling a girl you like "Meatball head", saying things like "Are you stupid or just plain lazy?" or "I'm not worried, I know your gonna fail" because you KNOW this is the way to win her heart.
174. You purposely don't study for your math final because now that you've put Nephlyte's 'evil' power symbol on your calculator, you KNOW you're gonna kick some serious mathematical butt! (consequences, schmonsequences)
175. You overhear someone talking and think they're saying "Sailor Moon" every third word.
176. You try to grow a Doom tree.
177. You spend hours looking at the moon, through your telescope, looking for the ruins of the Moon Kingdom.
178. Whenever your friends need help, all you do is stand there, shout out Tuxedo Mask's/Moonlight Knight's inspirational speeches and then leave.
179. When shopping for clothes, you ask yourself "Now what would Darian wear?".
180. You shell out seven bucks for a poster of the solar system because it has the symbols for all the planets on it.
181. You throw a party and only serve hot cocoa, squid-on-a-stick, donuts, meatballs, vanilla-prune shakes, curry, muffins and weight gain bars.
182. You read the above line and say to yourself "Oh you forgot..." and without thinking, proceed to fire off 20 more food items which I forgot to mention.
183. You are known in school as "The Sailor Moon Weirdo".
184. You make your own Sailor Moon web site.
185. You do extensive research on the aerodynamics of a tiara.
186. You actually begin to like Molly's and Catsy's voices.
187. You grab every pen you come across, hold it up in the air, and shout "Disguise Power! Turn me into a beautiful princess!".
188. You keep calling Nintendo, asking when they are going to release the "Sailor V" video game.
189. Your choir teacher says "Now give me lots of energy" and you can't get over the thought that he might be from the negaverse.
190. You can fit Sailor Moon into ANY conversation.
191. You have dreams about Sailor Moon.
192. You can name any episode title from the number or vice-versa instantly.
193. You have every episode on tape.
194. You carry around a mini tape recorder and play Tuxedo Mask's theme music whenever you enter a room.
195. You check the yellow pages, looking for the local Shinto Temple.
196. Your Mother is constantly threatening to break your Sailor Moon CD because you play it too much.
197. You join the navy just so you can dress like a Sailor.
198. Before booting up your computer you say, "Moon computer Power!".
199. You have to move to another city, and your main concern is, 'Will the local TV stations play Sailor Moon?!'.
200. While driving a car, everytime you turn on the headlights, you shout "Venus Crescent Beam Smash!".
201. You single handedly try to bring all the Sailor Moon fans at your school together, to form a Save Our Sailors letter writing campaign.
202. You spend more money on Sailor Moon merchandise, than you do on food.
203. Everytime you hear Aerosmith's song "Dude looks like a lady" you can't help but think of Zoycite.
204. You are afraid that your math teacher is draining your energy, because you always get so tired in math class.
205. You can name off all of the Sailor Scouts, but you can't name the last 4 US presidents.
206. While reading Shakespeare's 'King Lear' in English class, you see the line "It is the stars. The stars above us govern our condition." And you wonder how Shakespeare knew Nephlyte.
207. You want to join the Shinto religion, in hopes that you'll be able to 'read fire', like Raye.
208. You try to talk your girlfriend into letting her hair grow 5 feet long, and doing it up in 'Serena style'.
209. You are a Master of Sailor Moon Trivia.
210. You talk to your cats, and you think they talk back.
211. On a hot day, you go outside and shout "Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze!"
212. You're watching a lunar eclipse, and you are worried that Serena might loose her powers.
213. You try training your cat to do somersaults. In hopes of getting a magical item.
214. You get really excited that one of your YKYWTMSMWs made it onto this list.
215. You draw spirals on the lenses of your glasses, in hopes it will make you smarter.
216. While purchasing Sailor Moon items the sales-clerk asks "Oh, Is this for you're little sister?" and all you can do is stare blankly as if you didn't understand the question.
217. You try to figure out how to tell friends and family that the name you gave your white colored cat just isn't cutting it after several years and you are changing it to Artemis.
218. You get a big static shock from your TV-set. And you are convinced it's Sailor Jupiter trying to get out!
219. Your parents tell you that you can't watch Sailor Moon anymore because you are obsessed with it.
220. You really wish that you had one of the Sailor Scouts powers so you can scare off the bully at school.
221. You have been called to the school counseling office and they ask you if you are really stressed out, cause you have been known to scream Sailor Moon sayings at people when you are mad.
222. Your favorite candy bar is the Mars Bar
223. You really want a Tiara so you can look like Sailor Moon.
224. You would actually wear a Tiara in public.
225. Someone calls you a Sailor Moon Freak, and you take it as a compliment.
226. You use this YKYWTMSMW web page as a check list. To see just how much of a Sailor Moon Freak you are.
227. You have a chart on your wall showing how many people you have converted into Sailor Moon fans.
228. You decide that if Sailor Moon goes off the air you will move to Japan.
229. You have Sailor Moon sheets on your bed.
230. Instead of yelling obscenities, when you are mad at someone. You call them "Spore!" or "Fungus!".
231. You talk to video games at your local arcade. Trying to make them believe you're really Luna. i.e.: "This is Luna. Password: Kitty stalks by moonlight."
232. You take it upon yourself to create a Sailor Moon board game.
233. You play with dolls of the Sailor Scouts.
234. You start renaming all of your friends after different Sailor Moon characters, whether they like it or not.
235. The only reason you go on-line, is to view Sailor Moon web sites.
236. You wear a Moon Princess dress to your prom.
237. You wear a cape, top-hat, and carry a rose to your prom.
238. You can play Alan's flute music on your own flute.
239. You dream of Darian, instead of your boyfriend.
240. You dream about one of the Scouts, instead of your girlfriend.
241. You attempt to 'transform', whenever someone picks on you.
242. You try to put out fires by yelling "Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze!"
243. You go to school dressed like a Sailor Scout. But are sent home because you look too: a) silly b) sexy 3) psycho 4) all of the above.
244. You can quote Serena's entire speech to Molly about how evil Maxfield Stanton is...in one breath. And often do… shamelessly in public places.
245. You throw birthday parties for each Sailor Scout.
246. You sit in Trig class and write Sailor Moon fanfiction stories instead of learning about the Law of Sines.
247. Whenever you turn on a light, you shout "Light...bulb...ILLUMINATION!!!"
248. You get angry because your YKYWTMSMW contribution didn't get posted on this page.
249. Someone calls you meatball head and you take it as a compliment.
250. You learn to carve so you can make your own Moon Wand.
251. You learn to cut glass so you can make an Emperial Moon Crystal to put on your Moon Wand.
252. You use your Moon Wand to try to heal anyone in your class you think might have been turned evil by the Negaverse.
253. You plan on trying to become an astronaut. Just so you can travel to the moon and search for the ruins of the Moon Kingdom.
254. You have made a shrine to one of the Scouts.
255. When in French class, you hear someone say the French word for March, which is Mars. And you lift your head up for a moment, but then go back to sleep, disappointed that Raye wasn't really the topic.
256. You start calling good looking guys "hunkmiesters".
257. You can't figure out why the roses you just bought, won't stick in the wall when you throw them.
258. There's no Sailor Moon video game in your local arcade, so instead you play 'Street Fighter Alpha 2' using the character 'Sakura' so you can pretend she's Sailor Moon.
259. Instead of getting Sailor Moon withdraw symptoms on just the weekends, you get them on weekdays too. They start about 1 hour after you finish watching the days episode.
260. You fail a test at school because you can't concentrate on anything except Sailor Moon, and you don't even care because it makes you more like Serena.
261. You call (818)785-0791 and join that kinda-lame Sailor Moon Fan Club, just so you can tell everyone that you are a member of the club and they aren't.
262. You are dishing out Lots of Money, to get subtitled episodes of Sailor Moon.
263. You see a Trix cereal commercial and your first thought is "The lemonney lemons look like crescent moons."
264. It no longer bothers you that you are 20 years older than the Sailor Moon target audience.
265. You make up your own episodes and watch them in your dreams.
266. Once every week, you do a search for "Sailor Moon" on one of the net search engines. Just to keep up on the constantly growing number of Sailor Moon web sites.
267. You are extremely jealous of anyone who is lucky enough to be named, Darian, Serena, Ray, Amy, Mina, or Lita.
268. On a bad hair day, you grab a pen and shout "Disguise Power! Make my hair short and stylish!". Who needs a salon, when you have the pen?
269. If the power goes out, you sit and pray that it will come back on in time for your VCR to tape Sailor Moon.
270. You are banned from Toys R Us for coming in every day and asking when the Sailor Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus dolls are coming in.
271. You have to pay for extra disk space on your server to accommodate your Sailor Moon web site.
272. You've decided not to go to the college that gave you a scholarship, because they don't teach Japanese there.
273. You decide there has to be a way to get to a parallel universe where Sailor Moon exists and you're going to be the one to find it!
274. You force the guy at Blockbuster Music to order the Sailor Moon soundtrack even though he first assured you it didn't exist.
275. You are leaving on vacation for a week. So you ask a friend to pick up your mail, water the plants, etc... and OFCOURSE tape Sailor Moon for you.
276. You wont play cards anymore, because you keep having visions of cardians jumping out of them and attacking you.
277. Your physics term paper is on the aerodynamic properties of roses.
278. Every time you go into an arcade, the first thing you do is look for the new Sailor-V game.
279. While at a school dance when some guy tries to cut in on your girl, you respond by throwing the rose on your lapel at him.
280. Your ideal wife would be one of the Scouts.
281. Your ideal husband would be Tuxedo Mask.
282. You try to cure your hiccups by saying "Moon Healing Activation". Note: I actually tried this the other night. Though it didn't work too well for me. It came out as "Moon Healing Acti(hic)vation"
283. You're a total klutz and everyone makes fun of you for it. But, you don't mind because it makes you feel more like Serena.
284. You buy Sailor Moon video game cartridges from Japan, but can't play them right because you can't read Japanese. And yet you still love to play them.
285. You realize that your video game controller is shaped just like a crescent moon.
286. It seems like your computer is on 24 hours a day because you are continually downloading Sailor Moon files.
287. Any time the slightest thing goes wrong, you sit down and start to cry like Serena "WAAAAAAHHHHH!"
288. You mail order the Sailor Moon playing cards, and don't even care that the shipping and handling costs more than the cards themselves.
289. Every night before a big test, you go to an observatory and consult the stars for the answers.
290. You place a personal ad in the paper. 24 year old single male seeks young woman that has short blue hair and is good with computers.
291. You get a job as a janitor at DIC headquarters. Which is only the first step of your plan to infiltrate the DIC corporation and learn all the inside secrets you can. In preparation for your hostile takeover, to acquire the rights to Sailor Moon.
292. You find yourself saying "As if!" constantly.
293. You join the GirlScouts, just so you can call yourself a SCOUT!
294. You have a locket (just like Serena's moon locket) specially made for you.
295. On the back of your school notebooks you draw the sign of Jupiter and write "Jupiter Power" in a circle around it. When the kids at school see this they laugh at you. So you cross your arms over your head and shout, "Jupiter Thunder... CRASH!". Which only causes them to laugh at you even more. But, you really don't care, because YOU are also laughing at THEM because they don't know what they're missing by not being Moonies!
296. You force your History teacher (who's going to Japan) to sit through an hour long lecture on Sailor Moon (including charts, diagrams, and color pictures) so she'll be prepared for her trip.
297. Your biggest worry about your upcoming vacation is whether or not your VCR is going to actually record Sailor Moon like you programmed it to.
298. Shinto temples have hired guards to keep you out.
299. The Sailor Moon voice actors have restraining orders against you.
300. You start comparing your ex-girlfriend with Queen Beryl.
301. You're in the mall with some friends and you see some really tacky jewelry and you say "Only Queen Beryl would wear something like that." You then proceed to receive strange looks from all of your non-Moonie friends.
302. Whenever anyone criticizes the show, you stand up and yell "I will triumph over evil! And that means you!"
303. You get banned from an anime mailing list, because you will only talk about Sailor Moon.
304. You feel true love for the first time in your life. Problem is, it's for a Sailor Moon cartoon character!
305. You dump your girlfriend because she takes up too much of your Sailor Moon viewing time.
306. You buy the Sailor Moon CD.
307. You look at 4 stores before you find the Sailor Moon CD. And when you finally spot it, you can't help but to let out a shout of joy!
308. You dream about Serena dying and wake up with tears streaming down your face.
309. You cried when Sailor Mercury was leaving for Germany, and cried even more when she decided to stay.
310. Someone teases you about liking Sailor Moon and you no longer get mad. Instead you just pity them... For they know not, what they are missing.
311. Darian and Serena's love life is more important than your own.
312. Your goal in life is to convert as many people as you can into Moonies.
313. You can look up in the sky and point out the home planet of your favorite Scout.
314. "Wicked Cool" is suddenly your choice statement.
315. You take baths with your Sailor Moon dolls.
316. You join all three of the Sailor Moon mailing lists... and read each and every of the 200 messages a day you get.
317. You dump a plate of spaghetti and meatballs on your friend's head, to prove to her that she really does look like Sailor Moon.
318. You wish that Amy and Greg would kiss, and cry in frustration when they don't.
319. You actually managed to convince your boyfriend that the show is cool.
320. You become insanely jealous of Tuxedo Mask.
321. You cried when Nephlyte died.
322. You wonder if those two ravens you spot outside, will lead you to a Shinto temple and a cute dark-haired girl wearing a kimono and sweeping the front steps.
323. Whenever you're feeling down, you just listen to the Sailor Moon CD and you feel better.
324. You stick a glow-in-the-dark crescent moon sticker on your cat's forehead, then stare at it for hours hoping your cat will attempt the Luna-mind-meld.
325. Every time you see someone who you think looks odd, you tell your friends "I'm getting weird vibes from him!", just like Raye.
326. You wake up, and can't remember anything about the previous day. So you conclude that you must have fought a fierce battle with Queen Beryl and won.
327. You run out of hard drive disk space because of your overwhelming Sailor Moon files. And to free up some space you decide without hesitation to erase Microsoft Office 95, instead of touching any of your precious Sailor Moon files.
328. You wake up during the night, just so you can write down new ideas that came to you in your dreams, for this YKYWTMSMW list.
329. You hear your teacher say something about 'SOS', and you think 'Hey! My teacher signed the Support Our Sailors petition too!? Cool!'. But, then you realize she was just talking about Morse code for help.
330. You take your black cat to the arcade(even though it clearly says NO PETS), make the cat tap on the game machine, then you play a taped message of Luna's "Kitty stalks by moonlight..." password phrase from your mini-tape recorder. All in an attempt to bypass security protocol and to contact Central Command.
331. You print up Sailor Moon fliers, and leave them in phonebooths, on parked cars, etc... in hopes to recruit more Sailor Moon fans.
332. You paint your laptop computer blue and put the mercury symbol on top. Then you go around telling people that Sailor Mercury let you borrow her computer.
333. You sit in class all day dreaming about Sailor Moon.
334. You are convinced that your teacher is Queen Beryl.
335. You have pictures of Sailor Moon for your wallpaper in windows.
336. You personally spend hours developing a Sailor Moon expansion set for the popular card game 'Magic: the Gathering'.
337. You have collected so many Sailor Moon items that your room begins to look like a Sailor Moon merchandise warehouse.
338. You see (TM) beside a trademark and you think to yourself "Why is Tuxedo Mask's signature on that item?"
339. You wonder how much money it would take to buy DIC and get everything translated.
340. You use your computers CD-ROM drive more for listening to the Sailor Moon CD, than for playing computer games.
341. You start up a Sailor Moon fan club at school.
342. You spend 3 days of your 4 day trip to Japan, just buying Sailor Moon merchandise.
343. You're standing next to a hot tub at a spa, and when someone turns on the bubbles you freak out because you think its Sailor Mercury trying to communicate.
344. You wear your new Sailor Moon T-shirt as much as possible. And you only wash it by hand, because you don't dare put it in the washing machine in fear that the picture will crack and fade.
345. You start wondering what you will do when you get all the episodes taped, then you scold yourself for thinking such a thing. You've been planning this for weeks, your gonna put all the episodes in order and have a party where you watch 32 and a half hours straight of Sailor Moon!
346. You start feeling really bad and wonder what's left for you in life just because you've seen all the episodes they've shown in North America and can't imagine waiting until September for new ones (IF they even play them!).
347. A friend asks you 'Who would be your ideal mate?', but you have trouble figuring out a way to tell him your ideal mate is a cartoon character.
348. You're introducing a serious presentation or lecture, and you suddenly hear the words coming out of your mouth, "Stay right there, and I'll show you!"
349. Whenever you're in a hurry, you tell your friends, "Let's book it!"
350. You get insanely jealous when someone says that they're more of a Moonie than you are.
351. Your girlfriend thinks that Sailor Moon is driving you apart, but you think it's improving your relationship. To prove so, you start singing 'My Only Love' to her, and she just melts.
352. Whenever you play the 'freeze game', no matter what, you always freeze doing a Sailor Scout pose.
353. You read this YKYWTMSMW list and you were able to check off more than 100 things you have personally done.
354. The only Sailor Moon t-shirt you can find is for someone 10 years younger than you, but even though it's way too small, you buy it anyways.
355. You use the schools color laser printer to print out Sailor Moon pictures, under the guise that it's for a school project.
356. You hear about a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers live show, and you start polishing your tiara for some "action".
357. You redecorate your room to look just like Serenas.
358. You are watching Star Trek reruns, and when Captain Picard says "engage" you are vaguely disappointed that he did not say "WARP DRIVE ACTIVATION!"
359. You no longer say 'goodbye'. Just "I'm outie!".
360. You think of 'Sailor Moon Says' as a 65 step program to a better life.
361. Your power goes out, right before Sailor Moon is suppose to come on. And you sit in front of the blank TV screen for half an hour in disbelief... frustration... anger... and overwhelming sadness.
362. You use Sailor Moon character names, as handles in IRC chat rooms.
363. You cried when Zoycite died.
364. You know that CD's are tough. But, you wonder if you may be wearing out your Sailor Moon CD by playing it 10 times every day.
365. You blow 3 months allowance in 45 minutes in a China town comic shop, on Sailor Moon merchandise.
366. You listen to the Sailor Moon CD for so long that even your cat knows the songs by heart.
367. You talk to a tree, and when it doesn't reply, you think it needs more energy.
368. You get depressed because you aren't a Sailor Scout.
369. You carve your own transformation wands and lockets and try and transform into a Sailor Scout.
370. You chop down all the trees on your property, for fear they might grow into Doom Trees.
371. You choose your friends by whether or not they're Moonies.
372. You think your hair looks much better ever since you started using the Sailor Moon shampoo you found at the local Japanese grocery store.
373. You try and cram your size 6 womens feet into the size 2 girls Sailor Moon sneakers you bought, because that's the biggest size the sneakers come in.
374. You try to get into the girls Sailor Moon underwear you bought, but it has to stretch so much that the Sailor Moon picture on it, ends up looking more like Roseanne.
375. Every time you hear the word 'Sailor', you yell out "Moon!"
376. You think you see Elvis chatting with Sailor moon in the local 7-11.
377. You get stuck in rush hour traffic and yell "Moon Scepter Elimination!"
378. You're seeing a psychiatrist about your Sailor Moon addiction, and end up getting him hooked too!
379. You buy blue sunglasses, hoping that they're actually Sailor Mercury's VR Scanner.
380. You can do very convincing impressions of any Sailor Moon character.
381. You throw a costume party in the middle of summer. Because, Halloween is too long to wait to get a chance to dress like Sailor Moon.
382. You actually consider trying some of the ideas on this YKYWTMSMW list.
383. You throw CD's at people while yelling "Moon Tiara Magic!"
384. While playing chess, you are disappointed when your opponent doesn't freeze a little each time they lose a piece.
385. Monotonous sounds like an engine humming or water dripping are starting to sound to you like the rhythm of the Sailor Moon theme song.
386. You cry every time you listen to "Only a Memory Away".
387. You keep looking for the Sailor Moon CD to show up on the top-10 chart.
388. You are the only girl in your High School with a Sailor Moon backpack and Sailor Moon coinpurse. And are proud of it.
389. Every time you see a cute guy, you say "He looks just like my old boyfriend!"
390. You have constant debates with your Moonie friends about whether Raye or Serena is actually better for Darian.
391. You moped around for weeks after Darian dumped Serena. And got even more depressed when Rubeus dumped Catsy.
392. Your principal considers the hard plastic rose you carry with you a concealed weapon.
393. You have watched your taped copies of the episodes, so many times, that you are in constant fear of the tape breaking.
394. EVEN your Moonie friends think YOU watch too much Sailor Moon!
395. You ask the ice cream vendor for a popsicle in the shape of a crescent moon.
396. You sew little crescent moon patches onto all of your clothes.
397. You send a script you've written, to Paramount Studios for a live action Sailor Moon movie.
398. You run around wrapped up in sheets pretending your the Moon Light Knight.
399. You even know the names of all the Negaverse monsters.
400. Your mom changes her name to Serena, just to get your attention.
401. You visit New York, and at first glance you could have sworn that the Statue of Liberty was holding the Moon scepter in her hand, instead of a torch.
402. Your family doesn't eat rice anymore cause they're still picking it out of their hair from your last "eat like Serena" experiment.
403. You start to wonder if Catsy was ever a ballerina.
404. You replace all the pictures of your family and friends in your wallet, with sailor moon trading cards.
405. Whenever you see someone wearing weird clothes, you say "Their fashion sense is way last season."
406. You take a trip to the North Pole, not to find Santa, but to destroy the Negaverse.
407. You change the picture of the Windows 95 Logo that starts up with Windows, into a picture of Sailor Moon with a caption reading "Sailor Moon says, Windows 95 is now starting."
408. You set your computer up to play the opening Sailor Moon theme song when it starts up.
409. You set your computer up to play the ending Sailor Moon theme song when it shuts down.
410. You set your computer up to play various Sailor Moon sounds for other functions. "Moon Scepter Elimination!" closes a window. "Moon Crystal Power!" opens one. "Kitty Magic!" creates a new folder or file.
411. You give up playing Solitaire, for fear of the cards coming to life and draining your energy.
412. You have so many Sailor Moon dolls on your bed, there's no room for you!
413. Everytime you throw a frisbee, you shout "Moon Tiara Magic!"
414. You attempt to swat a fly that's been buzzing around pestering you, but before you kill it, you say "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"
415. You plan on opening up your very own "Sailor Moon store". With various fashions and giftware relating to the Sailor Scouts. And you ask the Sailor Moon voice actors, to sign autographs at the grand opening.
416. You look for the nearest phonebooth, to cry in, whenever you get dumped by your boyfriend.
417. You expect everyone who's named 'Amy', to have blue hair and an IQ over 300.
418. You sign up for America Online, then proceed to create five different Screen Names for five different Sailors Scouts.
419. The only reason you got internet access, was to sign the SOS online petition.
420. You hope you are a Sailor scout and Luna just hasn't found you yet.
421. You are afraid to use striped pencils, for fear they are part of Neflyte's plans.
422. Your car breaks down on the way to work, and you tell your fellow car-poolers that you can all still get there on time if they would just join hands in a circle and chant, "Scout Power...". When they don't go for that, you wave the dipstick at the car in an effort to "heal" it.
423. You start making a list of possible names for more of Queen Beyrl's generals. Strobelite, Blacklite, Budlite...
424. You plan to someday have five daugthers and name them... Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina.
425. Anytime one of your friends sees a Sailor Moon related item, they always think of you.
426. You call up a local radio station, and ask them to play a song from the Sailor Moon CD.
427. You ask someone with the last name of "Moon", if they would name their newborn daughter "Sailor", so there would be a girl named Sailor Moon in real life.
428. While being given an ink blot test, by a psychiatrist(that your parents are forcing you to see because of your Sailor Moon fascination), You tell the psychiatrist that the ink blots look like "A crescent moon, a rose, a temple, a floating ball that looks like a cat, a tuxedo, a mask, a tiara..."
429. You ask Greg or Raye to find out what tonight's winning lottery numbers will be.
430. While reading, your eyes start playing tricks on you. Instead of seeing the name Lisa you see Lita, Nina becomes Mina, Sheena becomes Serena.
431. You watch a TV test pattern for an hour one morning, hoping that Sailor Moon will come on. Because your local TV station moved Sailor Moon to a different time slot, and didn't list the change in the TV guide.
432. You're more of a Moonie than your sister, and she's in the target audience.
433. None of your friends will come to your house anymore, for fear you'll force them to watch Sailor Moon.
434. You ask your florist, "Which type of roses have the best aerodynamics?"
435. You build a swimming pool in the shape of a crescent moon.
436. You have to listen to the Sailor Moon CD, to be able to get to sleep.
437. You need to buy an engagement ring, and you vow to only get it at the OSAP jewelry store.
438. You've tried to convert your friends into Moonies, so many times that they now run away screaming, if you say something even remotely like "Sailor..."
439. Every time you see a new Sailor Moon item, you simply HAVE to buy it!
440. Whenever your mom complains about your grades, your response is, "At least I'm doing better than Serena!"
441. You still think Zoycite is cute, even after learning the truth!
442. You get angry when someone comes up with a better YKYWTMSMW than you did.
443. You sent in so many YKYWTMSMW suggestions, Starfox has a restraining order against you.
444. You fight with your friends over who gets Darian.
445. The minute you walk into your local comic store, the guy behind the counter tells you that he has new Sailor Moon stuff in stock.
446. You can't get the Sailor Moon soundtrack music, out of your head.
447. You spend hundreds of dollars buying hair extensions so you can look like Serena.
448. You spend hours fiddling with the earring on your right ear, hoping that a VR Visor will materialize across your eyes.
449. Whenever you yell or cry, your mouth takes up half your face.
450. You come home terribly late, and instead of cutting your allowance or grounding you, your parents decide on the ultimate punishment for you. NO SAILOR MOON FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!
451. You set up an SOS petition table in your local mall.
452. You browse through your local white-pages, looking for someone named "Amy Anderson".
453. You take your Sailor Moon CD to Sears and slip it into one of the Stereos on display. And proceed to play "Carry On" as loud as you can.
454. Your Algebra teacher sends you to the Guidance Counselor because during a test she caught you trying to contact Amy through your pink calculator.
455. You get a calm feeling of joy and contentment everytime you are seated in front of the TV and the Sailor Moon theme starts.
456. You spend your time looking for a new planet in the Solar System so you can name it and declare yourself the Sailor Scout of that planet!
457. You sing the Sailor Moon Theme song at assemblies, instead of your national anthem.
458. On a clear evening, you look at the western horizon and say, "Hey, I can see Sailor Venus' planet from here."
459. You're playing your Sailor Moon CD while reading this page.
460. You bought Doom II just so you could play the Sailor Moon wad.
461. You catch yourself (or are caught) whistling or singing "Fighting evil by moonlight..."
462. You keep trying to do up your niece's hair like Serena's (much to the dismay of her parents).
463. Your teacher actually said something like this to you. "OKAY!!, one more 'Sailor Moon' outta you, and I'm sending you straight to the PRINCIPAL!"..... And there you went.
464. Your friends decide that because you are nuts about Sailor Moon and that you are always on the net, that they will nickname you Melvin!
465. You take a picture of one of the Sailor Scouts to your hair stylist and say... "Make my hair look like hers."
466. You don't associate with anyone who thinks Sailor Moon is lame.
467. You give away your pet dog(which you've had since he was just a puppy), because he used your Sailor Mercury doll as a chew-toy.
468. You can't look at a squirrel in a park without flinching.
469. You start dating one of the Scouts... in your dreams.
470. You buy air time on a local TV station and run your own advertisements for sailor Moon.
471. You run this YKYWTMSMW list through your 'Print Preview' option and find out it's over 32 pages long, but you go ahead and print it out anyway.
472. You find it odd when you see a billboard written in English.
473. You actually admit to the sales clerk, that the Sailor Moon dolls you're buying are for yourself, and not a little sister or niece.
474. Whenever you hear someone mention 'Moon', you say... (in Beavis&Butthead style) "He said MOON!... heh,heh,heh..." (or would that be YKYWTMSM&B&BW?)
475. You are the only one in your school who wants to wear school uniforms.
476. You paint Sailor Moon murals on your bedroom walls.
477. You see a black cat in an alley and you say to it, "Luna is that you?"
478. You ask the Bank of Japan if Sailor Moon's picture will be seen on the new 1,000,000 yen note.
479. You keep a diary... not about the events in your own life, but of Serena's life.
480. The famous jumping bus scene from 'Speed' & 'Spy Hard' reminds you of the SM episode where Serena takes a bus and ends up in another dimension.
481. For the upcoming new season of 'Reboot', you hope to see Dot "rebooting" into a Sailor Scout.
482. When the doctor listens to your heartbeat, he discovers it beats in rhythm to the Sailor Moon theme song.
483. You got mad when Sailor Mercury decided to stay, because you already made one-way flight reservations to Germany.
484. Every bookmark in your web browser is a Sailor Moon link.
485. Everyday you inform your friends at work of the updated total number of signatures on the S.O.S. page.
486. You become so fascinated with the Moon, people start to think you're a werewolf.
487. You form your own addict support group just for moonies. But, only succeed in getting every member of the group even more hooked on the show.
488. While at the arcade you always play the crane games, hoping to grab a Sailor Moon doll.
489. You watch a whole Sailor Moon episode on tape, in slow motion, to see if there are any bits that you couldn't see at normal speed.
490. You have arranged your sleep patterns around the show.
491. You kept your friend on the phone for nearly two hours, reading him the whole YKYWTMSMW list!
492. You tape a banana to a stick and run around yelling "Moon Healing Activation!"
493. You run to your local supermarket every week just to see if Darian and Serena's love life made it onto the front pages of the tabloids.
494. You think all you need to survive is to eat, sleep, and watch Sailor Moon. Then you think maybe eating and sleeping aren't that important.
495. No magnifying glass in your house is safe from your never-ending search for the perfect Crescent Moon Wand.
496. You have an office desk made in the shape of a crescent moon.
497. You got kicked out of the Coca-Cola bottling plant, because you kept asking when the Sailor Moon commemorative bottles are coming out.
498. You see Wonder Woman's boots and wonder if she shops at the same store as Sailor Moon.
499. You think that AC/DC's song "ThunderStruck" is about Sailor Jupiter.
500. You start to cry whenever the SOS web site releases bad news.

***   ***   ***