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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 10 (4501 - 5000)

4501. You get in trouble for drawing SM characters in English class.
4502. You get in trouble for writing a YKYWTMSMW list while you are supposed to be grading a math study sheet in class.
4503. You want Hair-a-Gami, just so you can try the odango atama.
4504. When you look at you math homework, the first thing you notice is a polygon with a side names SM.
4505. When you get Hair-a-Gami, you wear your hair in the odango atama all the time.
4506. You draw your fave. senshi's symbol by your name on your homework.
4507. At lunch, you scarf down all your food in an attempt to be more like Usagi.
4508. At lunch, you recreate episodes 110-111 with your moonie friends.
4509. 1You wear an SM pin to school every day.
4510. You switch the class video with episodes 110-111.
4511. You buy a pack of hair elastics with green balls on them ,dye your hair brown ( if it isn't already brown) and start to cook dinner more often in an attempt to be like Makoto
4512. You make the S in the S section of your Spalding book look like the S in the Sailormoon S logo.
4513. When there is a contest in class to see which group can write the most nouns, pronouns, verbs, etc. you write all the senshi's names and all the villains' names you can think of in the noun column.
4514. You are sure the assigned seats and hand raising thing at lunch was thought up by the Deathbusters.
4515. You think your school is controlled by the Deathbusters.
4516. On the day of your big math test, you bring all your Amy stuff to school.
4517. You put your hand on the SM pin on your shirt instead of your heart for the Pledge of Allegiance.
4518. You write a pledge to the Sailor Senshi and say it under your breath during the real pledge.
4519. And make a flag to go with it.
4520. You sleep with your SM dolls, and not just the plush ones......
4521. When your class goes on a field trip into the woods, you decide that if Eudial attacks you for your pureheart crystal, you will run into the woods where NO car could go. Then you change your mind and decide to stay and get heartsnatched, maybe the other kids won't tease you for liking SM because they know it's real, and you just might be able to get a glimpse of the sailor senshi.

From http://www.fortunecity.com/lavender/eraserhead/1067/id22_m.htm
(Kacie's Sailor Moon, Mercury Palace)

4522. You put a glow in the dark crescent moon on your black cat's forehead and watch it at night to see if it goes to the arcade and starts to talk to the Sailor V Game.
4523. You make a moonie page and say Anti Moonies beware this page contains Sailor moon stuff.
4524. You think your teachers are from the heart snatchers.
4525. When someone says your an idiot online and you say, I know where you live because I have Ami's computer! Then when you find this person you put a match in between your 2 pointer fingers and say Mars fire ignite but it doesn't work so say, I have proven my point.
4526. You make a sailor outfit for your pet.
4527. You make your door a sailor moon door (Sailor moon is carved in it).

From http://geocities.com/sailormoon185/wykywtmsm.htm

4528. You print thousands of pictures of Sailor Moon.
4529. You run around the yard pretending your one of the scouts fighting the Nega Verse when the Nega Verse is actually your little brother.
4530. When your boyfriend says it's either him or Jedite and guess who you choose?
4531. You go to the carnival and a guy working at a game overhears you say Sailor Moon and he thinks you say Sailor Man so you have to give him this whole lecture on Sailor M-O-O-N. ( Hey, where do you think I got this one from, personal experience)
4532. You meet the new girl at school and the first thing out of your mouth is "Do you like Sailor Moon?"
4533. You don't talk to your sister for a week because she wouldn't stop watching a movie so you could record Sailor Moon and she said it was stupid.(Submitted by Jenn)
4534. You look in the mirror and try to stretch your eyes out like the Sailor Senshi.
4535. When Sailor Moon transforms, you "accidentally" start transforming with her.
4536. You chase your sister around the house while quoting Wiseman by saying "Come with me little girl! Resistance is futile! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"
4537. Someone says "Sailor Moon" (or Mercury, or Mars, and so on) and you scream out "WHERE?!"
4538. Your friend at school says Sailor Moon Sucks. Later you and your friend are in the principals office, she has a black & blue eye and your fist hurts.
4539. You make transformation sticks & moon scepters so you can use them while you watch the show. (This and the next one submitted by Lindsay)
4540. You run around school yelling "The Negaverse is coming!!! The Negaverse is coming!!!"
4541. You "accidentally" like the same food or dislike the same food as your fav. scout.
4542. When your crush asks if you like S&M your like, Cool! He likes Sailor Moon!
4543. You know all of these are normal for a regular person like you.
4544. Your room has 2 things in it... bed and SM stuff.
4545. You go to Wal-Mart and say "Do you have any Henshin sticks up for sale? How about moon scepters?" just as normally as anyone.
4546. You want to go on MTV's Fanatic and try to meet the Sailor Senshi. When you find out you can't do so you say "Hey, you said only the most famous stars!!! Sailor Moon IS famous!!!!!!!"
4547. Someone says Sailor Moon isn't real and you go running away screaming "NO NO NO!!! SHE IS REAL!!!! I KNOW SHE IS!!! I SAW HER ON TV!!!"
4548. You buy all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon in Japanese for over $100 and then when you get them in the mail, they are all really badly taped but you don't care because... they're all 200 episodes!!! How could you be unhappy about that?!
4549. You buy purple knee length boots for $50 just to look like Sailor Saturn.
4550. You don't like anyone that doesn't like Sailor Moon.
4551. Your principle orders you to stop dancing around the halls with a long stick & a crescent moon on the end.
4552. You order everyone to "Bow down to you, for you are the Princess of the Moon!"
4553. That X-boyfriend that thinks he's all that will get what he deserves when you use your Garnet Orb, or your Silence Glaive on him.
4554. When you discovered Amazon is selling the movies, you faint.
4555. Why does all this stuff sound vaguely familiar???
4556. You cut or style your old Barbie dolls' hair into your favorite senshi's hair styles. (This one and the next submitted by Cleo402@aol.com)
4557. You give each person in your class a Sailor Moon name.
4558. You own $500 worth of Sailor Moon stuff.
4559. You and your fellow scouts roam the streets at night with henshin sticks looking for yomas.
4560. While roaming the streets, every time a car drives by, you strike a heroic pose and shout out a speech.
4561. You go around chasing guys saying it's destiny.
4562. Everyday you daydream of what it would be like if you were Sailor Moon.
4563. Everyday you dream of owning the show so you can dub it properly.
4564. You trip every chance you get.
4565. You don't believe in garbage cans, you believe trash should be thrown at cute guys.
4566. You can have a short conversation in Japanese.
4567. You make up your own Sailor Moon constellations.
4568. You hang out at the arcade even if the Arcade Guy is a simple ridden geek.
4569. You buy the Cover Girl Body Art stencils and use the crescent moon to draw Sailor moon's sign or the Dark Moon sign on you forehead. (Submitted by NeoQueenVegeta@aol.com)
4570. When you hear the new outer senshi voices you yell at the TV because they are too high or too low or just plain crappy.
4571. You are a Sailor Chibi Moon fan and when you hear that her name is gonna be Sailor MINI Moon you tell people "Kill me, please..."
4572. You take a hand mirror and twirl around while saying "Submarine Reflection!"
4573. Monday, June 12, 2000 is a sacred day to you and all your buds.
4574. You wonder is Tuxedo Kamen's roses are real or origami with paper clips at the end.
4575. Once you have traveled to Japan, your mad cuz Sailor Moon and co. aren't around, only merchandise!
4576. You go to the Disney store and buy the princess collection wands. After some spray paint it is sailor scout wand. (This and the next submitted by Monnie)
4577. In science class you have to make a planet project with info on the planets and pictures of the planets. You make it on you fav. scout with pictures of her all over it.
4578. Every time you see a rose you yell, "Tuxedo Mask!" Even though the people around you give you those looks you always get when you do that. (Submitted by Erika)

From http://www.geocities.com/elise507/fiend (Fiend Angelical)
You Know You Watch Too Much Neherenia When....

4579. You wear your hair in odangos and curl the rest.
4580. When people see your new hairstyle and mistake you for Sailormoon, you attack them.
4581. You walk around muttering "Princess of the White Moon...".
4582. You have a dress custom made that matches Neherenia's, and make triple moon earrings to match.
4583. Since all your friends have now abandoned you, due to your weird Neherenia imitation, you shout "I don't need friends! I'm my own friend!" everywhere you go.
4584. You have a sudden fascination with mirrors.
4585. Your new excuse for not doing work is that you were sealed inside a mirror and could not escape without the Golden Crystal.
4586. You buy a white horse, tape a cone of construction paper to its head and name the horse Helios.
4587. You are convinced there is a New Moon, despite what your Science teacher says.
4588. You attempt to eat the dream mirrors of your friends. When they protest, you respond that you'll keep them as circus freaks after their dream is taken.
4589. You keep an ugly old woman around as a maid and call her your servant.

From http://www.galacticparadise.com/smp/ykuw2msmw.html (Serena's Moon Palace)

4590. You attempt more than once to make your hair into perfect circular buns like Usagi has. You fail miserably, but you've broken a lot of hairbands this way.
4591. You have looked on eBay for Sailor Moon cosplay costumes and have thought that all of them suck because they don't REALLY look like the cartoon.
4592. You've taught your friends some self-learnt Japanese from subtitled episodes.
4593. Your nickname begins with "Sailor". Ex: Sailor Eruri (Elly)
4594. When you are introduced to someone by your friend, you ask if they like Sailor Moon, and if they don't know what it is or they don't like it, your friend says "Oh, now she'll hate ya".
4595. Almost all your gifts are Sailor Moon related.
4596. You get in trouble at school in almost every class for drawing Sailor Moon pictures.
4597. People you've never met know that you like Sailor Moon
4598. You judge people based on their anime knowledge.
4599. Your boyfriend attempts to look like Darien, Prince Diamond, or any male character from Sailor Moon just to turn you on.
4600. You buy a male black cat with white spouts over it's eyes and name him Tuxedo Mask, and throw rose petals when he walks.
4601. You've memorized how to write the Japanese characters for almost every character's name.
4602. You memorize the soundtrack songs in Japanese even though you don't know what they're saying, and slowly it all begins to make sense...
4603. You have most of the Sailor Moon dolls by Irwin or Bandai.
4604. You have a Sailor Moon related mouse pad.
4605. You have fantasies about that guy you saw at the anime convention who was dressed like Tuxedo Mask two years ago.
4606. When someone touches your keys, you grab them away, screaming to them that the keys can teleport you into Crystal Tokyo and that they are not Small Lady and do not have permission.
4607. You stare longingly at the moon, wondering how your mother is doing.
4608. You have memorized the names of all the planets based on the characters from the show.
4609. You can name every characters name in English and Japanese, and give lectures on manga vs. anime, and Japanese anime vs. the American version.
4610. Your mother attempts to video tape you giving one of these lectures hoping that somehow it'll get her an A in her surrealism class (true story...don't ask)
4611. When you drink too many milkshakes your eyes start twirling like Umino's (Melvin's) and you grab the nearest red haired girl and make her rub your stomach.
4612. Your obsession with Sailor Moon has flourished and people who never knew what anime even was can now also give the lectures on all sorts of aspects of Sailor Moon, and they refuse to believe that the Starlights and Kakyuu die at the end of Sailor Stars
4613. You often scare people away with your extensive knowledge because when you talk about Sailor Moon your eyes bug out and you become very hyper.
4614. You hum "Moonlight Densetsu" whenever you're bored or just thinking about your boyfriend.
4615. Your mom knows who Professor Tomoe is.
4616. You refuse to believe that Chibi Chibi isn't real.
4617. You desperately want a boyfriend who's Japanese because of Tuxedo Mask or any other Sailor Moon character...especially the villains...*drools over Prince Diamond*
4618. Your boyfriend is slowly but surely becoming a moonie. Sure, it took five months to get him there, but now he makes you layouts for your Sailor Moon website...and soon...he'll be watching the R movie with you late at night laughing at the evil pollen.
4619. You go around school telling everyone willing to listen that there is a live-action Sailor Moon show coming out in Japan on October 4th.
4620. You've finally gotten your boyfriend to accept the fact that you read Sailor Moon manga while downloading Sailor Moon episodes and watching a dubbed tape of Sailor Moon all at the same time.
4621. While you are watering the garden, you start yelling Neptune Deep Submerge! Or Shine Aqua Illusion!
4622. You and all your best friends had Sailormoon nicknames in high school, and after 6 years it's still the first name you think of when you talk to them.
4623. You cosplay as one of the sailor scouts at school.

From http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/EternalSerenity/htmls/ykywtmsmw.html (Eternal Kiss)

(* means the ones the author fits into)

4624. You immediately print out this page and decide to use it as a check list.
4625. You have several Japanese Sailor Moon songs completely memorized.
4626. Due to watching subtitled episodes of SM, small Japanese words have become a prominent part of your vocabulary Ex: hai, onegai, ja'ne, gomen, ne, baka, ohayo gozaimas, arigato gozaimas)
4627. You blow your entire allowance on Sailor Moon Episodes, movies, and other miscellaneous knick knacks.
4628. Whenever one of the Senshi transforms or attacks on the show, you actually do the motions with them! *
4629. You force your non-Sailor Moon loving friends to watch an episode or two every time they come over, hoping they will one too fall into a state of obsession. *
4630. You take up volleyball as your favorite sport (after you find out it is Minako's favorite, of course). *
4631. You go to every store that carries anime goods in desperate search for Sailor Moon stuff. *
4632. You force your boyfriend to call you Usa-ko, and you call him Mamo-chan.
4633. You scream Senshi attacks at a younger sibling after they steal your CD for the 548th time...
4634. You adopt every black stray cat you see, but are still waiting for that transformation brooch.
4635. You sing Sailor moon songs, but change the words a little bit so that instead of "She's the one named Sailor Moon," you sing "She's the one named Sailor (insert your name here)!" *
4636. You're a Rini lover, so when you hear someone say "Teeny Weeny" you scold them for saying Rini's teeny.
4637. You can imitate all of the Scouts transformations and attacks perfectly, including the Outer Scouts and the undubbed attacks. *
4638. You can recite an entire episode of Sailor Moon.
4639. Your school has a no tolerance policy on bringing roses to school because you tried to use one as a weapon.
4640. You watch Pokemon only because James has a striking resemblance to Tuxedo Mask. *
4641. You've nicknamed your computer Ami or Taiki. *
4642. You've wondered what happens to the scouts when they want to un-transform; do they have 200 fukus lined up in their closet or something? *
4643. You refuse to date anyone that doesn't have blue hair.
4644. You stay out late at night waiting for the planets to come out and proceed to talk to them.
4645. You hate Ferraris with a passion.
4646. Everytime you start your computer, you whisper "Kitty loves her catnip," just in case.
4647. When you see a cute guy/girl huge hearts pop out of you eyes.
4648. You go to sleep early so you can see Pegasus.
4649. You are known by at least one of your friends as 'meatball head.'
4650. Ever since you've seen "An Unnatural Phenomenon" you've stayed away from squirrels.
4651. You get up hours before school to attempt Serena's 'buns,' but still aren't successful. *
4652. You pretend you are actually going out with one of the Sailor Moon characters and cry whenever something bad happens to them.
4653. Your mom won't make spaghetti anymore because you always put the meatballs in your hair.
4654. You think it's cool that the 9 planets were named after the Sailor Scouts. *
4655. You can recite the names of all the episodes in the order that they are shown.
4656. Whenever there is a lightning storm, you can be found running around your neighborhood looking for Sailor Jupiter.
4657. All your friends have a chosen character, and you call each other by their scout names (ex- I would be Rei and my other friends are Serena, Lita, Mina, Amarah... (we have a club)). *
4658. You made Sailor Moon your topic for speech class.
4659. You do nothing on the computer but Sailor Moon related stuff. *
4660. You added a sailor collar to every shirt you own.
4661. You and your moonie friend fight over Darien, and finally decide that one of you gets Mamo-chan and the other one gets Darien (But you have to switch them everyday).
4662. You have Rei's anti-evil sign written on post-it notes and you stick them on people you don't like.
4663. When you're looking for a pet, you insist on getting a cat but are disappointed when none of them at the pet store have little crescent moons on their foreheads.
4664. You look up the Saffron Fan club, hoping to find Melvin listed as a member.
4665. You forget there are other shows on TV. *
4666. You have "converted" most/all of your friends into Moonies!!*
4667. Your boyfriend gets angry at you because you're constantly talking about what a hunk Darien is, and you tell him to act more like him in order to satisfy you.
4668. You sing Japanese songs like "Moon Revenge" or "Ai no Senshi" better than the actual Japanese singers.
4669. You paint a piece of wood like a transformation locket and you absolutely never leave home without it pinned on your chest.
4670. You break both legs attempting to jump from buildings to crime scenes like the scouts.
4671. You often find yourself stuck on top of tall buildings, light poles, cranes, etc. with your cape and tux.
4672. You have all five seasons and movies in AVI form on your computer.
4673. You're actually clumsy on purpose. *
4674. You rent Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail thinking that it is a Sailor Moon movie.
4675. You ask your school for a boys' uniform, even though you're a girl.
4676. Whenever you and your sister make cookies, your cookies look good, but taste bad, and your sister's cookies look bad, but taste good.
4677. If you hear about a music group made up of three men, you wonder whatever happened to the Three Lights...
4678. When you hear about a violinist coming to your town, you get tickets, but when you find out the violinist doesn't have turquoise hair, you are VERY disappointed.
4679. Whenever someone talks about Antarctica or some other cold, snowy place, you say, "That's where the sailor senshi fought Queen Beryl, right?"
4680. When the last season is finally dubbed, you won't be able to see them cuz you'll be locked up in an insane asylum, crazy from the wait.
4681. You've tried making transformation sticks out of old M&M Mini's tubes (but they keep falling apart!!).
4682. Your goal in life is to do everything on this list! *
4683. You throw cards you have drawn of the different cardians and play your little flute you painted to match Alans, but are saddened when nothing happens.
4684. You realize that you have seen the same episode 20 or 30 times since you started watching the show. *
4685. You ask your chemistry teacher why all the outer scouts but Saturn have an element named after them (Uranuium, Plutonium, Neptunium).
4686. Instead of doing school work you make up a bunch of these.
4687. You live by the words and statements made on the "sailor says" part of the show. And if you disobey them, you run and hide in fear of the Sailor scouts coming to get you.
4688. Practically your whole collection of books is made up of Sailor Moon comic books, Sailor Moon novels, Sailor Moon fanfics, and any other Sailor Moon reading material.
4689. When reading a Sailor Moon comic book, you count the number of crescent moons, stars, etc.
4690. You have a cousin that you swear you've never met before and she looks and acts just like you.
4691. Your sketchbook for your art class has virtually nothing but pictures you drew of the scouts (and man, those stinking legs are hard to draw...).*
4692. Your friends begin to comment on the size increasement of your eyes.
4693. You spend ump-teen thousand dollars to custom order one of those mini-computers that is exactly like Ami's.
4694. You end up in the emergency room from eating more than 10 donuts/odangos at a time.
4695. You vow to re-write all history books so they all include the era of the Silver Millennium.
4696. Your goal in life is to find the 3 talismans.
4697. You take all the pictures out of your family photo album and replace them with pictures of the sailor scouts (hey, they're family, right?).
4698. You beg your parents to let you move to Tokyo.
4699. You cry whenever someone dies or whenever something somewhat emotional happens, even if you've seen the episode 30 some odd times before.*
4700. You start drawing and watercoloring pictures of Sailor Moon related things and tape them as a border along your bedroom walls.*
4701. You bring a super lunch to school and eat it ALL, then go around begging your friend with a brown ponytail for more.
4702. You refuse to get married in a church that doesn't have a stained glass rabbit in a prominent place.
4703. You spend three (or more) years learning Japanese so that you can translate the Manga into English... and then they come out with the translated versions.
4704. You rub your hands together time and time again, but you cannot get a purple healing glow to come out of them.
4705. You sing Ai No Senshi for the school talent show.
4706. The school loves you and you get a monumentous applause.
4707. You win the talent show.
4708. If you have a hard time trying not to say things like "Gotta jet!" or "Let's boogie!" *
4709. You have cosmetic surgery on your legs so they'll stretch out 3 times longer than your body.
4710. You changed your sleeping habits so you can watch SM on the Toonami Midnight Run.
4711. You can draw every single scout, every form, doing every attack, in any position, anywhere with anything, including your own made up senshi and the other senshi from fan fics even if you have never seen the picture. *
4712. Whenever you go to a shop that has diamonds you ask, "Did you get those from Queen Serenity on the moon?"
4713. Instead of counting fingers to keep track of numbers, you add and subtract Sailor Scouts.
4714. While taking a math test you concentrate very hard to try to foresee the correct answers like Greg.
4715. You swear that SM is the better version of Young and the Restless. *
4716. You have perfected the Zoicite/Emerald laugh. *
4717. You can randomly quote any character from any of the episodes at request. *
4718. You've written Darien's name all over your notebooks at school.
4719. Your cat is terrified of moon shaped stickers.
4720. When Sailor Moon was taken off air temporarily, you sent many letters to the makers threatening to come after them with roses and a cane, wearing a tux. ^_~*
4721. You and your friend's try leaving school early via Sailor Teleport.
4722. You 'attack' anyone who says SM is dumb with various Sailor attacks.
4723. You'll eat nothing but pancakes for breakfast.
4724. Your mom often carries a spatula with her...
4725. You beg your mom to drive you to every music store looking for Sailor Moon soundtracks.
4726. When you found out about the new episodes being dubbed, you had to be taken to the hospital as a result of a minor heart attack.
4727. You spend an entire gym period trying to jump as high as Sailor Venus.
4728. You buy a VCR for the specific purpose of taping Sailor Moon while you're at school.*
4729. You get mobbed by your classmates for putting on a pro-school uniform campaign.
4730. When you think someone might like SM more than you, you go out of your way to immerse your mind in the show for the next week or so. *
4731. You've been arrested for shooting flaming arrows on public property.
4732. You insist on having friends whose names are only Minako, Makoto, Rei, or Ami.
4733. You know all the lyrics to Ai No Senshi and other Japanese SM songs and sing them around Japanese people at theme parks to see if they notice.*
4734. You buy Manga Comic books but never open them for fear of wrecking them, considering just how klutzy you are.
4735. When you see a fire you scream "DEEP SUBMERGE!" in attempt to put it out.
4736. You constantly have a Sailor Moon song stuck in your head. *
4737. You fail your English class because you refuse to do book reports on material other then Sailor Moon novels.
4738. You have scout meetings once a week concerning all the "weird stuff" thats been happening.
4739. You've drawn Sailor Moon characters so much you've forgotten how to draw stick people.*
4740. You order your boyfriend to have his name legally changed to Darien.
4741. Your mom is very frustrated with the fact you'll call her nothing but "moon mama."
4742. You look forward to your future child coming to visit you.
4743. You try to transform, but always end up naked. ^_^;
4744. You are told to do a report on a planet, but you come to class with a report on a scout.
4745. You have mysterious scout powers... (like the ability to make car alarms stop with one word, and have premonitions of when things will happen)
4746. You buy a pair of elbow length gloves so you can do scout poses in the mirror.*
4747. You add suffixes onto the ends of your friends names (-chan, -sama, -kun, -san, etc)*
4748. Someone asks you, "What would you have if I took Sailor Moon away from you?" and you reply, "Nothing." *
4749. When you enter a room, you say, "In the dawn of a new age, I am (your name) appearing Gracefully!"
4750. When you cheer at sporting events, you yell like Serena (you know, that Tarzan-like scream?)*
4751. While watching a science fiction movie, you yell out what the Sailor Scouts would've done in the same situation.
4752. You use the paint program on your computer to edit pictures of the Sailor scouts and make them look like you.*
4753. Your hair is FINALLY long enough for an odango after growing it out for 10 years.
4754. You see someone with pink hair... and don't think anything of it.*
4755. You fear going near even the most ordinary of objects because you think a daimon pod may jump out and take your pure heart.
4756. When your mom turns on her old disco music, you blast the Sailormoon best song collection and yell "THIS MEANS WAR!"
4757. You actually went out in public one day wearing odangos and when one fell out you threw a hissy fit because of your failure.*
4758. Every time you are on an airplane, you clutch your chest in fear of losing your star seed.
4759. You almost overdosed on Claritin, deeply depressed because of your severe cat allergies.
4760. Its a huge trend at your school to dye the tips of your hair outrageous colors, but you go all the way in aquamarine.
4761. You're a pitcher and you wrote "SK= starfighter" on your softball glove and you say "fighter star power make up" before every pitch.
4762. Your little cousin/sister has tried on more than one occasion to steal your boyfriend.
4763. You swear that when you get your drivers license next year, your license plate will say "H TENOH".
4764. If you like Sailor Neptune, then you swear that Martha Stewart is an evil clone of Michiru. (Since they are both supposedly perfect).
4765. If you hate Sailor Neptune, then you swear that Michiru is an evil clone of Martha Stewart. (Since they are both supposedly perfect).
4766. You know Mars' fire chant by heart, in English and Japanese! (English: sun, moon, earth, sky, fire, air, water, rock, stars! Japanese: rin, byo, sho, kai, ja, rin, retsu, sai, zen!) *
4767. You are crowned as the prom queen, but everyone gets frustrated when you throw your tiara at people, yelling "Moon Tiara Action!"
4768. Instead of taking a vow of silence, you take a vow of "chibis."
4769. You can do all of the sailor senshi's hair dos in your hair. (even Chibichibi's)
4770. The only reason you get a Nintendo (not N64) is to play the Sailor Moon games for it.*
4771. You go to the comic store so much to get Sailor Moon stuff they have a nickname for you.(Example: Sailor Moon freak, Sailor Freak etc.)
4772. You have made the comic store rich cause you've bought so much Sailor Moon stuff.
4773. You have managed to convince 6 people that your name is Setsuna and that you can control time.
4774. You now hang SM wall scrolls and such from your ceiling because you have no more room on your walls.
4775. Your Japanese friend is scared of you because you always call her Ami and try to dye her hair blue.
4776. You kept a potato chip shaped like a crescent moon in a special baggie, swearing that Sailor Moon put it in there especially for you.
4777. You have more SM stuff in your room than the store does... *
4778. You won't go out in public without at least one article of SM clothing on.
4779. You and your best friend are positive that you are the Sailor Senshi of the Future, and your go out and buy all the earrings and little accessories and such, and then go out searching for your fellow senshi.
4780. Your 3 fav songs are Japanese*
4781. You TOTALLY freaked out when they took SM off the air and immediately went up to your room to watch the episodes you taped.*
4782. Your parents think you have gone crazy because they took SM off the air. *
4783. You follow Serena's law of addition: Math HW + precipitation = vacation! ^.^
4784. You ask if you could get three earrings like super sailor Mercury, but are extremely disappointed when your mom says no.
4785. You and your little sister shout "MOON COSMIC DREAM ACTION!" whenever someone annoys you.
4786. Your computer crashes because of all your sailor moon stuff.
4787. You have died on more than one occasion...
4788. On Halloween your little brother throws a fit because you got to dress up as a sailor scout and he didn't.
4789. Your 6 year old sister will sing "Ai no senshi" on demand.
4790. Whenever you see a picture of a guy with wings you wonder just who Rini will marry.
4791. Whenever you see someone wearing Butterfly wings you call them a "Three O'clock Fairy".
4792. You constantly carry a bubble blower with you, and when you use it you yell out "Shabon SPRAY!!!"
4793. You have at least 6 Sailor Moon dolls and you play with them everyday.
4794. When your crush calls you a klutz, you think it's a good thing.
4795. You steal your sister's pendants and lockets, thinking that something will happen to your mom in the future and you'll be able to save her.
4796. You might as well open your own animal shelter judging by the amount of stray cats you've taken back home...

From http://www.angelfire.com/anime/smsilverpalace/YKYWTMSMW.html
(Serena's Rabbit Hole)

4797. You’d die for Sailor Moon decorated socks.
4798. You get excited when you find out there's a girl named Serena in your class.
4799. You stick a lollypop up in the air and yell "Lollypop Power!!"
4800. You plan to start a religion to worship Naoko Takeuchi and/or Sailor Moon.
4801. You bake Sailor Moon cookies and play with them.
4802. You change "The Real Slim Shady" to "The Real Sailor Moon."
4803. Someone is absent from school, you say the Negaverse took them for brainwashing.
4804. You’re scared Queen Beryl is alive and coming to get you in your sleep.
4805. Your school is having a talent show, and you sing "I Wanna Be A Star" wearing a frilly red dress.
4806. You swear you saw Princess Snow Kaguya everytime you look at the moon.
4807. Someone has a stroke and you claim their pure heart was stolen.
4808. You dreamed that you were a Scout and defeated Mistress 9.
4809. You decorate a trophy cup with hearts and wings and use it as the Holy Grail (Purity Chalice).
4810. You make Sailor Moon figures out of clay in art class.
4811. You go to the movies with an inflated Sailor Scout.
4812. You get mad at Elios for not coming after you say Rini's Twinkle Yell.
4813. You buy plastic Sailor Moon weapons and use them on strangers.
4814. You save gum and candy wrappers with Sailor Moon on it.
4815. You practice wailing just in case you're the next voice actress for Serena.
4816. You have a Sailor Moon shrine in the back of your closet.
4817. You make your own Sailor Moon action movie.
4818. You insist on having Sailor Moon wallpaper in every room.
4819. You can't find any Sailor Moon wallpaper, you make your own.
4820. You buy hair extensions so you can put your hair up in meatballs.
4821. You wear a black cape and hide a rose bush in it.
4822. You keep a stack of manga next to the toilet.
4823. You have a Sailor Moon jello mold.
4824. You paint little Sailor heads on your nails.
4825. You frame a picture of Sailor Moon cut out from a magazine.
4826. You sew together your own Sailor Moon dolls.
4827. You make Sailor Moon shadow puppets and do voices.
4828. You always keep your Moon Wand in your bag when you go out. (You know, just in case...)
4829. You trim your hedges to look like Sailor Moon.
4830. You have matching Sailor Moon pajamas that go with your pillow, blanket, sheets, and curtains.
4831. You make a scrapbook of all your Sailor Moon memories.

From http://riyana.tripod.com/index2.htm (s i l v e r - m i k a z u k i)

4832. You never wear a single pigtail anymore, there have to be two of them, and on the sides of your head. (Mercurami)
4833. Every dark-haired boy in your class looks suspiciously like the local masked man. (Mercurami)
4834. Your boyfriends can no longer walk you anywhere, they have to bound along like a 'rabbit of the earth.' (Mercurami)
4835. You avoid all children whose hair color is even close to pink. (Mercurami)
4836. The Halloween costume of your choice, for three years running, has been your favorite Sailor Scout. (Mercurami)
4837. If anyone ticks you off, you yell "Mars Flame Sniper!" etc., etc. (Mercurami)
4838. You search the net for hours for the full version of "Oh Starry Night." (Mercurami)
4839. You’re sent home for dying your hair blue—and suspended for a day because you fought with the principal about how "blue is too a natural hair color!" (Mercurami)
4840. You don't even watch the show regularly and you can come up with an entire list! (Mercurami)
4841. You insist that your mother listen to all your favorite Sailor Moon songs. (Mercurami)
4842. You expect to see a space botany class at your school. (SuperSailorChibiMoon)
4843. You want to buy a cd burner just so you can burn all of your sailor moon mp3s into cds. (SuperSailorChibiMoon)
4844. You don't swear in English anymore, you use terms like "Shimata" since you have seen the SuperS movie too many times. (SuperSailorChibiMoon)
4845. You live in America and have seen all of the original Japanese episodes, or even own them!! SuperSailorChibiMoon)
4846. You run around with a chandelier on your head, demanding star seeds. (Beth)
4847. People at school call you sailor moon, and you respond by saying "i will punish you on behalf of the moon!" (Sailor Shooting Star)
4848. You answer a question from your teacher in Japanese. (Sailor Shooting Star)
4849. At lunch time you build a sailor moon model made out of French fries. (Sailor Shooting Star)
4850. Your mom says you can repaint your room, and you paint all the sailor scouts on your walls. (Sailor Shooting Star)
4851. You make up little attacks (i.e. disk activation! plaster power! telephone illumination!) (Chib1)
4852. You make a transformation pen for your favorite scout and when someone try's to fight you yell out Insert Planet Power Make Up. (Serenity_Darkness)
4853. You can act out every scene of your favorite episode or movie. (Serenity_Darkness)
4854. Your computer says phrases from sailor moon in English and Japanese. (Serenity_Darkness)
4855. You start your computer and you have to enter Luna's password: "A kitty who chases her tail gets no where." (Serenity_Darkness)
4856. You make an error on your computer and it says "In the name of the Moon I Will Punish You!" (Serenity_Darkness)
4857. You try to convince your female friends to dress like the senshi to start a fad - you keep on suggesting, no matter how many slaps you've received. (GrrrlTaurus)
4858. You get cooking lessons to be just like Sailor Juipiter.
4859. You buy glow in the dark pink fingernails so you can throw your hand in the air and yell, "Moon Prism Power, Make-up!" (Umei-san)
4860. Your "Sailor Moon Scepter" that you've been pleading for arrives in the mail, and you go around eliminating people. (CrystalCelestial)
4861. You light a candle along with saying "Mars Fire Soul!" (CrystalCelestial)
4862. You think every black-haired, 18 year-old is cute. (CrystalCelestial)
4863. You can relate every one of your friends with a Sailor Moon character. (CrystalCelestial)
4864. You speculate on the psychological reasons behind the bad guy's attacks. (Dilly)
4865. You think fukus are a fashion statement. (Dilly)
4866. You often wonder why the senshi are always teased about being short, but have legs like flag poles. (Dilly)
4867. You get suspended from school for hitting someone in the gut with a frisbee, claiming they were demons from the Negaverse. (Dusty)
4868. You can't play basketball anymore because you've turned your ball into a makeshift Luna Ball and have conversations with it on a daily basis. (Dusty)
4869. You round up girls in your neighborhood to be sailor senshi with you--you being Sailor Moon of course. (Usagi-sama)
4870. While talking, you move your arms in big motions and show anime expressions on your face--even the happy eyes. (Usagi-sama)
4871. You learn the song "I Am Sailormoon" and sing it all day long. (Usagi-sama)
4872. You memorize all of the dialogue in the last five (195-200) episodes of Pretty Soilder Sailormoon Sailor Stars and cry when Sailor Moon does. (Usagi-sama)
4873. Tears still come to your eyes when you watch "A Crystal Clear Destiny". (Usagi-sama)
4874. You get mad that you don't have the right complexion for blonde hair. (Usagi-sama)
4875. Whenever someone says "Sailor Moon" you turn towards them and say "yes?" (Usagi-sama)
4876. Once you hear about missing children all over the world, you try to protect your pink-haired sister. (Amara the Moonie)
4877. You hear about the UFO sitings and are convinced it's the Black Moon Clan out to get your sister and your diamond crystal you bought after 20 years of savings. (Amara the Moonie)
4878. Your friend starts trying to kiss you, you yell out AKU RYO TAI SAN! And throw a piece of paper with weird scribbles on it at your friend. (Amara the Moonie)
4879. You’ve made your own Napster Community with only SM music. (Amara the Moonie)
4880. You enter your classroom everyday saying 'I am the one named bunny moon' and everyone calls you crazy!! (Mika of the moon and stars)
4881. Your friend, while in P.E. class during archery practice, embarrasses you by yelling "MARS FLAME SNIPER!", and actually makes a bullseye! (CrystalCelestial)
4882. Your poor dog looks like a cat with a HUGE bald spot on its head because you were trying to turn it into Luna, Artemis, or Diana. (CrystalCelestial)
4883. You have over 50 Sailor Moon plushies. (Supervixen)
4884. You don't go for the cute blonde guys but only for the black hair.
4885. You suddenly become paranoid about taking a bath for fear of a little girl with pink hair and a shower cap will appear out of nowhere and begin demanding the Silver Crystal. (Lanaya)
4886. You get desperate after saving, printing or reading everything there is about Sailor Moon, and resort to web pages in different languages to see if you can uncover something new. (Lanaya)
4887. You attempt to stick a piece of macaroni and cheese to your forehead to look like Serena. (Lanaya)
4888. You are having trouble with a multi-choice math problem, and wave an invisible wand and shout "Moon Scepter Elimination!" (Mizutamari)
4889. You intentionally start dissing your crush, hoping that your relationship will turn out the same way as Usagi's and Mamaru's. (Mizutamari)
4890. You bomb the rock and mineral museum because Jedite, Nephlite, Zoesite, Malachite, Beryl, Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond are there. (sailorryoko)
4891. Draw pictures of Sailor Moon and price them to $30.00. (Anonymous)
4892. It thunders it doesn't bother you. "Oh, it's just Jupiter killing off some youma…" (Umei)

From http://sailorcrazy.lucky-stars.ca/ykywtmsmw.htm

4893. You altogether stop watching TV when The Cartoon Network cancels Sailor Moon.
4894. Your friends consider you the "sailor nerd".
4895. Your teachers consider you a "sailor nerd".
4896. Your teacher has taken away all your Sailor Moon toys because you were disturbing the peace with them.
4897. You spray your brother with soda screaming "Mercury Bubbles Blast!".
4898. You are online looking at this instead of doing your homework.
4899. You work on your site nonstop and never pass the 5th grade because you never did your homework.
4900. You make a site so well that they send you to a school to teach making sites and this is in your spare time.
4901. You own every movie and comic.
4902. You read and watch them religiously.
4903. You play hooky from school so you can hang out at the comic book store.
4904. You dump your boyfriend because he is just too different from Tuxedo Mask.
4905. You dump your boyfriend because he gave you white roses and not red roses.
4906. You dump your boyfriend because he refused to wear the cape, hat, and mask with his tuxedo to the prom.
4907. You got suspended from school for fighting a kid who said Sailor Moon was stupid.
4908. You learn the entire Japanese language so you can watch the undubbed episodes but by the time you have it all covered, they dub them.
4909. Get all your friends into Sailor Moon after they come to your house once.
4910. You mom says Sailor Moon is so unrealistic and you reply by saying "Yeah, you're right. How can Luna be from Tokyo and have a British accent?".
4911. You dump your girlfriend because she reminds you too much of Ann, your first love.
4912. You dump your girlfriend because you went to the gypsy and you weren't meant to be.
4913. You dump your girlfriend because she is a red head and not a brunette.
4914. You dump your girlfriend because she can't transform.
4915. You dump your girlfriend because she doesn't eat enough.
4916. You dump your girlfriend because she dislikes Sailor Moon.
4917. You get contacts of all the scouts color eyes so each day you can be another scout.
4918. You are considered the "wig master".
4919. You cry when Serena cries.
4920. You laugh when they laugh.
4921. You find a way to still live the scouts but keep your obsession away from others so you don't get teased.
4922. You are over the age of 15 and coming to this site or any Sailor Moon site.
4923. You get all your siblings into Sailor Moon just so they can help you complete your collection of comics.
4924. You are so into Sailor Moon that instead of collecting the latest pop songs you collect Sailor Moon MP3s.
4925. You dress up as Sailor Moon at your school dance.
4926. You're reading this, on a computer in Central Command.
4927. You talk into your watch.
4928. Your only pen has the sign of a Sailor Senshi at the top.
4929. You make a sock puppet of yourself as a Senshi, and make it follow the Senshi around when you're watching Sailor Moon.
4930. You've gotten animal rights activists after you for trying to tattoo crescent moons on cats' foreheads.
4931. You're friends know how dangerous you are with a frisbee, a bottle of bubbles, a box of matches, an antenna and a chain.
4932. You wonder how Chibi-Usa has pink hair, despite her mother having blonde and her father having black.
4933. You KNOW how Chibi-Usa has pink hair, despite her mother having blonde and her father having black. (In the manga, Usagi's mom has pink hair. So genetics gave Chibi-Usa the pink)
4934. You have written reports about Sailor Moon.
4935. You're hoping the Earth will freeze over tomorrow, so you can wake up in Crystal Tokyo.
4936. You smell like olives (or lilacs, depending on which version you've heard).
4937. You have all the Sailor Senshi on your buddy list on AIMs.
4938. You have the other moonies in your school teasing you about your Sailor Moon obsession.
4939. Your room is a Sailor Moon shrine.
4940. You eat only Sailor Moon spheghettios, imported from Canada.
4941. You chase idols around.
4942. You're paranoid of mirrors, pool balls, bracelet cuffs, and princesses of their own theme park.
4943. Your sheets have bunnies jumping over crescent moons on them.
4944. You hang out on your school's roof.
4945. You drive a helicopter, a car and a motorcycle without a license.
4946. You can play the violin and/or the piano.
4947. You're constantly running out of color ink, because you print out so many Sailor Moon pictures to paste up in your Sailor Moon shrine (aka, your room).
4948. You have a star seed.
4949. You refer to your friends using -chan at the end of their names.
4950. You wish your Sailor Moon dolls could talk to you, so you don't feel so stupid talking to them.
4951. You pack a lunch that's too big for you to eat alone.
4952. At lunch, you snack on the lunch of a friend's, because they pack too much.
4953. You either wear rose earrings, star earrings, blue, white, or orange pearl earrings.
4954. You work at Galaxy TV.
4955. You tune in to Galaxy TV's channel on TV.
4956. You pray to the Crystal Tower every night.
4957. You allow people to think your a guy, when you not.
4958. You stand in the ocean for hours yelling Deep Submerge.
4959. You carry a giant stick around trying to convince your friends you're the keeper of time.
4960. You put on a whole scene when you get possessed by an evil demon named Mistress 9.
4961. You demand your friends call you Small Lady.
4962. You tape charms to people's backs and tell them their paralyzed.
4963. You buy a jack hammer and tear up the ground yelling "Uranus earth shaking!"
4964. You convince your little sister she's your daughter and that she should have pink hair.
4965. You force yourself to be a good cook and beat anyone up who doesn't agree.
4966. You rush to crime scenes in your Sailor Moon Oufit and kick the crooks into the sky.
4967. You always try to draw the scouts, but never completely succeed.
4968. You call Japan asking for Naoko Takeuchi's Phone Number and end up making the phone bill too high for your family to pay.
4969. You have at least 1 Sailor Moon lunchbox that you take to school everyday but you may even have three.
4970. Your friends don't like you because your way too obsessed with it.
4971. Your sleeping schedule is wrecked because you watched Sailor Moon all night.
4972. You chant evil spells to get revenge on people who dislike Sailor Moon.
4973. You pause the episode and copy what Rei's scroll has printed on it.
4974. You yell at stores that don't have Sailor Moon Trading cards or Comics.
4975. You own all of the Sailor Moon Trading Cards.
4976. You e-mail Cartoon Network with complaint letters to put Sailor Moon back on or else you will not watch it anymore.
4977. Your desktop and Screensaver are Sailor Moon and you yell at parents/siblings for changing it.
4978. You visit Japan for the whole summer vacation.
4979. You hold up every pen you have to see if it's the Disguise Pen.
4980. You paint brooches to look like Sailor Moon's.
4981. You read Sailor Moon fanfics.
4982. You can't live 40 seconds without it.
4983. Your house is dedicated to Sailor Moon.
4984. You only accept Red Roses and object any other flower or color.
4985. You want to marry Tuxedo Mask.
4986. You do marry Tuxedo Mask.
4987. Sailor Moon is in every part of your schedule.
4988. You tell your friends all the new websites you find online and they don't care.
4989. There is a fire and you go in it saying "Mars Fire Ignite!" or "Mercury Bubbles freeze!" but nothing happens so you go to the hospital.
4990. Your computer says, "TOO MUCH SAILOR MOON IN DRIVE SELF-DESRUCT!!!!!!!" Then you weep day by day of all the information and websites you lost.
4991. You hate cooking but do it anyway so you are like Lita.
4992. You cook only what Lita cooks.
4993. You buy Sailor Moon games that are in Japanese and you understand it.
4994. You take a mirror and shout, "Submarine Reflection!"
4995. You take a sword (don't try at home) and shout "Space Sword Blaster!"

From http://eternalserajupiter.tripod.com/index.html (Sailor Jupiter's Moon Kingdom)

^_^ These were submitted by the author (Lita)!! ^.^

4996. You call up DiC and threaten to burn down their building |:}
4997. You answer your phone like Sailor Iron Mouse
4998. You confuse Japanese with Spanish
4999. You think Pikachu is a copy off of Sailor Iron Mouse (they both say "chu")
5000. You refuse to go to the circus, because you know its the Dead Circus and they're gonna take out your dream mirror!!

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