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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 12 (5500 - 6000)

5501. You stand by your garage door with a long pole claiming that it is the Time Gate and telling people that they are not worthy. (Guilty-no wonder our house didn't sell for months)
5502. You check all mirrors carefully to see if anyone is concealed inside. (Guilty)
5503. You watch any bishounen you meet annoyingly closely because you're confident they're the next target for a Pure Heart Crystal. (Guilty)
5504. If anyone offers to show you their botanical science project, you run away yelling 'Aliens! Aliens!'

From http://www.smuncensored.com/forums/index.php
(Sailor Moon Uncensored Forums) - as on June 25, 2006

5505. "You think of "The Sick Rose" as Taiki's special poem." (Rainbow)
5506. You can't think about Blake without thinking of Taiki (Rainbow)
5507. You actually do your hair like Chibi-Usa-sama or Chibi Chibi (Rainbow)
5508. When you get a bad grade on a test you crumple a test paper and toss it over your head on top of the person behind you to find your soulmate. (I did this and guess who was behind me- the guy who always teased me picked it up and saw it and called me dumpling) (since I love dumplings) (Sailor Moon)
5509. You ask if a gentle uterus can hurt anyone. (Sailor Moon)
5510. When you walk through the snow you picture yourself in episode 45-46 (Yes, I do that too) (Sailor Moon)
5511. When you consider the high point of your favorite seiyuu's career to be her/his role in BSSM. (Neo Dead Moon)
5512. You think of Rei whenever you see crows. (Neo Dead Moon)
5513. You've gotten interested in Japanese history/myhtology just to understand BSSM better (I have). (Neo Dead Moon)
5514. You can recite your favorite lines from the Japanese version at will...and you can't even read/write/speak Japanese.(Neo Dead Moon)
5515. Sailor Plshies litter you desk top along with the doll's (Em)
5516. You own at least one manga English or otherwise (Em)
5517. Sialor keyring's have taken over you bag (Em)
5518. You dress up as one and or join a Sailor Moon cosplay gurop (Em)
5519. You go round asking people to pose with your Luna Plushie (Em)
5520. You shout "Star Gentle Uterus!" on your college campus." (Rainbow)
5521. You make up anime-ish names for your pets so they can have names like the Sailor Senshi (Aggie: Ai no Inu, Diana: Tsuki no Inu) (Rainbow)
5522. You add "-sama" after your favorite character's name because you respect/admire them so much, even though they're imaginary. (Rainbow)
5523. When you're reading silently and the voice you hear in your head is Usagi's (or any other character) (NameGoesHere)
5524. You can understand everything that's going on during the episode, even if it's your first time watching it and you can't speak Japanese. (NameGoesHere)
5525. You start creating entirely new Japanese episodes in your dreams, complete with insane Japanese commercials and you can't speak Japanese! (Subliminal message from Nemesis: The Death Phantom ownz j00!) (NameGoesHere)
5526. You put exact hand-drawn replicas of Rei's Ofuda all over your house. (NameGoesHere)
5527. You snicker every time someone mentions how much talent you have. (NameGoesHere)
5528. You think Chibi-Usa-sama works for all the sugar companies that have pink sugar made (like in Pixy Stix). (Rainbow)
5529. You think Sailor Star Maker brings babies instead of the stork. (Rainbow)
5530. You're surprised when you DON'T find Hotaru and Ami in your local hospital. (Rainbow)
5531. You scour music stores for Three Lights merchandise. (Rainbow)
5532. You send in pictures of the live-action Sailor Moon show to tabloids, saying that the Sailor Senshi are real. (Rainbow)
5533. You send the pictures to more reputable newspapers and magazines. (Rainbow)
5534. You treasure the Sailormoon shirt you got when you were little that's a size 10 in girls, although you can no longer wear it. (Anthy)
5535. You actually waste your time browsing the sailormoon.com message boards. (Anthy)
5536. Your dream is to make a cosplay that's as good as the ones at PGSM. (Anthy)
5537. You actually READ other people's fanfiction. (Anthy)
5538. You've roleplayed SM on the internet or on a LARP. (Anthy)
5539. You buy an Apple iPod (or any MP3 player) and a majority of it is filled with Sailor Moon music. (Miyamoto)
5540. You dress up in one of Minako's many outragous outfits whenever you have a performance on stage. (DreamEmpress)
5541. You search through pictures of other planets trying to find the castles of the senshi. (DreamEmpress)
5542. You visit Sailor Moon websites from your school computers. (Rainbow)
5543. You take a picture of one of the Senshi as an example for the hair-style you want and show it to the barber. (I've done that with Haruka before, but I think my hair looks a bit more like Ami's naturally, only Haruka's color) (Rainbow)
5544. You show at least one of your Sailor Moon fanworks to your classmates/teachers. (Rainbow)
5545. Everytime you hear you someone talk about moon pies you think about the moon princess. (Cardcaptor Takato)
5546. You get so excited listing silly Sailor Moon jokes that you skip a number. (Rainbow)
5547. You think that the element mercury is what Sailor Mercury was reincarnated as, so you hoard thermometers and anything containing the substance. Of course, you die of a high fever because you didn't want to put Sailor Mercury in your mouth and certainly not up your butt. (Rainbow)
5548. You stormed into Cartoon Network and strangled the Toonami executives because the show got taken off the air. (Rainbow)
5549. You then proceeded to turn your home into the ""Sailor Moon Theater"" and show an episode a day for all the fans in your hometown. And of course, you'd own all the subbed episodes on tape (or dubbed if you're a dubbie) since you're that much of a fan! (Rainbow)
5550. You follow any little red haired kids hoping to find a "world of sweets". (DreamEmpress)
5551. You pretend to be Hamtaro fans to write to the Cartoon Network to ask them to move Hamtaro because it's the reason why Sailor Moon was taken off the air due to the fact that it was too popular and Hamtaro wasn't (sarcasm).(Cardcaptor Takato)
5552. You go to Japan so you can get a part in the making of PGSM. (Rainbow)
5553. You learn Japanese because you think that you'll actually be able to talk to your favorite Sailor Moon character then.(Rainbow)
5554. You go to every Sailor Moon store on the web and buy every last bit of Sailor Moon merchandise, max out you credit card, and have to declare bankruptcy. (Celexa)
5555. You never can get a boy/girlfriend because you can't find one that likes SM...(Miyamoto)
5556. You marry a girl named Kino Makoto, and hope that she has the secret identity of Sailor Jupiter. (Miyamoto)
5557. (Female) Your wedding gown is Princess Serenity's and you pay your husband to dress up like Prince Endymion and pay the pastor extra to say ""In the name of the moon you are wed"" or (Male) You dress up like Prince Endymion, bribe your wife by doing the household chores for a year to dress up like Princess Serenity, and beg for the pastor to say "In the name of the emooon you are wed" (Celexa)
5558. You get your best writing critiques and tips from people who read your Sailor Moon fanfiction, and your respect for the show is what drives you to be a better writer. (Rainbow)
5559. You get your friends to help you make live action music videos to all the theme songs, with all of you cosplaying as the senshi. (DreamEmpress)
5560. You start looking for your own apartment, even though your only in high school just so you can be like Mako-chan. (DreamEmpress)
5561. You cook and clean to try to avoid studying. (DreamEmpress)
5562. You begin to get phrases mixed up and have to be constantly corrected like Minako. (DreamEmpress)
5563. You collect a whole bunch of Pegasus stuff after watching Supers and hope that someday you'll see Helios too. (DreamEmpress)
5564. First date: Sailor Moon R movie. If he/she cries at any point of the movie, or gets overly excited during the 'Moon Revenge' sequence, they are a keeper. (Seiya Kou Forever)
5565. You actually attempt the excuse "Mom, I can't go to school today because my energy was drained by a youma." (Seiya Kou Forever)
5566. You pay to have a separate phone line installed and for unlimited internet access so you can surf the Web for Sailor Moon sites all day long. (Seiya Kou Forever)
5567. Your qualifications for a guy/girl include a nifty transformation sequence, and the willingness to jump in front of you and be impaled by some random object or blasted by energy to protect you. (Seiya Kou Forever)
5568. The poems that you recite at the poetry competition are about Death, Rebirth, and Revolution, and you refuse to tell anyone who the subject of the poems are.... (Lady of the Light)
5569. You search every single antiques store trying to find an incense burner like the one in Stars. (DreamEmpress)
5570. You start to check your plants carefully to make sure they aren't possessed by one of the witches 5. (DreamEmpress)
5571. You try to look for those large, square sunglasses Mamoru used in the first season (Starscream)
5572. You're first major college project revolves around the destruction of the Moon Kingdom. (Starscream)
5573. You claim you like your favorite Senshi's favorite food and hate their least favorite, even if your actual preferences are opposite. (Rainbow)
5574. When you can even tolerate Optimum's voices in the English dub of Sailor Moon. (Neo Dead Moon)
5575. You bought an import PlayStation/Super Famicom/etc. just to play Sailor Moon games on it. (Neo Dead Moon)
5576. You actually like Serena's CWI voice EQUAL to the original Usagi voice! (Rainbow)
5577. You call Mickey Mouse pancakes ""Usagi pancakes"" because the ears look somewhat like her hair buns. And then you make heart and cone shaped ones for Chibi Chibi and Chibi-Usa-sama too! ( Rainbow)
5578. You don't trust any dentist with a super awesome office.(DreamEmpress)
5579. You beg your parents to buy you sheets with moons and bunnies on them. (DreamEmpress)
5580. You suddenly decide to become a shrine maiden and learn the art of exorizing demons. (DreamEmpress)
5581. You call out various Senshi attacks when hitting the birdie in badminton AND the volleyball (Rainbow)
5582. When playing ANY sport in P.E. you give everyone names of Sailor Moon characters to make it more fun (Rainbow)
5583. Not only have you beaten Another Story without the English translation, you did it without using the Pluto trick. (Specter)
5584. You think it's ironic how someone who's prone to fighting has pink as their favorite color. (Specter)
5585. You've watched the Japanese version on DVD/fansub tapes for so long, that when people ask if you've ever heard of the Cloverway or DiC dubs, you go "Di who? Clover what?"(Neo Dead Moon)
5586. You've actually had to rebuy a Sailormoon tape or DVD from playing it too much. (Neo Dead Moon)
5587. You can tell each and every character is being voiced by without looking at the screen, even the youma of the day! (Neo Dead Moon)
5588. Every Christmas and birthday, you hope and pray that you will get a copy of the manga. (Hino_Rei552)
5589. You've tried to watch Sailor Moon in all languages it came out in. (Seiya Kou Forever)
5590. You question the sex/gender/senshi identity of every boy band coming onto the scene.(DurgaRea)
5591. You watch The new show "Pretty Cure", see Bunny sheets just like Usagi's and wonder if there is a connection with BSSM! (sailormoonaddict)
5592. You collect and download all of the SM piano music scores available from Rini's Sailor Moon Midi site. (Miyamoto)
5593. When u find yourself singing ""search for your love" at work (sailod diva)
5594. When u are with your boyfriend and u wish he would say "am i not good enough" (sailod diva)
5595. You watch all episodes in order to draw an exact scheme of Tsukino family's house. (Anton-P)
5596. After doing the above one you have your own house destroyed and build a new one accordingly to the scheme. (Anton-P)
5597. After you have taped all the episodes you disconnect from your cable TV operator in order to economize a little more money and buy more Sailor Moon merchandise. (Anton-P)
5598. In your room you have a bottle with weirdly-shaped eyes that you painted on it. After your mother occasionally breaks it you mutter something about released evil shadows. (Anton-P)
5599. You start programming a dating simulator game featuring Usagi as a main character. (Anton-P)
5600. You declare all PGSM fans to be heretics because you think no one human girl can compare with real Sailor Moon. (Anton-P)
5601. Since roses are too expensive to throw them around you use humming tops instead (S movie...) (Anton-P)
5602. Every time you see Santa you expect him to be disguised Tuxedomask (S movie...) (Anton-P)
5603. You take it upon yourself to prove to the world that not all dinosaurs are extinct. At least some plesiosaurs still are living in the ocean. (Anton-P)
5604. Every time you see any kind of statue on the lake shore you absolutely refuse to swim there for fear of a certain phantom that may be lurking on the bottom. (Anton-P)
5605. You suggest a new starting point to keep track of years - not the birth of Christ, but the first air of Sailormoon in Japan. (Anton-P)
5606. People you have recently met ask you to serenade them with the theme, so you do so. In Japanese."(Jusenkyo no Pikachu)
5607. When your little brother scratches up one of your S DVDs to the point that two whole episodes are unplayable, you get horribly upset. (Hobbes)
5608. You and your other Sailor Moon obsessed friend leave your other friends confused when talking about the Amazon Trio. (Hobbes)
5609. You're the reason she's obsessed.(Hobbes)
5610. When on the hunt for DVDs, you dream of finding them all on tape in Best Buy. (Hobbes)
5611. You've dreamed on more than occasion of flying with Senshi over your house. (Hobbes)
5612. You consider Hakura and Michiru to be role models if you're a homo/bixsexual. (Hikari no Senshi)
5613. You literally listen to Sailor Moon music in the back of the street bus with all the gangsta kids not knowing what the hell they listen to (Luckily, some say that ''whatever the fuck you're listing to, sounds catchy'', especially when hearing me listen to Mars' Star Power Make Up theme) (Hikari no Senshi)
5614. You have at least 150 volumes of licensed Sailormoon books (Anton-P)
5615. You have a framed poster of Usagi above your bed. (Chibisteven)
5616. You don’t have a separate "Moon" folder on your PC hard drive anymore, because Sailor Moon has flooded all existing folders on it. (Anton-P)
5617. When you have the entire series on your favorites on YouTube.com (DumplingHead)
5618. You avoid dealing with boom boxes due to a fear they'll blow up. (Aya Reiko)
5619. You practice Rei's Shinto prayer despite not being Shinto yourself. (FYI: It's "Rin, Byo, To, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen.") (Aya Reiko)
5620. If you met somebody that had all the the Japanese R2 Sailor Moon TV seasons and movies IN THEIR NICE PACKAGES, you'd probably go psycho and kill them and steal/order a region-free DVD player. (Hikari no Senshi)
5621. The Sailor Moon show makes you convert to Shintoism, even if you were a staunch atheist before. (Rainbow)
5622. You go out to see the stars at night for the sake of seeing what are THE most Sailor Moon related things. (that is, the planets) (Rainbow)
5623. While out there, you furiously debate with another budding astronomer/Sailor Moon fan as to which star exactly has the planet Kinmoku orbiting it. (Rainbow)
5624. You believe that comets have the magic power to stop the rain if you just wish hard enough. (Rainbow)
5625. You go to an observatory and expect to find either Kakeru and Himeko, or all 5 Inners and Taiki. (Rainbow)
5626. You get banned from your local observatory because the staff are absolutely sick of you demanding to know when Wataru comet will appear next. (Rainbow)
5627. You want a Saturn symbol as your tombstone. (Sailorasteroid)
5628. You play Sailormoon KiSS dolls at your computer and you are a guy. (Anton-P)
5629. You start to study chemistry and biology as the first step in becoming professor Tomoe. (Anton-P)
5630. Have the entire series in Sub and English Dub (Nostalgia) as well as the movies on your computer, and are working on converting it to DVD (DragonMasterZero)
5631. Start using Sailor Moon characters as the subject in art assignments (DragonMasterZero)
5632. Have watched more than 20 episodes of SM in a single day (DragonMasterZero)
5633. You don't have a printer so you use the one at your work to print out Sailormoon fanfics (Anton-P)
5634. You have entered so many Japanese words into MS Word spellchecker that now it understands Japanese language only and always suggests you to replace "sorry" with "gomen", "thank you" with "arigato" etc. (Anton-P)
5635. You dream of entering a pottery store and tossing the vases at people while screaming "not acceptable!" (NameGoesHere)
5636. Being around black rotary-dial telephones makes you uneasy. (NameGoesHere)
5637. You have or own at least three different copies of some of the same episodes. (Aya Reiko)
5638. During a fight, you think that the best way to charge at your opponent is to do cartwheels at them instead of just plain running. (see the live-action version if you don't get this one) (Rainbow)
5639. You go around smashing eggs because you're certain they're daimon pods. (Rainbow)
5640. You make comparisons of major world leaders, past or not, to major Sailor Moon Villains. (yoshmaster5)
5641. You idolize Kunzite and Zoicite's relationship, and want to die like Zoicite did. (yoshmaster5)
5642. You and your friend argue over Fish Eye's gender because she won't watch the originals although you tell her again and again he's a man but she won't listen. (Hobbes)
5643. You watch the entire series straight through, without getting up for a bathroom break (kingofgames)
5644. When buying a new computer you choose the one that has "Venus" written on the case (I did this) (Anton-P)
5645. You sneak into your room/the basement/wherever there's a DVD player, and watch SM DVD's for hours on end. Then, when you miss the call for dinner, and are forcibly removed from the room, you yell the names of your fav characters, including honorifics. (My favs would be: Haruka-san! Michiru-san! Hotaru-chan![no particular order of liking]). Plus, once you get into the dining room to eat, you're of course still mad at your parents from taking you away from your precious SM DVD's, and you start doing the motions for and yelling out your fav Henshin attack phrases.(heh.."World Shaking!", "Deep Submerge!", "Silence Wall!") Then when they don't work, you're really surprised, and disappointed. (SMfanx1000)
5646. When you finally find a really cute Sailor Venus keychain you immediately buy it. (Hobbes)
5647. You cuss internally when said keychain is sold to cosplayers and you must now wait a week in order to get it, the last Super S DVD, and a cute Sailor Jupiter keychain. (Hobbes)
5648. You buy Unreal Tournament game for the sole purpose of playing Sailormoon models for it. (Anton-P)
5649. You spend a literature tutorial comparing the symbolism in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Sailor Moon SuperS". (Pipestrell)
5650. You wait two weeks for the package of your DVD and keychains and discover that the company that carries these keychains no longer has any. (Hobbes)
5651. You have a dream about Chibi-usa and Hotaru and they're both speaking in their Japanese voices but in clear English in your dream. (Cardcaptor Takato)
5652. You see the number 200 on a road sign and you immediately think "Sailor Moon" because of 200 episodes. (Cardcaptor Takato)
5653. You've gotten one of your family members to watch the Japanese version of Sailor Moon and they actually liked it (I've actually done all three of these) (Cardcaptor Takato)
5654. You have made a CAS of one or more Sailormoon characters in Soul Calibur III (Sailormars Obsessed fan)
5655. You have the Sailormoon rpg book and are trying to find players to run a game and are upset because no one wants to. (Sailormars Obsessed fan)
5656. You have so many SM DVD's, you have a separate case to store them. (Aya Reiko)
5657. You catch every reference to SM in other anime series. (Aya Reiko)
5658. There was a time when you would buy at least 15 boxes of poptarts everytime you went to the grocery store. (Rin)
5659. You've had to explain to at least ten people that Sailor Uranus was not a prince in her past life (Rin)
5660. You have at one point created a Sailor Earth or a Sailor Sun (Rin)
5661. You have created at least 10 otaku senshi (Rin)
5662. You dread watching the last few episodes that feature your favorite villain. (Rin)
5663. You created an anti anti Sailor Moon website (I've actually seen some of these) (Rin)
5664. You wonder if Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter is Luna from Sailor Moon in disguise. (Rin)
5665. When watching a rerun on tv with your best friend you feel the need to say "Oh, this one was so much better in the Japanese version" (Bonus points if you've never even seen the Japanese version) (Rin)
5666. You feel ripped off because your Uranus and Neptune dolls say that their real names are Corrin and Narissa. (I kind of like the name Narissa) (Rin)
5667. You buy and read books about PHP and JavaScript for the sole purpose of constructing your Sailormoon website. (Anton-P)
5668. Whenever you play a video game that allows you to change the characters names you change them all to Sailormoon characters and as a result played Final Fantasy 7 with Cloud renamed Usagi (Sailormars Obsessed fan)
5669. After getting too much spam messages into guestbook of your Sailor Moon website, you write on the top of guestbook: "In the name of the Moon, all web spammers will be punished!" (Anton-P)
5670. You refused to save a group of Sailors who were ship wrecked on an island because they were using the Morse Code to say SOS (Rin)
5671. On your first trip to Japan you were surprised to find out that everyone had black hair as opposed to blond, blue, green, brown, pink, etc... (Rin)
5672. Before you know about S, you created your own Sailor Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto.(Rin)
5673. You go begging your tech-smart friend if she can put the sad sailor moon theme into your locket. (I did this, but my friend said she couldn't put the song in, lol) (artemis_is_my_dawg)
5674. You actually taped over one of your Star Trek or X-Files tapes for Sailor Moon! (moonprincess7070)
5675. You can spell the name of each of the major enemies- but you suck at spelling. (Just like our favorite blonde!) (moonprincess7070)
5676. You object to the translation of 'Sailor Senshi' into 'Sailor Scout,' when a closer (and more empowering) translation is something more like 'Sailor Soldier.' (moonprincess7070)
5677. You go out and 'evangelize' Sailor Moon, or collect signatures for a petition to get more of the series translated. (moonprincess7070)
5678. You sit at home writing questions to test whether or not you're obsessed with Sailor Moon. Wait a sec... (moonprincess7070)
5679. Upon seeing any Sailor Moon screenshot on the Net you can instantly recognize episode number and the minute/second from beginning of this episode where the shot was taken from. (Anton-P)
5680. Whenever you see a butterfly you simply must follow it wherever it flies because you think it to be a message sent to you by Princess Kakyu. (Anton-P)

From http://www.sailormooni.com/international/
(Sailor Moon International Forum) – as on June 25, 2006

5681. You buy a package of the little round crystals from the bead section of Hobby Lobby, put one on a gold chain and say it's your own ginzuishou (SailorAria)
5682. You write a letter to Kodak company suggesting them a new design for a camera in the form of an eyeball with wings. (Anton_P.)
5683. 3/4 of your bookmarked websites are Sailor Moon related. (SailorAria)
5684. You have downloaded every single anime/musical/live action album ever created and have them neatly organized into playlists on your iPod.(SailorAria)
5685. You own a copy of the book, "Sailor Moo," and write in an 'n' at the end of every "Moo" on every page. (I'm guilty of this one) (Shynki)
5686. On the school bus in the morning, listening to your iPod, you burst out into singing when a Sailor Moon song comes on, (yet again, I do this) (Shynki)
5687. You print out so much Sailor Moon fanfics and other stuff that you have to organize your Sailor Moon papers into several ring binders to keep track of them all. (Anton_P.)
5688. While at beach, you build a sand castle and it turns out to be remarkably similar to the Moon castle from Silver Millennium. (Anton_P.)
5689. Your alarm clock sings the Sailor Moon theme song (guilty!) (Kitty_Strange)
5690. You buy a toy of the star locket and give it to your significant other, telling them that as long as they have that, you're always with them. (Thought about doing it!) (Chains Of Fate)
5691. While trying to sleep you start to count youma instead of sheep (one Garoben, two Garobens, three Garobens...) (Anton_P.)
5692. You are afraid of cormorants now, expecting them to be professor Tomoe's disguised daimones. (Anton_P.)

From http://www.angelfire.com/anime/sailormexico/
(Sailor Moon en Mexico) - translated from Spanish by Anton-P

5693. You walk all the time around your house with a whip thinking that you are Tiger's Eye.
5694. When you are going to Taxco you say that you must find Silver Crystal.
5695. When a new subterrain laboratory appears in your city, you expect it was open by Professor Tomoe.
5696. You arrange all your merchandise and try to build a religion around it.
5697. You are depressed that you did not see Pegasus in your dream.
5698. You wake your parents at the midnight to show them a new webpage about Sailor Moon.
5699. You like the sounds of your heels while running because they are identical to those of Sailor Scouts.
5700. When you see a cat you scream LUNA! disregardful of its color.
5701. You have a sticker bumper on your car that says "Attention, Sailor is driving"
5702. In order not to be interrupted while watching Sailor Moon, you hang at your door "Do not enter or you'll be punished on behalf of the Moon".
5703. You make a piercing in your nose with an earring that has an image of Sailor Moon on it.
5704. You hope Servando and Florentino to have a duet with Three Lights.
5705. Before going to bed you pray for your father, your mother, Sailor Scouts and not returning of the Negaverse.
5706. You write letters to United States for Darien waiting for answers.
5707. You travel to United States hoping to see Darien.
5708. You like Reeni so much that you call your big sister "stupid Serena"
5709. You teach your little sister to answer to people who bully her: "I am a Sailor Scout in training and I'll punish you in the name of the future Moon".
5710. You create Sailor Moon fan club and give up everything else (family, university, job, girlfriend) to dedicate yourself entirely to this club.
5711. You start your own Sailor Moon magazine, and it has much success.
5712. You get up in eight in the morning to browse through Sailor Moon pages or to look at those you saved yesterday without even having breakfast.
5713. You join a softball team of your school and you rejoice each time you are hit in the face.
5714. Your parents are glad when you watch Dragon Ball or Ranma 1/2 for change.
5715. You are suspended in your school for throwing a hair band decorated with golden paper (it looks similar to the Moon Tiara) at your teacher after getting 87 on your exam.
5716. You almost cried after spending three days without sleep searching the whole Net for a certain page where transformation of Luna into human was shown.
5717. After finding it finally you was so angry that did not talk with anyone for two days because the page was not willing to open.
5718. You think about learning genetics in order to be able to breed talking cats with crescent moon marks on their foreheads.
5719. You paint a giant sign on the door of your house that reads: “Welcome to Crystal Tokyo”.
Since you are a fan of the villains, you (the ones with *):
5720. * Place different strange objects into a stove hoping them to turn into monsters that will steal pure hearts.
5721. * Buy a white car and paint black stars on each door.
5722. * The door at your work reads: “Witches 5”
5723. * When you do not like someone, you take out a whip, a curtain and say: “One... two... THREE!!”
5724. If you are living near your school you tell as your excuse that you go swimming while you go to home to watch Sailor Moon.
5725. Your 27 years old brother tells you must mature and not watch Sailor Moon because YOU ARE THE ELDEST ONE.
5726. You hate Mc’Donalds food but if they have got mini Sailor Scouts you go and buy all Happy Meals despite how much you spend and the food itself ends being given to your dog, but... YOU HAVE AT LAST MINI SAILOR SCOUTS.
5727. You have a stomach illness because you eat so many yogurts and milk desserts solely for collecting the covers that come with pictures of Sailor Moon.
5728. You convince your friends that have bought the same kind of desserts to give you the covers you do not have as yet.
5729. You decide not to kiss your fiance because Sailor Scouts died without kissing the ones they wished.
5730. You decide not to kiss your fiance because he is not Darien.
5731. During airing the last episode of Sailor Moon the translation was interrupted five minutes before the end and you started to scream like obsessed because you was in doubts if Serena died after destroying the Negaverse.

*submitted to sailorvgame.org*

5732. You've bought a piece of sailor moon merchandise this week. (R. Manley)
5733. You run into your classroom with your toy sailor moon wand, jump on your desk, point the wand at your teacher and shout "moon scepter elimination" when that does not work you pull out your bubbles and shout "mercury bubbles" and blow bubbles in her face. In the end she sends to the office, but at least you missed the math test! Now where did you put your "crystal key" ... (R. Manley)
5734. You kiss ALL your sailor moon dolls good night, which takes an hour. (R. Manley)
5735. You starting wonder if Malachite’s nick name was Sephirot (From Final Fantasy VII). (Pilar Fernandez Alvarez-Cienfuegos)

From http://lildizzle87.tripod.com/id21.html

5736. You've brushed your hair looking into the mirror humming the theme song.
5737. You've made your own Crescent Moon Wand out of paper, popsical sticks, and tape (I was creative!)
5738. You've made your favorite Sailor Senshi's fuku out of construction paper and tape when you where a child. Then got mad when your mom threw it away when you were 16.
5739. You've made of 60 some petitions on www.petitionspot.com just to see if Cartoon Network would put Sailor Moon back on (It's not their decision, it's all about the expired licenses, c'mon people.)
5740. You have a youtube account for just Sailor Moon stuff (that's not only what's on my account)
5741. You have more then 2 otaku mangas that you've created just about Sailor Moon. (YEAH! I have SIX!)

From http://www.geocities.com/lanapower87/humor2.html

5742. You stare up at the sky and shout" Hey future daughter come on down to the past with me!
5743. You build a crystal palace and tell your family that in the future you will all live there.
5744. You chase guys to be like Mina and Serena.
5745. You name your house the Moon Kingdom and tell everyone that's the new name of the house.
5746. You build a gate around the school playground and make it look foggy, then you get a big, long stick and tell your friends that they can't come in because it's the gate of time and space that can lead to the future.
5747. When Sailor Moon dies you kill yourself too so you can die too, when Sailor Moon revives you try to but you realize you can't and you stay in heaven.
5748. You try to train your cat to "save" you from your big brother
5749. You fall in love with your horse.
5750. You meet a girl named Amy and ask her for help on your homework, never mind the fact she's failing all her subjects and has been held back three times.
5751. You suffocate while trying to form a sweat-drop.
5752. When you move to a new house and the bus doesn't get to your house until 4: 45, you kill yourself because you won't be able to watch Sailor Moon for a two whole weeks, when Summer Break starts.
5753. You hold the Sailor Moon directors captive until they let you be the voice actor/actress for one of the characters.
5754. You get a tiger's eye rock and purposely throw it into the forest and get it lost forever.
5755. Whenever you look through a telescope at the moon, you shout, "HI, QUEEN SERENITY!!!!!"
5756. You put blue contacts in your eyes, even if they look wonderful when thier green.
5757. When you find out your parents are going move to another time zone, where Sailor Moon ends just as get home from school, you take your stuff and stay in the house.
5758. To make others like sailor moon, you make Galaxia bracelets, and attempt to take their star seeds, knowing that they'll turn into an evil sailor scout (remember sailor sweat 0_o)
5759. Every evening, you put on a sailor scout outfit and fight crime(or trees painted as enemies)
5760. Whenever you meet people, the first thing they find out about you is that you're a moonie.
5761. That wicked cool store up the street from your house had to close, because you ran around telling everyone that it was a conspiracy that they were working with the Negaverse.
5762. When you go to church, you stand up in the middle of it and begin worshipping the moon kingdom.
5763. In school you don't listen to your teacher and when she asks a question you reply "That's not about sailor moon!"
5764. In school you demand for a Sailor Moon Class!
5765. Wear the same glasses as sailor V.
5766. You wish your cook teacher was Lita so you start calling her that.
5767. You begin Middle School and realize that school only gets out at 4:15! You then vow to sue the school for making you miss Sailor Moon. (You must be obsessed!)
5768. Your mom is thinking of a name for your new baby brother and you quickly reply, "Sammy!"
5769. You wish to be Neo-Queen Serenity because she lives forever.
5770. You hate dogs because you think Luna is out there and she might get hurt.
5771. You believe that if Naoko Takeuchi is real then Sailor Moon is real too.
5772. You have never missed a Sailor Moon episode in your life.
5773. You buy a new pair of ear-rings and expect that when you touch them a pair of blue goggles will show up.
5774. You try to see everything from Serena's point of view.
5775. You believe you had a dream about a white horse.
5776. You hope that you hold a golden dream mirror.
5777. Instead of teaching your little cousins mother goose, you teach them Sailor Moon songs.
5778. You said your mother is not your mother because her name is not Ikuko.
5779. You keep your mother away from any guy who looks like hawks eye.
5780. You kiss your tuxedo mask doll.

From http://sailorsaturnspalace.com/WYKYOWSS.php

WYKYOWSS (When You Know Your Obsessed With Sailor Saturn)

5781. When you yell "Silence Wall!" and your mom says, "Honey, why can't I open your bedroom door?"
5782. When you try to heal people... and it works!
5783. When you yell, "Silence Glaive Surprise" when you want your worst enemy to die and it works!
5784. You don't watch the episodes before Saturn comes in.... "what's so good about them".
5785. When you scream "Galactica Cannon!!" and a real cannon shoots a cannon ball.
5786. You go onto Senshi websites and you keep wondering who they're talking about when they mention other Senshi... bonus points if you don't understand what I'm talking about-Sailor Saturn IS the only Senshi!
5787. You dress up as Sailor Saturn and the cost of the costume was $1,000
5788. You start harassing Sailor Saturn site owners and complain that you are the REAL Hotaru Tomoe.
5789. Trying to have a look-a-like contest.
5791. Learning Japanese to only say, "My guardian deity is the planet of silence, the soldier of death and rebirth, Sailor Saturn!!!!!!" and "Chinmoku no hoshi, dosei o shugo ni motsu. Hametsu to tanjou no Senshi, Sailor Saturn!!"
5792. Moving to Japan to live with someone family with the last name Tomoe and happen to have a child with the name Hotaru.
5793. Changing your name to be legally Hotaru while you live there.
5794. You start complaining to your mom, "YOU KNOW I HATE MILK!!! SO WHY DID YOU GIVE ME IT"
5796. You have a HUGE craving for Nihon Soba(buckwheat noodles).
5797. Saying to your parents, "The revolution is coming".
5798. You start swinging a Glaive like object and pointing it at someone's throat and saying "I am the Senshi of Death, Sailor Saturn".
5799. Your parents say: "Okay, that's it! Sailor Saturn... Sailor Saturn... that's all you ever talk about. You have one minute to choose: Who do you love more, Sailor Saturn or your dear parents?" One minute later, you're an orphan.
5800. You move to France and change your name to Olivia and hope your parents don't find out.
5801. You create a Sailor Saturn site and it less than a year the counter hits over 5000.
5802. You stay in your house all day and your skin turns pale.
5803. When you wear a Sailor Saturn's sailor outfit to school and hit your teacher with your plastic Glaive 'cause she said it was not appropriate for school.
5804. When you buy Sailor Moon bookmarks for almost $20 when there is only 1 picture of Eternal Sailor Saturn and Hotaru and all the rest of the book marks are of the other Senshi.

From http://www.smuncensored.com/forums/index.php
(Sailor Moon Uncensored Forums) - as on December 10, 2006

5805. When you see a book on botany you try to find info about Xenian flower in it. (Anton-P)
5806. You Imagine beating the crap out of that Mio-San girl in PGSM. (nap*)
5807. You believe that everyone had a heart crystal and star seed. (nap*)
5808. Your planning on making a Sailor Moon game that will interest the world hoping to force them to continue the story. (I'm actually going to make this wait a couple of years) (nap*)
5809. Putting quotes from sailor moon into replies (nap*)
5810. You practice being a ribbon dancer so you can imitate the little people in Venus' pgsm henshin (nap*)
5811. You say Luna prism power, press 672 on your phone and hope to transform. (nap*)
5812. When the company you work for goes out of business and is resurrected under a new name, you chalk the Saturn symbol on the outside of the building to ensure a peaceful death and rebirth. (Sailorasteroid)
5813. The way you remember the "wo" hiragana (Picture) is that it's the Saturn symbol plus the Moon symbol. (Sailorasteroid)
5814. You learn that your mom has the job of winding the clock in the clock tower near her work and you immediately think of Sailor Pluto! (Rainbow)
5815. You think "The Motorcycle Song" is about Sailor Mars because it mentions the name "Ray" in it. (it's the one with the lines "I don't want a pickle, I just wanna ride on my motor-cicle" in it) (Rainbow)
5816. You look at a map and see a city named Neptune, and automatically think of Sailor Neptune! (guilty) (SMfanx1000)
5817. You watch the Kirari Super Live concert on DVD all day. (Sailor Rose)
5818. You always make coffee professor Tomoe-style: using a spirit-lamp and a flask. (Anton-P)
5819. You attend an exam / written competition and choose for yourself the nickname "Mercurius". (I did this). (Crecent beam)
5820. While playing Starcraft you see a map named "Crescent Moon" and freak out. (Anton-P)
5821. You make a birthday cake for each Senshi on their birthdays (like today would be Mercury's!). (Rainbow)
5822. And are surprised when the real Senshi don't show up for your party. (Rainbow)
5823. When that happens, you then attempt to feed the cake to your Sailor Moon dolls. This is because you know dolls can bite things, you saw it on Sailor Moon (in the one with Mika and the evil dolls, it showed the dolls having teeth in one scene). (Rainbow)
5824. You spend weeks acquiring your Sailor Moon Collection, and planning to watch the first two seasons in a super, two day marathon (wish me luck- I'm almost there). (StarFlame Soldier)
5825. Your boyfriend/girlfriend finds your <highly> collectible and respectable (ahem) Sailor Moon clock you just received from eBay. Especially in its shrine (OK, I'm not quite to the shrine part yet. At least he didn't laugh [too much]). (StarFlame Soldier)
5826. you watch Sailormoon on Youtube during journalism class. (I have done this, I also managed to get three articles done for my project at the same time. ^^;; (Nehelenia's Crazy Fangirl)
5827. you suggest to you colorguard instructor that you do your winter show to sailor moon music, then get laughed by the entire team (done it. my instructor just stared at me for a whole minute.) (the*blue*girl)
5828. You learn Visual Basic only because Mamoru knows it. (Anton-P)
5829. You spend your time learning Visual Basic and feel really depressed after finding out that Mamoru actually knows BASIC and not Visual Basic. (Anton-P)
5830. You decide that you are a member of the Death Busters, so you go around shooting people in the chest with a gun to get their heart crystals out. When you see the blood, you decide that it must be daimon juice (you know, the red stuff that attacks the Senshi at the end of S) and so you collect it rabidly in test tubes, hoping that if you mix it with some eggs you will make your own daimons. (Rainbow)
5831. Astronomers re-designate Pluto as a Dwarf Planet, and the first thing you think is "Poor Setsuna..." (Starscream)
5832. You die your hair blue and try to do stuff like fixing cars with NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE.(Sailor V)
5833. You karate-choh random people in the street because you suspect they are from the "Negaverse". (Sailor V)
5834. You put different items, like a drum, a rose, a doorknob, into your microwave in hopes to produce daemons from them. (Anton-P)
5835. You think your body is inhabited by two spirits. (Hotaru) (Sailor V)
5836. When you're at a planetarium, you demand that the narrator tell about the legendary Sailor Senshi of the planets as well as the usual stuff about Roman gods. (Rainbow)
5837. You think Saturn has a Big Red Spot because you saw it on Sailor Moon. (This is because of the Saturn-Messiah story in the planetarium, which I just finished watching. When Setsuna is telling the girls about Saturn, it shows the planet, but it shows Jupiter with Saturn's rings imposed over it. At the very least, that's what the picture looks like because I know Saturn doesn't have a big red spot storm.) (Rainbow)
5838. You've held a party for Ceres congratulating her on her promotion. (Rin)
5839. On the date 6-30-01, you celebrated the birth of Chibi Usa by sending out birth announcements. (Rin)
5840. Your boyfriend/girlfriend actually listens to you when you rave on about seeing the Japanese originals because you've talked about it so much they get the equivalent of Stockholms Syndrome. (StarFlame Soldier)
5841. you quit your job because they wont let you come to work in a sailormoon cosplay (or crossplay lol) (Sailormars Obsessed fan)
5842. You start to like Godzilla series only because Usagi was going to watch it in one episode. (Anton-P)
5843. You tie a red collar with a bell around the neck of your kitten so that it will look more like Diana. (Anton-P)
5844. You believe that after you die your star seed will return into Galactic Cauldron to be reborn in the future. (Anton-P)

Submitted to Ykywtmsmw Compilation by Dominique <puff22_2001@yahoo.com>

5845. As far as you care, Sailor Moon IS the news! *
5846. Dying is less scary then your mother throwing out your raggedy, molding Sailor Moon blanket!
5847. Everyday you go to a different search engine and search for SOMETHING Sailor Moon. *
5848. Forgetting to do homework, eating like a pig, and talking to cats are some of your favorite pastimes.
5849. Most of your time is used in thinking about/reading about/looking at/hearing/touching SailorMoon/Sailor Moon and related stuff! *
5850. When your best friend (who is coincidently is named Ken/Shinozaki) is getting hurt by a rabid dog, you try to transform!
5851. You are disqualified from the finals of the 'Miss Teen USA' competition because you threw your tiara at the other girl while shouting, "Moon Ugly Transformation Tiara Magic/Action!"
5852. You are disqualified from the finals of the 'Miss Teen USA' competition because you sung a wonderful rendition of 'Moonlight Densetsu' in the original Japanese, and no one knows what you're saying!
5853. You are successful in fighting crime!
5854. You are the National Frisbee champion because you practice your 'Moon Tiara Magic/Action' three hours a day!
5855. You attack anyone that dresses bad, and when are reprimanded for it you tell everyone you thought they were a youma/cardian/etc.!
5856. You bookmark every site that comes up!
5857. You actually GO to every site you bookmark!
5858. You buy the most ugly tree at the nursery, and try to feed your little brother to it. When that doesn't work, you scream for Alan/Ail/Earl and Ann/An to 'get their butts down here'!
5859. You can barely live with yourself, because you had said (six years prior to your BSSM/SM obsession) that it was a stupid show! *
5860. You can turn ANY topic of conversation to Sailor Moon! *
5861. You can't decide which planet is more beautiful, Neptune or Mars! *
5862. You change your first name to Sailor!
5863. You cry when you find out you only got a 98% on ANY Sailor Moon quiz!
5864. You date any boy who makes fun of you; hoping ONE of them is your true love from a former life!
5865. You deliberately fail all your courses, because "it's easier to imitate Usagi/Serena than Ami/Amy"!
5866. You dream for a 'Dream Mirror'!
5867. You eat everything in sight, and get mad when you still gain weight!
5868. You eat everything like a total pig and insist "if Princess Serena/Selena/Serenity/Selenity can eat like this, so can I!"
5869. You hit your best friend, and when she complains, you state "Well, Rei/Raye would understand. It's how we show affection. Duh!"
5870. You know more Japanese than French simply from liking Sailor Moon, and French is your Second Language Class!
5871. You say, while reading this, (to quote 'The Simpsons' the show) "it's funny 'cause it's true." *
5872. You see a teenage boy with long black hair practicing Judo, and ask him why he isn't at the temple!
5873. You spend every afternoon at your parent's house, because you don't have cable, and Sailor Moon is more important then the news!
5874. You spend more time on the computer reading Sailor Moon fan-fiction then you do going to school!
5875. You study everything, every single day, even though you graduated collage three years ago. When asked why, you state, "Ami/Amy would!"
5876. You think every thing on every 'YKYWTMSM' or 'YKYOWSM' list you ever seen are hilarious! *
5877. You think the astronomers got it wrong when they put the planets in order!
5878. You think the reason Saturn doesn't have her own mineral (Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium) is because she's only really in two seasons!
5879. You think your cat is Luna and is just not talking!
5880. You try to rip out your Mom's heart, in hopes it's a pure, crystal one!
5881. You wonder if you will ever return to the moon!
5882. You wonder if your brother's best friend will ever create an evil doll factory!
5883. You won't eat ANY cake after seeing episode 69!
5884. You won't eat any carrots, milk, yellowtail tuna, etc. after reading your first set of senshi/scout profiles!
5885. You won't go to the Zoo, for fear Eiru/Ail/Earl/Al/Ali/Allan/Alan/Alen/Allen and Ann/An/Enn/En's Lion will eat you!
5886. Your boyfriend tells you you're a freak, then dumps you and you are absolutely positive he is really receiving nightmares from his future self!
5887. Your brother hates you because you are forever calling him Sammy/Shingo, even though his name is Emanuel!
5888. Your daughter hates you because you call her 'Spore' and 'Fungus' as terms of affection!
5889. Your doctor tells you that NO; you don't have a 'Starseed'!
5890. Your parents know the Sailor Moon theme song by heart! *
5891. Your entire family knows the Sailor Moon theme song by heart! *
5892. You are more of a Moonie then Takeuchi Naoko!
5893. Your friends are more Moonie then Takeuchi Naoko, simply from your influence!
5894. Your mom says you can't get a cat so you paint a mouse black, put a crescent moon sticker on it's head, and say it's Luna transformed by the NegaVerse/Dark Kingdom!
5895. Your mother buys you a completed doll set of the Inners and you get upset because you don't have the Outers too! *
5896. Your mother screams at you that for the tenth time in the last four hours that NO, she can't buy you a 'Ginzuishou'!
5897. After listening to your mother, you KNOW she is from some evil cabal that's keeping the Ginzuishou for themselves!
5898. After listening to your doctor, you feel left out!
5899. Your only friend is a floating (don't ask me how) black ball that, when you are feeling particularly depressed, you imagine becomes anything you want.
5900. You actually believe it can become anything you want!
5901. You actually DO!
5902. It actually DOES become anything you want!
5903. Your only friends are girls who, for some odd reason, can eat anything, and still look great.
5904. Your second-cousin-three-times-removed, who lives in Albania, knows the entire BSSM/SM story!
5905. Your second-cousin-three-times-removed, who lives in Albania, is more of a Moonie then Takeuchi Naoko, simply from your letters!
5906. You're reading this on commercial breaks from you fifth Sailor Moon marathon the week!
5907. You're still on last week's marathon!
5908. You've seen one or more seasons three or four times straight through and you STILL watch it/them!*

Submitted to Ykywtmsmw Compilation by Reynir Stefansson <reynirhs@mi.is>

5909. You and your cat duet to the Sailor Moon music.
5910. You replace your SM tapes (and the VCR) once a month due to wear.
5911. Your mother dyes her hair violet and your first response is "Ikuko-san?"
5912. You look for online Shinto courses so you can start your own shrine.
5913. You put a Vanessa-Mae CD on and imagine Michiru is playing.
5914. ...it's a Jascha Heifetz CD.
5915. Someone mentions 'racing' and 'the Suzuka track' and you think of Haruka.
5916. You look for Haruka in every clip you see from the Suzuka track.
5917. You read everything you can find about Minato City just because that's where the Azabu Juban district is.
5918. You read Minato Times every month on the web in hope of finding Sailor Moon stuff.
5919. You read every SM-related story on fanfiction.net.
5920. You read every SM-related thread on the Addventure.
5921. You wish you were Ranma in the Lust Dust thread (where he wound up with all five Inners).
5922. You wish you were Ranma in the Lemon Flu thread (where he got Pluto, Uranus and Saturn).
5923. You place all fanfic you've read in an offline library so you can read it again without logging on.
5924. You learn to use wget so you can grab entire SM web sites and browse them offline. You're just backing them up, you know...
5925. You run a nightly cron script that auto-updates your offline library with new chapters so you need only sit down in the morning and start reading.
5926. You build a Linux server dedicated to serving you your Sailor Moon content and updating same for you so you can spend more time shopping for SM merchandise.
5927. You build another Linux computer to use as your desktop because you can customize literally everything to fit your SM-oriented lifestyle. (Sounds better than "SM obsession"!)
5928. You buy a Linux palmtop because you *know* you can customize it to look and *act* like the Mercury Computer.
5929. You customize a Sony Vaio to look like the Mercury Computer.
5930. You grep the kernel source code for everything, anything, SM-related.
5931. You learn C just so you can write a dedicated smvwm (Sailor Moon Virtual Window Manager) for your Linux computer.
5932. You hack Sailor Moon quotes into the source for each and every program on your Linux box.
5933. You build an en_SM locale for your Linux box.
5934. All you've ever done with timidity is render Sailor Moon MIDI files to MP3s.
5935. You change the shutdown sound on every Windows computer you see to akuryo-taisan.wav.
5936. You exaggerate your computer exploits or make them up, solely to match them to a YKYOWSMW list.
5937. You become a certified martial arts sensei so you can go to Juban and teach the Senshi.
5938. You trawl through ecchi and hentai sites because they appeared in your Google searches for Sailor Moon.
5939. Your vocabulary is peppered with otaku-Japanese and you don't notice it.
5940. ...your friends don't notice it either.
5941. Your fellow SM otaku make up ykywtmsmw entries about you.
5942. You miss your own wedding because there's an SM marathon on TV.
5943. You see NGE on TV and wonder if Third Impact is the coming Big Disaster.
5944. You see Love Hina and think that Uranus oughta learn the God's Cry sword school.
5945. You see Ranma and want Jupiter to take courses at the Tendo Dojo.
5946. ... wonder if Akane and Ami are related.
5947. ... wonder if Ranma would make a good husband for a Senshi.
5948. You see Tenchi Muyo and wonder if Katsuhito knows Grandpa Hino.
5949. You see Macross and wonder if the Senshi would be more effective at fighting evil if they got VF-1 Valkyries.
5950. You wouldn't notice if a real Senshi/Scout walked by because your eyes are glued to the telly.
5951. You wonder why "Athlon Computing Power MAKE UP!" doesn't work as your henshin phrase (...or was it "Super Star Destroyer Power"? ...no, it must have been "Caterpillar Turbo Diesel Power" then).
5952. You hear the Kraftwerk oldie "Computer Love" and Sailor Mercury comes to mind.
5953. MSWindows crashes yet again and you wonder if Microsoft is a DK outpost.
5954. ... that MS is SM reversed just serves to convince you further.
5955. DK means Dark Kingdom and not Dorling Kindersley (a UK book publisher).
5956. You can't wait to see Makoto/Lita on Rachael Ray.
5957. You mope because Rachael Ray doesn't have long black hair.
5958. You dedicate your Kraftwerk/OMD album collection to Ami/Amy.
5959. You insist Minako/Mina wrote "Love Shine A Light" for Katrina and the Waves.
5960. You start a motion that the caduceus (symbol of the medical profession) be replaced by the Silence Glaive.
5961. You name your honeymoon resort Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.
5962. "The Senshi" or "the Scouts" is a group of nine teenaged girls, nothing more, nothing less.
5963. You view the world through Sailor-Moon's-hair-coloured glasses.
5964. Your whole life is SM-themed.
5965. You just *know* you'd make a good spouse for a Senshi.
5966. You just *know* your favourite Senshi wants to be with *you* forever.

From http://seramyuantics.takaginaosama.com/myufun/ykylsmtmw.htm (SeraMyu Antics)

You Know You Love SeraMyu Too Much When...

5967. You have SeraMyu related dreams.
5968. You print out pictures of your favorite SeraMyu actress/actor and cover your walls.
5969. Someone asks you who Usagi's seiyuu is and you can't remember, except that it's one of five people...
5970. You take 350 screenshots from Last Dracul and send them to your online friends.
5971. You've considered writing to Ono Hikari and asking her to send you her pink pants.
5972. You get butterflies in your stomach every time your favorite actress/actor walks on stage...and you've already watched the musical fifty times!
5973. You buy the same style clothing that your favorite actress always wears in rehearsal.
5974. You would pay twice as much as it costs to see the actual musical just to sit in and watch the photoshoots.
5975. You own hundreds of dollars worth of SeraMyu merchandise (videos, books, CDs, Sailormoon World stuff, etc.) and you've never even been to Japan!
5976. You've considered visiting Japan for the sole purpose of seeing a musical live.
5977. If you were on your deathbed your last request would be for your favorite actress/actor to be with you in your last moments.
5978. Your fanfiction and fanart has turned to SeraMyu instead of the anime and manga.
5979. You've become almost as obsessed with the actress who plays your favorite Senshi as you are with that Senshi!
5980. You can't help thinking that there will never be an actress in SeraMyu cuter than Marina.
5981. You think the music in SeraMyu is way better than anything the anime composers could have ever come up with.
5982. You own every single original musical video and DVD, despite the insane prices.
5983. You build a website confessing your love for SeraMyu.
5984. You have debates with your friends about whether or not certain songs are live or recorded.
5985. You've created silly but loving nicknames for the majority of the cast.
5986. Someone asks you what your favorite episode of Sailormoon is and you automatically reply "Transylvania no Mori!"
5987. You've searched and searched, but you just can't find any flights to Kaguya Island. Too bad, because you refuse to take a boat.
5988. You have serious nightmares about Black Lady singing "Black Moon Signal."

From http://seramyuantics.takaginaosama.com/forum/index.php (SeraMyu Antics Forum)

You Know You Love SeraMyu Too Much When...

5989. You re-watch myu as if they were regular anime episodes, even when they last an hour and a half longer... (Kappa)
5990. You know all the actress's names from first stage to fourth stage. (MizunoAmi)
5991. You call them by their first names. (MizunoAmi)
5992. You try to find all the info you can about your favorite Myu actress (MizunoAmi)
5993. You only have one Myu, but you watch it all the time and the scenes still make you laugh/cry/die. (MizunoAmi)
5994. You make Myu costumes for the characters. (MizunoAmi)
5995. You dream about being in a musical. (Sui)
5996. You pour over dozens of photos for hours looking for every last detail for a cosplay. (Sui)
5997. You dream of wearing that said cosplay to watch a live myu performance. (Sui)
5998. One of your nicknames is your favorite Myu actress' name. (yuhka)
5999. You know all the lyrics to your favorite musical, even ones sung by your least favorite characters. (yuhka)
6000. Although it's a creepy song, you know all the lyrics to "Black Moon Signal" (yuhka)

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