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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 3 (1001 - 1500)

1001. While presenting a speech in front of the entire school, you unconsciously begin with, "Stay right there, and I'll show you!"
1002. You are a total klutz at every sport, except for throwing frisbees.
1003. You think Neflyte is waaay cool!
1004. Every time you hear "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR, you think it's a ballad about the Negaverse.
1005. You practice for hours at your computer, trying to learn how Amy can type sixty words per minute with only one hand.
1006. You're on the 'It's a Small World After All' ride at Disney World, and you are afraid that one of the irritating singing dolls will suddenly introduce herself as the Dream Princess, spin her head around, and try to drain your energy with her magic apple.
1007. Whenever you see a lion on one of those TV nature specials, you have an uncontrollable urge to jump up on the shoulders of the closest person around you.
1008. A traffic cop pulls you over for speeding and your excuse is, you were rushing home to catch a Sailor Moon episode.
1009. Your doorbell plays the Sailor Moon theme song.
1010. It seems perfectly natural to you that there is now over 1,000 YKYWTMSMW phrases on this list.
1011. You are the one who has taken the time to compile over 1,000 YKYWTMSMW phrases for this list. :)
1012. You can't understand why your friend's glasses don't have spirals on them.
1013. You throw "Moonie parties" every weekend, where you get together with your Moonie friends and watch hours and hours of taped Sailor Moon episodes.
1014. While talking to someone, you notice that their mouths move in sync with their words, and you think that's weird.
1015. You get annoyed that the Cardzillion Sailor Moon trading card vending machines don't take $20 bills.
1016. Your father doesn't talk to you about Sailor Moon anymore, because after he asked you one time if the Scouts had anything at all to do with boats and you said NO, he got bubbles blown in his face after he said, "Then why are they called the Sailor Scouts?"
1017. You think Monica Seles wouldn't have a chance against Katie Sandler.
1018. Your best friends little sister is jealous of you, because you have more Sailor Moon merchandise than she does.
1019. You tried to nominate Sailor Moon for an Emmy award.
1020. You're reading this list and saying, "How'd they know I did that?"
1021. You see a search light and think "Oh No! Reeny's in trouble."
1022. You follow the light to save her and when you find out that it was just the grand opening of a new store you are furious at the owners for tricking you.
1023. You get sent to the principle's office for incessantly humming Alan's flute song all day long.
1024. You think Lita will win a gold medal in figure skating, at the 1998 Winter Olympics.
1025. You're up for the role of Snow White in a school play, so you stuff your bra with Kleenex, in hopes of giving yourself as much talent as Lita.
1026. You break out your copy of episode #50 (Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall) just to watch that funny scene again.
1027. You write about Sailor Moon for your college admissions essay and actually get accepted.
1028. Whenever you play 'hide and seek' you yell "Mercury Bubbles Blast!" in an attempt to confuse whoever is 'it'.
1029. You walk into a pet shop and ask the shop keeper if they have any talking cats with crescent moons on their heads.
1030. You have joined all the ballerina groups you could find in your city, but you have also quit them all because they didn't have outfits like Catsy's.
1031. You go to an anime convention looking for some new Sailor Moon trading cards to buy, but discover that you already own them all.
1032. You insist to your friends that ALL Jedi Knights are evil, just because Jedi Knight sounds like Jedite!
1033. Relatives you don't remember come over, so you lock your room to stop them from ransacking it looking for the Silver Crystal.
1034. You are studying prisms in class and your teacher makes the mistake of asking you what kind of prism he is holding up. You stand up calmly and scream "Moon Prism... Power!" and you start to transform...
1035. You think you're turning into Serena because you always seem to be reading comics books, when you're suppose to be studying.
1036. Your name is on the first page of the SOS petition signatures.
1037. You're afraid to ever work at a construction site, for fear of being attacked by a swarm of butterflies.
1038. You've taken to calling squirrels 'furry tailed rats'.
1039. You hope that NASA discovers new planets so there can be new Sailor Scouts.
1040. When you first heard of the possibility of a Sailor Moon live action movie being made, you immediately called your local theater in an attempt to reserve a ticket.
1041. You buy a magic 8-ball for the sole purpose of asking, "Will Serena and Darian get back together?"
1042. You threw your magic 8-ball at the wall because it said, "Definitely No".
1043. You begin to see the Scouts' symbols in the clouds.
1044. You get asked "What is Sailor Moon?", and you just stare blankly like you had just been asked where the sky was.
1045. You paste a picture of Mina next to the word 'cute' in the dictionary.
1046. You play Alan's flute song for the school talent show.
1047. You spend an hour on the phone with your grandmother trying to convince her to buy you a Ferrari just like Neflytes.
1048. You fall down the stairs in the morning while carrying your prized Sailor Moon coffee mug, and land in a heap at the bottom, one arm stretched feebly up in the air, desperately clutching your coffee mug (regardless of the fact that you have broken several bones, and spilled hot coffee, the mug's okay, and that's what's important!) You then require numerous reassurances from the nice people in the ambulance that there hasn't been a power outage, and yes, your VCR will still tape Sailor Moon.
1049. You were faced with a serious moral dilemma, when Raye used her powers to win two free cruise tickets.
1050. Whenever you put a piece of bread in the toaster, you always point your finger at it and shout "You're Toast!"
1051. You think learning how to sweep, is the first step in becoming Sailor Mars.
1052. You purposely trip and fall in front of a cute guy, in hopes of getting a date with him.
1053. Whenever you hear the song "Orinoco Flow" by Enya, the "Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away" part becomes "Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon".
1054. You plan on suing MAD Magazine if they ever do a Sailor Moon satire.
1055. Your teachers know this YKYWTMSMW list by heart, because they've taken your printed copy of it away from you numerous times, when you were reading it in class.
1056. You actually wish that your boyfriend would break up with you in the middle of a rainstorm under a pavilion.
1057. The only reason you ever go shopping is for Sailor Moon Merchandise.
1058. Ever since you heard that Geena Davis will be playing Queen Beryl if the proposed Sailor Moon live action movie is made, Queen Beryl has become your new favorite Sailor Moon character.
1059. You can't wait till Summer gets here, so you can wear your new swimsuit, complete with 4 yellow bows.
1060. Your psychiatrist asks you if you could get him a copy of this Sailor Moon show that you're always talking about.
1061. When your mother asks sarcastically why there isn't a Sailor Sun, you calmly look at her and say, "Because Luna hasn't found me yet."
1062. You have long debates with your friends as to whether or not Amy would beat "Deep Blue" at chess.
1063. You hang on to the side of a huge cliff, taking pictures of the sunset, in hopes of meeting Neflyte.
1064. During your trip to Las Vegas, you began to grow very nervous. The reason?... Everywhere you look, left and right, you see one thing: Cards. (Where's a good flute when you need one?)
1065. You marry a person who's last name is Moon, then join the navy.
1066. You and a King Arthur fan get into a fight about the past of the Earth. Camelot or the Silver Millennium...
1067. Every time you feel weak, you climb a tree and stay there for hours, expecting it to give you some energy.
1068. You consider the day that you first watched Sailor Moon, to be the most important day of your life!
1069. A simple candle flame reminds you of Sailor Mars.
1070. You watch The Empire Strikes Back, and when Han Solo is frozen in carbonite, you immediately think of what Queen Beryl did to Jedite.
1071. Your Sailor Moon posters are starting to seep into the hallway.
1072. You go to dozens of doll shows, searching for a doll made by Mika Cassidy.
1073. You start to dot your 'i's with little crescent moons.
1074. Instead of counting the days until the end of school, you count the days till the new Sailor Moon episodes come out.
1075. Simply put... Sailor Moon is your life.
1076. You spend hours wondering if Amy's hair color is natural or a dye job.
1077. When you heard the news that USA Network will begin showing Sailor Moon on June 9th, you thought you were going to 'keel ovah!'
1078. At the end of the school year you have to take a suitcase to school in order to reclaim and carry all the Sailor Moon stuff your teachers have confiscated from you.
1079. You wonder why the Dark Side in Star Wars isn't called the Negaforce.
1080. You refer to your room as Sailor Moon headquarters. Your younger sister refers to your room as the Sailor Moon store. Your parents refer to it as the Twilight zone. Your friends don't refer to it at all, because they refuse to enter.
1081. Your teacher can recognize your "Sailor Moon Day-dreaming" face.
1082. You refuse to ever become a swimsuit model, for fear that you'd end up disappearing.
1083. You absolutely refuse to let anyone by the name of Peter Fisher, photograph you.
1084. You wonder if they'll ever make Beany baby cats named Luna and Artemis.
1085. You believe that on June 9th a million new Moonies will be born.
1086. After being subjected to having her name changed to Luna, getting a crescent moon tattoo, and your attempts to teach her how to do backwards somersaults and say "kitty stalks by moonlight", your cat runs away. But your not worried because you know Hercules will rescue her and bring her back.
1087. You wish you could find a girlfriend who is special enough to take a Sailor Moon lunch box to high school.
1088. You write David Letterman to ask him to do a YKYWTMSMW top 10 list.
1089. You've turned on your TV, set it to the USA Network, and are sitting in front of it, patiently awaiting June 9th.
1090. The pencil you're using is getting pretty short, but instead of getting a new one, you just write Neflyte symbol on it, expecting it to grow.
1091. You can't find Luna, so you buy a purple cockatoo instead.
1092. You know what episode that is a reference to.
1093. You paint your car red and park it outside of an animation studio, in hopes of finding Sailor Mercury standing on the roof when you return.
1094. You start calling the solar system, the Sailor System.
1095. The only e-mail you get is from fellow Moonies.
1096. You break down and cry when the store near you runs out of Mars Bars.
1097. You take the time to read all three pages of this YKYWTMSMW list.
1098. You see a black cat in someone's yard and wonder "Does Serena live there?"
1099. You get cable, for the sole purpose of getting the USA Network.
1100. Whenever you happen to look up at the night sky, you can't resist yelling out, "The stars know everything!"
1101. You hang out at the local Ferrari dealer, hoping to find Sailor Mercury standing on top of one of the cars.
1102. When your teacher asks you to name the first five planets, you uncontrollably burst out into the Sailor Moon Theme song.
1103. You see one of your entries on the list and start screaming. When your parents ask what's wrong, you shout, "I'm an OFFICIAL Moonie!"
1104. You post Sailor Moon fliers on telephone poles all over your city.
1105. You call your local University asking them if they offer a course on Sailor Business.
1106. At a jewelry store, when you are asked what kind of chain you would like with the pendant you just bought, you reply, "a Venus love chain!"
1107. You rip your diploma out of its frame, so you can have a picture frame to display your Sailor Moon fan club certificate in.
1108. You joined the Navy, then the Boy Scouts. You are now the first male Sailor Scout.
1109. Your friend exclaims "Cest la vie" (Such is life) and you're thinking "Sailor V" what?
1110. You do your '5 most influential people in history' report on the Inner Scouts and add Tuxedo Mask, Reeny, and all the villains for extra credit.
1111. Afterwards, you end up in the office explaining your report... "Hey, the Silver Millennium was a very important time!"
1112. You wonder when they are going to add a Sailor Moon ride at Disney World.
1113. You have a portrait of Sailor Moon painted on the hood of your car.
1114. Your mother asks you, "If the Sailor Scouts all jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?" to which you respond that in episode 65 they did jump off a bridge, into a warphole, and that if you had been there, you would have too.
1115. You have an imaginary friend named Serena, and are proud of it.
1116. Your mom asks you what happens on June 9th, and you answer, "Sailor Moon finally returns to U.S. television!" As it turns out... that's your mom's birthday.
1117. Instead of getting a guard dog, you get a guard cat.
1118. You think Jabba the Hutt is in league with the Negaforce.
1119. You think Jedite should have knelt before Queen Beryl and said, "What is thy bidding, my master."
1120. You think it is possible that Serena is strong with the Force.
1121. You debate over whether Artemis or Hercules is a better match for Luna.
1122. You refuse to look at the 'Leo, the lion' constellation, for fear that it will come to life and attack you.
1123. You think the first line of "Witchy Woman", by the Eagles, is about Sailor Mars... "Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips."
1124. You sleep surrounded by all your Sailor Moon stuff, while clutching a golf club, just incase a fellow Moonie tries to rob you in the middle of the night. Even though you know that is actually impossible, because all Moonies are good people.
1125. You believe that the Sailor Moon poster on your wall is a gateway to the world where the Sailor Scouts actually exist. Though after receiving numerous large bumps on your forehead, you begin to reconsider.
1126. You think at the end of a rainbow, instead of a pot of gold, you can find all 7 of the rainbow crystals.
1127. You are outraged that USA Network cut the "Sailor Moon says..." segments from the end of the show.
1128. You see a guy that you like, so you put heart stickers on your glasses, walk up to him and tell him he is a hunkmiester.
1129. You have a brother named Alan, so you insist on keeping a giant fern plant in his bedroom.
1130. When your dance teacher says "I want lots of energy!", you freak out, run around in little circles screaming about how the Negaverse won't get YOUR energy, then jump out of the nearest window.
1131. You visit the SOS page every ten minutes hoping that its been updated.
1132. Your rich grandparents offer to buy you a BMW, but you say you'd rather have a Mercury instead.
1133. Whenever you see a pretty woman you always say "Wow! She is the foxiest femme around!"
1134. Whenever you want to get into an exclusive party, you just tell the doorman that you're Countess Popover.
1135. You break your leg after trying to jump off of buildings like the sailor scouts do. And once your leg is healed, you try it again!
1136. You tape every Sailor Moon episode and rewatch them all in slow motion, to see if there are any hidden messages.
1137. When your neighbors tell you they are going to name their newborn girl "Molly", you start screaming at them, "Are you crazy! Do you realize how many times she is going to be attacked by the Negaverse?"
1138. You don't have a cat, so you call your dog "Luna".
1139. You don't have a cat or dog, so you call your hamster "Luna".
1140. Once you have collected all the Sailor Moon trading cards in existence, you start making your own.
1141. You inadvertently spell the first day of the week "MOONday".
1142. You refer to your teachers as Sailor Algebra, Sailor History, Sailor Science, etc...
1143. You have autographed pictures from each and every one of the voice actors from Sailor Moon.
1144. You wish your teacher would fall asleep in class like Ms. Haruna.
1145. You bring a heater to a chess-match.
1146. You sneak into your sister's room and use her 'Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM' program to turn one of her Barbie dolls into Sailor Venus!
1147. You try to talk the Cheerleading Squad at your school into changing their cheerleader outfits into Sailor Scout uniforms.
1148. You find yourself sending in a personals ad to the local news paper seeking a "Clumsy, scatterbrained blonde with meatball headed hair... Must sleep in late and answer to Meatball Head."
1149. Your walls and ceiling are already covered with Sailor Moon pictures, so you do the next logical thing, go to your grandmother's sewing club and beg them to make you a Sailor Moon carpet!
1150. While walking in a parking lot, you take the time to draw the Scouts symbols on dirty car windows.
1151. When you're at a boring party, you keep thinking, "This is such a snoozer!"
1152. You think that Princess Diamond looks at bit too much like Melvin!
1153. You just can't get to sleep one night, so at 3am you turn on the TV and pop in a tape of a Sailor Moon episode. In no time at all you're feeling relaxed, comforted, and happy. 30 minutes later you're dreaming sweet Sailor Moon dreams...
1154. You wonder if Serena has a Tamagotchi.
1155. You petition the postal service to create Sailor Moon special edition stamps.
1156. You've watched an episode of Sailor Moon within the last 24 hours.
1157. You're going to watch an episode of Sailor Moon within the next 24 hours.
1158. You read that they've discovered ice on the moon, and you think, 'Of course there's ice on the moon. How else could the moon people have skated?'
1159. You scream "Moon Prism Power!" at the top of your lungs and expect to instantly get a perfect manicure.
1160. You take baths whenever possible, in hopes that Reeny will pop out of the water.
1161. Your boyfriend dumps you after he finds a picture of Darian in the heart shaped locket he gave you for Valentines Day.
1162. You have a black cat, but it is a male, so you can't make up your mind whether to call him Luna or Artemis... so you name him Lunamis.
1163. While renting a tuxedo, you ask if a mask comes with it.
1164. After months of therapy, you've finally accepted that Serena is not real. But now you have a huge crush on Terri Hawkes!
1165. You ask your teacher (who confiscated all your Sailor Moon toys), "Why can't you be more like Miss Haruna?" and she replies, "Why can't you be more like Amy?"
1166. You wonder if any of the voice stars of Sailor Moon have ever visited this YKYWTMSMW web page. :)
1167. While walking in the mall you pass a book store with the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" in the window, and you say to the person next to you "No! that's wrong, RAYE is from Mars and MINA is from Venus."
1168. You have Darian Dreams and Negaverse Nightmares...
1169. After getting out of the shower and putting a towel on your wet hair, you begin to see a resemblance between you and the Moonlight Knight.
1170. You shouted with joy when Starfox had to add a fourth page to this YKYWTMSMW list.
1171. You never go to sleep before midnight, just incase Maxfield Stanton decides to call you.
1172. You spend all day looking at maps of your area, in an attempt to find Makinna Park.
1173. While walking through town one night, you could have sworn you saw a man in a tuxedo, standing on top of a street light!
1174. When you're at a meeting and the person sitting next to you votes against your proposal, you pinch her on the ankle. It worked for Raye, didn't it?
1175. You dye your hair black and rinse it with grape Kool-Aid, so it's exactly the color of Raye's.
1176. You fell into a deep state of depression when this YKYWTMSMW list wasn't updated for two whole weeks!
1177. One of the cows on your uncle's farm is now named "Sailor Moo".
1178. The national health-care plan you mailed to Congress gets sent back, along with the reply, "What is Moon Healing Activation?"
1179. You bribed someone who controlled the sound system to have "Only A Memory Away" played at your graduation ceremony.
1180. You drive around the city at night, looking for an old run down building with a 'Rag Time' sign out front, in hopes of rescuing Molly before Neflyte does.
1181. You accidentally get a cut on your right arm, and while searching for a bandage, you think, 'Where's Molly when you need her?'
1182. You open up a floral shop in hopes of getting an order from Darian.
1183. Your girlfriend dumps you, because she says all your Sailor Moon stuff makes your room look more like a girls room than hers.
1184. You check NASA's website everyday, closely examining the new pictures sent back from the Mars rover, hoping to see Sailor Mars hiding behind one of the rocks...
1185. You go to see the Disney movie "Hercules", but get up and walk out after realizing it has nothing to do with a fat white cat.
1186. You write an angry letter to the editors of TV Guide for failing to include Sailor Moon in their "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time" issue.
1187. You try making a wedding dress, in hopes of winning a trip to Hawaii.
1188. You think they should rename the show "Serena the Teenage Ditz". Of course that's just in jest! :)
1189. You'd love to get a hair style like one of the Sailor Scouts, but you fear going to a hair salon.
1190. You go to every place that sells chocolate parfait in your town, hoping to find Molly.
1191. You think Poison Ivy from the new Batman movie must be a grown up Reeny.
1192. You are convinced that the "Tamagotchi" is a new trick of the Negaverse to steal energy from millions of kids throughout the world!
1193. Your best friend (who happens to be a non-Moonie) is mad at you because you converted her boyfriend into a Moonie. Now he has more in common with you, than with her!
1194. You actually hum the tune of Sailor Moon's transformation sequence, while you get dressed.
1195. You come up with a name to call Amy based on her hair color. Mina is a blonde, Lita is a brunette, so Amy can be a BLUENETTE!
1196. You wonder why Alan and Ann haven't appeared on the X-files.
1197. You caused the eye doctor to think you're crazy, because your vision is perfect and yet you still made an appointment with him. When he asked why you were there, you said "I've just got to have green contact lenses, to complete my new Sailor Jupiter look!"
1198. You start watching the ABC soap opera "Port Charles" because there's a character named Serena on it.
1199. You have downloaded so much Sailor Moon information and images, that your computer has become sentient. It also denies any existence of Artemis and claims to be Central Control.
1200. You are the proud owner of the Sailor Moon Doom Tree boxed video set.
1201. You vow that "chocolate parfait" will be among the last words that you speak before dying.
1202. You think Molly should come out with her own line of bandages, with the slogan... 'Made from Molly's actual pajamas!'
1203. You remembered Sailor Moon's birthday, but forget your mother's.
1204. You are proud of the fact that your school guidance counselor has suggested that you receive psychiatric therapy concerning your Sailor Moon obsession.
1205. You went to watch 'Men In Black' hoping to see Tuxedo Mask in it.
1206. Your relatives are getting annoyed, because in every picture they have of you, you are in a Sailor Moon pose.
1207. You've watched at least one episode of Sailor Moon every day for the last year.
1208. You are turned down as a teen counselor at your local summer camp because one of your teachers turned in a reference about you, that said: "DEAR GOD NOOOO!!! She'll turn them ALL into Moonies! Let them be free! She's done it to me... It could happen to ANYONE!"
1209. You write to NASA, saying: 'Barnacle Bill' and 'Yogi' are fine, but why haven't you named at least one of the rocks on Mars, 'Raye'?
1210. More than 10 of your suggestions have made it on to this list.
1211. While watching Return of the Jedi, you can't help thinking that the Emperor and Queen Beryl would make a good couple.
1212. You think they should remake 'The Odd Couple' starring Raye and Serena.
1213. You wish Mina had more screentime.
1214. It's only July, and you are already hard at work on your Sailor Moon costume for Halloween.
1215. God appears to you in a dream and says "I'm not making you a Sailor Scout! Now stop praying for it!"
1216. You dump your boyfriend after he refuses to wear a little white mask with his prom tuxedo.
1217. While watching "Thundercats" you take your toy Crescent Moon wand and attempt to summon the other Sailor Scouts my screaming "Sailor! Sailor! Sailor! Sailor Scouts! HOOOOOOOOOO!"
1218. You think George of the Jungle is Chad's dad.
1219. You realize you shouldn't be inside watching Sailor Moon on such a nice sunny day, so you take your TV outside.
1220. Your favorite color is now cotton candy pink.
1221. Whenever you loose a life while playing an arcade game, you shout "No way! This is rigged!"
1222. You wonder if Sailor Mercury ever met RoboCop.
1223. You get all these inside jokes...
1224. You call any girl with green eyes and a ponytail, a "Karate Maniac!", at least until you get to know her better.
1225. You turn on your desk lamp, shine it toward the wall, and place 7 G.I. Joe action figures in front of it... All in hopes of creating the 7 Shadow Warriors!
1226. You start yelling at your pink calculator, "Serena! Come in, Can you hear me???"
1227. You pick a fight with a bully, in hope that Lita will show up and save you.
1228. When you heard a probe landed on Mars, your first thought was, 'I hope Raye is all right!'
1229. You start a Cherry Blossom Festival in your community.
1230. Your psychology doctoral thesis is on the following topic: "Sailor Moon Addiction: Fact or Fiction?"
1231. You immediately hate yourself for questioning the verity of the Sailor Moon addiction, so you eliminate the phrase "or Fiction?" from your thesis.
1232. You have never gone out with anyone whose eyes take up less than 3/8'ths of their face.
1233. You refuse to go near a cemetery without your boxing gloves.
1234. You have a life size poster of a Sailor Scout on the ceiling above your bed, so she's the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before you drift off to sleep at night...
1235. Whenever you see a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, you can't help but picture a bald Serena.
1236. About an hour after your big sister announced her engagement, you were arrested for Grand Theft Curtains.
1237. Your parents threaten to ground you if you call them "parental units" one more time.
1238. You spell out Sailor Moon using curly fries and think you're artistic, while your family just thinks your nuts.
1239. Whenever you have a big test to study for, you always make sure you have a good supply of pencils to chew on.
1240. You petition to change your school's name to Crossroads Junior High... Even though it's a college!
1241. You go to the Mars probe section of the NASA homepage, hoping to download pictures of Sailor Mars.
1242. You order every Delia's fashion catalog after you found out that they sell Sailor Moon T-shirts.
1243. You think you know the truth: Neflyte's not dead; he's just hanging around with Elvis.
1244. You find yourself defending Sailor Moon to a 7 year old girl who says it's stupid.
1245. You spend more time looking for Sailor Moon web sites than Serena spends eating and sleeping.
1246. You think Evander Holyfield wouldn't stand a chance against Sailor Boom Boom Moon.
1247. You notice that Tuxedo Mask's and Sailor Moon's initials are next to each other in YKYWTMSMW.
1248. You stand in front of a sliding glass door for hours, hoping to see your reflection turn into Sailor Moon.
1249. The guy named Darian at your school is afraid of you because you're always flinging your arms around him and crying out, "Miss me, big guy?"
1250. You are the proud owner of all 25 Sailor Moon episodes that have been released on video tape.
1251. You think that Mickey Mouse may have been the inspiration behind Serena's meatballs.
1252. Your home is turning into a zoo, because you absolutely had to have... a black cat, a white cat, another white cat, a purple cockatoo, two ravens, and a squirrel with beady little red eyes.
1253. After a rough day, you put on your Transformation Locket and pick up your official Crescent Moon Wand.....and you instantly feel a warm, fuzzy feeling wash over you.
1254. You think that Sailor Mercury should open a car wash.
1255. You spend hours wondering why the Sailor Scouts have perfect manicures if their gloves just cover up the nail polish anyway.
1256. You attempt to make the seven rainbow crystals by smashing a prism with a hammer.
1257. You watch Xena: Warrior Princess before going to bed, and end up dreaming about Mina: Warrior Princess.
1258. You get arrested at a state park for carving "Serena + Darian" in a tree.
1259. You were thrown out of Wal-Mart after you put little Japanese symbols on all the post-it notes.
1260. Every time Starfox updates this list, and none of your YKYWTMSMWs make it onto the list, you stare at the computer screen in disbelief, and then say "Ah think Ah'm gonna keel ovah!"
1261. A guy tells you he's into S/M and you think, "Wow, he likes Sailor Moon too!". You later realize the error of your ways...
1262. You live in Germany and you're disappointed that Amy didn't get on the plane.
1263. You put your car keys in the ignition and shout "Key Turning Activation!"
1264. You run around saying, "Why can't I just be a normal teenager?"
1265. You grab anyone by the name of Amy, and shove their face into the nearest computer monitor, in hopes that Sailor Mercury's symbol appears on their forehead.
1266. You send a letter to Calvin Klein asking them if they have the fragrance "Tuxedo Musk".
1267. You think the Mars Rover is actually just a fancy new communicator that Luna has sent to Raye.
1268. During history class, your teacher says something about the temple of Artemis and you immediately raise your hand and ask, "Where's Luna's temple?" Then you realize that he was talking about the Greek goddess, not the cat.
1269. You teach your little sister to say "I wanna bwe a Sawor Scouwt Wen I Gwow Up."
1270. You like the 'Sailor Says' segments.
1271. While dressed as Sailor Moon at an Anime convention, you spot another person dressed as Sailor Moon, so you walk over to them and say "Your disguise isn't fooling anyone, Zoycite!"
1272. You buy a Nintendo 64 just because they have a game about the creator of this web page. :)
1273. You plant a rose bush outside of your window, in hopes of attracting Tuxedo Mask.
1274. When you heard that the YTV cable network already has a few of the new Sailor Moon episodes in their possession, you considered a covert raid on the studio.
1275. While having dinner at a Chinese restaurant, you ask them if they have any Zoy sause.
1276. You think that doctors should prescribe Sailor Moon instead of Prozac, as a cure for depression.
1277. You wonder if Queen Beryl had a sister, who happens to be your algebra teacher, because the similarities (personality wise) between the two are just too uncanny to be a coincidence.
1278. You have a huge crush on..... Melvin!
1279. You believe that Sailor Moon is the one bright pure light in our otherwise cynical world.
1280. You buy all your Sailor Moon merchandise in triplicate because you're afraid that one of your Moonie friends will steal one set and that your younger sibling will somehow destroy another.
1281. You glance at a page in a video game magazine, see SMW (for Super Mario World), and wonder why there isn't YKYWTM in front of it.
1282. You now bathe with Sailor Moon bubble bath, cover your lips with Sailor Moon lip balm, and brush your hair with your Sailor Venus hair brush.
1283. You work at Wal-Mart where you're supposed to address customers by name, and you accidentally call a girl named Serena, Meatball Head!
1284. You're drafted by the army, but you refuse to go, on the grounds that you 'only fight for love'.
1285. The YKYWTMSMW list is also a list of your lifetime goals.
1286. You wore a black armband for a whole week after Neflyte died.
1287. Your phone got turned off for a month because you bought The Doom Tree Box Set instead of paying the phone bill.
1288. You and your best Moonie friend stage the debate "Where does Tuxedo Mask keep his roses?" for your English exam.
1289. You worried if Lita was okay, after first hearing about those comet fragments hitting Jupiter.
1290. You don't watch Sailor Moon for a whole day and your VCR attacks you in the middle of the night demanding its Sailor Moon fix.
1291. A friend reads the previous and says, "That's impossible." (meaning the VCR attacking) and you say, "I know! Me going a whole day without Sailor Moon?! YEAH RIGHT!!!"
1292. Your parents run around shouting "Why can't she just be a normal teenager?!"
1293. You wonder if Darian wears boxers or briefs...
1294. You always answer the phone "Hi! Hi!".
1295. You take back the Crescent Moon wand you bought from Toys-R-Us, complaining it's defective because it broke when you used it to break open your piggybank.
1296. You are happy when your boyfriend breaks up with you, because you are convinced that he has visions in his head that you are in danger, so you say 'Oh boy, he really does care!'
1297. You buy the Sailor Moon Doom Tree Series Boxed Set, and as soon as you get home you proceed to call all your Moonie friends and invite them over for a 4 and a half hour long Sailor Moon Doom Tree Party!
1298. You insist on having a Sailor Moon impersonator at your wedding.
1299. You end up marrying her instead of your former fiance.
1300. You don't eat mashed potatoes any more. You only eat Venus Crescent Beam Smashed potatoes.
1301. While waiting for your parents to buy your clothes in a Sears store, you go over to the computer section and fix all the screen savers to say "This computer is the property of Sailor Mercury."
1302. You hold on to the hope that Nephlyte really didn't die and is now vacationing in the Bahamas with Molly.
1303. A girl at your school named Serena now thinks you're crazy, because one day you walked up to her and said "I know who you REALLY are."
1304. When you visit the Epcot Center at Disney World, you can't help but wonder, "What's the Imperium Silver Crystal doing here? And how did it get so big?"
1305. You're still trying to figure out a way to make a living watching Sailor Moon.
1306. Your children did something wrong and instead of saying "You're grounded.", you say "In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"
1307. When making an omelet in the morning, it somehow turns out to be in the shape of a crescent moon.
1308. You sit your black cat down and say, 'All right! I know you're Luna, and you know I'm Serena. Now cough up my Crescent Moon wand!!!" Unfortunately, the only thing your cat coughs up, is a hairball!
1309. You plan on making the 500 mile drive from your home in the US, to Canada, every Saturday, just to stay for a half hour to watch the new Sailor Moon episodes.
1310. You found out through experience that roses dipped in liquid nitrogen do not become stiff and stick in the ground, but instead shatter when thrown.
1311. You get kicked out of your keyboarding class for trying to type one handed like Amy does.
1312. Your friends are beginning to prefer the tone of the "Emergency Broadcast System" to your incessant humming of the opening theme to "Sailor Moon."
1313. People start singing a song about you:
Throwing things by moonlight
Stalking guys by daylight
Make her go away, get her out of sight
She is that one weird Sailor goon
1314. You use to wish you were Tuxedo Mask, but after considering how much it would cost just to keep you in roses, you change your mind.
1315. When your teacher returns your "What I did over Summer Vacation" essay, she asks why you gave her a forty-six page story about 'Sailor Moon'.
1316. You think Tuxedo Mask could split Robin Hood's arrow with a rose.
1317. You spent all day Saturday watching and rewatching your tape of "Rubeus Evens the Score", while munching on some left over Strawberry Pop Tarts.
1318. You have already preordered the new Sailor Moon soundtrack CD.
1319. Your VCR has started recording Sailor Moon episodes on it's own.
1320. Just hearing the name 'Darian' makes you smile, giggle, and blush.
1321. You take your Sailor Mercury doll to school everyday so she can help you with your schoolwork.
1322. Your best friend(who happens to be a non-Moonie) nearly strangles you in the middle of the night because you were talking about Sailor Moon even in your sleep.
1323. While walking through your school parking lot, a black cat jumps on the roof of a car nearby and stares at you, like Luna did to Serena in episode #1... For the rest of the day you run around happily exclaiming that Luna has finally found you!
1324. When some snobby girl at school says "You are the only person I know who likes this 'Sailor Moon' thing." you look at her sympathetically and reply "Oh, you poor thing..."
1325. You think Serena invented the "MoonWalk".
1326. You are positive that the Negaverse is behind the El Niņo.
1327. When you heard that there was a new article about the proposed live action Sailor Moon movie in the 'Hollywood Reporter', your hope sprang anew for the future of Sailor Moon in North America.
1328. You are seriously considering making Geena Davis your new favorite actress.
1329. You and your friends can't remember what you use to talk about in that dismal void that existed before you discovered Sailor Moon.
1330. You start to panic because you only have four weeks left to finish your Sailor Moon Halloween costume.
1331. Whenever someone asks your name, you say "I am the one, (your name here)."
1332. You bake chocolate cupcakes, just for your cat.
1333. You're mad at your parents for not having the right genetics to give you pink hair!
1334. You wonder what the original color of your room is, since it's now covered from floor to ceiling with posters and picture printouts of Sailor Moon.
1335. You sit down to write a Sailor Moon crossover fanfic, but then you realize you can't because you have never watched any other shows.
1336. Before you let anyone photograph you, you insist on checking their camera out, to make sure Nyflyte's symbol is not on it.
1337. You write a book entitled, "1001 Uses for Strawberry Pop-Tarts".
1338. You find out 'The Starry Night' by Vincent van Gogh IS about Sailor Moon:
1339. The cypress tree at the lower left is big and dark, as the energy from the Negaverse. The Moon is on the opposite end. The stars (which are really stars and PLANETS) and the moon joined their peaceful and intense energy, shown there with swirling lines, to fight it. The straight vertical lines and triangle shapes from the town create a rhythm that gradually changes to the swirling rhythm of the sky: the loving and peaceful energy from the celestial bodies were able to defeat the evil and absorbed them in their peace.
1340. You called Bandai Incorporated, pretending to own a Toys R Us store, in hopes of getting a Cardzillion machine put in your room.
1341. You watch 'Entertainment Tonight' every day, hoping to see a story on the possible new Sailor Moon movie.
1342. You decide to become president of the USA, just so you can propose a bill to rename the country, "The United Scouts Of America!"
1343. You get upset that references to the 17 new episodes won't appear on this YKYWTMSMW list until STARFOX gets to watch them on the USA Network.
1344. You are shocked and dismayed when you realize that the Sailor Scouts' birthdays are not mentioned on Entertainment Tonight.
1345. While sitting in study hall, you say to the person sitting next you, "This is such a snoozer!"
1346. You're going crazy trying to figure out a good way to make 'meatball style' hair for your Sailor Moon Halloween costume.
1347. You toss pink flower petals around yourself, hoping that they will transport you to the Negaverse.
1348. Whenever you're on a train that is pulling out of the station, you always look back to see if Amy is running after you...
1349. You flunked English class, because your teacher wouldn't accept papers where you dotted the i's with little crescent moons.
1350. You have a sofa in the shape of a crescent moon.
1351. You are diligently taping the 17 new episodes, with plans of mailing copies of them to Sailor Moon addicts in the United States.
1352. Everyday when school lets out you yell, "I'm outie!!!"
1353. You're sure that Serena could break the new land speed record, simply by being late for school...
1354. Your favorite electronics shop is Raye-dio Shack.
1355. Your computer automatically opens up your Sailor Moon folder when booted up.
1356. One night, your mother gets onto the computer and in a wild rage deletes all of your Sailor Moon files. You ask her in tears why she did it and she says in a sing-song voice, "She is the one, Sailor Mom!"
1357. You've just bought a Venus Fly Trap plant.
1358. Even though Halloween is still over a week away, you somehow find an excuse to put on your Sailor Moon costume every single day.
1359. Every time you raise your hand in class, you have the uncontrollable urge to shout "Moon Prism Power!"
1360. You write to Entertainment Tonight, asking them to do a report on the possible live action Sailor Moon movie...
1361. You call long distance to a friend who lives in Canada, and proceed to talk them into playing the new Sailor Moon CD over the telephone.
1362. You fear what will happen on Halloween when all the people wearing Negaverse costumes meet all the people wearing Sailor Scout costumes.
1363. On finding out your boyfriend hates Sailor Moon, you break up with him. You then proceed to sit around for hours watching old Sailor Moon episodes and wondering why all guys can't be more like... Melvin?
1364. Whenever you see a motorcycle drive by, you always check to see if the rider is wearing a tuxedo.
1365. When you try to give someone advice, you find yourself ending with "Sailor Moon Says! Heeheehee!"
1366. While watching Star Trek: Voyager, you wonder if Janeway gets hair tips from Serena... That bun does look rather like a giant meatball!
1367. When asked to sign the cast of a friend with a broken bone, you wrote "Moon Healing Activation" thinking it would help.
1368. You have threatened to use your Moon Scepter on more than one anti-Sailor Moon web site creator.
1369. You're afraid to go near a cemetery, for fear of being attacked by a boxing vulture.
1370. You take your boyfriend for a walk in the park, hoping to find a Fortune Teller that would predict it's time for 'a little kissy face'.
1371. The week before Halloween, you put a big sign in your front yard, reading... "Extra candy on Halloween night for any Trick-or-Treaters wearing a Sailor Moon costume!"
1372. You carve Sailor Moon's face on a pumpkin for Halloween.
1373. After eating a bowl of Lucky Charms, all of the crescent moons are still left in the bowl, because you couldn't find the heart to eat them...
1374. You can quote every "Sailor Moon says..." but can't remember three of the ten commandments.
1375. You couldn't find your daughter a Reeny costume to match with your Sailor Moon costume, so you bought her a Poison Ivy one instead.
1376. For Halloween, you write a crossover fan fiction story featuring the Sailor Scouts in the movie Scream!
1377. Instead of proposing to your girlfriend with a diamond ring, you offer her a musical locket.
1378. You absolutely refuse to walk 10 feet in front of any girl named Amy, for fear of being flatten by a 2 ton iron beam!
1379. When closing tupperware containers you always shout, "Moon Preservation Power!!!"
1380. You get grounded for a month because your father found out that you broke his nail gun by trying to shoot nails with roses attached, just so they would stick in the ground.
1381. You printed up little Sailor Moon information booklets, to give out with the Halloween candy.
1382. You attempt to find Dr. Dolittle, so you can learn how to talk to cats.
1383. You have so much Sailor Moon merchandise, Bandai orders from you.
1384. You do your Journalism assignment on Sailor Moon.
1385. You make mention of this YKYWTMSMW web page in your Journalism assignment on Sailor Moon. :)
1386. You think Craig and Arianna (the Spartan cheerleaders from Saturday Night Live) would make a great addition to your SMFC (Sailor Moon Fan Club). You even write a cheer for them...
SMFC, SMFC roll call!
*clapping hands*
Her name is Amy,
she likes to study,
and Serena's,
her best buddy!
SMFC, SMFC roll call!
Her name is Serena,
she likes Bunny,
and Darian,
is her honey!
1387. You think "Men in Black" is a movie about Tuxedo Mask's fan club.
1388. Your mother sees you franticly sewing on a princess Serena dress and tells you that Halloween was last week, to which you reply "I know that, but Homecoming is in 2 weeks!"
1389. You're watching the "Wizard of Oz", and you wonder why Dorothy doesn't just say "Crystal Key...Take Me Home!" to get home.
1390. You still wore your Sailor Moon costume, complete with short skirt, on Halloween night, even though the temperature fell to 35 degrees.
1391. It's your parent's anniversary and you agree to make them a romantic dinner, but when they sit down at the table, they are very surprised to find that their 'romantic' anniversary dinner consists of... peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, squid on a stick, coconut fried shrimp, and vanilla and prune milkshakes for dessert!
1392. You think Raye may secretly be the owner of your favorite football team... the Baltimore Ravens.
1393. You read the statements on this web page and think, "It's funny, because it's true."
1394. Whenever someone mentions Sailor Moon, you say (in a Homer Simpson voice) "Mmmmmmmm... Sailor Moon..."
1395. Your teacher screams, "I've had it with you constantly talking about Sailor Moon! You get a detention!" To which you respond by jumping up and down in the air while yelling, "Yes! Yes! I'm one step closer to becoming Serena!"
1396. You cultivate an annoying Brooklyn accent, hoping to snag a handsome, mysterious millionaire.
1397. It doesn't work, but nerds are now mysteriously willing to lay down their lives for you.
1398. You have preordered your copy of "The 3-D Adventures of Sailor Moon" cd-rom game.
1399. You think Reeny could have a future in the WNBA.
1400. Whenever someone says 'I can't cook toast.', you immediately offer to go to their house and give them a cooking lesson.
1401. You wear a tiara to school.
1402. You wonder how much 4 feet of hair extensions would cost.
1403. You thought that Luna had finally found you, when on Halloween night, a cat came up to you and started talking. Unfortunately, It turned out to just be your best friend dressed in a cat costume for Halloween.
1404. You call your white hamster, "Artemis" and his cage, "Central Control".
1405. Before turning in your homework, you put Neflyte's symbol on it, hoping it will drain your teacher's energy.
1406. You volunteer to donate blood once a month, just so you can be more like Lita.
1407. When watching "The Return of the Jedi", you fall asleep and dream of "The Return of Jedite".
1408. You read "Dracula" just because you heard there was a character named Mina in it.
1409. While watching "Drew Carey," your Mimi-isms get moshed with your Moonie-isms and you end up saying stuff like "In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you...PIG!" or "Bite Me, Cape Boy!"
1410. The only girl named Serena in your town, now has a restraining order on you.
1411. Whenever you hear thunder, you instinctively look around for Lita.
1412. Your new favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks, just because their quarterback is Warren Moon.
1413. You finally take your Sailor Moon doll out of it's box, not to play with it or do anything that may demean its value, but just so you can put it on top of your Christmas tree.
1414. You try to convince a guy named Darian at your school, that he is Prince Darian, and that he has lost all memories of his past and you are his lost love from 1,000 years ago. When he calls you "Meatball Head" for saying such things, you shriek, "Oh, you DO remember!"
1415. You TRY to be late for school.
1416. You feed your cat all the kitty chow he can hold, in hopes of having him begin to look like Hercules.
1417. Every time you start your car to go home, you yell "CRYSTAL KEY, TAKE ME HOME!"
1418. Every time you get in an elevator, you expect the music to stop, only to be replaced by Neflytes voice threatening you.
1419. Whenever you are feeling blue you crawl into your flannel Sailor Moon sheets and wrap your self up in them and you're instantly cheered up.
1420. When your girlfriend breaks up with you, you scream "No, this isn't the way it works! I break up with YOU! And besides, it's not even raining out!"

From http://www.cstone.net/~lbrannon/lauren/smtomuch.htm (Mara Jade)

1421. You freaked when Mara opened a 5th page!
1422. You wonder if you can be Sailor Asteroid Belt.
1423. The spirits in the fire are now calling you and you put them on hold because Sailor Moon is on.
1424. You join the animal rescue league in hopes that you might find Luna.
1425. You begin to cross your favorite thing with Sailor Moon i.e., Sailor Eponine, Tuxedo Jones (as in, From Indiana Jones), Sailor Beanie Baby......
1426. You can rattle off more than 50 of these by memory.
1427. You personally own more than 5 Sailor Moon sites.
1428. You have at least 50 or more Sailor Moon sites bookmarked (I counted all of mine to make sure of the right number!).
1429. You have written numerous letters to Rachel Blanchard (Clueless) asking her to wear her hair in meatballs on an episode of the show to show
1430. You flood Starfox's mailbox with hatemail for closing down the first YKYWTMSMW page (don't actually do this....)
1431. Last summer you were seen running around throwing ice cubes screaming "Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze!"
1432. You dress up like Zoisite and go around school trying to find the 7 rainbow crystals. When people laugh at your costume, you throw rose petals in their face.
1433. You dress up like Malachite and crash a Sailor Moon stage show, state who you are, what you want (the crystal) and start throwing pink boomerangs at them.
1434. When security drags you away you scream out Zoisite's name and yell that your going to join her real soon.
1435. The security guards at the DIC know you by name.
1436. All you have to do is THREATEN to talk about Sailor Moon to shut up your friends! :)
1437. You play all you Sailor Moon sound files backwards to see it there are any hidden messages that everyone else missed.
1438. You still like Malachite, even though you know 'the truth'.
1439. You go antiquing for your very own Crystal Key.
1440. You find a strong resemblance between Tuxedo Nephlyte and Howie D as a vampire in the Everybody (Backstreet's Back) video.
1441. You now put Star Seed atop you Christmas tree or Hanuchka bush.
1442. You've printed every Sailor Moon fan-fiction off the web and created you very own Sailor Moon library.
1443. No matter how hard you try, the people at the publishing company won't seem to accept your Sailor Moon Novel.
1444. You join anti-moon pages so you can bring them down from the inside!
1445. People you don't even know come up to you and hand you a Sailor Moon item they bought on their vacation for the simple reason that they "saw it and immediately thought of you".
1446. You don't want a car for your sixteenth birthday, you want a plane ticket to Japan.
1447. You whip out your Sailor Moon wallet during a school function, and all the moonies you converted are summoned to you.
1448. You have been dubbed "The Sailor Moon Queen" but you insist that they call you Queen Serenity instead.
1449. You had to add extra memory to your computer just so you could keep all your Sailor Moon files.
1450. You got a Chibi Chibi doll, directly imported from Japan.
1451. Instead of talking, you just say "Chibi chibi"
1452. You run up to people, shove your Chibi Chibi doll in their face and scream "Chibi Chibi!" in their ears and when they say "Who is this?" you say "Chibi Chibi." and when they say "What?" you say "Chibi Chibi" etc...
1453. You draw the sign of Mercury on your homework and tests, in hopes of scoring a higher grade.
1454. You put cheesy quotes from the Sailor Says into your email signature file.
1455. You decide not to talk about Sailor Moon for the day...you barely manage to get to school.
1456. You make your very own, "Moonie and proud of it!" pin and stick it onto your backpack.
1457. You know the theme song by heart, but when someone asks you to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, you're clueless.
1458. You and your moonie pals hold Sailor Moon Marathons each week, and have contests over who remembers the most lines.
1459. You are immensely jealous when you don't win those contests.....
1460. You rejoiced when you heard Sailor Moon was coming to Cartoon Network June 1st, see SOS for more details.
1461. You grab your non-Moonie pals to your weekly Sailor Moon Marathons...and convert them into Moonies!
1462. You make a comic for the school newspaper with at least three Sailor Moon in-jokes a day.
1463. You could be mistaken for a Senshi at first glance.
1464. You look physically like one Senshi but spend all your time searching for the right clothes...
1465. You have to make a hero for creative writing. You submit a Sailor Moon fanfic and get an A+.
1466. You did it! You did it! After 6 months of waiting, you hair is long enough and just wavy enough to look exactly like Sailor Jupiter's! Now where's that transformation pen...
1467. You get Nephlyte's little symbol encrusted on your class ring.
1468. When you dream, you dream that you have hit the motherload of sailor moon goodies!
1469. You've done ALL of these before you eve knew this list existed!
1470. You send your very own made-up Sailor Scout to Mara at ykywtmsmw_85@homail.com
1471. When you see the Blues Brothers 2000, you immediately drag all your friends (moonie or not) to see it 'coz when they sing "Ghost riders in the sky", there's a Sailor Moon doll in a stall for around half a second!
1472. You get caught surfing down the lanes of the supermarket in a shopping cart like Sailor Mars.
1473. You try to teach your black cat to talk to you.
1474. You try to teach your now talking cat to speak with an accent like Luna's.
1475. You see two big black birds outside of your local Shinto temple, so you go around screaming to all your Moonie friends that you found Sailor Mars.
1476. You stand in a field in your new Sailor Jupiter costume with a lightning rod strapped to your head, while doing your best Lita pose and saying "Jupiter Thunder Dragon!", hoping to be struck by lightning.
1477. When you drive and meet up with a bad driver, you suddenly have an urge to yell, "In the name of the moon I will punish you!" and then honk in the rhythm of the theme song.
1478. You pledge allegiance to the Sailor Scouts:

I pledge allegiance to Sailor Jupiter
And all of the Sailor Senshi.
Thunder and lightning for which she stands,
one nation, Crystal Tokyo, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.
1479. You got a Sailor Moon comforter, but it clashes with your room so much, your mom won't let you put it on your bed.
1480. You do anyway.
1481. You get grounded for doing the above, so you now sleep rolled up in your comforter like a sleeping bag on the floor.
1482. You haven't slept in a bed in over a month.....
1483. People stop you in a store or you stop people in a store and ask about their Sailor Moon shirt.
1484. You love Sailor Moon so much, other moonies can sense you're a moonie.
1485. You stopped me in a science store and asked about my Sailor Moon t-shirt and proceed to do the "Sailor Moon Says" laugh.
1486. You will shell out $25 for a Sailor Moon t-shirt, $20 for an (incomplete but imported) set of Sailor Moon keychains, $8 for a Sailor Moon poster etc, but won't give $1 for a 20 oz. bottle of Pepsi (note: I actually did this today and I made SURE I made a mental note about the prices)
1487. You get your boyfriend (or some other tall guy) to dress up in a tux, put on a cape and mask, and follow you around, "appearing out of nowhere" when you get in trouble to save you
1488. Your friends are then jealous and try to find out who this mysterious guy really is.
1489. Your creative writing teacher tells you to pretend you are a rosebush, and you automatically pretend you are Darian's.
1490. You dressed up like a Sailor Scout for Halloween, and you are a guy!
1491. You write a university paper on how Columbus sailed to America aboard the Mina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.
1492. On the last day of school you dress up like princess Serenity. 1 minute before the dismissal bell rings you confront your evil Social Studies teacher and yell "Cosmic Moon Power" with your moon wand playing the little tune. Part of it was for leaving out the lesson about the old moon kingdom you graciously wrote for him.
1493. Dressing like the scouts wasn't enough, so now you TALK like them! The only problem is, you fav. scout is Sailor ChibiMoon (blah!!!!!).
1494. Your friends ask you to change people, so you choose Sailor Molly and Tuxedo Melvin.
1495. Your parents refuse to take you on any more vacations because your "Sailor Moon withdrawal symptoms are way too hard to handle."
1496. You stop right in the middle of what you're doing to send a YKYWTMSMW phrase.
1497. You get really annoyed when you forget the YKYWTMSMW phrase when you get to your computer and bring up the internet.
1498. You press your forehead to your computer screen in hopes you get Sailor Mercury's symbol on your forehead.
1499. You press your forehead to your computer screen in hopes you get Sailor Mercury's symbol on your forehead... And you actually get it.
1500. Then you realize you don't have it, so you mope around and send nasty letters to your cable operator, threatening to give you Sailor Moon or else!

***   ***   ***