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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 11 (5001 - 5500)

5001. You wait by a pier, and drag your boyfriend out there too and kiss, expecting your daughter from the future to fall from the sky
5002. You think Eternal Sailor Moon's attacks make sense
5003. You don't understand why people think Haruka and Michiru's relationship is disturbing
5004. When you're late for class, you say "I was fighting a youma from the Dark Kingdom!"
5005. You want to destroy a toy company, because the Sailor Moon brooch you bought won't turn you into Sailor Moon.
The following were submitted by Kaiko ^-^
5006. U laugh whenever u hear someone say "Sailor Mini Moon" thinking they're saying "Sailor Mini Me"
5007. U shout out "Saturn Silence Glavie Surprise!" when u want to hurt someone u hate at school n get stuck in the principal’s office for 30 minutes proving that u're insane n obsessioned /w BSSM
5008. You try to teach all the English sm watchers the true story and what they cut out but the police come after you and you shout in your sm watch "I'm in trouble you guys! Henshin yo!"
5009. You call clover way up and threaten them to dub the sailor stars season or else
5010. You scream whenever you hear someone sing English sm theme song
The following were submitted by Kyle ^^ Whee!
5011. When my friend explains every aspect of sailor moon… and you listen and write down every word
5012. You pull out a knife out on people when you hear "sailor moon gay"
5013. You actually try to burn down DIC instead you get caught and sent downtown to the "sailor moon store" which turns out to be jail
5014. You call school "the dark kingdom" and anyone you don't like is apart of "the dark kingdom"
5015. You try to teach your cat to backflip
5016. It really leans to backflip
5017. When it backflips you get a magic brooch
5018. You actually turn into the sailor you made up from before
5019. You stare at people when they have a flower pin on thinking they'll go into a deep sleep sooner or later

From http://www.digital-wing.com/neonobility/ (Neo Nobility)

5020. You see an old lady in trouble so you run over and do a "Sailor V Kick!"
5021. On Valentine's Day you gave everyone roses....with a twist (after throwing razor sharp roses at them you say a dorky message)
5022. You write about Sailormoon when your teacher said to write about one of your heroes.
5023. Your mom just bought a nifty diamond....you take it and wave it around proclaiming you found Neo Queen Serenity's Ginzuishou.
5024. You recruit yourself and dominate an unknown planet as yours.
5025. Your black cat just had kittens...the father was white...you wonder why none of the kittens are grey.
5026. When there is only one minute left on the clock for the SATS you yell "Time Stop!"
5027. When it's JUST not just labelled the Moon anymore...rather an ancient civilization long lost.
5028. You declare the year 2000 as Neo Queen Serenity's reign.
5029. bunny - You notice your friend's glasses don't have swirls on them, so you draw them on with a 'sharpie' marker.
5030. caterfree - You try to figure out how to play EVERY melody you hear on BSSM on your favorite instrument.
5031. chibi-usa2 - when your boyfriend proposes to you, you reject the ring because obviously he didn't know you well enough because he didn't propose to you in a airport and he didn't give you a heart shaped ring
5032. chibikaoru16 - You usually think your in the 30th century than in the 20th! Then you wonder when will your mother bring you to the past...
5033. galaxia - You think it is your destiny to capture all the butterflys and put them to rest in a graveyard like Heavy Metal Papillion.
5034. galaxia - You tell your friend's little sister not to go in her sandbox because the sand might turn into water and she will forget who she is.
5035. goddess cosmos - You buy the plastic Sailormoon cutie rod wand, and you yell "Moon Healing Escalation!" hoping that your older sister will start being nice to you.
5036. haruka minamino - You try looking in every cranny of your house, hoping an ornate white door/gate (The Time Gate) will pop up.
5037. haruka minamino - You corner your best, most feminine gal pal on a wall and get caught looking like you're trying to kiss her Haruka-style.
5038. haruka minamino - You get into motorsports and try to race like the wind. you wonder when your hair will ever grow as long as Mistress 9's.
5039. haruka minamino - You try to cook up potions and build a secret lab.
5040. kakyaa - You run around with a plastic star yell yelling "Star Serious Laser!"
5041. lil dreamer - You wonder why an over protective Father would name his daughter Bunny.
5042. sailor aurian -You see a lady on a street with red hair and a sheer purple dress and attack her. (Queen Beryl)
5043. sailor selene - You start to think of Michiru and Haruka as your Mama and Papa.
5044. tuxedomask - You get 99 on a test and your parents are disappointed (hmmm... I wonder who that could be...) hint: Melvin.
5045. venus - When you start hanging around Shinto temples too much and annoy the priestess.

From http://members.tripod.com/~Sailor_Fu/list2.html

5046. You wonder who would win in a fight between Sailor Mercury and Mr. Freeze.
5047. You travel to California so you can picket DIC for Sailor Moon Super.
5048. You say "FINE!" just like Ann when she's pissed off.
5049. You bug DIC to release a director's cut of the Sailor Moon series.
5050. You automatically develop a crush on anyone named Greg.
5051. You console yourself after a bad day by reading the manga-style episodes on the Castle In The Sky webpage.
5052. You want to change your name to Amy Anderson, but it wouldn't be a big change because your name IS Amy Anderson.
5053. The beginning of the song "Your New Cuckoo" by the Cardigans sounds like Sailor Moon's original Japanese henshin music.
5054. The next step in being like Lita? Becoming an emancipated adult!
5055. You decide to do drawings in the style of Loni LaNye, with the first being the cut scene in "Worth a Princess's Ransom", where Serena and Darien jump off the balcony with an umbrella.
5056. You've spent a LARGE amount of cash on hair extensions and a hot red dress so you'll look like Sailor Mars for Prom/Homecoming.
5057. You look for the Juuban-Azabu AMI building when you're in Tokyo.
5058. Your new nickname is "Boom Boom Moon".
5059. Even if you don't have them in your room, those 18-inch dolls STILL creep you out.
5060. You have a whole bunch of Sailor Moon baby tees and the collection just keeps growing.....
5061. You were VERY disappointed in 'Toons choices for a Live-Action Sailor Moon because they only chose ONE person that would make the movie work--Rachael Leigh Cook as Sailor Mercury!
5062. The last 3 graphic novels you bought were Sailor Moon ones.
5063. You've attended Phoenix Mercury games with the symbol of Mercury painted on your forehead.
5064. You bought a copy of "Urban Legend" on DVD so you could skip to the part with Vince "Tuxedo Mask" Corazza.
5065. Your favorite song is "Venus" by Frankie Avalon.

From http://heitmat.tripod.com/thekewlsailormoonporch/index.html

-By Katie (the author)

5066. When you get upset or worried about something, you sit down and have a cup of hot cocoa.
5067. You're afraid of eggs, because you think they might steal your pure heart!
5068. You go through all your Sailor Moon pics playing "Survivor", to decide which one you like best.
5069. Your dad picks up the phone when it rings, saying a moment later in an annoyed voice, Sailor Mercury's on the phone. You say, "Great, I haven't talk to Anna for ages!"
5070. You hate science class because you always end up screaming at the teacher that people DID live on the moon.
5071. Your English teacher is always confused when she reads your papers, saying things like, "Who are the Sailor Scouts?"
5072. You go to anti- Sailor Moon sites just to send them hate mail.
5073. When people ask if the Starlights are boys or girls, you clear your throat and talk about something else.
5074. When your parents tell you to get off the internet, you beg to stay on for ten more minutes, to download a movie clip.
5075. Despite the fact you can't find history info for your report, you CAN find plenty of Sailor Moon sites.
5076. Your sister starts to sing the Sailor Moon songs, even though she hates Sailor Moon.

From http://www.geocities.com/jack_z_2000/YKYWTMSMW2.html

The ones with the # sign are the ones that the author has done. The ones with the* sign are the ones that Sunny came up with. Sunny's too proud to mention what she did...

5077. You were seen last summer throwing crescent shaped cookies at people while yelling out 'Venus Crescent Cookies Smashi!' *
5078. You give your red-headed little sister an umbrella and tell her to go back to the planet that she came from.
5079. You won't go to any concert unless the band is the "The Three Lights"
5080. You wake up in the middle of the night just to work on your Sailor Moon website. #
5081. You dye your Sister's hair pink many times, but your mom washes it out and scolds you...
5082. You keep on getting scolded for dyeing your sister's hair pink, and your mom always washes it out, so you dyed it permanent this time.
5083. You try putting a crescent moon tattoo on you cat's head, but just get scratched...-_-;; * (Sunny's tried this with her cat, whom she name Luna... though it's gray...-_-...
5084. You can eat as much as Usagi...(Cherry-chan can... she's hungry every ten minutes or so...-_-
5085. Your teacher is very close to killing you because you read nothing but Sailor Moon mangas. # (I did that during the end of the school year in seventh grade...)
5086. You have wasted 282,494,810,383 pencils trying to draw Sailormoon pictures perfectly.
5087. You have a boyfriend who can't stand your constant crying.
5088. You wake up five hours early in attempt to make Usagi's odangos.
5089. You have Sailor Moon mangas, and are trying to get the Stars. # (I have the (regular Sailor Moon) second , fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, the (Sailor Moon Super S) second, and am trying to get enough money to but the Stars, and the rest of the Super S.)
5090. You tend to get week in the knees when you see some guy that's good looking.

From http://dark-phoenix.net/darkrealm/index1.html

5091. You get good grades and you tell everyone that you have been studying with Ami.
5092. When you use the mouse you scream; "Mouse Clicking Power!"
5093. You are convinced that the cutest guy in your neighborhood is Tuxedo Kamen.
5094. You send that guy a dozen roses that way you know for sure he's prepared to save you and your friends.
5095. You buy the school lunch, sit down with your friends, then you stand on the seat pointing to the tray you say; "On behalf of the Moon you should be punished!"
5096. During an earthquake you grab a yellow ball and throw it down as you are screaming, "World Shaking!"
5097. You tell your friends not to make you mad or you'll let your dragon loose.
5098. You think eating sandwiches will make you smart.
5099. People fall asleep in class and you think the Negaverse did this.
5100. You memorized everyone's transformation just in case you are told to transform.
5101. You go to the local arcade, and when it asks for your name you type in Luna.
5102. You spend all of your money on Sailor Moon things.
5103. You have bought every type of Sailor Moon merchandise known to man, or moonies.
5104. When your teacher bends down you pull back a rubber band and shout it you know where while screaming "Mars Flame Sniper!" I know a guy who did this. ^.^
5105. You try to turn your room into a temple, put a fire in the middle of it, try to talk to the fire, and you are sad when it does not answer.
5106. You do the above and fire does answer. o.O;;
5107. Watching Sailor Moon has made your grade in Science go up. It helps me remember the phases of the moon. >.<
5108. You go to a Psychiatrist to talk to him about your Sailor Moon problem and you end up getting him hooked.
5109. You wonder if really nice people have pure hearts and you think the death busters might go after the person.
5110. Every time you play chess you pretend you're playing Ami.
5111. All you do in class is try to draw Sailor Moon characters.
5112. Your vision of a perfect Saturday is going on the internet and looking for Sailor Moon things.
5113. You play the violin at school "just because."
5114. If someone insults your favorite character you say "In the name of the planet ______ I shall punish you!"
5115. You take a picture of your favorite character to your hairstylist and say to them, "I want to look like this."
5116. You try to get an e-mail like, sailor_neptune@email.com or whatever and find out that someone already has that and you send them hate mail.
5117. Your reading level is now higher because you read so many Sailor Moon fanfics. ^.^;; It's true...
5118. You start to think that people with blue hair are smarter then most people.
5119. You now love volleyball, and try to hit it the way Minako does with a flip. ^.^ Still working on it...
5120. You believe cookies will make you stronger.
5121. You call your little sister Chibiusa (or any of her names) and you call your little brother Shingo. (Kaichuu does this with her brother and sister.)
5122. During Science class all you want to do is study about the planets.
5123. Someone tells you that you look like Usagi, and you get happy, but they meant their friend, Usagi.
5124. You write a novel length Sailor Moon fan fiction.
5125. You make up a giant Sailor Moon site that has everything, and you put your life into it.
5126. Blue haired girls are now your best friends as far as homework goes.
5127. Instead of "Got milk?" you say "Got moon power?"
5128. Your new favorite animal is the rabbit.
5129. You name your pets after the Sailor Moon characters. Your rabbit's name is Usagi, your goldfish is named Michiru, and your Labrador is named Setsuna.
5130. People don't think it's strange that you've worn your hair in meatballs for the tenth time that month.
5131. Your parents get hooked on Sailor Moon.
5132. You have the exact same room as your favorite senshi.
5133. You can do all of the poses perfectly.
5134. Your parrot sings the song of choice while you do the poses for them.
5135. You love water with a very strong passion.
5136. Whenever you go swimming you see yourself as Michiru or Ami.
5137. You go around calling yourself the Queen Otaku or the leader of the moonies. Yes, I've seen on girl online do that. -.-;;
5138. Your bird actually thinks he needs to fight evil by the moonlight and win love by daylight.
5139. Bandai has had to buy stock from you.
5140. You practically own Naoko because of all of the money you've invested in Sailor Moon.
5141. Your parents ban you from Sailor Moon.
5142. You sing the different Sailor Moon songs in order to keep yourself sane.
5143. You finally snap and continue to sit in front of your mirror saying "Never ban the minds of the young otaku from Sailor Moon."
5144. Your cat only responds to the name Luna by now.
5145. You wonder why when you call out one of the henshin phrases you don't get a perfect manicure.
5146. You think about dilating your eyes.
5147. You've programmed your computer to find any evil presence in your city (It's possible with Shakaku's computer. -.^)
5148. You have your own custom transformation music, and play it while you change.
5149. You've actually read all of the above.
5150. You've actually done all of the above. (What kind of insane person are you??!!)

From http://www.virtualinsanity.net/greatsailormoonsite/ (~^_^~'s Sailor Moon Site)

5151. You drive your friends crazy trying to memorize the whole script of all the episodes of sailor moon.(From Rena )
5152. You stand in front of a mirror and say "Moon Prism Power" all night long until your parents freak and send you to a nuthouse (From Bryan d.)
5153. You put a black crescent moon on your forehead and pretend that you're a person from Nemesis! (From Neo Prince Diamond)
5154. You start "praying" like Rei to get the guys off your back (From Nyaromon)
5155. You wear a golden tiara with a ruby imbedded in it (From Nyaromon)
5156. You make diagrams on how to make meatballs, spades, and hearts out of your hair (From Chibi Chibi)
5157. You try to make your own sailor suit and try to pass it off as just a Halloween costume but you "try it on" every once in a while to see if it still fits (From Chibi Chibi)
5158. You catch yourself saying 'chibi chibi' over and over again as you splash merrily along in puddles holding your umbrella (From Chibi Chibi)
5159. You start to find Melvin attractive ( From ANCNTleaderZapdos )
5160. You start to spell out all the scouts names in you abc soup (From ANCNTYuffie )
5161. You make your own moon scepter (From Nancy)
5162. You make your own moon crystal (From Nancy)
5163. You act like Tuxedo Mask and throw a rose in front of the bullies at school (From Nancy)
5164. You dream of becoming the head priestess of your grandpa's temple (From ANCNTYuffie)
5165. You buy a childs chemistry kit so you can make a daimon pod to torture your little brother (since its obvious he DOESN'T have a pure heart)(From Peaches)
5166. You duck behind a tree and yell Moon Crystal Power! And jump back out and start making a speech to some one that walks by about how you're going to punish them.(From Kathy)
5167. You print out this list and carry it around as a checklist (From SailorKara200)
5168. You make a site on anime and it turns out you used all of your space on sailor moon (From Sailor Capricorn)
5169. You make up your own scouts and scripts and try to send them to Toonami (From Sailor Capricorn)
5170. You start to write songs to go with your scripts (From Sailor Capricorn)
5171. You get a trash can, fill it with paper, light it on fire, and then try to find out what the answer to tomorrow’s quiz.(From Sailor Snow Fall)
5172. During an earth quake, you yell, "Will You Stop That, Uranus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"(From Sailor Snow Fall)
5173. NASA is now screening they're calls because 'someone' keeps calling and begging them to search for the ruins of the Moon Kingdom (From Firefly)
5174. You paint a cat face on a volley ball, tape an antenna to it, press the nose and shout "Sailors! I need you! Heart-snatchers are here!" (From ibsailorscout3000)
5175. Your art teacher asks you to draw an important moment in your life and you find yourself sketching Sailor Moon's transformation. (From Sailor Spring/May)
5176. You look at all intelligent people based on Ami. (From James)
5177. You love it more than Dragon Ball Z (brownie ponts to the guys you also agree with me)(From James)
5178. You have at least 10 of these happen to you in life (I envy those of you who do. If so, e-mail me at j.r.k.1@netzero.net) (From James)
5179. You ask your florist, "Which type of roses have the best aerodynamics?" (From Destiny_Eternal_Light@sailormoon.com)
5180. YOU call your room Sailor Moon Land, your BROTHER calls it the Sailor Moon Obsession, YOUR PARENTS call it The Twilight Zone, and the friends refer to it as "...and that's where she goes to worship the Sailor Scouts." (From MissyAnne25@webtv.net)
5181. You think you actually know how a blonde blue-eyed woman and black-haired blue-eye man produced two daughters, one with hot pink hair and hot pink eyes, and one with light pink hair and red eyes. (From MissyAnne25@webtv.net)
5182. You go to a jewelry store and points a gun at the cashiers head and say "give me the imperial silver crystal" (From XxLiBrA92xX@aol.com)
5183. You don't go to hair-maker saloon for fear that Dark Kingdom could procure somehow a piece of your hair and organized a trap for you. (From Anton P.)
5184. Every time before a dinner you go round a table and paste ofudas on the back of each chair. (From Anton P.)
5185. You waste a whole day playing your flute before the showcase of a candy store trying to force cookies to dance. (From Anton P.)
5186. You find yourself throwing papers with fake Japanese words scribbled on them at people you think look evil. (From Hannah_Sophie@msn.com)
5187. Your secret nick name is one of the Sailors Scouts. (From mel_bisohu_senshi@yahoo.com)
5188. You have at least used twice a Sailor Moon term as your password. (From mel_bisohu_senshi@yahoo.com)
5189. You forget when your birthday is, but know all of the Sailor Scouts'. (From resimars417)
5190. You have spent more time watching Sailor Moon in the last week than you have spent at school/work. (From resimars417)

From http://sme.burningdevotion.org/ (Sailor Moon Experience)

5191. You hear Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" and think, "Sailor Moon does it again!" *
5192. You look for Sailor Moon stuff in stores you KNOW wouldn't have any, but you just want to be sure. *
5193. You are very disappointed after going to five different Karaoke places because not a single place had "Oh Starry Night".
5194. You get very scared to go in to play Laser-tag.
5195. You apply to become an exchange student in Japan even though it has absolutely nothing to do with your field of study.
5196. Your TV activates a Sailor Moon episode automatically whenever you enter the room.
5197. Every time you watch a Mickey Mouse cartoon, you expect his dog (Pluto) to send him to the past.
5198. Every time it rains, you start to hum "Rainy Day Man". *
5199. You think Star Trek: DS9's wormhole leads to the Negaverse.
5200. You were hoping to find Rei working at the big Mars candy co.
5201. You think each of the rings, which form the Olympic symbol, can also represent each of the Scouts!!
5202. You look in the Encyclopedia to see if Malachite is named after an ore.
5203. Anything having a "nega" prefix (like negative) could be a product from the Negaverse.
5204. You painted the Sailor Scouts onto your car as bodywork decoration.
5205. You tried opening your sister's compact to see if it plays music.
5206. You cried your eyes out when your mom told you that Sailor Moon was just a cartoon.
5207. You have gone to the paint shop and asked them if they had any Sailor Moon wallpaper.
5208. Some guy named Melvin just happens to be your new math tutor.
5209. You vote the Sailor Moon movies as your all time favorite movies.
5210. You make a Doom WAD file based on SM.
5211. You wonder when the Negaverse will try to steal energy from the Energizer Bunny.
5212. You have a set of Glow-in-the-Dark planets on the ceiling above your bed, and you call them your Guardians. *
Submitted by other fans:
5213. You dress up in a leotard and short skirt with high boots and you put your hair into buns, take your mothers spatula and run around outside, yelling "moon crystal elimination!" - muyobaby7788@yahoo.com
5214. That you've never missed an episode of Sailor Moon and you've seen them in Japanese. - Kiagirls@cs.com
5215. You take your little cousin into Wal-Mart to use as your excuse to buy Sailor Moon tapes. - MissRenee01@hotmail.com
5216. You cry in hope that the Silver Imperial Crystal will materialize out of one of your tears. - Cheerbear2636@aol.com
5217. You go to a costume store and find out if they have a giant tennis ball costume, a giant tennis racket costume and a tuxedo and a mask for your boy friend. - Katzkrazzy@aol.com
5218. You start bouncing around a tennis court and hope to see tuxedo mask save you. - Katzkrazzy@aol.com
5219. It happens. - Katzkrazzy@aol.com
5220. You cross out your name on your birth certificate (a photocopy) and write "Minako Chan" and color over your hair in all of your photos of you in green gel pen! - zelda108@aol.com
5221. You go to Church (Christian services) and when the Priest holds up the Chalice you think "Crisis Make Up!" all the time. - princessjiro@yahoo.com
5222. When you see somebody bullying someone, you walk over to them and shout, "I'm Sailor Moon." - KellyJeanStar@hotmail.com
5223. Your school locker is filled with Sailor Moon stuff, including CD's. - KellyJeanStar@hotmail.com
5224. Your convinced that your sibling is from the Negaverse. - KellyJeanStar@hotmail.com
5225. You take sewing lessons just so you can sew the Sailor Scout's school uniforms and their Sailor Uniforms. - KellyJeanStar@hotmail.com
5226. You attach a blue bandanna to your shirt and you run around shouting, "I'm Sailor Moon, the Champion of Justice!" - KellyJeanStar@hotmail.com
5227. All of your friends can name all of the Sailor Scouts and they haven't even seen the show. - KellyJeanStar@hotmail.com
5228. When you have all of the sailor moon toys, dvd's, games, and everything else sailor moon, and you are even thinking of making a play, sailor moon information game, have a sailor moon website with all the information on everything sailor moon, and spend all your time looking on ebay at things that you can't afford. - SailorRiniDan@aol.com
5229. You have Sailor Moon undies! - Tanjaonemoon@aol.com
5230. When you went on American Idol, you used the Sailor Moon Theme song. - chelca@comcast.net
5231. You go to a masked ball and notice a man wearing a cape, hat and glasses just like Tuxedo Mask and have followed him around ever since. - abduque@cox.net
5232. When you go to the arcade and you are disappointed that you don't see Darien or Andrew - abduque@cox.net
5233. You start making Sailor Moon weapons out of paper - abduque@cox.net
5234. You answer your cell phone immediately...the scouts might need you. - abduque@cox.net
5235. Since you can't find the Silver Crystal in any of the jewelry shops, you just crumple up some tissue and hold it in front of you while shouting "Moon Cosmic Power!" - abduque@cox.net
5236. You get your boyfriend hooked and the next thing you know he is doing the Sailor Moon positions while saying, "In the name of the Moon, I'm gonna punish you!" - abduque@cox.net
5237. You say, "Mercury Bubbles Blast!" and you end up farting. - abduque@cox.net
5238. You start thinking that instead of the Boogyman under your bed, you think Queen Beryl is. - abduque@cox.net
5239. Every morning you look out your window just in case Tuxedo Mask dropped by. - abduque@cox.net

From http://www.fanfiction.net/s/358947/1/ (Princess BOING Serenity)

5240. Your brother is known as Sammy, no one knows his real name is Fred
5241. Everything you see/say you can relate to Sailor Moon
5242. You love being electrocuted
5243. You bring bubbles with you EVERYWHERE
5244. You're a pyro maniac
5245. Your school project on your interest lasted the whole year and still wasn't finished, how could you stop talking about Sailor Moon?
5246. You name your child Serena and call her Rini
5247. When the plumber comes over you suspect he's from the negaverse, so you chuck ice cubes at him while saying, "Shine Aqua Illusion!"
5248. You've been to jail for setting people on fire because you could have sworn they were an enemy
5249. You ask everyone with purple highlights, blue, turquoise, pink, or greenish colored hair what their names are
5250. You run around with a red garden globe attached to a blue spray painted stick trying to travel time
5251. You attempt to drown people who you think are enemies
5252. You steal a sword from a museum and run around in public screaming "Space Sword Blaster" until you are reported
5253. You make a Silence Glaive out of tinfoil, enough said
5254. You kill and take over the identity of anyone with the same name as a Sailor Scout.
5255. You have two major dreams, One: that a talking cat will come and make you a Sailor Scout, Two: All of the moonies in the world have a festival so you can finally meet others with the same obsession as you
5256. No one knows your real name
5257. Neither do you
5258. You make your best friend talk with a strange accent
5259. You are very proud of being a moonie and never deny it
5260. You were expelled from your last 10 schools for carrying around and whipping people with a spray painted chain
5261. You hurl oak leaves at anyone with "bad vibes"
5262. You burn down your school because in archery you light your arrows on fire and you missed the target
5263. The door to your room is painted like the Gate of Time and your room is filled with smoke from a smoke machine
5264. You carry a mirror and a bottle of water in your backpack
5265. You pretend to faint and act weak, so you can be Hotaru

From http://www.expage.com/yktwtmjsmw

5266. You call each planet by its respective senshi's name.
5267. You put the English names on your wall to remember them (Ruka: Did that)
5268. You were daydreaming in Spanish and when your teacher said the word 'triste' you screamed "It's Setsuna, you evil dubbie fan!'
5269. When your Spanish teacher asks you what 'vaca' (which sounds like baka, b and v sound similar in Spanish.) means, you mindlessly answer 'idiot' and proceed to receive strange looks from the rest of the room.
5270. You try to telepathically communicate with a senshi. (Comet: Did that)
5271. And it worked. (Comet: It did! I contacted Michiru! Ruka: Mental problems...)
5272. You get into a fight with your mum cause you've been copying Haruka. She screams "I won't have you copying a stupid lesbian who doesn't exist!" Then you burst into tears and scream "You told me except all people, except me!" Then call your best friend and beg her to adopt you. (Ruka: Believe it or not, I actually did this.)
5273. You wish Mercury was closer to Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium on the periodic table and that the moon and other planets had respective elements.
5274. You find that (theoretically) you can make HOTaRu,USAgI,TaIKI,AmI,and ReI out of elements, but are devastated when you can't make any others. Especially when you almost got Seiya and Haruka to work. If only there was an element with the symbol A. (Comet and Ruka: found that out.)
5275. People stare at you when you correct yourself about the Starlights sex change out loud.
5276. You find that the Power Puff Girls are like the senshi: Bubbles/Usagi-they both have blond pigtails and blue eyes, hate to fight but kick butt when they finally get going. Blossom/Michiru-Both fight really well, but think before jumping into action. Buttercup/Haruka-they're both tomboys, and both jump into action without a second thought. (Bonus- you tell your niece, who likes both shows, and she runs to tell every adult in the other room, who couldn't care less).
5277. When you heard Sting's 'Desert Rose', you thought it was Mamoru singing about his time as the Moonlight Knight. (The song is co-sung by Cheb Mami, you do the math.)
5278. You think Naru wrote 'Leaving Town' "I remember how we spent time together, and how you used to say that the stars are forever."
5279. You think that Aerosmith is destined to write SM songs: 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' reminds you of Zoycite and Fish-Eye, 'Pink' reminds you of Chibi-Usa, and Just Push Play makes you think they hate the dub too. (Just push play(F*uck NA)Just push play(They're gonna bleep it anyway)
5280. Your teacher plans to give you detention if you call her Haruna-sensei one more time.
5281. You flame any site with NA information.(Please don't do this, ours would be on the original if we'd seen it all.)
5282. You met your first to high school friends because you heard them insult each other in Japanese during the entrance exams. (Ruka: True! E-mail me if you want the story.)
5283. You accidentally beat someone up for saying 'Negaverse' in your ear. Because they scared you and because it's 'Dark Kingdom'. (Ruka: Another true one. E-mail for story.)
5284. You see an episode of Rugrats where Grandpa tells Angelica she could turn her cat into a Ferrari with a magic lamp, you wonder if Nephrite comes with it.
5285. You wonder where the senshi were when Reptar attacked Tokyo.(From the Rugrats movie 'Runaway Reptar.'
5286. You go into lesbian chat rooms looking for Haruka or Michiru. Bonus: You use Haruka or Michiru as a screen name to attract the other.
5287. You try to translate your name into Japanese.
5288. During a storm, your power goes out before Sailor Moon and you cuss at the sky in Japanese.
5289. You choose your favorite senshi's name for your name in your Japanese class.
5290. You beat someone up Haruka-style for making fun of Sailor Moon. Bonus: The other moonie says 'She beat you Haruka-style' and the class stares at both of you.

From http://www.angelfire.com/il2/sailorscully/youknow.html

5291. You have ever had your VCR set to tape Cartoon Network daily, just in case you get home late.
5292. You have a Sailor Moon t-shirt.
5293. You've worn it to school.
5294. You wore it to school again, even though people made fun of you.
5295. You had a Sailor Moon patch on your backpack, until someone ripped it off.
5296. You hate DIC for slaughtering the anime.
5297. You love DIC for introducing you to Sailor Moon.
5298. You do both of the above.
5299. You don't understand why they couldn't just keep the original names. Come on, what's so bad about the names Usagi and Mamoru? Really.
5300. You've never actually seen an episode of the original Japanese series, but you can name a whole bunch of mistakes that the DIC dub makes.
5301. You've wondered if whoever wrote the English theme song actually ever watched the show. "Fighting evil by moonlight..." "Never running from a real fight..." Don't a lot of the fights happen in the daylight? And never running from a fight? Yeah, sure.
5302. You've spent an hour or more on just the face of a Sailormoon drawing, because you want it to look just right.
5303. You've entered a piece of Sailormoon fanart in a school art contest.
5304. It won a medal.
5305. You've started to forget what was plastered on your walls before you found Sailormoon.
5306. Your "My Computer" icon has a crescent moon in the "monitor."
5307. Your "Recycle Bin" icon has an upside down Black Moon on it.
5308. You put so much Sailormoon stuff on your desktop etc. that you decided to just save the whole freakin thing as a Desktop Theme.
5309. You had only been watching Sailormoon for six months before you had a website about it.
5310. You had only been watching Sailormoon for eight months before you had two websites about it.
5311. You actually enjoy coding HTML by hand, because you know in the end you will wind up with a really really cool Sailormoon website.
5312. You chose to stay inside and code your Sailormoon website instead of going out.
5313. You haven't gone outside for entire weekends because you've been too busy coding HTML.
5314. Your parents have become worried that you are spending too much time coding HTML.
5315. One of your parents nearly fell over when they saw what the raw HTML for your Sailor Moon page looked like.
5316. You refuse to buy, or even watch, the dubbed movies. Viva la Subtitles!
5317. The moment you started watching your first subtitled Sailormoon, you decided that some way, some how, you would some day have the entire series on fansub.
5318. While watching the subtitled R movie, you were so proud of yourself when you recognized about four Japanese words (not counting the names or the words that are just like they are in English. That wouldn't really be fair, now would it?).
5319. One of the words you instantly recognized was "ecchi" ("pervert").
5320. You've read an entire tankouban (one volume of the manga) in less than 30 minutes because you couldn't wait to find out what happened next.

From http://andy.leuqarte.com/ykyw.htm (SOS-Toronto)

5321. You infiltrated NASA to access the Hubble Telescope in hopes of finding the Negaverse.
5322. You and your friends visit an air-conditioned room for a blast of wicked cool air.
5323. You were hoping that an SM convention would be held at the local planetarium.
5324. Even though you don't want to risk divorce, you've got second thoughts of buying an anniversary ring for your fiancee since it could drain his/her energy.
5325. You and your fiancee think twice about spending your honeymoon on a cruise line, fearing Jedite could be there.
5326. Your French teacher says "Bonjour" while you say "Konnichi Wa".
5327. You actually got 3M Corp. to produce the Post-It note of the one Raye uses to freeze enemies.
5328. You check every clock in your house to make sure they don't emit something evil at midnight.
5329. You have every intention to moving to any city named after one of the Scouts (e.g. Jupiter, Florida; Neptune, Sask.; Saturna, B.C., etc.)
5330. You claimed to have seen the Imperium Silver Crystal in one those pyramids which house the de-icing salt.
5331. You interviewed Neil Armstrong for if the Lunar footprint he made in '69 is indeed on the spot where the Moon Kingdom once stood in the past millennium.
5332. You go to the cosmetics store for some Moon Cosmic Power Make Up.
5333. You scratched the bacterial surface of your 2 Petri dishes to look like Melvin's pair of glasses (don't do this without supervision of a scientist or teacher).
5334. You joined the Polar Expedition group in hopes of finding the hole to the Negaverse, and Santa's Workshop as well.
5335. You and your fiancee ask every local travel agency if their World Tour package includes a trip to the Moon Kingdom.
5336. You sympathize the airport maintenance crew, knowing they could get run over by any of the planes.
5337. Even your pager gives the SM theme chime.
5338. You buy an atlas map of the Moon, hoping you can find the location of the Moon Kingdom.
5339. Just wearing shades makes you feel "wicked cool".
5340. The fact it's raining today prompts you to think that Mother Nature is listening to the song "Rainy Day Man".
5341. You and your fiancee visit Las Vegas, Nevada, for the gambling fun, but want to avoid the Card booths (like Black Jack or 21) for obvious reasons.
5342. You get your favorite hockey announcer to say that famous phrase... "She shoots, she scores !!!".
5343. You were hoping for the Japanese producers to create Sailor Moon T-Z, then A-Q, so that the series will be truly complete.
5344. You've just spotted a modified version of the Olympic Flag. In this case, there's a Sailor Scout for each of the 5 rings !!!
5345. You and your friends now have the natural habit of going to the snack bar for some "muffins".
5346. You went to the local Optical store, hoping to find the same pair of shades that Darien wears.
5347. You finally created the Luna Ball using the latest in stealth technology, electronics, and magnetic levitation.
5348. You and your family look forward to having the Spaghetti & Meatballs dinner every weekend.
5349. You even played the SM theme song, using the numeric phone keys on your cellular phone.
5350. You and your friends are among the first to buy the official SM stamps.
5351. You hope to name a new constellation after the Sailor Scouts.
5352. Every day during rush hour, instead of outright profanity, you shout, "Moon Scepter Elimination" !!!
5353. You even see the show on your flight to your destination.
5354. You and your family don't want to drive over bridges at night.
5355. Using your stunt plane and some smokescreen, you created a very huge face of Serena in the clear blue sky.
5356. You and your friends even reprogrammed each of your car's anti-theft security system to play SM's vocal message like this one: "On behalf of the Moon, halt right there".
5357. You did a portrait of yourself with the Meatball look.
5358. You shout "Moon Scepter Elimination" to all the other SM-wannabe shows that are on TV now.
5359. You and your fiancee have second thoughts about going to the House of Mirrors, fearing that Rubius and the Dark Moon Sisters could be there.
5360. You've just written these plans for tomorrow in your diary: 06:30- Wake up and eat breakfast. 07:00- Watch Sailor Moon, then leave for work. 08:30-16:30 - Normal work as usual, meeting at 10. 12:00- 1/2 hr. lunch, watch Sailor Moon. 16:30- Leave for home and rest, watch Sailor Moon. 18:30- Make dinner for family, read newspaper. 20:00- Family time, talk about Sailor Moon, and other things. 21:00- Watch Sailor Moon video, brush teeth, then sleep.
5361. Your computer's e-mail pager gives this audio message, "Sailor Moon says, you've got mail".
5362. You prefer having your photos in slides, because you don't want them as nega-tives.
5363. You buy that software pgm. called "Microsoft Home Essentials", just because Amy Anderson's name is found at the back of the package (it's true, folks. Just visit your local Computer Store and ask for it).
5364. You sent a humorous postcard of the New Crystal Tokyo Kingdom to your friends back home.
5365. You keep reading the final part of that fairy tale, Cinderella, where Prince Charming puts the glass slipper on her foot, and she turns into a princess. However, you were hoping that she'd turn into a Sailor Scout.
5366. You wrap your sandwich with Serena Wrap.
5367. You replaced the pieces on your chess board with the SM figurines.
5368. You want to purchase a cryogenic chamber so that you can sleep in suspended animation (no pun intended) and wake up to see the New Crystal Tokyo Kingdom in the 4th millenium.
5369. You shop around Chinatown for the Moon Cakes (this is also where the annual Moon Festival is held every Sept.).
5370. At the local golf club, instead of shouting "FORE", you shout ... "Golf Swinging Power" !!!
5371. You'd only buy a luxury car that has a moon-roof as standard equipment.
5372. You want the city mayor to rename the major city highways in honor of the Sailor Scouts.
5373. You just can't boil water without saying, "Mercury Bubble Blast".
5374. You just can't wait for the day when travelling to the Moon (and eventually the Universe) will soon be a reality.
5375. While driving thru the desert (like Sahara, Gobi, or Mojave), you caught a glimpse of the Moonlight Knight ahead of you (mirage, perhaps ?).
5376. You can forget surfing the Net, because now you can SAIL it (especially if you have a really powerful modem, like ISDN) !
5377. You don't look forward to winter each year, fearing that it could be the start of that dreaded 1000 yr.-long Ice Age that Serena warned you about (which ultimately would lead to the creation of Crystal Tokyo).
5378. You deliberately modified the coding in games like Doom, Quake, Heretic, Duke Nukem, etc. In this case, you get the Crescent Moon Wand (instead of the Machine Gun), and the monsters get to be turned into moondust (instead of splattered blood and gore).
5379. You keep asking where the Sailor Starhealer is when you need her for your injuries.
5380. You read an eye chart and noticed something peculiar about it. Some of the lines actually spell the names of the Scouts.
5381. You have some Sailor Moon Love Cards for Valentine's Day.
5382. You inadvertently included the names of Serena & Co. in your X-mas Files list.
5383. Instead of counting sheep, you count the moons in your sleep.
5384. Your New Year's Resolution is to watch the repeat SM episodes more often.

From http://www.lelola.net/moon/toomuch.shtml (LELOLA)

submitted by: Misty.

You know you're obsessed with Sailormoon when-

5385. You try to disguise urself using ur own Disguise pen and sneaking into a bar.
5386. Cut out a pair of cardboard wings and try to fly. (OUCH!)
5387. You know you're obsessed with Sailor Mercury when-
5388. Insist you're a straight A student and frequently argue w/ ur teacher when u don't get one.
5389. You carry around a compact and tell everyone it's ur minicomputer.
Sailor Mars when-
5390. You try to become a shinto priestess, but give up b/c you can't find a shrine in your town.
5391. R constantly fighting w/ ur best friend for no reason
5392. Keep making predictions for the future and going into trances.
5393. U sit in front of the fire place and yell at neone that bothers u, telling them ur doing a fire reading.
Sailor Jupiter-
5394. U try to beat up the strongest bully in school (ooo.. painful)
5395. Start wearing platform shoes to make urself look taller.
5396. U start cooking everyone u know tons of food (which they politely accept, then throw out)
Sailor Venus-
5397. U start arguing w/ ur friends that u really r an idol named Sailor V
Submitted by: ZEBROWSKI1@email.msn.com.
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Moon when:

5398. You drag some kid home and say to your mom, "Meet my future daughter!"
5399. You custom-make your lockets, because the ones in the store are so plain
5400. You single-handedly try to purge Tokyo (Or wherever you live) of all crime and wrongdoings in a costume you got online
5401. You don't believe that Serena whines too much
5402. You glue yellow tennis balls to your head, even though you have brown hair
5403. You tell everyone you meet that they'd better be nice to you, because you're going to be Queen of the Earth someday
5404. You round up four of your friends and claim they are your planetary bodyguards
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Mercury when:
5405. You try to make a harp out of water
5406. You spend all your free time trying to design and build a mini-computer
5407. Your teacher gives you an F on a test and you threaten to freeze her with Aqua Illusion if she doesn't change it
5408. You speak with a slight British accent for the first 2 series, then change it at the beginning of the S Series
5409. You never, ever lose your temper
5410. You never chase guys
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Mars when:
5411. You try to light fire with the tips of your fingers
5412. You sit on your feet in front of a lit fireplace for hours, just staring at the fire, trying to go into a trance, but you just end up falling asleep
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Jupiter when:
5413. Your main goal in life is to grow six inches taller
5414. You spend long periods of time baking stuff for your friends and actually believe you had fun doing so afterwards
5415. You spend long periods of time carving leaves out of wood and painting them green. You then run around, throwing them at people you hate, yelling "Jupiter Oak Evolution!"
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Venus when:
5416. You insist the planet Venus can support life
5417. You know you're an American Venus worshipper when your main goal in life is to find out were Mina lived before she came to Japan (I live in America. For all you American Venus worshippers, I think it's England. Not positive, though!)
5418. You make a chain of little orange hearts in shop class. You then chase your shop teacher around, whipping him with it, and screaming "Venus Love Chain Encircle!" when he gives you an F on the project
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Mini-moon when:
5419. You try to travel through time by holding up the key to your diary, yelling "Crystal Key, take me home to the future!", and then jumping off a dock
5420. You dye your hair pink and get red contacts
5421. You claim to have the Golden Mirror
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Uranus when:
5422. You have dedicated your life to trying to find the shoes that Sailor Uranus wears
5423. You don't go to a public school, but you wear an imitation of the Mugen school boys uniform to your school every day
5424. You've been mistaken for a boy several times
5425. You get SO p.o.'ed when people make "Ur-anus" jokes
5426. You asked your cousin to dye her hair green(Uranus and Neptune are cousins in America)
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Neptune when:
5427. You dye your hair green, just because your cousin asked you to
5428. Every time the tide goes out, you say, "The sea is receding...it senses trouble..."
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Pluto when:
5429. You isolate yourself from the world because you have to guard the Gates of Time
5430. You dye your hair green-black
5431. The key to your room is bigger than you
5432. You claim to be the lost child of Cronos, Greek god of Time
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Saturn when:
5433. You feel cheated that she only appeared for over a minute in one episode (I'll admit to this one!)
5434. You cried hysterically when it looked like she was going to die
5435. You danced when Sailor Moon brought her back as a baby
5436. You made a Silence Scythe in shop class then got sent for counseling
You know you're obsessed with Sailor Moon in general when:
5437. You claim to be Sailor Sun, the lost Senshi of Light
5438. You have designed a Senshi for every constellation you could think of, then made up a story using them (I admit to this too!)
submitted by: Star Angel.
You know when you have watched too much Sailor Moon when.... (for girls)

5439. You are in sending almost 100 hate emails a day to toonami because they don't have Sailor Stars yet
5440. You don't buy CDs like a regular girl because you want either to buy Sailor Moon merchandise or think it's a plot of the Negaverse
5441. You dump your boyfriend because you thought he was Tuxedo Mask and he isn't
5442. You've watched every Sailor Moon Movie there is and even though you don't have a clue to what the Japanese are saying you still buy the movies in Japanese
5443. Your in love with Darien (in my opinion that's scary)
You know when you've watched too much Sailor Moon when.... (for boys)
5444. Ok face it, you actually watch Sailor Moon
5445. You go on a date with a girl and make an entrance on top of a light pole in a tux and start saying one of Tuxedo Mask's intro speeches.
5446. You think that your best friend is Melvin
5447. Your not sure but you think one of your classmates is Amara
5448. You stop playing Basketball and go Motorcross
5449. You buy a Sailor Moon shirt and wear it to school (Extremely Scary in my opinion)
5450. You hate all your friends because they don't like Sailor Moon
5451. You fall in love with Michelle and Rei
5452. You dump your girlfriend because you thought she was Sailor Mini Moon
You know when you have watched to much Sailor Moon when... (for geeks)
5453. You make 10 or more Sailor Moon Websites
5454. You don't watch the episodes cause you've much rather be on the Internet
Submitted by: kawaii_gurl@lelola.zzn.com.
You know when your obsessed with Sailor moon when:

5455. You have a boyfriend that looks like Darien (scary!)
5456. If you don't have a boyfriend, then you find yourself imagining that all of the guys looks like Darien (even scarier!!)
5457. Your future daughter is identical to Rini!!(how does anyone know how their future daughter does look like. hmmm must be psychic!)
5458. You have a mural of Sailor moon posters and pictures on your wall
5459. You start your own "Sailor moon wannabe fan-club" (hehe)
5460. Your computer is filled with nothing BUT Sailor moon stuff.
Submitted by: silversapphirestar@juno.com.
5461. Every night when you fall to sleep, you dream that you are one of the characters from the show. (Sailor Moon by moonlight. Wannabe by daylight.)
5462. You are asked to draw a landscape in art, and you put Pegasus in it.
5463. You get one of those fancy electronic personal organizers, and you draw a mercury symbol on the front.
5464. You have a little shrine to Sailor Moon sitting on your dresser.
5465. You get detention for drifting off in class, and you tell your teacher that you will punish him/her in the name of the moon. (Then you have counseling, too!)
5466. You have been caught prancing around your room in the middle of the night screaming "I stand for love! I stand for justice! I am Sailor Moon!"
5467. You request to your drama teacher that the class should perform a play, written by you, about Sailor Moon.

*submitted to sailorvgame.org*

5468. You cultivate a bonsai tree hoping it to grow into Makaiju (Michi)
5469. You draw black circles on your white umbrella and try to hypnotize people on streets, convincing them you are their niece Usagi (Michi)
5470. You try to hypnotize your little sister by a medallion in order to evoke a spirit from her. (Anton-P)
5471. You obtain a credit card from your local bank for the sole purpose to pay for Sailor Moon stuff you are constantly ordering from Japan. (Anton-P)
5472. You write a will to leave all your property and money for starting an annual prize - "For the most significant contribution in the case of supporting and promotion of Sailor Moon". (Anton-P)

From http://www.geocities.com/yasmin_sheridan2000/youknow.html (Sweet Fantasy)

5473. You won't accept any gifts if it's not related to Sailor Moon.
5474. You scream out loud saying "they are stealing my pure heart" just to see if the sailor scouts might show up.

From http://www.geocities.com/moonlitdreams10/YKYL.html (Moonlit Dreams)

5475. You demand everyone to bow to you, as you are the princess
5476. When you see a bully beating up someone and say, "MOON PRISM POWER!" and try to save the poor kid
5477. When you search the entire mall for a little frilly red skirt that has underpants attached
5478. When you actually find the frilly skirt
5479. When you tape up pictures of "your dearest boyfriend Darien" in your locker

From Chibi Usa (http://www.geocities.com/thedexstar/index.html)

5480. You can't find anymore websites on Sailor Moon because you've seen them all, even the japanese ones.
5481. You wonder why they don't make any more new Sailor Moon stuff, but only because you own all of it already.

From http://www.expage.com/sailororcaotaku (Sailor Star Orca's Sailor Moon site)

5482. You turn all your friends into SM fanatics. Those who refuse to convert are scum of the Dark Kingdom.
5483. For guys, you go to girl's basketball, softball, etc. games in a tuxedo & give them words of encouragement & red roses
5484. You put a paper star on top of a pen & shout: "(Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, or Venus) Star Power! (Make-up!)" You do this randomly throughout the day when you sense evil.
5485. You take the locket you got for your birthday, thinking it's really from your mother from your past life, & shout: "Moon Crystal Power! (Make-up!)"
5486. You wonder how all those NASA Apollo moon missions never found the ruins of the Moon Kingdom. Then you suspect a cover-up & try to call the Senshi on your "communicator"
5487. You tape SM episodes, then watch them religiously, declaring holy days of obligation on each Senshi's birthday.
5488. You make a SM colluage (sp?) of your fave characters and hang it with pride with the rest of your fav character shrine, then burn incense in daily worship.
5489. For guys, you were a tux identical to Tuxedo Mask's to your prom--And your date dresses like Princess Serenity. You reenact their final moments during Silver Millennium during the middle of prom.
5490. You pick up a hand-held mirror, & you can't resist shouting: "Submarine Reflection!"
5491. Your family & friends have an easy time figuring out what gifts to buy you for Christmas & your B-day: Sailor Moon merchandise, unless you have every Sailor Moon item known to man.
5492. You introduce yourself saying: "I am the Pretty Suited Champion of Love & Justice, _____, & in the name of the Moon, you're punished!"

From http://midnight_rabbit.tripod.com/YKYWTMSMW.html (Caroline Curtis’s website)

5493. You scribble on toilet roll and throw it at people.
5494. You get upset at the end of your pack of smarties when there's a colour for each senshi except Neptune. (Guilty)
5495. You can name each individual song and BGM from each track on the SMR Symphonic Poem and Gasshou Kumikyoku disks (Guilty)
5496. You believe you are a Sailor Senshi and email random people telling them so.
5497. You worship each song by the pretty cast because it is Sailormoon related.
5498. You won't marry anyone unless their name is Usagi/Mamoru/Seiya (knock it off you whining Mamoru-lovers-Seiya is COOL!)
5499. When your teacher announces your induction day to your new High school is drawing near, you run screaming from the room (see below).
5500. When said trip to High school arrives, you crawl through it on the floors holding a stick labeled 'Moon Spiral Heart Rod-keep off all Daimons!'. Just in case it happens to be the top-secret base for invaders from outside of the Solar System.

***   ***   ***