YKYWTMSMW PAGE 14 (6501 - 7000)
6501. You start plotting how to become a real life phantom of justice; uniform, targets, wig, fighting style
and all. (ChildOfXX)
6502. When you start running around like Sailor V with your arms at your side. (kurisu)
6503. When you start doing Venus' hand motions. (kurisu)
6504. When you have debates about wether the senshi especially Venus is doing the hand gestures correctly.

(I've done this many times. I was at my friends house and we were eating lunch, I suddenly got up and did the hand motions venus does before her henshin.

Another time I was shopping with my bf and I started to do the hand gesture Venus does before she releases Crescent Beam, with the blowing a kiss on the fingers. My bf was like "what the hell are you doing?" then I laughed and ran a few feet ahead of him Sailor V style.

I had a debate that Venus on PGSM is doing the "rock on" or "the devil" hand sign and she should be doing the "i love you" hand sign...) (kurisu)

6505. When you start signing -$B!V8*1[$7$K6b@1!W- and then your bf starts singing with you thinking its a different japanese song sung by Hirai Ken or Chemistry.

(I started signing "asa no hodo wo itsumade mo te wo tsunaidayone, wasurenai ikara ne, itsukara dakishimetene, sutto sutto sukidakara...") then he would start signing some random japanese song thinking it was that song..) (kurisu)

6506. You tell your bf to buy you an Artemis plushie. (kurisu)
6507. When you get cranky and bitter when an episode comes out late. (Sakuya)
6508. When you can memorize each of the senshi's introduction phrases. (Sakuya)
6509. When you can perform each of the senshi's poses any time. (Sakuya)
6510. When you sing along to C'est la Vie and Kirari*Sailor Dream. (Sakuya)
6511. When you look up PGSM images and info on the net. (Sakuya)
6512. When you watch at least one episode of PGSM every single day. (Sakuya)
6513. When you buy a PGSM Luna/Artemis plushie and connects wires to it so you can make it move. (Sakuya)
6514. When you draw PGSM in class. (Sakuya)
6515. When you do your hair like Usagi's. (Sakuya)
6516. When you post pictures of a PGSM actress/actor all over your room. (Sakuya)
6517. When you fall in love with Ayaka Komatsu/Minako Aino/Sailorvenus and even think of possibly marrying her. (Prince Endymion)
6518. When you are always thinking in your head "(planet) Power, Make-up!"; Mercury Power when doing work, Jupiter Power when about to play sports or excercise, Venus Power when feeling love or dressing up nicely to go out etc (beauty), Moon Prism Power when you are all positive, and Mars Power for no particular reason or just feeling cool. (Prince Endymion)
6519. When you make the henshin hand movements at random times or by yourself. (Prince Endymion)
6520. When you make a project of the show and so for class you show the opening and then show a HUGE poster with tons of pictures of the characters, and getting 100%. (Prince Endymion)
6521. When you cut your hair like Mamoru. (Prince Endymion)
6522. When you start wearing your blazers and leather jackets more often and also to school. (Prince Endymion)
6523. When you dress like Mamoru (I already dressed like him, so doesn't count) (Prince Endymion)
6524. When you try to dress and look even more like Mamoru. (Prince Endymion)
6525. When you feel good about looking like Mamoru. (Prince Endymion)
6526. When you tell about PGSM to a girl in your Japanese class when she said she'd have to watch anime to help her with Japanese (and so agree on burning the Acts for her). (Prince Endymion)
6527. When you save Christmas money to buy the Luna and Artemis plushies and the dolls of the 5 senshi. (Prince Endymion)
6528. When you can't wait to get the DJ Moon soundtrack, and want all other CDs.  (Prince Endymion)
6529. You start a thread on a PGSM forum entitled "YOU KNOW YOU WATCH TOO MUCH PGSM WHEN..." (QueenNepy)
6530. An entire wall in your room is covered with PGSM pictures. (All from the Internet, wasting lots of paper and ink, much to the chagrin of your parents. Of course, I have printed pictures of the calendar put up, and not the real calendar, which is safely put away so it doesn't get ruined.) (marspeach)
6531. You kiss your pictures of Mamoru/Shibue Jyoji before you go to bed... Uh, not that I do that or anything. (marspeach)
6532. You sing the PGSM songs with senshi hand movements and give the senshi's speeches in between songs. (marspeach)
6533. You demand a cell phone from every cat plushie you see. (takaj)
6534. You and your roommate run up and down the aisles of the grocery store with Sailor V-airplane arms. (takaj)
6535. You spent a good portion of your day perfecting your "Tsukini kawatte...' (takaj)
6536. You spend the rest of your day trying to get your hair into Miyuu-odangos. (takaj)
6537. You never liked the anime or the manga, but this live action series has got you hooked... (neko)
6538. You convince yourself that watching PGSM episodes is excellent practice for your Japanese... (neko)
6539. You mimick the voices, accents, intonations of the senshi with the belief that it will make your Japanese sound more fluent... (neko)
6540. You mimick their actions/facial expressions/etc as well... (neko)
6541. When you listen to songs, you wonder if they'll make good background music for a PGSM music vids... (neko)
6542. You create pictures like this... (it was supposedly a picture of neko, the nature of the picture is unknown as it is a dead link) yes, that is me in the picture... (neko)
6543. Your computer starts up to Kirari Sailor Dream... the perfect wake-up call! I have it on full blast! (uncchristine99)
6544. Your alarm clock wakes you up with C'est La Vie every morning like the first episode of PGSM where Usagi gets up. (Marvel Boy)
6545. You have decided that Japan is not a good place to visit, too many youma! (Kyaa the Catlord)
6546. You think of your life as PGSM episodes and take random moments from your life and use them as previews. (Usagi and Mamoru)
6547. You make henshin hand movements just to change into a different set of clothes. (Capeboy R)
6548. You take piano lessons cause you think it will lead you straight to Sailor V. (Capeboy R)
6549. You start knitting a muffler for your favorite PGSM actor/actress. (Capeboy R)
6550. You get bangs. (I got bangs yesterday...>.<) (Nae)
6551. Try to dress as a senshi (Working on that...) (aisasami)
6552. On the boards while at school and suppose be not on them......... (aisasami)
6553. Gaze at the moon and starts to watch the opening scene in your head. (shinjibra)
6554. Gaze at the moon and imagine how's the people out there are going. (shinjibra)
6555. Vote on DiskMTV for C'est la vie, by Minako... (shinjibra)
6556. Ends all the english words with "o" (like Nephrito, Jedeito...) (shinjibra)
6557. No longer see the diference between a real cat and a stuffed one... (shinjibra)
6558. See if your birthday matches with one of the girls. (shinjibra)
6559. Visit TV-Nihon every hour after the RAW is out.. (shinjibra)
6560. Thinks the Sailor Moon battles scenes against the youmas are exciting and well directed (if you fits on it you should visit a doctor)... (shinjibra)
6561. The last one....when you consider Mamoru a handsome guy!!!! (shinjibra)
6562. You find that you're perfectly compatible with a senshi (in my case, it's two!) through your birthday and the horoscopes. (Parvus Imperator)
6563. When you've memorized and carry out often the choreography of the Sailor Soldiers' transformations, introductions and attacks, justifying your strangeness with, "It's easier to do with the live action because real people are actually doing it!" Whoa... (Dosei no Senshi)
6564. That you convert your sister/brother who was never into sailor moon with it. (solarsun)
6565. You scare your brothers friends out of your room with it (solarsun)
6566. You where into karoeke but when they had Rei hate it you started hating it (solarsun)
6567. You have someone throw random cat plushies at your head hoping their start to talk and move (solarsun)
6568. You where a school uniform to school when it is not needed (solarsun)
6569. You write in for those sailor moon contests they hold at the end of each episode, and you've won (solarsun)
6570. Go to japan and break into the filming of an episode to get on or in an episode (solarsun)
6571. You break out laughing when they try and say sailor venus cuz it doesn't sound like venus... > < (solarsun)
6572. You've got 8 GB on your computer devoted to pgsm (solarsun)
6573. You've also got 10 cds burnt with the episodes on it locked away for no one to see (solarsun)
6574. You wish you weren't a 20 year old anymore so you could understand where the senshi where coming from (solarsun)
6575. Dress as dark mercury for a cosplay contest (solarsun)
6576. You teach yourself the henshin hand movements (even when you're not changing your clothes), the attack movements (the ones that are physically possible at least), AND get your friends to do them as well. And yes, i am speaking from experience. =) (artemis)
6577. When you play "Sakura Fubuki" more than three times a day, cherishing the voice of your "soon-to-be" loved one. I add the latter fact at no extra charge. (Parvus Imperator)
6578. When you go out and buy an external hard drive(120GB), since your laptop is almost full and you can't bare to seperate the episodes by DVD. They all have to be together! (Hayabusa)
6579. You watch it during class *if you have a labtop* (solarsun)
6580. You wonder what other series would be good turned into live action (can we say trigun live action anyone? :wink: ) (solarsun)
6581. You don't hate power rangers anymore...AND actully its become your second most favorite show (pr) because it reminds you so much of your first favoirte show... (solarsun)
6582. You're in a lecture about bipolar junction transistors and you daze out thinking of the last PGSM episode. Then, in a moment of silence you blurt out "Shine Aqua Illusion", then sink in your seat out of embarrassment. (Hades Impact)
6583. You hear someone play the song Zoicite played on the piano all the time during a fan dance rehearsal, and you start shrieking and screaming, "OMG, I LOVE THAT SONGGGGGGGG!!" simply because it reminds you of PGSM. (Nae)
6584. Make weekly banners and avatars corresponding with the new episode. (Neeko)
6585. Make a vow to yourself to marry Shibue Jyoji. (Neeko)
6586. Buying a new cd player for the car, so you can play all the Sailor moon mp3s since they wont fit on one regular cd (Hayabusa)
6587. You randomly start doing the senshi hension arm movements at least twice a day to your bewildered sister who ends up calling you obbbessed... (SecretWorld)
6588. You have a daily ritual of watching clips of all the girls transforming and some of your most favourite moments (Moon turning into a Yoma!) every morning on the computer before you start work... (SecretWorld)
6589. You discover you've listened to Kiari Sailor Dream 107 times and C'la vie 58 times in the past couples of months... (SecretWorld)
6590. You start to have dreams of Kunzite wrapping you in his cape and swifting you off your feet (SecretWorld)
6591. You have weird dreams about going to the mall of america and buying imported sm cards for 30 dollars *yes this is actully a dream I had this past week* (solarsun)
6592. You tell people the entire plot of the series over AIM while you are watching the latest episode in an attempt to get them hooked as well. (Elasaid Aiden)

By the author (redblade7)

You know you need to watch Sailor Moon when:

6593. Your knowledge of the show is limited to "cute girls" on hentai sites (true of a friend of mine who refuses to watch the show but likes hentai).


6594. You can't watch an episode of a magical girl show without comparing it to Sailor Moon in your mind.
6595. You spend several hours over the past week converting thousands of YKYWTMSMWs into Linux fortune cookies.
6596. You update a 10 year old book of 6045 YKYWTMSMWs, and after asking permission from the original author, you correct missed duplicates and editing errors in the book, search for more books on the Internet, look through sites and forum posts, release a new edition of the book featuring 551 more YKYWTMSMWs.

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