YKYWTMSMW PAGE 13 (6000 - 6500)
6001. When you are really angry or upset, you play "Black Moon Signal" repeatedly (yuhka)
6002. You join a forum and post about ways to tell you love Sera Myu too much (Peridot) 
6003. You would rather cuddle up with your favorite myu than a boyfriend/girlfriend (Peridot)
6004. You watch a particular song so many times that you can learn the dance. (Venus_Princess)
6005. You are deeply hurt, when your lover/friend tries to suggest that Anza's fuku/wig looks funny in the first musicals. (Usako) 
6006. Maybe you didn't like Anza/Fumina/Miyuki/Marina at first, but now if someone tries to insult them, you`ll be right there to finish them!! (Usako) 
6007. You watch Shin Kaguya Shima's service numbers(LINK!!!!!!) 24/7 and do the "tsubasa ni kaete"-thing when you see a mirror...then cry & whine about "not getting it right". (Usako)
6008. When you make the soundtrack to your life as a movie, the following songs show up, (maybe more than once and maybe more than the ones listed): Salad Time, Bloody Mystery, Fire, Link, La Soldier, Lonely Distance, You're My Jewellery, Tuxedo Versus, Innocent Demand, Koi no Senshi ja irenai, Drive me the Mercury, It's Great To Be Young, Prince of The Earth, Chasin' After You, and Solar Miracle Make Up. (Ai no Shinobi) 
6009. You throw a Sera Myu Party and try to con people into coming. Once arrived, you will immobilize them and force them to enjoy the myu goodness. (Ai no Shinobi)
6010. You have a favorite wig. (Venus_Princess)
6011. When someone asks you who your favorite actress, you answer, "You wouldn't know her, she's from Japan..." (Venus_Princess) 
6012. ...or you go right out and say, "It's ______!!! I LOVE HER!!!" even though people go, "Who?!" (Venus_Princess) 
6013. You watch with an eagle eye, searching for mistakes, and when you find one, you watch that scene just to see that mistake. (Venus_Princess) 
6014. You constantly get into an arguement with a fellow Sera Myu friend over who's the best actor/actress for particular characters. (Venus_Princess)
6015. You've done the dance to "Chikyuu Iro wa Salad Time" or some other equally crazy public. (Venus_Princess)
6016. You sing "Innocent Demand" for your school's talent show...and they actually LIKE IT! (TakagiNaoSama)
6017. You play Sims and have Myu skins(= clothing & face). For example, I currently have Marina and Chieko living together. 8) In their "on stage" clothing, ofcourse... (Usako)
6018. When it makes you cry! (TheWretchedOne)
6019. You ask family members who know nothing about Myu for Myu for cristmas and go insane tring to describe exsactly what you want(....god it was insane tring to get them to get them for me......but I did *hugs them*) (Yayamaya)
6020. While listening to your Wicked soundtrack, when it gets to the part about "like some terrible green blizzard throughout the land she flies", the only thought you have in your mind is a certain violin playing senshi in a particular SuperS musical.... (usachan)
6021. You have a playlist of your favorite SeraMyu songs! (unmei_no_seramun)
6022. You can pick out the Moon when you listen to a group recording! (unmei_no_seramun)
6023. You name your dog in Nintendogs Momoko (Yayamaya)
6024. you record yourself dancing to la soldier (Yayamaya)
6025. You're looking at gallery pictures and you're giggling like a maniac. You eventually get to a picture of Anza and Yuuta *SQUEAL AND GLOMPS* and you giggle again to the point of your mother asking what you're doing. (Queen Galaxia)
6026. Whenever you say demand you have the strangest urge to say "innocent demando" instead of just plain ol' demand. (Queen Galaxia)
6027. You take the time to put all the Sera Myu actresses/actors birthdays down in a specific calendar. (Nao Tenou)
6028. You walk into another room, start singing Hare Hare & doing the hand motions from the video... Though that might just be lovin' Antics too much. (Nessa)
6029. Whenever someone says something about flying, you immediately need to jump in and make a Flying-Neptune joke. (Queen Galaxia)
6030. You find out Kasahara Ryuji was a seiyuu and the character he played came out with a single and you proceed to hunt it down. (Lithium_Kitsune)
6031. People have stopped asking you what songs you are humming to yourself when they see you skipping down the hallway/supermarket isle/cubicles/general public vicinity/prison cells because they know very well you are humming something from the Seramyu. These people also know better now than to ask you to sing it for them because you WILL burst into song and dance with the lights, the backup, the costumes, the EVERYTHING for them and you won't pretend you haven't practiced this in your room/bathroom/basement/classroom eleven billion times already. (Queen Galaxia)
6032. When you see a muy sprite and are able to tell which actress/actor it is (Yayamaya)
6033. You forget that yellow,pink,green,blue ext. aren't natural hair colors after watching so much myu. (Yayamaya)
6034. You're at your locker, having Innocent Demand in your head, someone suddenly says to someone else, "Oh yeah, that's sexy!" and you think, "Hikari?" (Queen Galaxia)
6035. You have difficulty pronouncing "jewelry" because you seem to keep saying "ju-e-ri" instead of "jewel-ry." (Well, at least "jueri" is prettier sounding). (Queen Galaxia)
6036. You have to do a project on genetics and you name everyone on the chart after Myu actresses/actors. (Yayamaya)
6037. You accidentally run a red light and you think the reason is because your mind was thinking of Seramyu things. (Queen Galaxia)

(Sailor Moon Uncensored Forums) - as on April 17, 2007

6038. You think someone is after your dream mirror. (supersailorearth)
6039. Every time you see a bad driver you think Eugeal is at it again. (supersailorearth)
6040. You believe that the nearest high standard school is the location of a group of people trying to bring evil to destroy the world to earth by stealing your pure heart crystal. (supersailorearth)
6041. You compose little prayers to mentally address Sailor Moon during difficult moments of your life. (Anton-P)
6042. You stare fondly at the moon at night, and subconsciously start slowly whistling "Moonlight Densetsu". (Lightweight)
6043. When you're watching the anime, you get an Usagi-like craving for sweets and food. (Lightweight)
6044. Whenever you introduce yourself, you throw rose petals in front of you. (Lightweight)
6045. When every song you hear, no matter which genre it is, or which language it's on, or WHO sings it, you feel it has a tie-in with Sailor Moon in it somewhere. (Lightweight)

Additions to an incomplete fork of v5 by sailormoon9993

6042. You buy a heart shaped compact with wings on it and say "Moon Eternal, Make Up!" hoping to
become Eternal Sailor Moon.
6043. You draw a picture of Sailor Moon's tiara, cut it out and say "Moon Tiara Action!"
6044. You think the Moon Kingdom will be rebuilt.
6045. You see Sailor Moon everywhere, even in the trash you see her!
6046. You buy a bow and arrow, light it on fire, throw it and shout "Mars Flame Sniper!"

From ways to know you love sailormoon, a book by yamiserenity, submitted & updated on May 7, 2007
Provided by Fanart Central:

6047. You start to call your cat Luna/Artemis.
6048. You get two pet crows and name them Phobos and Deimos.
6049. You start to memorize every single episode line by line in English/Japanese.
6050. You have over 1,000 pictures on your hard drive.
6051. Your desktop theme is ALL Sailormoon.
6052. You and your friends start calling each other the character's names.
6053. You start acting like them.
6054. You start to laugh like Zoisite.
6055. You say, "Ai to seigi no, sera bishoujo senshi Sailormoon, tsukini kawatte oshioki yo" to strangers.
6056. You put your hair in odango(meatballs).
6057. You start to take pictures of yourself doing the senshi's moves.
6058. You start seeing Tuxedo Kamen in your dreams.
6059. Everytime you want a cookie you say, "But I want a cookie."
6060. You start to believe the characters are real people.
6061. Your theme: The Moon.
6062. Your favorite flower all of a sudden becomes a rose.
6063. You start to take a can opener and pretend your Sailorsaturn.
6064. 8 words "But I wanna be the pansy pink star."
6065. You start to be late to school and everything you do, everyday.
6066. You start saying "let's/gotta book it."
6067. You act like Ann by reading Siren's mind, but to others you pretend to drain their energy.
6068. You take a deck of cards and say to your friends, "Pick a cardian, any cardian."
6069. You take your wire whisk and pretend it is the moon scepter.
6070. You take up flute lesson's just to play Ail's(Alan's) song.
6071. You take Ice cubes and throw them saying, "Shabon Spray Freezing!".
6072. You plant a tree and call it the Doom Tree.
6073. You light a match and see if you can read fire.
6074. You take a bell and ring it saying, "Twinkle Yell!".
6075. You get strips of paper and throw them saying, "Aku Ryo Tai San (Mars Fireballs Charge)!".
6076. You see your mom and say, "I feel a strange force here...An Evil one!".
6077. You start believing everyone is from the Dark Force (Negaverse).
6078. People start to believe your a Sailor senshi.
6079. You believe you are a Sailor senshi.
6080. You get a small locket and pretend you are Sailormoon transforming.
6081. You take a pen and try to transform into a Sailor senshi.
6082. You go to a music box shop and ask them to make the star locket for you.
6083. You color your hair like Ann or Ail's.
6084. You watch Sailormoon everyday even though you've seen the episode 200 times already.
6085. You start to wear a turban on your head and throw white roses.
6086. You start to eat like Usagi.
6087. You go crazy trying to find Sailormoon stuff.
6088. You drive your friends and family nuts.
6089. You memorize the songs in English/Japanese.
6090. You start to tell everyone that you came to Earth in a bubble.
6091. You tell people that you are a princess/prince from a planet in space.
6092. You go up to your boyfriend/girlfriend and tell him/her "Venus Love Me Chain!".
6093. When it's thundering and lightning outside; you say, " Mom!, Jupiter is at it again!"
6094. When lightning begins to crash you say "Supreme Thunder!"
6095. You say to every guy you see, "He looks like my old sempai!"
6096. Your worried if Makoto was OK, after first hearing about those comet fragments hitting Jupiter.
6097. You tape a banana to a stick and run around yelling "Moon Healing Escalation!"
6098. When you get a bad grade on a test, you go up to your teacher with your carved pencil/pen and shout
"In the name of the Moon I will punish you!!"
6099. A while back you were found in a thunderstorm wearing an aluminum hat jumping up and down and
shouting "Supreme Thunder!"
6100. You go to every place that sells Chocolate parfaits in your town then put up a sign saying you have
them all hoping that you will finally find Naru (Molly).
6101. You throw a party and you only serve hot cocoa, squid-on-a-stick, donuts, meatballs, vanilla-prune
shakes, curry, muffins, cherry pie and weight gain bars to everyone.
6102. You actually begin to like Naru's, Laurie's and Cooans' (Catzys) voices.
6103. You grab every pen you come across, hold it up in the air, and shout "Moon power! Turn me into a
beautiful princess! ni nare."
6104. While driving a car, every time you turn on the headlights, you shout "Crescent Beam!".
6105. You single handily try to bring all the Sailormoon fans at your school together, to establish a "Save
Our Sailors" campaign.
6106. When you walk into the local arcade, you immediately look for the "Sailor V" game.
6107. You try to talk your girlfriend into letting her hair grow 5 feet long, and doing it up in Usagi's style.
6108. On a hot day, you go outside and shout "Deep Submerge" at the sun.
6109. You dream of Mamoru/Usagi as your boyfriend/girlfriend.
6110. You dream about one of the senshi as your girlfriend.
6111. You try to put out fires by yelling "Shine Aqua Allusion!"
6112. You learn to cut glass so you can make the "Ginzuishou" (Imperium Silver Crystal) to put on your
Moon Wand.
6113. Once every week, you do a search for any traces that time had stopped, to see if Sailorpluto had
stopped by.
6114. On a bad hair day, you grab a pen and shout (senshi's name) Crystal Power...Make Up!!!
6115. Right before a big test, you go to an observatory and consult the stars for the answers.
6116. Shinto temples have hired guards to keep you out, because you think Rei is hiding in there.
6117. The Sailormoon voice actors/actresses have restraining orders against you.
6118. Every time you see someone who you think looks odd, you tell your friends "I'm getting weird vibes
from him!" just like the weird vibes the senshi get.
6119. You steal a control chip from the schools engineering room, and hope that the negative energy
flowing from the teachers will eventually stop.
6120. You take gemstones thinking they are rainbow crystals and hope they will all form the Ginzuishou
6121. The neighbors are scared of you since they've been seeing you on the roof every time it rains, with a
radio antenna strapped to your forehead, yelling "Supreme Thunder"
6122. You put up want ad posters looking for the senshi thinking you're a lost senshi.
6123. You buy a purple and a white cat, and glue yellow paper moons to their foreheads making them your
guardian cats.
6124. You get a bottle of bubbles and blow them while screaming "Shabon Spray."
6125. You buy golden bracelets and hope you can zap people and take their star seeds.
6126. You make Naoko think she should have never made Sailormoon.
6127. You capture the creators of Sailormoon and make them draw in characters to look like you so you are
a sailor senshi!
6128. You do a thorough research on unicorns hoping you can find a unicorn with a golden horn.
6129. You try to convince your teachers to change the timetable and make lessons on Sailormoon instead of
Math, English and Science.
6130. You can answer all the questions in my Sailormoon quiz.
6131. You worship Sailormoon and the other Senshi.
6132. You refere Sailormoon as "Our Queen".
6133. You can think of 100 more things to add to this list.
6134. You actually bothered to read everything written in this list.
6135. You can name every Sailormoon website on the web.

From various threads

6136. You believe that Christian "Serenity Prayer" actually is addressed to Neo Queen Serenity.
6137. (This one is more for general anime watching) Your dreams are cell-shaded. (Dan)
6138. (This one is more SM-related) You dream about fighting youma at the movies... and doing the whole
6139. You watch to much sailor moon when you think about it all the day long (new_york)
6140. Whenever someone mentions marriage and children, you picture yourself with someone from the
show...and then wonder what a half-"real", half-anime baby would look like. (mercury22)
6141. I know I watched too much Sailor Moon, when I looked at a SM timeline (so many years ago when I
on the internet) and counted my blessings that the world didn't end on several occassions throughout the 90s.
I was bowing to my Sailor Moon poster for hours going "thankyou! thankyou!thankyou!thankyou!
thankyou!" (Lady Aino, 2008)
6142. (parodying Christian fundamentalism) you're converted from straight to gay (Rika-Chicchi)
6143. Your mother asks: "If Sailor Moon jumped off a bridge, would you?!" You remind her that Sailor
Moon DID jump off a bridge, into a time warp. And had you been there at the time, you would certainly
have followed. (Salem Saberhagen)
6144. You talk to your cat. I talk to mine. Daily. (Clow)
6145. You start calling your cat Luna. (Clare Gundersen)
6146. You blame everything on chiba to the point of making memes about it (Prince Rose)
6147. You make countless Fan Fics lol (Ryo Urawa)
6148. You assume any snow storms are being caused by Princess Snow Kaguya and when the warm
weather returns, it's because the Sailor Guardians saved the day. (Neon Genesis)
6149. You can't go a single day of the year without watching an episode of Sailor Moon, listening to a
Sailor Moon podcast, checking forums and Sailor Moon Twitter accounts, or watching YouTube videos. (this
is sadly me right now). (Neon Genesis)
6150. You stay up late to 5:00 a.m. to live tweet all the latest updates about Sailor Moon Crystal (I've also
done this). (Neon Genesis)
6151. You go to anything the voice actors are participating in just to get their autograph. (kikyo hino)
6152. When you start humming the OP. (CureNa11)
6153. You thought that the Pokémon Go fad just was a trick of the Dark Kingdom (or Negaverse or
whatever). (Eldsjäl)
6154. You refer to Sailor Moon lore when in political debates with people. (MariaTenebre)
6155. When your 3 year old is being a turd and you take off your SM belt and (jokingly) tell him, "In the
name of the Moon, I'll punish you!" (mydnyghtamethyst)
6156. Also when he wants to watch the show and "see" the Sailor Guardians on your phone AKA play
Sailor Moon Drops. (mydnyghtamethyst)
6157. You paint (or dye) your cat's fur black, glue a crescent moon on its/her forehead and start calling
it/her "Luna". (Onuzim Ima)
6158. However, if you favor Artemis instead, you could hopefully keep it white. (Onuzim Ima)
6159. You propose at NASA HQ for the next Moon Mission, just for getting to see the ruins of the Lunar
Castle. (Onuzim Ima)
6160. You try to have a frilly notebook to write down Sm stuffs,including those ykywtmsmw jokes (i try to
do it too) (litacan)
6161. Try to name your daughter after a Sailor guardian, I mean I would not doubt about it.

By Onuzim Ima

6162. If you put your head through Grandma's antique wardrobe mirror 'cause you believe
Nehellenia/Pegasus could be hiding inside - And then you wonder about the shards and all that blood (That's
an original one I recently came up with in case you're asking)
6163. If your school grades are so bad you're running around all over the city, desperately asking for some
'Crystal Seminar' (Same here)

From’s YKYWTMSMW entry:

6164. You found a way to paint your room the "Salad Time" color.


By Lady Delphi (unless noted), July 2005
YKYWTMSM(and you’re Wiccan!) When...

6165. Your purification ritual is visualized as a henshin sequence
6166. You have computer print-outs of Sailor Mars (fire) Sailor Mercury (water) Sailor Jupiter (earth) and
Sailor Venus (air) placed at their respective places on your alter.
6167. You consider Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion "the Lord and Lady"
6168. You're the only Sailor Moon fan who noticed, and is greatly upset by the Saturn/Pluto mythology
mix-up. (and have read Antie's article to try to make sense of it all)
6169. You have at one time used one of Usagi's brooch designs, as your personal craft symbol.
6170. You scryed during a past life meditation, but for some reason the words "Silver Millennium" kept
popping up.
6171. You try to convince your fellow craft members that a sailor fuku counts as "ritual garb".
6172. Rei Hino, has been your favorite character at some point.
6173. While mirror scrying has always worked for you in the past, you suddenly very very much want to
learn the finer points of fire scrying. (this can be despite whether or not you have a feasible way to build, or
put out said fire)
6174. You can now say "Ak ryo.. Tai San!" like a pro.
6175. Although you are a gaijin who live no where near Japan, it has become your new priority to study the
Shinto religion.
6176. Being pagan made you a Sailor Moon fan.
6177. When you heard that Naoko was interested about learning about real witchcraft/wicca from her San
Diego Comic Convention interview, you actually considered flying to Japan and tutoring her yourself.
6178. Being a Sailor Moon fan made you pagan.
6179. You actually bought the German-made Sailor Moon tarot deck.
6180. You became so upset at the inaccuracy of this deck, that you made up your own mythologically
correct version.
6181. You think that with your Bandai Crescent Moon wand, as long as you attach a quartz crystal to it at
the end with some copper, you'd be able to use it as a working ritual wand.
6182. You once got your coven very pissed off at you, because you once said by accident "... and blessed
be the Goddess Basset, from the planet Mau."
6183. Although you once had trouble memorizing the planets astrological signs and their mystical
attributes, you now have no trouble at all thanks your new favorite show!
6184. You consider being a Wiccan anime fan a "double minority".
6185. Your Wiccan friends are annoyed when you make anime references.
6186. Your anime fan friends are annoyed when you make Wiccan references while watching anime.
6187. Your parents hope that anime would make you less into witchcraft. [or visa-versa, depending on
which one came first.]
6188. You actually know classical mythology and BSSM well enough to roll your eyes every time someone
mentions the wrong-headed "Saturn/Pluto mythology mix-up." (Diaphanus)

From a list of German fortunes at this site...
...which were translated to English here:

Translated by senshi of love

6189. You learn all day long so that you can be smart like Ami-chan.
6190. When you forget make your homework you stand on the hall with a bucket of water on your head
6191. you try to convince your parents that your little sister isn't really your sister, and that she just
hypnotizes you.
6192. You r going to Anime-meeting in your Sailor moon costume, then you saw somebody with exactly
the same costume as yours and then you say: "You won't get off with this, Zoicite!"
6193. You r in Iran on vacation and every man you see with a white mask on his face you ask: "Is that you
Tuxedo Mask?"
6194. You r begging your cat that she returns your memory back
6195. You throw the stove in air and you shout: "Fire Soul!"
6196. You start to learn Japanese so that you can watch the original series.
6197. When you turn your computer on the startup music is set on "Moon Prism Power".
6198. You draw a bunny on your lunch pack.
6199. You take a bus only when you r transformed in a stewardess or a kindergarten teacher.
6200. You go to meeting places but only when you r armed with soap bubbles things.
6201. You never live home without your blue sunglasses and a pocket calculator
6202. You suggest Reinhold Messner if he want to go with you on North Pole, so that you can fight against
the evil.
6203. Every time when you go on Street Parade you hope you will discover a Sailor Senshi, just because
she has a blue hair or wearing some hair accessories.
6204. You saw God in your dreams and he said to you: "No I won t make a Sailor Senshi of you! So stop
bothering me!"
6205. You are walking in smoking and throws red roses around you.
6206. You draw a Neptune symbol on your hand mirror hoping that you would transform in Sailor
6207. You tell your classmate: "Even if you have the best grades, still you r not so smart like Ami.
6208. You have a flu and you don't want take your medicine, cause you hope Sailor Venus will come to
heal you.
6209. Your friends abandoned you, because they can't listen your comparing with Sailor senshis anymore.
6210. You and your Japanese friend WWSMB (we want sailor moon back) want to start a campaign and
when it s obvious it wont work, you complain to rtl2.
6211. You during your class lessons draw Hotaru and your teacher come by and she said:"Oh, Sailor
6212. You every time when you see the moon you shout:" Moon Tiara Action!"
6213. You try to find a "Chanella" in animal encyclopedias.
6214. You v searched all places to find the Time Key.
6215. You believe that you v saved the world, but you can't remember and it s all your cats fault (poor cat).
6216. You r afraid to go to jeweler shops cause you think that somebody could take your life energy,
6217. You believe that you can actually see other people's dreams.
6218. You see Mamoru in all guys with black hair.
6219. You in stationery shop ask for Magic Pen.
6220. You r afraid of flowers cause you think they might transform into a demon.
6221. You and your 4 friends have gone in a search for princess.
6222. You named your horse Pegasus and you try to teach him how to fly.
6223. You try so hard to make those meatballs like Sailor moon has.
6224. You take one of your mum's broaches and you try to transform into Sailor moon (but nothing
6225. You think that every black cat you see in the street is actually Luna and that she is looking for you.
And you ask yourself, why your friend doesn't believe that when you tell her??
6226. You actually believe that Sailor senshis are real.
6227. You go with your friends to pasture and there you start yelling on cows, thinking actually that they r
evil. Then you try to summon the power of Saturn to beat them.
6228. You call your friend Artemis but he doesn't even hear you.
6229. Your friend comes by in a long black tuxedo and you put him a black hat on head, give him a white
cane and a white mask on his face, so that he looks just like Tuxedo Mask.
6230. You r looking for the crescent moon sign on your cats forehead and you wonder why can't she talk.
6231. You color your horse in white, you stick some wings on his back and a golden horn on his forehead,
so that you can prove that you capture Pegasus.
6232. You imagine that you r wearing a skirt.
6233. You r searching a team for your performance in Sailor Moon Live Action.
6234. You look for every Sailor moon fan art.
6235. You actually believe that you in your past life lived in the Moon Kingdom and now you r reborn.
6236. You named your transsexual friend "Seiya"
6237. You draw every day a moon symbol on your forehead.
6238. You believe that Sailor Sun, Galaxy and Earth really existing.
6239. You said the little girl from your neighborhood that you can see her future mother.
6240. You believe that you came from Saturn and you were sent to save the Earth.
6241. You want to draw a Sailor senshis on the walls.
6242. You make a driving license, buy a white- red Yamaha, fitting outfit and a helmet so you can drive
along the beach.
6243. You put a lemon on your violin when you play.
6244. You imagine that Haruka wake you up in morning.
6245. You r discussing the whole weekend about Haruka and Michiru with your friends.
6246. You have some really crazy ideas with your friend. You r planning take off your weight and cut your
hair so that you two can look together just like Haruka and Michiru.
6247. You decide to make a tattoo for your birthday and that will be the both symbols of Uranus and
6248. You start to talk with cats that have fur in shape of crescent moon.
6249. You every black or white cat that you see on street beg that she gives you a Transformation Pen.

Translated by silver-eyes

6250. You're going mad with happiness when you find out RTL2 is going to air Sailor Moon again. (Hey, I don't do that, what did you think? >.>" Yeeeees! ^_____^)
6251. You stick yellow tights to your hair only to look a bit more like Usagi.
6252. You try to find a crescent moon on your cat and then teach it how to talk
6253. You think your father is evil Dr.
6254. You try to teach your Astronomy teacher where the planet Nemesis is... And actually succeed to convince him!
6255. You are afraid to drive in a Ford GALAXY
6256. You say when you are 17: "I envy these young people..." (Michiru's quote from the German episode "Das Konzert". I also found a translation from Japanese, in which she actually said: "It's so nice to be young...")
6257. You scream at your ex in anger: "In the name of the Moon, i'll punish you!"
6258. You try to do everything EXACTLY like in the first episode of Sailor Moon, so that perhaps a cat would show up that you'd have to
6259. You get a tattoo of Saturn's symbol on your forehead, cut your hair shoulder-length and dye it black
6260. You understand what it's about, even after a million of episodes (?)
6261. You check every black cat in your town for a crescent moon on its forehead
6262. Nobody recognizes you, when you run around in sooo totally discreet Sailor Moon clothes
6263. Your friend has a white cat named Artemis
6264. You let your hair grow all the way to your butt
6265. You travel all the way to North Pole to seek the secret hideout of the evil kingdom
6266. You are jealous of your best friend because she got a Moon Scepter from her grandfather, and you didn't
6267. Your name is DOC and you thought of more than 300 entries for YKYWTMSMW...
6268. You get your grandmother to cut her sea-green skirt shorter, so she could make you a Sailor Neptune costume
6269. You record numerous of Haruka and Michiru episodes, because you like the pairing so much, even though you already know all the episodes by heart and they are slowly even not amusing you anymore
6270. You cut your hair short and dye it blue to look like Ami
6271. You paint a spiral shape on your umbrella and try to hypnotize your friends and family
6272. You cancel all your dates on Saturday evening and decide to spend the night with chinese food, watching Sailor Moon DVD's until you meet your father at 6 am in the morning on the way to toilet and scream in his face: "In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"
6273. If you print out every single image of Sailor Moon, until you literally own a gallery
6274. You convince your 3 friends to grow their hair long, get up on the stage and sing
6275. You visit all the possible stores and boutiques in search for a bikini that looks like Sailor Starlight's outfit
6276. You reject to call Usagi Bunny or Serena
6277. You keep screaming: "Moon Tiara Action!"
6278. When you were in 5th grade, you kept waiting for your cat to start talking and to tell you that you had to save the world
6279. You accidentally find a black-grey-blue cat, decide to keep it and call her Luna
6280. You wrap yourself in a white sheet, to look like the Moonlight Knight. And while you talk, you put a hand over your mouth, to sound exactly like him.
6281. You saw a woman who looked exactly like Haruka, you spoke to her, and now you two are a couple that looks exactly like Haruka and Michiru
6282. You stick a moon-shaped sticker on your cat's forehead
6283. You are convinced that your are to become a queen in few years and get a daughter that you will name Chibiusa
6284. You dress up like Sailor Moon, even though you are a guy, and enjoy it
6285. You stick a moon on your forehead and insist on being called "Princess" or "Serenity"
6286. You think your cousin has a cowbell that she can use to call a flying horse named Pegasus
6287. You avoid the mathematical genius from your school, because he is actually a youma and can see the future
6288. You spend hours looking for a fanfic on the net that you had accidentally found before, and then yell because you can't find it: "In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you if I don't find that fanfic!"
6289. You realize, that you REALLY watch too much Sailor Moon
6290. Every time you see a missing person poster, you think it had to be Zoisite with his black crystal...
6291. You buy a motorcycle exactly like the one Haruka has, and then crash as soon as you get on because you don't know a thing about motorcycles.
6292. You become a lesbian, desperately try to look like Haruka and keep looking for a girl named Michiru to declare your love to her
6293. You are scared to death of your sister's singing sunflower, because you are afraid it would do something to you if only you looked at it
6294. You think that long veils are not kitschy
6295. You have an extra stomach for chocolate cakes
6296. You desperately try to convince your friends that they are chosen warriors, and that they should help you - their princess - with mathematics
6297. You have seen the first season
6298. You become lazy, you begin to eat too much and daydream all the time
6299. You mumble something like: "Beautiful... this agony before destruction" when you finish your Math homework

Translated by new_york

You watch to much Sm when:

6300. You are trying to download all Sailor moon pictures from the web
6301. You are tryign to put a gold "stick"on your horse and you are wondering why doesnt he apear in your dreams.
6302. When you cant concentrate on anything else besides Mamoru and Usagi
6303. Instead of a man you see a women on the moon
6304. You believe that on the next corner Mamoru will show up and bump up into you
6305. When you sit on your Pc until 5 pm in the night and do stuff related to Sailor Moon
6306. When you have Sailor moon pics on your I-pod
6307. when you have sm songs on your I-pod
6308. When you believe that Britney Spears with"evrytime i try to fly ,i fall" was thinking about sailor moon.
6309. When you go to sleep and still think about sailor moon.
6310. When you hook up a white cat with a black one.
6311. When you will almost cry because you dont have the posters of Mamoru and Usagi and when you scream of happines when you find one the next day.
6312. when you use 10 sailor moon nick names on the various chat rooms.
6313. When you take a broche(the thing wich sm can transform into a model and other stuff)and try to transform with it into sm.
6314. When you go into the star light express and you start crying because the yaten,taiki and seiya where not there.
6315. When you could argue all day long why seiya fit better with usagi then mamoru.
6316. When you fly to japan and look for Usagi and the rest.
6317. When you run all day long in your sm clothes.
6318. When you let your hair grow until the flor so that you can wear your hair like usagi.
6319. When you dress up in a white dress and say that from this moment your name is Serenity.
6320. When you choose astronomie in your school because you want to learn the teleporter to other planets.
6321. When you run around in your smoking and throw roses around you.
6322. When while playing basketball you always starts yelling "luna p- transfom".
6323. When you see the moon you say"moon healing escalation"
6324. When you belive that you once saved the world and you forgott everything and that its your cats fault.
6325. When see Mamoru in every darkhaired guy
6326. When you call your horse pegasus and try to fly with him trough the air

Translated by Dan:

6327. You start making half-moon bald spots on all the cats you meet.
6328. On your 18th birthday, you go directly to a tattooist and get the signs of Neptune and Uranus on your left and right upper arms.
6329. You ask any black or white cat you see on the street to give you a magic pen.
6330. You give someone a trophy that looks like the Holy Grail, thinking that Mistress 9 will appear.
6331. After watching the live action series, you raid the TV network, looking for everything to do with the show, including the diaries of the actresses.
6332. Check to see if you've done everything on this list.
6333. Go to all the car races you can, hoping to spot Haruka.
6334. Are a teacher and want one of your students to dye their hair like Michiru and wear a serafuku to the swimming carnival, assuming that said student will win.
6335. You're the swimming team coach and as you take your students into the first pool, you imagine a ball-shaped piece of water rise up and you shout "Deep Submerge!"
6336. You forget the colour of your walls because they're covered by Sailor Moon posters.
6337. Your friends try to filter your internet and TV to remove everything relating to Sailor Moon in order to stop your addiction. You see them doing it, but when you confront them, you pretend you saw it in your hand mirror.
6338. Naoko asks you to finish the series for her, ending with Haruka and Michiru getting married.
6339. You've never played darts, but you manage to get 100 points by placing a picture of your least favourite villain over the bullseye.
6340. Someone tries to trick you, but fails and when they ask how you knew what was happening, you pull out a mirror and claim that you can see all through your mirror.
6341. Your girlfriend drops her pen, but before she picks it up, you say "Stop, it is your choice whether you take the pen, but if you do, and use it when it's in your hand, your life will change forever."
6342. You know what to do if someone says "I hate the sea."
6343. You go to the beach and play violin pieces.
6344. You notice that everyone in the area hides whenever you pick up a glass of water.
6345. Whenever you're in a cathedral, you're careful that no arrows fly through the windows and hit you.
6346. Your girlfriend constantly asks if the wind is blowing the right way.
6347. You scream "Die you b****!" if you see Eugeal on the TV.
6348. You shout "By the power of Neptune, I punish you!" or "Deep Submerge!" at people you hate.
6349. Your friends don't dare to say that Mercury is better than Neptune, since the last time that happened, everything got very wet, very quickly.
6350. Your Psychologist makes sure not to have a glass of water in his room when you visit.
6351. Your parents threaten to ban you from the telephone, TV and seeing your friends if you don't stop throwing water at everyone.
6352. Someone asks where you come from and you say "Neptune."
6353. In your dreams you are Haruka and Eugeal is always in your nightmares.
6354. Your friends go to a psychologist because they have a nervous breakdown every time you touch a glass of water.
6355. You throw a glass of water over the head of anyone who looks remotely like Eugeal.
6356. You read this list at least once a day.
6357. You try and change the name of your school to "Mugen Gakuen".
6358. Every day you spin around and shout "Neptune Power, Make Up!" and hope that you transform into Sailor Neptune.
6359. You throw a glass of water on your disgruntled parents and shout "Deep Submerge!"
6360. You are at sea and a huge wave approaches. You point at it and shout "Deep Submerge!"
6361. You stand in front of the stove and attempt to see the future.
6362. You call the TV channel Arte, Artemis and the channel Salomon, Sailor Moon.
6363. You and your boyfriend break up because you agree that it has to happen to protect you.
6364. You think that if you send enough letters to Mattel, they'll replace Barbie with Sailor Moon.
6365. You're afraid to go to a planetarium because you're afraid of the evil lurking there.
6366. You've already named the next Sailor Moon series even though it doesn't exist yet.
6367. You go to the same volleyball club as your 5 year old brother.
6368. You dress up as Sailor Moon and run around the garden killing "demons" (your younger brother and his friends).
6369. You suggest to random women in the city that they should wear a Sailor Jupiter costume.
6370. You think that a male singing trio that you know can turn into girls.
6371. You abandon your steak dinner when you hear that RTL2 is showing Sailor Moon again (???).

Translated by Mina_Chan:

6372. You demand that everyone should wear school uniforms at your school
6373. You start to throw red roses after all phantoms
6374. Your friends say you are "Sailor Moon fanatic" AND YOU TAKE IT AS AN COMPLIMENT
6375. You sit before an exam in school and suddenly jump up, hold your pen in the air and scream "Moon Power! Transform me into an omniscient student!"
6376. You only go out at full moon because during other moon phases you may could be hit by an crescent beam
6377. You are convienced that Tamagotchi is the newest trick of Jedite to drain energy from humans, ---- or it is Anne and Ail's new guardian, this time electrical, which never refuses an order
6378. You find yourself in a hospital because you were hit by a lightning
6379. You say instead of "May the force be with you" you say "May the force of the moon be with you"
6380. You walk along a pedestrian precinct with a laser pointer sticked at your index finger. When you start running and scream "Crescent Beam, Crescent Beam"
6381. You watch the whole Sailor Moon Classic season during one night
6382. You found a Zoisite fanclub
6383. You think "Super Sailor Mercury" is the same as "AMI PRO" (Mina_Chan: AMI PRO, an ancient word processor format/program)
6384. You organize a party where everyone hast to come in Sailor Moon costumes


By Mina_Chan
You know when you read too much Sailor V...

6385. You want to play volleyball again, but have no time to do it
6386. You got everytime when possible to spend blood to get a better person
6387. You think you have your own TV show
6388. You go into a game hall to play Sailor V
6389. You are scared of a japanese police officer because she might want you for the police because you have a second identity
6390. You go in every karaoke bar to make well your friend in hospital
6391. You think every guy you meet is the great love of your life
6392. The police starts to beg you to help them
6393. You suddenly search for your ribbons from childhood because you think they look way more cute as scrunchies
6394. You start to talk with your pen
6395. You let grow your hair till under your butt, color them blonde (if needed), you cut you an bang and only wear red, orange and yellow clothes with a blue pleated skirt
6396. You think every white cat is Artemis and you run screaming after them
6397. You are the holy ghost in the sky
6398. You only drink ACE-juice
6399. You always wake up too late and have to run for school too feel like Minako and to show your advantage is velocity
6400. You recognize in every animal an demon - especially in midges
6401. You buy bleach which is branded ACE and hope somewhen a guy jumps out of the package which is so cute like Ace
6402. You beg your mom to buy an white cat which you can name then Artemis
6403. You start to hang big posters of Minako at the walls of your room because you love Minako
6404. You start to act like a heroine with short skirt and so on only because you hope you meet such an cool guy like Ace then
6405. You think you can watch Sailor V on TV
6406. You alone try to defeat demons
6407. You buy an crescent mirror and lay it every night on the windowsill
6408. Your cat runs bleeding through your flat because you tried to cut an crescent moon into the forehead fur
6409. You EVERYWHERE search for companions to fight the dark organisation (meaning all non-moonies)


By Ninkyou

You watch too much PGSM when...

6410. You buy a turtle, name it Kamekichi, and start talking to it like an idiot...
6411. You start buying clothes like those worn by your favorite character...
6412. You've searched all over the internet for jewelry just like Usagi's...
6413. You buy a luna plushie and attach odd eye emotions to it...
6414. You buy all the japanese magazines that have anything to do with the show and/or its characters...
6415. You start dreaming about PGSM when you're asleep...
6416. You're half tempted to legally change your name to that of your favorite character...
6417. You buy an Artemis plushi and attach even stranger eye emotions to it...
6418. You make 30+ wallpapers for other PGSM Obsessees :D ...
6419. You've bought the PGSM calendar and hung it on your wall...
6420. You have a PGSM 'budget' to buy PGSM stuff with...
6421. You've bought the PGSM nail polish and wear it frequently...
6422. You need to buy more PGSM nail polish because the bottles are too small and you've used it all...
6423. You've bought Usagi's brooch, wear it frequently, and tell everyone at school about it's 'magical' powers...
6424. You've spent hours taking out the clock on your screenshots -_-() ...
6425. You've joined every single known PGSM Yahoo Group...
6426. You start drinking colored drinks cooardinating with your favorite senshi (you know, mercury is always drinking something blue, etc)...
6427. You contemplate becoming a miko and wearing miko clothing, like Rei...
6428. You sit in front of a fire and ask about evil spirits and such...
6429. You go to school throwing evil dispelling charms at your enemies or random people...
6430. You start calling you arch-nemesis 'Youma!' everytime you spot them across the quad or such...
6431. You suggest a couple you know (family, friends, etc) that they name their unborn son either Shingo or Mamoru...
6432. You name your newborn son Mamoru or daughter, Usagi...
6433. You buy a black cat, attach a crescent to it's head... and attach odd eye emotions to it, while it claws and hisses at you..

You know you watch too much PGSM when...

6434. You start talking to plushies, hoping they'd talk back.
6435. Your world ends after you hear that Japandog2 and Saiyaman's encoding devices break down. (Neeko)
6436. You create a weekly schedule that consists of: Friday: download the raw, Saturday or Sunday: watch it with the synopsis, Thursday: download the sub, repeat. (Neeko)
6437. No matter how hard you try, your Teletia-S you bought on ebay isn't going to turn you into a hot model. (Neeko)
6438. You create a website to the show and update it everytime new information is released. (Neeko)
6439. You have a countdown every week. (Neeko)
6440. Every one of your posts in the Act ___ Preview threads is, "I can't wait for the next episode!!" (Neeko)
6441. You take screenshots of the episode and show the people who can't download or wait for the sub to come out. (Neeko)
6442. You've memorized all of the songs. (Neeko)
6443. Your body is clad in lame and charms. (Neeko)
6444. You realize, going through life is to try get a chance! (Neeko)
6445. When you listen to the theme song a lot (Kirari Sailor Dream), and even have it stuck in your head. (blackbird)
6446. Same goes with C'est La Vie (blackbird)
6447. When you fall in love with Ami-chan, lol. (blackbird)
6448. Or Rei-chan (Vash)
6449. When you watch the Raw and Subbed eps, and any music video pertaining to Live Action Sailor Moon. (blackbird)
6450. When you download too many pictures. (blackbird)
6451. You wear jupiter's shirt in the opening that says Freaky Babe, and your a guy... (mark91)
6452. You think cowboy hats are 'in' (sera|girl)
6453. You actually "wear' those cowboy hats (sera|girl)
6454. You make it your life's mission informing people how c'est la vie sounds like Sailor V (sera|girl)
6455. You prefer cartwheeling than running (sera|girl)
6456. You spread you arms behind you while running  (sera|girl)
6457. You think that ballet-fighting is the strongest form of martial arts (sera|girl)
6458. You started/join a ballet-fighting class (sera|girl)
6459. You actually win a fight using ballet-fighting (sera|girl)
6460. You think by moving left and right, you can confuse your enemies (sera|girl)
6461. You think winking is a deadly weapon (sera|girl)
6462. Your worst nightmare is if there will be no more sub of the episode (sera|girl)
6463. You threaten mobile phones companies to make mobile phones just like the ones in the show (sera|girl)
6464. You hack Hama Chisaki's site (sera|girl)
6465. You buy the advertised underwear (though you're not a 5 year old 'girl') (sera|girl)
6466. You spend your time speculating everything about the story (sera|girl)
6467. You practice the Flower Hurricane move, sacrificing many flower petals. (sera|girl)
6468. You start reading related fanfiction when an episode is late by just a few days. (Elfir)
6469. You start writing fanfiction when the episode is even later (Elfir)
6470. You get your hair cut like Momoru (Elfir)
6471. You visit every clothing store you can, trying to replicate the outfits the senshi wear. (Elfir)
6472. You memorize the synopsis or have good control of the Japanese language and dub the voices of the Raw episodes when showing them to your friends. (I do an excellent Luna). (Yoshimoon)
6473. You have a logical explanation for various events for example, in Act 4, why did singing help defeat the youma? Why, because um don't you play RPGs? When bards sing, your characters stats and morale increases slightly thats what happened..... you do believe me right? (Yoshimoon)
6474. You've listened to C'est la vie for more that twenty minutes on repeat (I need to trim the empty space off the end of the mp3 first, but I plan on doing it!) (Elfir)
6475. You find as many pictures of the senshi off costume over the Internet and possibly buy Seventeen (and other Japanese teen magazines) in the course of it. (Parvus Imperator)
6476. Your desktop background is the PGSM cast and have never removed it for months. (Parvus Imperator)
6477. You have the PGSM cast on the cover of your school binders (*I'm in college, so having Sailor Moon paraphrenalia on you seems a bit sketchy to other people, but since it's Fordham, people there don't mind, I guess ^_^) (Parvus Imperator)
6478. You fall in love with one of the most dreamy characters in the history of Sailor Moon: Kitagawa Keiko-chan... (Parvus Imperator)
6479. You know you have watch too much PGSM when... you make photoshop renditions with potential PGSM actresses with the correct senshi hair... like oh, say Chibi Moon (Jendra)
6480. You know you watch too much PGSM when you want sailor emoticons (Jendra)
6481. You been trying to grow out your usually short hair for months now and on a sudden whim, chop off the most straight across bangs ever... and are now stuck with them... thanks Keiko! (uncchristine99)
6482. When you read the girls' diary entries, you start wondering on what the guys on PGSM are doing in their daily lives. (sakura121)
6483. You watch a movie with a PGSM cast member in it. (sakura121)
6484. And you liked said movie. (sakura121)
6485. And that movie was Miyuu's "Me" and "You". (sakura121)
6486. You try to find out where you can get a katana just like Kunzite's. (sakura121)
6487. You start having PGSM-related dreams. (sakura121)
6488. You start liking PGSM better than the anime. (sakura121)
6489. You find a turtle somewhere and automatically assume that it's Motoki's lost turtle, Kamekichi. (sakura121)
6490. You write up future episode scripts. (Usagi and Mamoru)
6491. Whenever you hear songs you think of PGSM moments they relate to. (Usagi and Mamoru)
6492. You hum the theme song during class. (Usagi and Mamoru)
6493. At school/work, when you're using the computer, you write out the lyrics to Usagi's song, Over the Rainbow Tour in bothm Japanese and English. (Usagi and Mamoru)
6494. You memorize the Bandai discalimer and yell out "BANDAI!" at random moments. (Usagi and Mamoru)
6495. Sometimes you yell out bondage instead of bandai. (Usagi and Mamoru)
6496. When your friends ask you "What's wrong?" and you reply, "Just six more months..." (ChildOfXX)
6497. You start writing "Penty's", "Daisy Lovers" and "Mezzo Piano" all over your clothes and belongings. (ChildOfXX)
6498. You start correcting your teacher in French that "C'est la vie" does in actuallity refer to Sailor V. (ChildOfXX)
6499. You've memorized all the hand motions for the senshi when they transform. (ChildOfXX
6500. You kiss your fists before making any swift movement with your hands, such as raising to ask a question , shaking hands, or throwing a punch. (ChildOfXX)

***   ***   ***