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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 2 (501 - 1000)

501. You're playing basketball, and you suddenly bounce the ball really high and yell, "Luna Ball Kitty Magic!"
502. You make your own Sailor V game in Qbasic.
503. You write Sony Television, asking them to have a "Sailor Moon" category in Jeopardy. Or "Sailor Moon" as a puzzle in Wheel of Fortune.
504. You offer your little sister's friend 50 bucks for her Sailor Moon CD, after you've looked through every store in your area in vain.
505. You freely admit that you have a crush on one of the Scouts (or Darian).
506. In chemistry class, you add pigtails to the water molecule so it will look like Serena's head.
507. You envy Starfox for getting to start everyday by checking e-mail for new YKYWTMSMW contributions.
508. Instead of sending your sick friend a "Get Well" card, you send one that says: "Moon Healing Activation."
509. You wish Serena said this after using the Luna pen. "It just goes to show you that the Luna Pen is mightier than the sword."
510. You hang out in front of florist shops, hoping to see Darian.
511. You dye your little sister's hair pink. Much to the dislike of your parents.
512. Everyday you put Miracle Grow on your hair, in an attempt to get it long enough, that you too can have a meatball head.
513. You ask your doctor if you can have x-rays taken of yourself. In hopes of finding a Rainbow Crystal inside you.
514. You convert your whole soccer team into Moonies, and suggest they rename the team to "The Soccer Scouts".
515. You rearrange the furniture in your apartment so it looks like Darians apartment.
516. You get a safety deposit box, at a bank, just to store your complete set of Sailor Moon trading cards.
517. You stick your hand in the air and shout "Moon Prism Power!" to see if you'll transform into Sailor Moon.
518. You look up the person with the longest hair in the world, in the Guinness book of world records, and contact them to suggest they put it up "Serena-style".
519. You practice doing the "sailor moon says" laugh.
520. You hope to win a 40 million dollar Lotto jackpot, so you can buy the rights to Sailor Moon, and get more episodes translated.
521. You think Kerri Strug and Shannon Miller would make great new Sailor Scouts!
522. Your friends want you to do something "bad", so you quote the appropriate "Sailor Moon Says", word for word (including the laugh), on why you shouldn't.
523. You spend all of your free time thinking up YKYWTMSMW's.
524. You've converted more people to Moonies than Rush Limbaugh has to Republicans.
525. You have a link to this YKYWTMSMW page on your own homepage.
526. You make a bumper sticker that reads: "I break for the Sailor Scouts!"
527. You refer to an AA meeting as "Group...healing...participation!"
528. While watching Ghostbusters, you hear Egon say "I collect spores, molds, and fungus." and you interpret it as "He collects insults?"
529. Whenever it's raining, you have an uncontrollable urge to listen to "Rainy Day Man".
530. The only time you get off the internet Sailor Moon web sites, is to watch the show itself.
531. Your newborn sister's first words aren't "Mama", they're "Moon Prism Power!"
532. Your girlfriend is similar to Serena in so many ways, it's scary. (And you love to be scared! :)
533. You send hate mail to the "Anti Sailor Moon Page".
534. You insist that your boyfriend dress and behave more like Tuxedo Mask.
535. You look up in the night sky, and are shocked to learn that the moon actually has phases other than 'Crescent'!
536. You are on a never ending quest, to collect every Sailor Moon picture on the internet.
537. You begin to see a lighter, more positive side of Queen Beryl
538. You are purposely late for school every day, in hopes of seeing Serena in detention.
539. You can't look at a plate of spaghetti and meatballs without thinking about Sailor Moon.
540. You begin to wonder what the guys in your class would look like in a tuxedo and a cape.
541. You call the annoying nerd in your class, Melvin.
542. You brush your Sailor Scout doll's hair more than you brush your own.
543. You try to make a floating Luna Ball from a helium balloon.
544. You get a paper cut, but instead of getting a bandaid, you instantly take out a pen and wave it around yelling "Moon Healing Activation".
545. At any mention of karaoke, you immediately start singing "Home On The Range", Ann style.
546. You become known as the 'Human Sailor Moon Encyclopedia'.
547. You keep having thoughts that Rapunzel was actually Princess Serena and the Prince was Prince Darian. (Were they also re-born in medieval times?)
548. You unconsciously talk in Molly's accent for long periods of time.
549. You take a sudden liking to vanilla prune shakes.
550. You attempt to save enough money to buy the local football stadium. So you can rename it the "Serena Arena".
551. You refuse to listen to 'Pink Floyd' because you think that "The Dark Side of the Moon" has to be part of a negaverse plot.
552. Sailor Moon is more important to you, than even your family and friends.
553. You're parents call you 'meatball head' whenever you're down, and you feel better within seconds.
554. You answer the phone with a pleasant "Hidee Ho!", no matter who it happens to be.
555. During a thunderstorm you jump on your trampoline as high as possible, while doing the appropriate hand moves and shouting "Jupiter Thunder Crash"!
556. You try to suck up energy by using a vacuum cleaner on your friends.
557. You are the only GUY in your high school with a Sailor Moon backpack. And are proud of it!
558. On the first night you get your new computer, you immediately log-on to the internet, and search out Sailor Moon web sites, and stay on wayyyyy past 6 AM looking at ONLY Sailor Moon web sites.
559. You and a fellow Moonie friend, spend hours arguing over the exact true color of Raye's hair.
560. You wrap your sandwich with 'Serena Wrap'.
561. When you shut your computer down you have it set up to say "Sailor Moon says, see ya!". AND you never get bored of hearing it...
562. You propose some street names in new housing development areas. e.g. Sailor Moon St., Avery Ave., Darian Dr., Reeny Rd., Lita Lane, Catsy Cres., Prisma Place, Birdy Blvd., Tuxedo Mask Terrance.
563. You call every arcade in town, and ask if Andrew is working tonight.
564. You just KNOW that all the flute players in the school orchestra are aliens, with a Doom Tree in their house.
565. You can type "Sailor Moon" faster than your own name!
566. You throw around ice cubes while yelling "Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze!".
567. Your friend buys a Sailor Moon doll of your favorite Scout, and uses it as a voodoo doll on you. And it works!
568. You receive 200+ messages a day from Sailor Moon mailing lists.
569. You SEND 200+ messages a day to Sailor Moon mailing lists.
570. You order your friends and family never to phone you, while Sailor Moon is on.
571. You look into a mirror and think you see Sailor Moon.
572. You print up hundreds of SOS fliers, and rent a plane to drop them over your city.
573. You and your Moonie friends get together and make a music video for the Sailor Moon theme song.
574. Your parents yell at you for turning your light on and off during the night, and your excuse is you kept on thinking of great YKYWTMSMW's.
575. You can make Moonies out of people who have never even seen the show.
576. You have actually been to every Sailor Moon web site that exists.
577. You drive your friends crazy by reading them this entire YKYWTMSMW list.
578. You think that if the entire police department started wearing... short skirts, big bows, and long white gloves, they would catch more bad guys.
579. You do the 'Mina wave' whenever you see your friends.
580. You watch your recorded tapes of Sailor moon in slow motion just so it'll last longer.
581. Your parents wear earplugs all the time, because you will not shut up about Sailor Moon.
582. Every time you see a link to a new Sailor Moon web site, you simply have to check it out!
583. You run away from home and sit on a swing in the park to see if Serena and Darian will show up to take you home.
584. You're playing Monopoly with friends and you absolutely insist on using the top hat for your token.
585. When your watch alarm starts beeping, you immediately talk into it, saying something like "What is it?, Mina."
586. You yell "Moon Crystal Power!" while getting dressed in the morning.
587. You spend 2 hours every night practicing on your flute, in hopes of mastering Alan's song and finally being able to summon a Cardian.
588. Your house is on fire and instead of calling the fire department you stand outside and yell "Mercury Ice-Bubbles Freeze!"
589. You call your mom Queen Serenity.
590. You always wear some type of Sailor Moon item to school, in hopes of attracting other Moonies to you.
591. You start a company to make Sailor Moon toys and stuff, in hopes of making her more REAL.
592. When playing SimCity 2000, you always name the cities you create "Moon Kingdom" or "Crystal Tokyo".
593. You're up at 1 am, sending YKYWTMSMW suggestions to Starfox.
594. Your printer runs out of paper, because you decided to print this list out.
595. You'd love to see all the Sailor Scouts do the Macarena together!
596. You write a letter to your local tv station, asking them to put Sailor Moon back on the air.
597. You have trouble getting a job, because where it asks for your name on the application, you always put "Sailor Moon".
598. You fall hopelessly in love with someone you met on a Sailor Moon mailing list.
599. A 'Trekkie' calls YOU an obsessed fan.
600. You get hypnotized, in an attempt to try and remember your past life on the moon.
601. You are mad when your teachers at school, refuse to call you by what you consider to be your true identity... "Sailor Moon".
602. You desperately run for your life whenever a girl asks you out for some chocolate parfait.
603. You start to see a striking resemblance between Darian and Keano Reeves.
604. You have more Sailor Moon toys than your kids, and they aren't allowed to touch yours.
605. You grow your hair long, dye it black, wear red mini skirts, and carry a pack of matches at all times.
606. The day that Sailor Moon was taken off the air in the U.S., you packed your bags and moved to Canada.
607. You subscribe to the VERY active Sailor Moon mailing lists.
608. Your teachers are able to recognize that contented 'daydreaming about Sailor Moon' look on your face.
609. Each time you're in a bad situation, your hand starts plucking at the front of your shirt, unconsciously trying to reach for your moon locket.
610. Your 'quality of life' has gone down, ever since Sailor Moon was taken off the air.
611. While at a baseball game, at first glance the scoreboard seems to read: "strikes, balls, and outies"!
612. When you sleep over at your friends' house, you try in vain to stay awake just a little longer than them, so you can search through their stuff for the silver crystal.
613. Whenever you toast marshmallows at a campfire, you whisper "Mars Celestial Fire Surround!" in hopes of achieving the perfect equally toasted on each side marshmallow.
614. You walk around with your cat draped over your shoulder.
615. You take your Barbie doll to a toy store and ask if you can trade it in for a Sailor Moon doll.
616. You buy a thermometer just because it has mercury in it.
617. You plan to dress up as a Sailor Scout for Halloween. And you're a guy!
618. Thanks to you, there's now a five day waiting period to purchase roses in your state.
619. Every time you see a Firebird driving by, you wonder if Sailor Mars is driving it. (Mars Firebird Strike!)
620. You make dozens of video tape copies of the first 12 episodes of Sailor Moon. And once a week, you leave a tape in a public place for someone to find. In hopes of creating more and more Moonies.
621. You spend hours pondering, 'If Catsy were really a cat, what kind of cat would she be?'
622. Whenever your little brother is flipping through channels and stops when he finds BARNEY on, You immediately grab the remote control, point it at the screen, and yell "Moon Scepter Elimination!"
623. You practice running and jumping in red high heeled shoes.
624. Your house is burning down and you have a choice. Save your brother OR your Sailor Moon stuff... You will miss your brother. :)
625. On every rainy day, you go to the nearest gazebo and wait to see if some girl is dumped, so you can be there to comfort her.
626. You're looking at the Periodic Table and notice that they haven't named the last six elements, so you begin to make up names for them. (Moonium, Marsium, Jupiterium, Venusium, Tuxedoium, Mollyium)
627. You're reading this YKYWTMSMW list right now, instead of doing your homework.
628. You can't sit through an astronomy class without having an overwhelming desire to watch Sailor Moon.
629. Your parents know everything there is to know about the show and they don't even watch it!
630. Your answering machine message goes "Hi-dee-ho! Answering Machine Activation! Beep!".
631. Your friend calls you a 9th level Moonie, because you started to attract Sailor Moon followers. (for us D&D'ers)
632. You complain to 'People magazine' that the Sailor Scouts and Darian didn't make their famous list(The 50 most beautiful people in the world).
633. You buy a toy Crescent Moon Wand, just so you have something to break open your piggy bank with.
634. You're playing the card game 'hearts', and everytime someone tries to "shoot the moon", you think they are from the Negaverse.
635. You're watching The Wizard of Oz, and at anytime you expect Dorothy to ask advice of Glinda (who should have long green hair) by pushing on Toto's nose. And then pull out a key and shout, "Crystal key! Take me home!"
636. You spend hours pondering, if a live action Sailor Moon movie is made, should Ellen Degeneres play the part of Zoycite or Sailor Uranus?
637. You run out and buy the new Tori Amos CD just because it's titled "Hey Jupiter" and you think she's talking about Lita.
638. You build a big fire in the fireplace, and ask it for tomorrows lottery numbers.
639. You go outside and ask the stars for tomorrows lottery numbers, when the fire didn't answer.
640. While changing for gym class everyone laughs at your (5 sizes too small because they only sell them in kids sizes) Sailor Moon underwear, but you show it off anyway.
641. For the new season of 'Sliders' you hope to see Quinn Mallory and friends, slide into a world protected by the Sailor Scouts.
642. You've downloaded every Sailor Moon .midi file you could find, and are listening to them as you read this.
643. You begin to wonder where in Serena's house is Luna's litter-box.
644. You write to MTV and ask if Daria (from Beavis and Butt-Head) and Melvin are long lost brother and sister.
645. You have gone to every charm, make-up, ice-cream, department, and grocery store, in search of a certain four sisters...
646. You wonder if Birdy and Ru Paul get their clothes from the same store.
647. When your younger sister's friends come over, they spend more time with you than her. Because you have all the Sailor Moon trading cards and have the coolest Sailor Moon web sites memorized.
648. You've put your Sailor Moon CD in your CD player so often, that PINK is now your favorite color.
649. You cry yourself to sleep at night humming "My Only Love".
650. You rig your computer up so that it plays the Sailor Moon theme song as your alarm in the morning.
651. After spending 2 hours on the phone with another Moonie, and another hour in front of the mirror, you were finally able to come up with a hair style much like Serena's... AND wore it to school on picture day.
652. Your teachers somehow mistake your Serena-like hair style to look like Princess Leia's, and you're forced to correct them.
653. You've added a line to your nightly prayers asking that Sailor Moon be brought back on the air.
654. The only way you can make it through the school day is by humming, "Carry On" to yourself.
655. Every time there's a power blackout, you suspect a major battle with the Negaverse is taking place.
656. When you break up with your girlfriend, you toss a handful of rose petals into the breeze, letting them float away before reciting "Our love is like a rose: beautiful while in bloom, but it can not last forever."
657. During a 3-hour formal graduation ceremony, you get detention for standing up, thrusting the skeleton key, you stole from the Janitor, in the air, and yelling "Crystal Key, take me back!"
658. While in the detention hall, you get in even more trouble for sticking post-it notes on everybody's foreheads.
659. You later get suspended for repeatedly blinking the lights on and off, while mumbling something about thunder.
660. Your principal still doesn't understand why you call her Queen Beryl, though she is satisfied that you are finally treating her with respect. (or so she thinks!...)
661. You buy a faster modem, just so you can download more Sailor Moon multimedia files.
662. You read this page at least once a week, just to reaffirm that you are not alone in your Sailor Moon obsession.
663. When your local record store called you to say that they had just received in a shipment of Sailor Moon soundtrack CDs, you run out the door and to the store, as fast as Serena late for school!
664. You sometime receive 'vibes' around certain individuals, and then proceed to hum the Sailor Moon theme, in hopes he/she is a fellow Moonie. (We Moonies can sense these things, ya know... ^_^)
665. Every time you hear Van Halen's song "Hot For Teacher", you can't help but think of Miss Haruna.
666. Your parents say... "Okay, that's it! Sailor Moon... Sailor Moon... That's all you ever talk about. You have one minute to choose: Who do you love more, Sailor Moon or your dear parents?" One minute later, you're an orphan.
667. You drive your mom crazy by reading her the entire YKYWTMSMW list.
668. During break periods at school, you and your Moonie friends play Sailor Moon charades.
669. You wear your Halloween costume of your favorite Sailor Scout, when it isn't even Halloween.
670. You trade the family dog in and get a black cat instead, hoping your parents won't notice.
671. You refuse to go to the Airport, fearing Jedite might try to run you over with jets.
672. You do your favorite Sailor Moon impressions whenever your relatives come to visit. (uhhmmm... Maybe that's why no one came over last Christmas?)
673. You plan on renting an expensive tuxedo for Halloween.
674. You keep watering and fertilizing all the trees near your house, hoping they will grow strong and energetic and finally talk to you.
675. You wonder if the person who created the saying: "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning..." was really Tuxedo Mask!
676. You run from shoe store to shoe store in a mad search for a pair of knee-high blue boots.
677. You buy an absurd number of shares in the Mercury record label.
678. You throw out your alarm clock and train your cat to wake you up in the morning.
679. You manage to convince a group of your friends to dress up with you for Halloween as the Sailor Scouts, and they don't even like Sailor Moon. (Your reasoning: You're so anal that you want to have the complete cast along with you, so you can act out episodes along the way. Their reasoning: So that you'll finally shut up and stop hounding them.)
680. You can't get to sleep at night unless you recite "so sleepy, so tired, ahh, sleep...." in a very tired voice.
681. You won't give out candy to kids on Halloween unless they're wearing a Sailor Scout costume.
682. When you hear on the news that there's a thunderstorm warning, you think, 'Somebody must have made fun of Lita's old boyfriend!'
683. You think that Sailor Moon should be a 'Barker's Beauty' on "The Price Is Right".
684. You go to the local newsstand and insist that they should hold a contest. With the first prize being: Two tickets on the sunset romance cruise ship.
685. You have completed a full circle of the 'Sailor Moon Ring of Power'.
686. You're wearing a Sailor Moon costume, as you read this page.
687. You see Vincent Van Gogh's painting "The Starry Night" in an art gallery, and you are confused, because it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Rayes song...
688. You reprogram your schools computerized sprinkler system, to announce "Mercury Water Blast!" just before it activates the water sprinklers.
689. You wonder if Tuvok should be the Sailor Scout of Vulcan.
690. Your teachers have to call you by your favorite scouts name, just to get your attention.
691. You get sent to the principal's office for talking about Sailor Moon in class too much. But while you're there, you manage to turn the principal into a Moonie!
692. You still read this list, even though you're not Canadian.
693. You go to your local electronic department store, and change the channels on all of the display TV's, to the station that is about to show Sailor Moon.
694. You carved a pumpkin with Luna's face.
695. Your 'write in' vote for President was Sailor Moon.
696. You write to NASA, and try to convince them that they should have another mission to the moon, to search for the ruins of the Moon Kingdom.
697. You dye your hair red, practice up on your Brooklyn accent, and spraypaint OSAP on the side of your house.
698. You call a local radio station and ask why "The Love Line" got taken off the air.
699. You go to every ski resort in the country, looking for the 'Miss Moon Princess Ski Competition'.
700. You cry like Serena when you visit the YKYWTMSMW web page, and it hasn't been updated since yesterday.
701. You buy a 'Smashing Pumpkins' CD, just because there's a song called "Luna" on it.
702. You're watching the X-Files and you begin to wonder, where were Mulder and Scully when Ann and Alan appeared.
703. You own the complete Sailor Moon bed set: sheets, comforter, and pillows.
704. No matter how hard you study, you always seem to only get a 30% on your tests.
705. You hear the 'Barney song' and you think 'Wait a minute, I thought it went, "Rain or shine..."'.
706. Whenever you come across something on this list that you don't get, you vow to rewatch all the Sailor Moon episodes until you find the reference.
707. You receive a Periodic table of Elements in science class, and you proceed to shred it, burn it, and scatter its ashes, because it had "BERYLlium" on it.
708. You flunk your science test the next day, and your excuse is, that it was "in the name of love and justice".
709. You wonder what brand of hair conditioner that Mina and Raye use, to keep their hair so thick and lustrous.
710. You have managed to memorize practically every line of dialog, for every Sailor Moon episode.
711. You know who Naoko Takeuchi is...
712. You ask your friends to write down some YKYWTMSMW's, and they write down "Your name is (your name here)".
713. You hold 'ID Software' responsible for creating the DOOM tree.
714. You're running your computer on Microsoft Windows NT, instead of Windows 95. Just because you think NT stands for 'Naoko Takeuchi'.
715. Your girlfriend thinks you are having an affair with a girl named Serena.
716. You wore black the week after Sailor Moon was cancelled in the US, and have a Sailor Moon alter in your room where you can light candles and mourn the loss of our heroine.
717. You think of Sailor Moon as a school subject. You study it, quiz yourself on it, and hire tutors(professional Moonies) to help you study, if you get a bad grade(like a 30) on a quiz.
718. You start signing all of your e-mails "I'm Outtie."
719. People tell you that you are actually starting to look like a Sailor Scout.
720. You tell your best friend about your guy troubles and she tells you how much like Lita you are... and then she proceeds to give you advice, like Mina.
721. You get upset that your blood type is B, instead of O, like Lita's... and proceed to argue with your doctor about it, making sure he didn't make some kind of mistake.
722. You go jogging every morning, hoping to see Darian.
723. You scream 'Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze' whenever you use the freezers automatic ice dispenser.
724. You don't surf the net anymore, you SAIL it!
725. Your mother and father dress up like Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, just so you'll pay attention to them.
726. You wave your hands, ala Queen Beryl, over any remotely spherical object.
727. Your morning doesn't really start until you hug your Sailor Moon dolls.
728. You're well on your way to collecting enough Sailor Moon trading cards to cover a whole wall.
729. You'd love to see Sailor Mars do the Maca-RAYE-na!
730. You were disappointed that there wasn't a Sailor Moon float in the Macy's Thanks Giving Day parade.
731. You can play the entire Sailor Moon theme song, using the buttons on your touchtone phone.
732. You want Serena and Darian to get married so much, you stage a mock wedding using your Sailor Moon dolls.
733. You're told to do a report on Mars, for science class... And a week later you turn in a complete report on Raye!
734. Your letter to Santa begins with, "Dear Santa Claus, I have been a very good Sailor Scout this year..."
735. You drive 700 miles to Canada, just to meet the Sailor Moon voice actors.
736. You wander aimlessly around the city streets, shouting "Luna! Here Luna!".
737. At Christmas time, you think Melvin should say, "Hi-dee-HO-HO-HO!"
738. You wonder if Luna and Artemis were ever friends with the Samurai Pizza Cats.
739. The two primary words in your vocabulary are 'Sailor' and 'Moon'.
740. You're called 'a ditz' by your friends, and you're proud of it because it makes you seem more like Serena!
741. You decide your school should be more like Serena's. So, you buy and wear a Japanese sailor school girl uniform to school... Even though you're a guy!
742. You visit at least one new Sailor Moon web site, each time you're on the net.
743. You buy a huge trampoline, so you can learn how to do Luna's aerial somersaults, in hopes of producing a Luna Disguise Pen.
744. You write a letter to the producers of the X-Files, suggesting that they write an episode where Mulder and Scully track down and uncover a government conspiracy to deprive American fans of Sailor Moon.
745. Someone you know gets abducted, and the kidnappers sent you a ransom note demanding all your valuables in exchange for whoever it is that they kidnapped. You hesitate a moment, but then decide to comply, packing everything you value into a satchel. At the agreed location, you make the trade-off. Five minutes later, in their get-away vehicle, the crooks are puzzling over the contents in the bag as you weep for your loss: a sailor moon cd, your sailor moon dolls, tapes of the sailor moon series, all the stuff you downloaded from the net...
746. You are very disappointed after going to five different Karaoke places and discovering not a single place had 'Oh Starry Night'.
747. You believe Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' was composed in honor of Princess Serenity's birth.
748. You spend hours trying to figure out the most appropriate spelling of... Reeny, or is it Reenie?, or Rini?, or Reney?...
749. You plan on fasting the day before December 14th. So, you'll be able to eat the 10 boxes of Strawberry Pop Tarts you're going to buy.
750. You make up Sailor Moon jokes... i.e.: What do you get when you cross Sailor Moon's cat and a clock? A Lunatick!
751. You do your history term paper on ancient moon civilizations.
752. You sing "My Only Love" in your school's talent show.
753. You wonder if the girl in your class who's constantly fixing her makeup is really from the Negamoon.
754. You design your own color scheme, special powers, and planetary symbol, just in case you're really the Sailor Scout of some still undiscovered planet.
755. You write a letter to the president, hoping that he'll declare December 14th, National Pop Tart day!
756. It's December 15th (the day after), and do you ever have a tummy ache!
757. When you're at someones birthday party and you didn't bring a gift you yell, "Kitty Magic! Make a birthday present for (whoever)!"
758. You send fan e-mail to your favorite voice star of Sailor Moon, via the Sailor Moon Voice Stars web site.
759. Just before you change clothes, you yell, "Moon Prism Power!"
760. You know more YKYWTMSMW's than Jeff Foxworthy knows "You Might Be a Redneck If..." jokes.
761. You get annoyed that the O.J. Simpson trial lasted longer than Sailor Moon did in the U.S.
762. You play on a flute using Alan's flute music in front of a small tree. Then you shake it while saying, "Why isn't this Doom Tree reviving?!"
763. You shorted out your toaster, the day after the SOS procott.
764. You wish you had created the YKYWTMSMW web page. :)
765. Every item on your Christmas list begins with the word, SAILOR...
766. You think the famous Great Red Spot on the planet Jupiter, is really a zit on Lita's face.
767. Your birthday cake is in the shape of a crescent moon.
768. You ask the Asian weather bureau to name the 19th typhoon of the year, "Typhoon Serena".
769. You're worried that Santa might be collaborating with Queen Beryl at the North Pole.
770. You try to put your short hair up in meatballs to look like Serena, but end up looking more like Luna!
771. You buy a fast motorcycle, and ride it down the road at high speed, hoping you'll change into Tuxedo Mask.
772. You've bought so much Sailor Moon merchandise lately, that you forget to save money for Christmas gifts! uhhmmm... Maybe my grandmother would like a Sailor Moon poster?... :)
773. The only thing you ask Santa for Christmas is that he brings back Sailor Moon.
774. Your Christmas tree has a Star Locket on the top and ornaments that look like Rainbow Crystals.
775. The Santa in the shopping mall goes home puzzled over that one kid that kept asking for "Serena and Darian" to get back together.
776. You're including a box of Strawberry Pop Tarts with every Christmas gift you give this year.
777. Early one morning you discover a huge glowing tree in your house, and you drag it outside and burn it because you think it's the Doom Tree. Unfortunately, it was the CHRISTMAS tree, and your family sure is angry!
778. You hope that by this time next year, there will be a Sailor Moon Christmas special on TV.
779. You stop using batteries because they have a NEGAtive terminal.
780. You rearrange your whole university school schedule so that you can get home in time to watch Sailor Moon.
781. All you wanted for Christmas was the Sailor Scouts.
782. You were disappointed when you ran to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning and the Sailor Scouts were not gathered around it wrapped in a Christmas bow.
783. You have a framed picture of Serena or Darian in your room.
784. Your little brother starts bugging you, so you say, "Ok, Sammy, You're crusin' for a brusin'."
785. You start talking to your Sailor Moon posters, and you figure that the reason they don't talk back is that they were made in Japan, and probably don't speak English.
786. You refuse to be seen in public without a red bow that keeps your five foot long blond hair in the perfect position.
787. You get withdrawal symptoms from Sailor Moon -not just during the weekends, -not just during the night, -not just an hour after the show, -but during the commercials!
788. You wake up one morning and are shocked to see you don't have eyes the size of hardboiled eggs.
789. When someone says, "I hate our President." and you say, "Don't blame me, I voted for Sailor Moon."
790. You get frustrated because you can't fit into the clothes your Sailor Moon dolls wear.
791. At midnight on New Year's Eve, while everyone else was singing "Auld Lang Syne", you were singing "It's a New Day".
792. Your favorite Rap artist is (wicked) Coolio.
793. While in Science class you happen to be studying genes and chromosomes and you ask your Science teacher; "How can two parents who have black and blond hair have a child with pink hair?" Your moonie friends eagerly await the answer, while the rest of the class thinks you're weird.
794. Every calendar in your house has the Sailor Scout's birthdays marked on it.
795. Whenever your parents throw a fit because you came home late, you say "Sorry for being late. But, I had Sailor business!"
796. You actually begin to worry, when Serena asks before the opening credits, "Can the Sailor Scouts survive???"
797. You use this list to convince your parents that you are not the only Sailor Moon fanatic out there.
798. After a week long trip to Japan, you're stopped at Japanese customs because they think you're trying to deprive Japan of all the Sailor Moon merchandise.
799. You think you are the eleventh Sailor Scout... Sailor Earth! The long lost sister of Darian.
800. You are unable to commune in enough real ways with the Sailor Scouts, so you do the next best thing and commune with Luna... by eating cat food.
801. You go to the movies to see "Mars Attacks", expecting it to be about Raye having gone berserk and started attacking people.
802. You call the AT&T; Interpreter Line and ask them to translate your Sailor Moon episodes from Japanese into English.
803. You plan on getting into the Guinness Book of Records by collecting the most Sailor Moon merchandise.
804. You advise your local clergyman to integrate "Sailor Moon says" into his preachings.
805. You destroy all the sweaters in your house, then later realize that they were cardiGans.
806. You're hoping to see a "Save Our Sailors" commercial, during the SuperBowl.
807. You have a Lysol can with a sticker that says "Evil be gone!" on it.
808. You think your Stepmom is Queen Beryl in disguise.
809. You wonder when the Negaverse will try to steal energy from the Energizer Bunny.
810. You think the Golden Arches of McDonalds seem to have a resemblance to Serena's hair.
811. After seeing the movie 'Mars Attacks', you go back to the ticket counter and ask for your money back. When asked why, you say "Because it was falsely advertised. Sailor Mars wasn't even in it!
812. While walking down a city street, you notice a woman with a ponytail, and can't help but wonder.....
813. Instead of making a SnowMan, you attempt to make a SnowSerena.
814. You refuse to get a new bed, since your Sailor Moon sheets wouldn't fit it.
815. When you heard the news that Sailor Moon is returning to U.S. television, you nearly fainted with joy.
816. It's 1997 and you're still eating Strawberry Pop Tarts!
817. You think Thor, the god of thunder, is Jupiter's father.
818. Your walls are covered with so many Sailor Moon posters, that you have no room for your new 1997 Sailor Moon calendar.
819. You put out birdseed hoping to attract Raye's ravens, Phobos and Deimos.
820. You consider it GOOD luck if a black cat crosses your path.
821. While watching Evita, you think you see Tuxedo mask instead of Che (Antonio Banderas).
822. After going through a $30 color ink cartridge in one day. Your parents forbid you from printing Sailor Moon pictures on the printer.
823. You think that Sailor Moon could be the key to World Peace.
824. You find it impossible, yes IMPOSSIBLE to move when Sailor Moon says "Stay right there, and I'll show you!"
825. Since Raye is your favorite Scout, you feel obliged to have your favorite football team be the Baltimore Ravens.
826. You plan on throwing a combination graduation/Sailor Moon party in early June, to celebrate both your graduation from high school and the return of Sailor Moon to the U.S.
827. You get frustrated when you get a YKYWTMSMW idea and before you can even type it up, you see it's already on the list.
828. You think the song "Fire Woman" by The Cult was written about Sailor Mars.
829. You've been to so many Sailor Moon web sites that now when you see the start of each show, you could swear that you see the following fine print on the TV screen: "This episode best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or higher".
830. When you heard that Sailor Moon was returning to the U.S. this Summer, you were elated! When you heard that it might not return to your area, you were crushed!
831. You wonder why there were not any Sailor Moon dolls in the movie 'Toy Story'.
832. You have the complete line of Sailor Moon coloring books. And you color in them every night. And you just happen to be 21 years old!
833. Instead of saying 'May the force be with you', you say 'May the Moon Prism Power be with you!'
834. You have a favorite Sailor Scout, but have a dream about a different one, then wake up feeling guilty.
835. The toy store just called to tell you that you need to pick up the Sailor Moon merchandise that you ordered, because it's blocking the entrance.
836. You start to see a resemblance between cotton candy and Reeny's hair.
837. You freak out with joy everytime Starfox updates this YKYWTMSMW page! :)
838. Any time any of your Moonie friends offers to buy any of YOUR Sailor Moon stuff, the response is always the same. They end up getting bubbles blown in their face and blessed post-it notes stuck to their foreheads while you, grabbing your quality homemade Moon Wand with "doorknob" Silver Imperium Crystal and pointing it at them, proceed to shout COSMIC MOON POWER at the top of your lungs hoping to blast them to moon dust, for even THINKING about asking you to sell your precious Sailor Moon stuff.
839. You get frustrated that this YKYWTMSMW page only refers to episodes from the English version of Sailor Moon and not all the original episodes from Japan.
840. You throw random quotes from Sailor Moon episodes into every conversation you have.
841. You start a petition in your area, of people who want to save Sailor Moon, and deliver it in person to your local TV station, while dressed as a character from the show!
842. As a result of your ongoing quest to find Luna, you are in the Guinness book of world records for owning the most black cats.
843. You try to convince your grandfather to give your new boyfriend karate lessons.
844. You think that Yakko and Wakko should say, "Helloooo Scout!"
845. You attended the premier of the re-release of "Star Wars" in Hollywood, and Carrie Fisher sure seemed puzzled as to why you kept calling her "Meatball-Head".
846. You think that cute boy in band who plays the flute is an alien, just because his name is Alan.
847. Every time you ride a bus, you expect to be attacked by some sort of Negaverse monster.
848. You could swear that you saw Luna and Artemis in the musical "Cats".
849. You try to talk your grandfather into starting a temple.
850. After you finally work up enough courage to ask a store clerk if they have any Sailor Moon merchandise, you get really steamed that she's never even heard of it.
851. You haven't gotten your hair cut in months, because you want to grow it like Mina's.
852. Your friends barely recognize you without your red bow.
853. You buy 3 boxes of Sailor Moon valentine cards and send them to everyone you know.
854. You expect every blonde girl you know to have a white cat named Artemis.
855. Your excuse for not doing your homework is "But Serena doesn't do hers!"
856. Instead of playing cops and robbers, you play Scouts and Negatrash.
857. You buy your girlfriend a musical Moon locket for Valentines Day.
858. You ask your parents to have another child, in the hope it will be a boy and he will be named Sammy, just so you can be more like Serena.
859. You burn your tarot cards, thinking they are actually Cardians.
860. You're afraid to make shadow puppets, for fear that you might accidentally create one of the Seven Shadows.
861. You would do anything for a fellow Moonie.
862. You start dating a guy just because his name is Greg.
863. You notice similarities between Serena and Sabrina (The Teenage Witch) ... a) They're both teenage girls. b) Their names are very similar. c) They're both blonde. d) They both have talking black cats. e) They both have special powers.
864. You never worry when you get in a fight with someone, because you KNOW Tuxedo Mask will appear in the nick of time to save you.
865. After he doesn't and you've been beaten up, you try to use "Moon Healing Activation!" on yourself.
866. You eat 5 packs of skittles, in an attempt to form a Rainbow Crystal inside of you.
867. You wonder if RAYBAN sunglasses are designed by Sailor Mars.
868. You tie roses to lawn darts and stand on your roof throwing them, while wearing a tuxedo and white sunglasses.
869. You think Sailor Moon should have it's own network.
870. You hang pictures of the scouts on the ceiling over your bed, that way they are the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.
871. You're watching 'Xena: Warrior Princess', and when she throws her chakram, you wonder why she doesn't say... "MOON TIARA MAGIC!"
872. You are ashamed of the fact that your hair will never be as thick or beautiful as any of the Sailor Scouts'.
873. You walk backwards when leaving a group of your friends. Because you absolutely refuse to 'turn your back on a friend'.
874. Your favorite dessert is Moon Pies.
875. You tell everyone your boyfriend looks like Andrew, because he's a blonde with a pointy nose.
876. You buy an economy size bag of gold crescent moon confetti, and glue one to your forehead every morning before you leave the house.
877. You go to a talent show, and the first thing you do after you enter the auditorium is check to make sure you can fit under the seats. Just in case...
878. You and a Trekkie get into a fight about the future of Earth. Will it be Crystal Tokyo or The Federation...
879. You track down closet-Moonies in your school and try to get them to 'come out'.
880. Your mom makes you cut your hair when she finds out your dad's missing golf balls are supporting your 'meatball' hairdo. (Oh well, you could always imitate Sailor Mercury now...)
881. You shave the hair off of your cat's forehead to see if she has a hidden crescent moon.
882. You start making up anything, just to hopefully see it show up on this list.
883. Everyday you check the movie listings in the newspaper, in hopes of finding an ad for "Sailor Moon: The Movie" Opening in theaters this Friday!
884. You watch "Drew Carey" before going to bed. You then have a dream about Mimi dressed up as a Sailor Scout which causes you to wake up screaming at the top of your lungs.
885. You think that watching Sailor Moon is the only thing that keeps you sane.
886. You think that watching so much Sailor Moon might make you go insane. But you don't care...
887. Whenever you feel faint, you say "Ah think Ah'm gonna keel ovah!"
888. You have done EVERYTHING on this list, and any time new YKYWTMSMW's are added, you immediately set off to do them.
889. You live at college, far away from your boyfriend, and you wrote more letters to tv stations trying to get Sailor Moon back on the air, than you wrote to him the entire year.
890. Your tennis game has become progressively worse since you started watching Sailor Moon, because all of your strokes now follow the same sequence as "Moon Scepter Elimination".
891. You converted 541 people to Moonies while at camp, including your counselors.
892. You can't leave the house in the morning without seeing at least one Sailor Moon episode.
893. You're afraid to take a shower, for fear of ending up like Safron.
894. When someone says "You have Sailor Moon Dolls?!", you say, "No! They're Sailor Moon ACTION FIGURES".
895. You are convinced that the Martians from the movie "Mars Attacks" came to Earth for only one reason...to reclaim their lost princess Raye.
896. You are spelling 'September' and somehow it comes out 'Serena'.
897. You were arrested in the famous Louvre museum for placing a sailor uniform over the Venus de Milo.
898. You're not allowed near any disc like object while around your friends, for fear you'll throw it at them while yelling "Moon Tiara Magic!"
899. You can paper your walls, not with big Sailor Moon posters or calendars, but with Sailor Moon trading cards!
900. You want to be a famous Superstar, so you try to set up a meeting with Safron.
901. You are assimilated by the Borg. Soon after, Earth is invaded by Sailor suited cyborgs in a crescent moon shaped ship.
902. You go to school late, in hopes of meeting Serena on the way.
903. People make fun of you for liking Sailor Moon and they say, "You play with Sailor Moon dolls!" and you yell, disgusted by the thought, "PLAY with them?! NO WAY! I didn't even take them out of the packages! I have them on display!"
904. You shut down windows just to hear "Sailor Moon Says see-ya!"
905. You cry everytime you see chocolate parfait on a menu.
906. You wonder what Luna and Artemis would be like after eating lots of catnip.
907. Sailor Moon makes you feel so good, that you think it should be classified as a drug by the FDA.
908. Everytime you meet someone new that you like, you break out into song... "Here in you I've found a friend. You'll be with me till the end."
909. You buy a new 30 inch stereo TV just for the return of Sailor Moon this June.
910. Someone emails you with a question and the first line of your response is "Stay right there and I'll show you!"
911. You wish that Sailor Moon would talk to the audience more, like she did in 'So You Want to be a Superstar'.
912. You believe that the 'Sailor Moon Says' segments hold the secrets to having a perfect life.
913. Whenever you see a bubble bath you think Amy exploded.
914. You start calling your little brother 'Sammy'.
915. You keep wondering when Sailor Hollywood is going to show up. (She's the Scout from "Planet Hollywood.")
916. You take a big bite out of a sugar cookie, then you shout "Look! A Crescent Moon!"
917. Everytime you see the hand on a palm readers sign, you automatically think... "Moon Prism Power!"
918. You think the old guy you saw in the mall the other day, might be Malachite, just because he had white hair.
919. You think doctors should start prescribing Sailor Moon as a remedy for what ever ails you... 'Watch two Sailor Moon episodes and call me in the morning'.
920. Your teacher threatens to take away your Sailor Moon action figure, because you were brushing her hair during class.
921. You think that next Christmas' hottest toy will be Sailor Elmo!
922. Bandai decides to put a Cardzillion card machine in your room, to increase profits.
923. You are the only one in your grade with a Sailor Moon lunch box and you're proud of it.
924. You change your phone number to 757-6666 because the letters spell out SLR-MOON.
925. You wouldn't think yourself insane if a black cat told you you were a Sailor Scout.
926. You bought three boxes of Sailor Moon valentines. Not because you have that many Moonie friends, but because you want to keep two boxes of them for your Sailor Moon merchandise collection.
927. You haven't taken your Sailor Moon soundtrack CD out of the CD player since the silver millennium.
928. When people ask you what you have done since graduating from college, you reply, "I write resumes by moonlight and mail them out by daylight."
929. Your new boyfriend walks into your room and says "Oh great, I'm dating a Moonie!" and walks out the Door...
930. You stay outside in the evening to see the moon and planets come out and then proceed to talk to them.
931. You don't consider yourself a true Moonie until Starfox puts one of your YKYWTMSMW contributions on this web page.
932. As your first step in an attempt to contact Central Control, you try to teach your cat to say "I love tuna fish and field mouse pudding."
933. For some reason, Bananarama's song "Venus" has become one of your favorite songs...
934. Your teacher threatens to take away your Sailor Moon trading cards, so you whip out your trusty Moon Scepter and scream "Moon Scepter Elimination" at the top of your lungs. And you think you see him turn into Moon Dust!, when in reality he is running out of the classroom screaming "I can't take it anymore! All of these Moonies are driving me crazy! I quit!"
935. You take so many Japanese language courses just to understand everything about Sailor Moon, that you forget how to speak English.
936. A new finishing school opens up in your area, so you practice up on your frisbee throwing, in hopes of being accepted to it.
937. You start sending bribes to Starfox, to get him to post your YKYWTMSMW suggestions.
938. When the word "SAILOR" is played on the Scrabble board, you put the word "MOON" through the "O" in "SAILOR", as your move.
939. You get really mad when everyone considers your best friend a Sailor Moon freak, when you're the one who got her to start watching it. So, you go around screaming "I'm the freak! I'm the freak!" and you don't care how stupid you sound!
940. You start 'punishing people in the name of the moon' for having potted plants in their apartment, because you're afraid they might be miniature Doom Trees.
941. 17 is now your lucky number.
942. Your science teacher calls you up to ask why you wrote "EVIL" next to Beryllium on the periodic table.
943. You get sent to the guidance counsellor after explaining to your science teacher why you wrote "EVIL" next to Beryllium on the periodic table.
944. Whenever you hear ZZ Tops song 'Sharp Dressed Man', you can't help but think of Tuxedo Mask.
945. When you heard the news that there will be 17 new English Sailor Moon episodes produced, you ran right out and bought 17 high quality blank video tapes, one to record each episode on.
946. You think Sailor Moon should be renamed 'Serena: Warrior Princess'.
947. You can write a 50 page Sailor Moon FanFic, but you can't bring yourself to write a 9 page history paper.
948. You think Jedite might actually be an air traffic controller.
949. You have framed pictures of Sailor Moon all over your room, while your diploma is in a drawer somewhere.
950. You get worried that because your cat hasn't given you supernatural powers that the world will be taken over by the Negaverse and everyone will be drained of their energy...
951. Everytime you listen to the Sailor Moon soundtrack, you are yet again astounded by just how good it is.
952. You know how to sing the Sailor Moon theme song in 4 languages.
953. You notice it's less syllables to say "You know you watch too much Sailor Moon when" than "YKYWTMSMW".
954. You got internet access for the sole purpose of entering a contest and winning tickets to a cruise.
955. You press your face against the computer screen, in hopes that the symbol of Sailor Mercury will show up on your forehead.
956. You always slurp your soup while at fancy dinners parties.
957. You have taught your white cat to wear a microphone headset, so you too can talk to Central Control.
958. You don't get one of these references, so you scream "Oh no! I don't watch enough Sailor Moon!!!"
959. You're furious at your hair for being it's length, because it isn't quite long enough to wear like Lita's, but is too long to wear like Amy's!
960. You figured IT out! No, not the meaning of life... How to put your hair up exactly like Serena's!!!
961. You hang around at computer schools, in hopes of finding Sailor Mercury. Though, you'd even settle for finding Melvin.
962. The advertising slogan "Imagine Yourself In A Mercury" takes on a whole new meaning...
963. You are the proud owner of all 6 official Sailor Moon video tapes.
964. When you heard that Disney may make a live-action movie based on Sailor Moon, you rushed out and signed up for acting lessons, in preparation for the auditions.
965. You'd love to see Serena make a guest appearance on 'The Simpsons'.
966. While getting kicked out of the arcade for messing with the machines, You protest that you were simply "trying to contact Central Control on urgent Sailor business."
967. You listen to "It's A New Day" every morning.
968. Your friends come across a reference on this list that they don't understand, so they demand that YOU explain it to them.
969. You keep a Crescent Moon wand in your locker just in case your biology teacher really is Queen Beryl.
970. You have bought every book that has 'Moon' somewhere in the title.
971. You write Encyclopedia Britanica and tell them they should have an entry about Sailor Moon and the Moon Kingdom.
972. Your parents see Luna talk and say, "Are you aware how fake that is?" And you say, "I know, if she lives in Japan, why would she have a British accent?" Your parents leave the room mumbling, "$200 dollar an hour therapy and I get this?!"
973. You're afraid to go out in a row boat, for fear birds will capsize it.
974. You write to McDonalds requesting that Sailor Moon action figures be in the next Happy Meals.
975. When you see someone you haven't seen in quite awhile, you scream, "Its got to be an illusion!" and then you attempt to 'scan' them using an earring and goggles.
976. You check this page every day to see if your contribution made it up.
977. While clubbing with a fellow Moonie, you both cross your arms in front of your faces and yell "Mercury Bubbles...Blast!" every time they add more smoke to the dance floor.
978. You intentionally get into fights at school, in hopes that you'll get transferred to Crossroads Junior High School, like Lita.
979. You think a 'lunatic' is a clock made on the moon.
980. You think a 'lunatic' is a clock made by a black cat.
981. You think a 'lunatic' is someone who is crazy about Sailor Moon.
982. You think a 'lunatic' is a perfect description of you.
983. You think a 'lunatic' is a sign that Luna needs a flea and tick collar.
984. Every time you watch Star Wars, you subconsciously add "Silver" to the beginning of "Millennium Falcon".
985. You only wear clothes made out of 100% RAYon.
986. You want to sue Intel for stealing technology from Amy.
987. You run around in public with a bubble wand and a bottle of bubble formula, blasting bubbles at suspicious-looking people.
988. You bring your lunch to school in a little drawstring bag.
989. You go to an amusement park, and you spend the whole day riding around on the kiddie train, hoping to find Darian.
990. When you're talking about a girl you don't like, you say "She's such an Ann!"
991. You think Neflyte would make a great Astrologer.
992. In the middle of a shower, you dash out towards the computer with a towel wrapped around you, soaking wet, yelling, "I got it! The perfect, absolute most awesome YKYWTMSMW...!!!"
993. Your parents want you to join the chess club, and you agree in hopes Amy might be your partner.
994. You plan to yell "Mars.. Fire.. Ignite!" at the top of your lungs at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, when the torch is lit.
995. You buy a bass guitar and learn to play it 'cause you love the riff from "Moon Tiara Magic!"
996. You've listened to the Sailor Moon soundtrack CD over 100 times.
997. You've visited this YKYWTMSMW page over 100 times.
998. At a school dance, you request "My Only Love" as the last song of the night.
999. You get banned from Toys R Us for yanking a Sailor Moon lunch box out of a five year olds arms.
1000. You're afraid to go anywhere near a Tennis court, for fear that some Negaverse monster might turn you into a big tennis ball!

***   ***   ***