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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 4 (1501 - 2000)

1501. You realize you can rearrange your name to have something to do with Sailor Moon.
1502. You've made up your own characters to Sailor Moon, and you already know how they fit into the plot, past present and future.
1503. You make up another dreamy hero for the series so that you and your friends don't all have to fight over Darien. (or the Negaverse generals!)
1504. You make Luna and Artemis as a final project in ceramics.
1505. Every time you meet with your friends to discuss Sailor Moon with them, you call it "Scout Business".
1506. You and your friends dress in the color of your respective scouts every Thursday, including the appropriate earrings.
1507. You write your scout name on your school papers.
1508. You had a humongous party when you heard the new episodes would be aired!
1509. You dressed up like your favorite Sailor scout for the return of Sailor moon.
1510. You have a Sailor Moon shirt for every day of the week.
1511. You are convinced El Nino is another Negaverse plot to suck the energy out from humans.
1512. You take it upon yourself to educate the world about Sailor Moon.
1513. You have an entire video cabinet devoted to Sailor Moon.
1514. You plan to yell, "World Shaking!" during the next earthquake.
1515. You plan to yell, "Deep submerge!" during the next flood.
1516. No matter how hard you try, you always end up saying "Deep Submerge" instead of the title of that new movie, "Deep Impact", much to the amusement of your fellow moonies.
1517. You make up your own episode and you pretend you're fighting a battle being your own made up senshi whenever you get bored.
1518. You do the senshi's attacks underwater, since you can't really twirl around as gracefully on land.
1519. You search for every white horse there is, and you see if they have the golden crystal and a pair of wings.
1520. You've tried to transform into your favorite Senshi more than once.
1521. You've tried to get so many You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon Whens in that you had to see a doctor because your fingers were stuck in a typing position.
1522. You try to get more Sailor Moon merchandise than Naoko Takeuchi.
1523. You book a flight for San Diego for mid-August, just to meet with Naoko Takeuchi!
1524. You could swear that your teachers have just cut the "-ite" from their names.
1525. You think that 2 days without Sailor Moon is cruel and unusual punishment, therefore, the parental units cannot, by law, ground you from the TV.
1526. You start to take the bus EVERYWHERE you go, in hopes that you will find an alternate dimension.
1527. You plot to have that huge TV screen in Times Square hijacked and turned into a 24-hour Sailor Moon TV, turning all of New York into Moonies!!!
1528. You "write ykywtmsmw's by moonlight, sleep by daylight", and think it normal behavior.
1529. You try to turn your room into Central Control.
1530. You know the ykywtmsmw e-mail address (ykywtmsmw_85@hotmail.com) by heart, but you forget your boyfriend's.
1531. You go to sleep wearing a sailor fuku, and with your home made-wand in your hand, with faith that you will be a REAL sailor senshi when you wake up.
1532. You're afraid to wake up and find out that your dream has not come true yet... (yet)...
1533. In the morning while eating lucky charms, you stick one of the crescent moon marshmallows on your forehead all day, bragging to everyone that Luna finally found you.
1534. You write to TY demanding that they make a Luna and Artemis beanie babies
1535. You plan on seeing the movie Small Solders, thinking that the Sailor Scout Action figures will show up to save the day.
1536. If you go out and buy a $2000 hand held computer just so you have the final pieces of your sailor mercury outfit and it's not just for Halloween any more!
1537. You draw sailor moon characters in the steam on the mirror when you get out of the shower.
1538. You go to every toy store in the state hoping to find any Sailor Moon merchandise that is not in your collection already (which is virtually impossible!).
1539. You joined or created a internet gaming group (clan, guild, etc.) that based on Sailor Moon.
1540. While in a planetarium, you pretend you're Nephlyte.
1541. You send Mara eight or more suggestions at a time.
1542. You begin to cry when you realize that a kid at school has more Sailor Moon stuff than you.
1543. You hide in the arcades at night hoping to see a black cat walk in and talk to the video games.
1544. Your best friend's favorite scout is Sailor Mars (whom you hate because she is always so mean to Serena). You decide to find a new best friend.
1545. You swear revenge on Zoicite for killing both Neflite and Tuxedo Mask.
1546. You wish Queen Beryl's Generals weren't so cute because you feel guilty for liking the way they look.
1547. Your ultimate goal to be like Serena is to look good in.... a TOWEL???
1548. You blink your eyes during Serena's transformation so your eyes can make little bleeping sounds.
1549. You buy an ice skating outfit like Litas in hopes it will make you skate better.
1550. Since you can't wear the moon princess dress to someone's wedding (for fear of taking attention away from the bride) you take the Haruka approach and wear a tux instead.
1551. You yell "Mars Fire Ignite" when watching the Fourth of July Fireworks...or any fireworks, for that matter.
1552. You're convinced that at least one of the writers from Small Soldiers frequents the YKYWTMSMW site, because in the commercial one of the toys says, "We're not toys, we're Action Figures!"
1553. You spend at least an hour each night staring at the moon and wondering about the Moon Kingdom.
1554. You spend at least an hour during the day staring at the moon (when visible) and wondering about the Moon Kingdom.
1555. You yell "Mars Fire Ignite" when you light the campfire and then "Mercury Bubbles Blast!" when you dump water on it to put it out.
1556. You spend inordinate amounts of time thinking up new YKYWTMSMW ideas.
1557. You voted "Sailor Moon" as your favorite anime on the Project Anime poll.
1558. You think Sailor Moon + Redwall is a cool idea! ;)
1559. Just because you are like your favorite scout, you think you ARE her!
1560. You audition for your school musical with the sailor moon theme song or "Oh Starry Night" etc.
1561. You can match each "sailor moon says" to it's corresponding episode.
1562. You can match each Sailor Moon sound on your computer to it's corresponding episode.
1563. You own a prism that looks JUST LIKE the silver crystal and meet Moonies by holding it up and shouting, "Moon Crystal Power!"
1564. You do the above at the beginning of each meeting of the "Sailor Moon Clan" you started.
1565. You walk into a store with $50. You walk out with $49.95 in Sailor Moon stuff.
1566. You start getting "flashbacks" to your life in the Moon Kingdom.
1567. You see Lawrence of Arabia for the first time, and think "Moonlight Knight? Here? What?!
1568. You get over a long time crush by getting hooked on Darien/Tuxedo Mask.
1569. You only listen to Bare Naked Ladies' song "One Week" (http://www.sailormoon.org/~spoon/barenaked_ladies.wav) because they mention Sailor Moon. (They do!)
1570. Mara knows you.
1571. You believe you are Serena's long lost sister.
1572. You're not sad that your girlfriend/best friend is moving to Africa, because you think "Cool, she'll get to meet Rita!"
1573. You're not sad that your girlfriend/best friend is moving to Japan, because you think "Cool, she'll get to meet Serena!"
1574. You compare the Phantom of the Opera to Tuxedo Mask.
1575. You parents have begun charging you for use of the printer just because you went through seven ink cartridges in one day printing Sailor Moon pictures.
1576. You make your very own copy of this YKYWTMSMW page and add all your own YKYWTMSMW's to it so you can pretend Mara really put them on!
1577. You go to the barber with a picture of Serena and say, 'Make my hair look like THAT!"
1578. Your mother absent mindedly begins to hum the theme song to Sailor Moon and doesn't realize it until you, eyes filling with proud tears and elated, tell her so.
1579. Your mother/brother/sister/friend can outsmart loyal Moonies with her Sailor Moon knowledge/trivia; not because she likes or even watches the show, but because she's been listening to you babble on for so long.
1580. You search the net for every Ami in Japan and ask them all to marry you!
1581. You spend a whole year just trying to think up something to put in the YKYWTMSMW archive.
1582. People say you're a lunatic and you go crazy because Luna doesn't have ticks!
1583. You write to NASA asking them to take you to the Moon Kingdom.
1584. You paint your nails sparkly pink in the hopes that it will aid you in your efforts to transform into Sailor Moon.
1585. You take out your phaser, which you have because you are also a Trekkie, and whenever you shoot it you shout, "Moon... Phaser... Vaporization!"
1586. You finish reading all of the YKYWTMSMW's and you start to get tears of joy because you finally feel as if you are at home.
1587. After searching your local mall for earrings that look like Sailor Moon's in vain, you make an emergency trip to your local craft store to buy the supplies needed to make a pair.
1588. The more you watch Darien, the more irresistible he becomes to you.
1589. You dress up like Serena in hopes Alan will fall in love with you.
1590. You call your friends to help you raid YTV to get Sailor Moon tapes.
1591. You think about stopping school to watch Sailor Moon.
1592. You make your own constellations of Sailor Scouts!
1593. You look for the constellations "Tuxedo Mask" and "Andrew from the Arcade"!
1594. You and your sister go totally gaga every time Darien has any screen time.
1595. You currently have Sailor Moon characters decorating your desktop.
1596. After Sailor Moon is over you immediately rewind your tape and watch it again...twice!!!
1597. You get really mad at you parents:
a) for being allergic to cats
b) for frightening away any cats that come on your property, in hopes of (the cats) talking to you.
1598. When shopping, someone places a red rose in front of your face, and you scream, "EEEEEEEEEEK!! IT'S ALAN!!! HELP!!!!!!!! ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
1599. Your cable company doesn't carry Cartoon Network, so you call them every day, until they finally say they'll carry it.
1600. You plan to study Japanese for your high school language, then become an Exchange Student in Japan.... all in hopes of meeting Naoko Takeuchi, and convincing her to include your fanfic character into the series.
1601. You spend all your time in the school computer lab in hopes that Amy will show up.
1602. A girl named Amy does show up, but her hair is the wrong length and color.
1603. You convince her to cut her hair and dye it blue.
1604. When you try to get her to wear the sailor scout uniform, she shouts that you have "problems" and need help.
1605. You finally realize that she's not Sailor Mercury, as she'd be much more understanding.
1606. You go back to the computer lab and resume your search for Amy.
1607. When you finally find someone who looks like Serena, you try to drain her energy.
1608. Whenever you step on an escalator, you shriek, "MOON HEALING ESCALATION!"
1609. You get into an argument with your Moonie friend over whether or not she can marry Darien. You think it would disrupt the timeline and make Sailor Pluto really mad. Your friend just thinks you're nuts.
1610. You scream, "JUPITER POWER, MAKE-UP!" in the middle of a full, silent study hall...for no reason at all.
1611. A teacher yells at you and a Moonie friend for singing the theme song. You then stand up and launch into an, "I will punish you!" speech.
1612. A mysterious Sailor Soldier is lurking in your dreams...
1613. At school, a Sailor Moon hater whispers, "Negaverse..." in your ear to bug you...and before they can react, you've broken their nose, smashed their knee cap and given them a run for their money...HARUKA STYLE!!!
1614. It's your friend's first time seeing "Day of Destiny" (while it's your 100th) and you can't help but recite the dialogue along with the ep., while your friend is threatening to kill you because she WANTS TO HEAR THE SHOW!!!
1615. You're talking about Sega Saturn games, and somehow SAILOR SATURN slips out...
1616. You've listened to you CD so many times that your PARENTS have started to sing the songs.
1617. During social studies, you look up and think you see, "SUPREME THUNDER" written on the board! It turns out to be "Supreme Court"
1618. Your stuffed animals all are named after something from Sailor Moon.
1619. You have a set of Glow-in-the-Dark planets on the ceiling above your bed, and you call them your Guardians. (That's me, too! ;) )
1620. You've met Mara while looking to buy Sailor Moon items in Kay-Bee toy store. (You know who you are out there! ;) )
1621. You've met fellow moonies by them overhearing your conversations about Sailor Moon.
1622. You blame Rini for Serena and Darien breaking up.
1623. You turn your sisters Cool Blue Barbie into Sailor Mercury, her Extreme Green Skipper into Sailor Neptune, her Perfect Pink Teresa into Rini and all the rest of her Barbie dolls you give the "Meatball head treatment".
1624. You try to use your umbrella to hypnotize people.
1625. You watch one of those old-time western movies and whenever you see a belle dressed in yellow, you scream "AAAHHHHHHH!!!! IT'S BIRDIE!!!!!! HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!".
1626. You buy red contact lenses and wear them around, even though everyone thinks you're possessed (which Rini is...)
1627. After bumping into Mara once, you look all around in case of seeing her again.
1628. You recognize Mara though you've never seen her.... ;)
1629. On Halloween you put on a tutu and bodysuit and do up your hair like Catsy.
1630. When people ask if you're a ballerina, you glare, squirt water at them, and jump away.
1631. You're going to shout mercury ice storm blast during the next blizzard.
1632. You refuse to say anything the scouts haven't said.
1633. Your locker is referred to as 'the sailor moon shrine.'
1634. You've changed the song "My Favorite things" to
Sailor Moon's fuku
And moon people's hair-do's,
Nega moon sisters
Who wear huge tutus
Sailor Moon's scepter and character rings,
These are a few of my favorite things...
1635. You got mad when the moonlight knight left because now there is only ONE Darien.
1636. You dress, talk, walk and look like Serena, down to you uniform for school. Now you are working on the Sailor Moon part.
1637. You start going out with a guy and accidentally call him Darien.
1638. On Halloween you and your boyfriend dress up as Serena and Darien or Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask or Princess Serena and Prince Darien or all three (by transformation).
1639. You fantasize about being the "New Generation Sailor Moon" and believe it is true. When you try to transform... YOU DO!!!
1640. You can think up YKYWTMSMW while you’re in History, Mythology and Chemistry but you can't do it while your at home staring at your computer trying to think up ones.
1641. Everything you own has a Sailor Moon related nickname.
1642. You loose sleep over whether you should dye your hair blue or blond.
1643. You conduct studies to see what happens to moonies when deprived of Sailor Moon paraphernalia.
1644. You send so many idea's to Mara that she awaits your e-mail every week at the same time/day.
1645. You think the DIC dubbers are from the Negaverse because they won't show the S series.
1646. You take it personally when your sister thinks she knows more about Sailor Moon than you when she has only watched one episode and she said she hated it.
1647. You take it personally when you aren't accepted into a Sailor Moon fan club.
1648. You take it personally when your Sailor Moon page didn't win an award.
1649. You make these up from personal experiences.
1650. You were disappointed when you saw "Mercury rising" because it had nothing to do with sailor mercury getting more powerful.
1651. Sailor Moon is consuming your computer.
1652. You don't have anything that doesn't have anything to do with Sailor Moon.
1653. You've renamed your 'Microsoft Word' to 'Sailor Moon Says'!
1654. The Papa John's you work at won't let you NEAR the small pans ever since you found out that they make EXCELLENT Moon Discuses...
1655. Several of the co-workers at your job are now moonies just from hearing you talk about the show, even though not a single one of them has ever seen an episode!
1656. On Halloween you lend out your sailor senshi costumes to all the little kids in the neighborhood, then dress up as Tuxedo Mask & take them out trick-or-treating.
1657. The parents actually ask you to do it again next year, too!
1658. You cried uncontrollably for hours after Serena and Darien broke up but didn't even almost cry when you saw 'Titanic'.
1659. You were suspended from school for wearing a sailor scout uniform.
1660. You did it again when you came back.
1661. You carry a bottle of bubbles with you everywhere you go, just in case...
1662. Everytime you see a cute guy there always seem to be bubbles and flowers behind his head.
1663. You dressed up as a scout for Halloween and several months later you're still thinking of ways to improve your costume.
1664. Your MOM is doing something . . . and is reminded of Tuxedo Mask.
1665. You begin to think after a while, "So what if Alan is an alien.......he's still a hunkmeister!"
1666. You went into complete shock when Cartoon Network delayed showing the final episodes of Season R.
1667. While watching the Sound of Music you start singing "Doe, a dear a female dear, Raye, the sailor scout of Mars..."
1668. While you’re reading your science book you come across a sentence that mentions how the moon hasn't changed drastically in three billion years, and you flip out and start screaming "No!! No! The rise and fall of the Silver Millennium was a MAJOR change, and that was only a thousand years ago!
1669. You start reading a chapter in one of your textbooks for homework but suddenly your thoughts turn to Sailor Moon, and when you snap out of the day dream and glance up at the clock you find it has been four hours since you first opened your book and you haven't read more than three words.
1670. You never can finish your homework because whenever you get started a brilliant YKYWTMSMW comes to you out of the blue.
1671. Any word starting with the letters SM remind you of Sailor Moon. Actually, now that you think about it, All words remind you of Sailor Moon.
1672. Thanks to your Sailor Moon obsession, your three year old sister can recite the names of all nine planets.
1673. You Sailor Moon obsession saved you from failing a test on the planets.
1674. You can't go a entire minute without mentioning Sailor Moon.
1675. You voted for Serena to be on the cover of "teen" magazine this month, and freaked when you found out she was in the lead so far. (Click here (http://www.pathfinder.com/teenpeople/gdml3/cover4.html) to vote, everybody!!!)
1676. You look on FMC (http://moonchat.animecity.ml.org/FMC/FMC-Login.ASP) to find Sailor Iao/Mara Jade.
1677. While watching 'The Wizard of Oz' you change the words of 'The Lollypop kids' song to:
We represent
The Sailor Moon fans,
The Sailor Moon fans,
The Sailor Moon fans.
And in the name of
The Sailor Moon fans,
We wish to welcome to Moonie Land...
1678. You never cry during any movies, only during episodes of Sailor Moon.
1679. You read an abduction story about your fav senshi and instead of getting angry enjoy it cause she gets even at the end.
1680. Mara get a flu, you think Emerald put a spell on her.
1681. You've finally figured it out... No. Not how to put your hair up like Serena's... How to put it up like Chibi-chibi. Someone do this and I will post your picture here!!! :)
1682. Your moonie friend is the only person who will talk to you anymore.
1683. You wonder if there can POSSIBLY be anymore ykywtmsmw's out there. You decide to consult your Luna Ball.
1684. You call up psychic networks and ask if you're a Sailor Scout.
1685. When they say no, you write the whole thing off as bogus and call another hotline.
1686. Using posterboard and paper mache, you create a Gate of Time on your bedroom door. Now if only you had the slightest idea how to make a Time Staff....
1687. You got your boyfriend to make the Time Staff in woodshop. Now if you only knew how to detach the Garnet Orb from your heart crystal...
1688. Your Cultural Geography teacher is impressed with the amount of Japanese language and culture you've learned from watching Sailor Moon and/or reading about it on the net.
1689. You voted more than ten times for Serena to be on the cover of "Teen" magazine.
1690. You get upset because when you get your Sailor Moon Bubble Bath with real doll hair, you realize her hair isn't HALF as long as it should be.
1691. You can't bring yourself to destroy even one of the Sailor Moon sites you bookmarked.
1692. You never met Mara so you sit in front of your fireplace trying to get a reading on what she looks like. (If you e-mail me, I'll give you something better than a reading... a jpg image!)
1693. Your little sister gets mad at you for running the ink out of her highlighter, which you borrowed to mark off all the things on this list you've done or thought of doing.
1694. You start crying when Mara has updated her page and your jokes haven't been added.
1695. You drop your friend since pre-school because she said one bad thing about Sailor Moon.
1696. You refused to come on to Mara's site at first thinking it was a anti-moonie page. (Everyone knows you can't ever watch too much Sailor Moon).
1697. You tape a banana to a pencil and shout Moon Healing Activation! (haha, I'd like to see someone try...)
1698. You throw around CDs while shouting Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!
1699. While sitting in Mythology lecture the professor says "Artemis" and you start to giggle uncontrollably.
1700. Your day isn't complete without mentioning Sailor Moon AT LEAST 15 times.
1701. You make people say "kitty stalks in moonlight" password before you will let them into your room.
1702. Every other guy you see on the street looks like Darien.
1703. You are perfectly happy sitting inside on a beautiful day, watching Sailor Moon episodes you taped 6 months ago.
1704. You stand up in the middle of class and for no reason at all, yell "Zoy!", then sit down like nothing ever happened.
1705. You force your non-Moonie friends to tape the new 17 episodes, since you don't have the Cartoon Network. They NEVER say no, in fear that you'll start talking about Sailor Moon again!'
1706. The Sailor Moon bag you've had since you were 14 is now in a state of disrepair, being taped together countless times, but you just don't have the heart to discard of Sailor Moon stuff, no matter how shabby!
1707. You are taking bets on when Mara begins the sixth page.
1708. You *know* you're a sailor senshi. . . it's just you don't know your transformation phrase.
1709. You and your fiancee plan to dress as Princess Serenity and Prince Endimion for your wedding.
1710. You cut your Barbie’s hair to make her Lita and you don't care if you mess up cuz you can always make her Ami!
1711. When the antenna on someone's car goes up, you put your head in front of the antenna and shout "JUPITER THUNDER CRASH!"
1712. When you get a bad grade on your test, you go up to the teacher with your carved pencil/pen-wand and shout "IN THE NAME OF THE MOON, I WILL PUNISH YOU!!!"
1713. You are asked what do you want for x-mas and you produce a list of Sailor Moon items and include the stores names and web address where they can be found.
1714. You get angry when people try to tell you that Sailor Moon is "only a cartoon character!"
1715. You can't find Lita's exact earrings, so you have several sets of 'compromise' earrings- one for each day of the week!
1716. You know how to say "Crescent Moon" in 13 different languages, including three you made up.
1717. You think Serena knows by experience how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.
1718. You always fail your astronomy tests because you can never remember the ninth planet. There's Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn. And the moon, of course, but that's not a planet. Darnit, that's only eight!
1719. Your friends don't play chess with you anymore because you only let them use pawns and you get to use the full set.
1720. You search the stores for extra sticky chewy caramel bubble gum.
1721. You paint a basketball to look like ChibiUsa's Luna-P, then go around throwing it at people.
1722. You are determined to get your hair up like Chibichibi's, so you dye it magenta/red, stick wires in your hair, and use tons of tape, glue, and string to get it up. When you do...it's time for bed...so you have to take it down, or it'll get ruined...
1723. You wonder is Pikachu (from Pokemon) is Sailor Jupiters pet...
1724. You order bunny address labels with the name "Usagi Tsukino" on them instead of your name.
1725. You think "Usagi Tsukino" IS your name!
1726. You teach your little cousin to call you 'Serena'.
1727. You look at the moon through a telescope hoping to see Crystal Tokyo!
1728. You call your Cousin Meatball Head all the time, and then one day you see her with the Meatballs and you then say "Donut Head".
1729. No one in your family touches the VCR between 3:59 and 4:31 on pain of death.
1730. Your eight year old sister gets bored because you and HER friend are talking non stop Sailor Moon.
1731. Your eight year old sister demands that your mother put you on TV restriction so SHE can watch something other than Sailor Moon.
1732. After that, you call her 'A little Rini fungus'.
1733. You call your favorite radio station several times a day requesting that they play the Sailor Moon theme song and get REALLY mad when they don't.
1734. The crowning achievements of your 1 year, three month tour in Japan aren't all the awards you’ve received, but your complete collection of Sailor V/Sailor Moon Manga.
1735. After joining the Marines, you arrange to be stationed in Japan, so you can collect Sailor Moon stuff.
1736. The worst part of boot camp wasn't the isolation, wasn't the hard work, wasn't the drill instructors, but NO SAILOR MOON!!!!
1737. Mara refers you to a psychiatrist for your sailor moon addiction.
1738. You can plausibly tie Sailor moon into any storyline.
1739. You’re the only person who actually WANTED Thanksgiving vacation to end because the last episodes premiere Monday the 30th.
1740. You find yourself talking in Japanese often because of all the subtitled episodes you watched.
1741. You're in drama class at school and whenever you have to do a crying scene, you think "a crystal clear destiny."
1742. Naoko Takeuchi personally calls you up and tells you you have been watching too much sailor moon.
1743. While playing PokEmon, you name all your PokEmon after Sailor Moon Characters. (Hmmm, Let's see..... Vulpix would be Sailor Mars, Lapras would be Sailor Mercury, ButterFree - Sailor Venus, Clefairy - Sailor Moon, hmmmm any more. OH Yea Pikachu would be Sailor Jupiter, Of Course)
1744. You nearly go crazy because your College Doesn’t have the Cartoon network on their cable subscription. (Be Thankful for VCR's at home and that you brought your Sailor Moon Tapes.)
1745. The night before the new episodes you can't sleep.
1746. You got a 15 on you last algebra quiz and cheer because you've finally beaten Serena's score of 30.
1747. You've done the above, but you actually studied.
1748. You freak out because there is a crescent moon button on all of the school's new computers.
1749. While watching "Village of the Damned", every time they say the name 'Mara', you automatically add 'Jade'.
1750. In basketball, you mess up the opposing team's foul shots by yelling "ZOY!" at the top of you lungs from the stands.
1751. You and a moonie friend are sitting in a public place (like the mall) discussing what additions could be made to this YKYWTMSMW list, and people walking by either give you strange looks or offer some suggestions.
1752. You've sent in so many YKYWTMSMW's that ykywtmsmw_85@hotmail.com is now in your address book.
1753. The owner of your local Sailor Moon supplier knows you on sight for your tendency to walk in and buy $50 of Sailor Moon stuff.
1754. You notice that in the episode "Time Bomb" when Serena's on the bus yelling at the driver to hurry up, the girl sitting to Serena's right has long blond hair and a bow...LOOK! IT'S MINA!
1755. You compare the Power Puff girls to the Sailor Scouts.
1756. You have a picture of you dressed up as Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask... On your driver's license!
1757. You own a few dozen Sailor Moon t-shirts... And don't wear them, 'cause they're on display.
1758. You could have sworn (for the millionth time) that the girl in your calculus class with the exact same haircut, right size build, everything, was Ami.
1759. You attend SM Anonymous meetings.
1760. You can picture anyone you see with anime features --Huge eyes, pointy nose, weird-shaped bangs and all.
1761. You draw them like you see them (for you see anime as reality), and you get good business.
1762. It's driving you crazy that you can't remember the name of the Negaverse monster in that tried to turn Amy against her friends.
1763. You loose sleep over the above.
1764. Walking through the library one day, you see someone with a Sailor Moon keychain on their backpack, and you immediately strike up a conversation with them.
1765. You were in an airport, just minding your own business, when a lady carrying a Sailor Moon suitcase walks by. You attempt to ask her and her 6-year-old daughter where they got it, but they called Airport security before you could (this has happened to you more than once).
1766. You want, more than anything, for Sailor Moon to have crossovers with other shows. (Hey it worked for X-Men and Star Trek). How would that work? I am Serena of Borg...
1767. The highlight of your life is when you discovered you share a birthday with a Sailor Moon character.
1768. You carry the Silver Crystal with you wherever you go...just in case.
1769. You think your cats gets mad at you for 'playing' with your crescent moon wand.
1770. You rode your bike all the way to the mall in the pouring rain to buy the Luna and Artemis plush dolls.
1771. You pit Pokémon against Sailor Senshi and try to figure out which one would win.
1772. When you see a rose hit the ground in "Pokemon", you expect it to be Tuxedo Mask.
1773. Your mother has developed a twitch whenever you sing the Sailor Moon theme song (which is once every 5 minutes).
1774. You actually ENJOY Tuxedo Masks corny speeches.
1775. Your mother talks about getting rid of Cartoon Network, so you hyperventilate and fall to the floor (and you're not faking it).
1776. You spend hours trying to imitate Emerald's laugh, but you stop when you realize that Mara will never post anymore of your YKYWTMSMWs if you continue this!!!!
1777. You’re scheduled to get your driver's license at 3:45 pm, but skip it so you won't miss a second of Sailor Moon.
1778. You have debates with your moonie friends over the philosophies of the time shift, or the time/space continuum.
1779. When your mom told you it was a day of history (referring to the impeachment of President Clinton!!! :) ), you think DiC's finally decided to dub the remaining episodes, and when your grandchildren ask you about the impeachment of Clinton, you stare blankly at them and ask "Oh, he was impeached?"
1780. YOU DID IT!!! After what seemed like forever in studying genotype and phenotype, you actually have a LOGICAL explanation on how a blonde haired woman and a black haired man can have a pink haired child!
1781. You have converted you teachers into moonies, and now they excuse you from not doing your homework because you were working on your fanfic.
1782. You cried yourself to sleep when your dad taped over a whole WEEK of Sailor Moon.
1783. You create alternate lyrics to Rudolph: "You know Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune and Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. But do your recall the most famous solider of all? Sailor Moon the clutzoid leader, had meatballs for her hair....."
1784. You refuse to use your Bath and Body Works Moon Dust because you think it is actually the remains of youmas, droids, etc. that have been moon dusted by Sailor Moon
1785. You run down the street every afternoon throwing bad test papers at people in hopes of finding Darien
1786. After buying a new Sailor Moon video tape at the mall, you run up to everyone you see and proudly show it to them
1787. Your ink cartridge runs out of ink while printing this list so you write the whole list out by hand.
1788. You try to convince your boyfriend/girlfriend to change his/her name to Serena/Darien
1789. You buy the Sailor Moon Role Playing Game and Resource Book, just to get all the info on Sailor Moon, and the characters names spelt correctly.
1790. You can name every episode they showed clips from in the last of the 17 new episodes.
1791. You're hoping against hope that DiC dubbs the 'S' season so you can see the two shadowy Scouts from Serena's vision...even though you already know who they are.
1792. You find out that one of you high school classmates is named Amy Anderson and you're completely shocked that she wasn't the class valedictorian or has blue hair.
1793. You get the highest grade in your class, and the first thing that pops into your head is how proud Ami would be of you.
1794. You want to be exactly like Raye... ouch...

From http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/2374/index.html (SMPSYCHO)

1795. You can play the violin while bouncing lemons.
1796. You can recite the dialogue even though you don't know much of Japanese.
1797. You wish to hear your favorite SM seiyuu in every other anime that you watch.
1798. Everytime you see Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka at the tea shop place, it reminds you of "Central Perk" on "Friends".
1799. You re-name all your stuffed rabbits Usagi.
1800. You stick antennas in your head to try and look like ParaPara.
1801. You start aiming your handmirror at people while calling out "Submarine Reflection!"
1802. You think your parrot is related to Chibi-Chibi.
1803. You hide and shudder when a lunar eclipse happens- it reminds you too much of the SuperS ending.
1804. You know that if you look hard enough, you can find the steps up to 'Fruit Parlor CROWN'.
1805. Fisheye starts looking real good - and you know she's a guy passing himself off as a girl.
1806. You get a chance to fly a helicopter but refuse for fear of gelatin-like monsters attacking and Sailorpluto won't be there to help.
1807. You get a vanity license plate for your car...with the numbers 9 10 on it.
1808. You know more Japanese than English.
1809. During gym you take a blue basketball and fling it at a friend while yelling "Deep Submerge!"
1810. You're no longer afraid of seven years bad luck if you break a mirror. Instead you're afraid of shard demons attacking you.
1811. You now KNOW mirrors are evil.
1812. Any time there's an eclipse of the moon, you get freaked out. That means the Deadmoon Circus is returning.
1813. You start liking Esmeraude's laugh.
1814. If a guy with long orange hair comes up and asks you "what time is it" with a Japanese accent, you run like hell, thinking Tigerseye is after you.
1815. You get into serious thought provoking debates about who is cuter: Chibi-Usa, ChibiChibi, or Diana.
1816. You notice a tiny black star in the corner of one of your textbooks. So you promptly toss it and burn it. When asked why, you replied that it was possessed with a daimon.
1817. A new girl with frizzy orange hair named Mimi transfers into your school, and you ask her if the Witches5 could use a sixth member.
1818. You refuse to eat bonbons, thinking that they'll grow and attack you.
1819. You have the message on Haruka's answering machine playing on your own.
1820. It suddenly snows and you quickly run inside fearing Princess Snow Kaguya would come and freeze you.
1821. You start considering a change in your sexual preferences.
1822. You only listen to the music played on the show, even though you don't understand a word they're singing.
1823. Certain individuals around you try to boast their SM knowledge. Instead of being fascinated, you feel sorry for their rumored facts.
1824. You scream every time you hear "Sanji No Yousei".
1825. You go crazy when people call the Senshi, "Scouts".
1826. You come into the same room as a basket full of bonbons, and inch away slooooooowly.
1827. Your favorite jewelry used to be made out of Tigers Eye, until you found out what it really is.
1828. Eternal Sailor Moon's outfit isn't REALLY that bad.
1829. You get into serious debates about whether or not Princess Fireball is really ChibiChibi's daughter.
1830. You think this nerd would make a GREAT Mercurious for a Mercury-like person like you. All he needs is to do is spike his hair and dye it green...
1831. Every time you hear the phone ring, you cringe in fear, thinking it's Galaxia coming to take your sailor bracelets.
1832. You hold a rally protesting of the injustice done to Sailor Saturn who only appeared in half of S, none of SS, and little of Stars.
1833. You don't know whether to celebrate your sister's birthday or mourn for the ending of Sailor Moon on February 8th.
1834. You kidnap the SM seiyuus, hypnotize them into speaking fluent English, and have them provide the voices for the NA SM cast.
1835. You tell enemies about giving them a Taiki key chain for good luck on exams, but secretly get a Seiya key chain and paint the hair brown.
1836. You're on the highway, see two people on a motorcycle whiz by, and could have sworn that it was Haruka and Michiru.
1837. You freak out when people spell Ami-chan's name "Amy" or Rei-chan's name "Raye."
1838. You'd kill to see the March 1997 Nakayoshi because it has the last bit of Sailor Moon manga in it.
1839. While looking for a pet, you discard cat after cat because their ear length is not as long as Diana's.
1840. You come close to strangling anyone who uses the English attack phrases.
1841. You think that you might consider going out on Halloween as one of the Starlights.
1842. You're a guy and you consider going out as one of the Amazon Trio on Halloween, no matter what anybody might think.
1843. You become very vain, and, so that you can stay beautiful forever, you try to trap yourself in a mirror.
1844. Your purpose in life is to convert the dub fans to the Japanese show.
1845. "Baka" is your most frequently used insult.
1846. You see a white cat in an airport, your eyes get big and watery, and you scream "ARUTEMISU!!!"
1847. You try to make them play "Kaze mo sora mo kitto" at a dance party.
1848. Your Japanese professor calls you "Seeraamuun-san". And you scream with joy...
1849. You unconsciously rename any woman with short blond hair Haruka.
1850. You see a girl who has dyed her hair aqua and just BARELY manage to go up yelling at her, "MICHIRU-SAN! I've found you at last!!"
1851. You wish you were in the Three Lights fan club.
1852. You don't even care how or why the Three Lights become girls. It's Sailor Moon. Takeuchi-sama knows what she is doing and will explain when she feels we are ready to handle such sacred knowledge.
1853. You can't figure out why people don't think powers like "supakuringu waido puressha" and "baningu mandara" and "sutaaraito honiimuun serapii kisu" don't sound like English.
1854. You have a copy of Prof. Tomoe's insane laughter as your default beep.
1855. If you hear one more person mention the Outer Scouts, Star Scouts, and Evil Scouts (ANIME-MATES!! [sp?]) you'll strangle someone.
1856. While everybody else is happy that SM is coming back in NA, you're depressed because of how they'll mangle the outer senshi.
1857. You paid homage to Haruka on January 27th (and/or Hotaru on January 6th, etc).
1858. The first word you learned in hiragana was "ChibiUsa".
1859. You start noticing strange things about your RPG video games (some of the BGM sounds like Moon Revenge, one of the female characters has a laughing pose just like Esmeraude, etc).
1860. You started a betting pool on exactly who ChibiChibi's mother is.
1861. You also start a betting pool on exactly what the last episode will end like.
1862. You consider flying to Japan to see episode #200.
1863. You wait in line 10 hours for Star Wars tickets expecting it to be all about Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten.
1864. You begin debates about who is coolest, the Inner Senshi, Outer Senshi, or Starlights.
1865. For the third time this week you've gone to school with a gold hoop earring in your left ear, and your friends are really starting to worry... I mean, first the haircut, then the tan hair dye, and now the earring...
1866. You become your school's star basketball player and develop the habit of intimidating the other team by holding the ball up in the air and shouting out "World Shaking!" right before you shoot.
1867. You take up volleyball in order to become more like Minako.
1868. Everytime your computer boots up the Outer Senshi BGM starts playing.
1869. The violin is now your favorite instrument.
1870. The piano is now your favorite instrument (why not, when there's a violin? ^-^)
1871. You're gonna make sure your baby cousin's first words are ChibiChibi, even if it kills you...
1872. Characters from other anime start reminding you of your favorite SM characters (Sasami and ChibiUsa, Ryoko and Haruka, Ryo-ohki and Diana, etc.)
1873. Anytime you enter a room you start snapping.
1874. You hang out in a group of 3 people. One with brown hair, one with pale hair, and one with black hair. You suggest that you all start wearing leather fukus and pose as the Starlights.
1875. You paint a black star on your briefcase at work. When running into your boss, you open it up and expect a daimon to pop out and take your boss's heart crystal.
1876. After bumping into a guy in a tuxedo you pull out a whip and try to trap his shadow to a tree. It worked for Tigerseye, didn't it?
1877. Otome no Policy doesn't seem to annoy you any more.
1878. You try teaching the rest of your Japanese class Moonlight Densetsu for extra credit (True story!)
1879. You don't think guys turning into girls is a big deal, and wonder why non-anime/SM fans think it's... "REALLY WEIRD".
1880. You watch the NA version, and say "Hey... they cut out a scene!!" and proceed to explain the cut scene in detail, annoying everyone in the room.
1881. You start to pronounce Sailor Moon as Serra-Muun when you talk about the show to your friends.
1882. You involuntarily slip a few Japanese words into a conversation... and you don't even speak Japanese (due to watching too many fan-subbed episodes). Then you apologize... in Japanese (gomen... er... I mean... Sorry...).
1883. You call out the Japanese attacks while watching the NA version... and realize you've forgotten what the NA attacks WERE!
1884. You think the names of the Japanese attacks make sense... (Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss..???).
1885. You buy yourself a bow and arrow set and light the arrowhead on fire, prepare to shoot, and whisper, "Flame..." Then you shriek, "SNIPER!!!!"
1886. You woke up at 6 am for the last day of Sailor Moon. No, not to watch the NA one (it hasn't even returned yet!), but to the IRC meeting held on February 8th.
1887. "Sailor Wars" is your new idea for a fanfic, starring Sailor Galaxia, the legendary senshi (Any volunteer authors? :).
1888. You listen to songs, such as "La Soldier" or "Sailor War" and imagine yourself in a battlefield full of sailor warriors... what a sight!
1889. You get the new Amie magazine issue and find Takeuchi-sensei's new creations. You then try to find "reincarnated" characteristics of the Senshi in the new characters.
1890. You try to post on the newsgroup using the NA names, but you have to keep rewriting it because you can't stop using the Japanese ones.
1891. You talk to your friends about the characters of Sailor Moon, like Naru, Motoki, Umino, Unazuki, etc. and receive blank faces.
1892. You forget the NA names.
1893. You call meatballs odango.
1894. While reading the Aeneid in Latin class (Daydreaming, actually) you suddenly perk up as you hear the words "Juno", "Pallas" and "Usa" in the same sentence. Then you realize it's just Hera and Athena bickering again and look back out the window.
1895. You're watching "Asteroid" and see that one of the asteroids is named Helios and think it's named after Pegasus...
1896. You begin mispronouncing English words. i.e., Dead-o, Sai-ra, Ma-zu.
1897. Every time you see a pool stick and cue ball, you hit someone thinking you're an asteroid senshi.
1898. You see a girl with a gold dress and think she's Galaxia's daughter.
1899. You have a dream about Usagi and Mamoru in a language you don't understand.
1900. Your roommate doesn't speak Japanese, and isn't a Sailormoon fan, but can still sing "Moonlight Densetsu."
1901. You like Chibi-Usa (she was sooo annoying in the dub there's no way anyone could possibly like her!!).
1902. You drive your friends and family crazy because you only listen to Japanese music... *and* you sing along!
1903. You hear people talking around you and it sounds like they're speaking in Japanese.
1904. You think R2D2 is related to ChibiChibi (after all, his beeps DO sound like "Chibi" ^-^.)
1905. When nobody's looking, you stick a microphone headset on your left ear and shout out "Healer Star Power, MAKE-UP!" hoping to transform into Sailor Starhealer.
1906. Your friends now refer to you as a "leather wearing, finger-snapping, Usagi-chasing woman" and you don't mind- the catch is, you're male.
1907. At your school carnival, you swipe some face paint and paint the Uranus (or your favorite senshi's) symbol on your forehead.
1908. You try and build your own "Fire buster" out of your parent's cappuccino machine.
1909. You find out that the planet Charon is technically considered Pluto's twin planet, so you begin to wonder if out there, somewhere, lives Setsuna's twin...
1910. Your friends are worried that you're becoming a cross-dresser.
1911. You watch Megami Paradise and accuse Juliana for taking Haruka's voice.
1912. You repeat "Chibi...ChibiChibi" just to annoy your friends.
1913. You cry repeatedly everytime your hear "Talisman."
1914. You start hating natto with a passion without even knowing what it is. (FYI: fermented soybean)
1915. Your family can recite the whole Sailormoon speech even though they hate anime.
1916. You debate whether to jump off a bridge or cut yourself on the wrist on February 8.
1917. You DON'T want DIC to continue dubbing Sailormoon because you're afraid DIC will change Haruka to "Erica", Michiru to "Shelly", Setsuna to "Susan", and Hotaru to "Victoria".
1918. You decide to start a club in your school for ONLY Sailormoon, then when the only half the people that show up are only DIC watchers, you spend the whole period trying to convert them to the original.
1919. You are extremely puzzled when non-moonies say "EWWW!!!" when you tell them about Haruka and Michiru's lesbian relationship and the Three Lights' sex change when transforming to the Sailor Star Lights.
1920. You get annoyed when people cringe at the mention of Haruka and Michiru's relationship and the Three Lights' henshin.
1921. Whenever you see a picture of anything that has to do with Sailormoon on the net, you have to print it out. Then you wonder why your printer ran out of ink in only a week.
1922. You have no idea what your friends are talking about when they discuss music, because the only thing you ever listen to is Sailor Moon CDs.
1923. You print out Japanese Sailor Moon lyrics and put them in your binder just so you can sing the songs at school.
1924. Your favorite expression is "nani nani?".
1925. Even your family calls the Senshi by their Japanese names.
1926. You take a Japanese course for the sole purpose of understanding your unsubbed episodes.
1927. You pronounce the Senshi's names the Japanese way (e.g. Seeraa Juptah, Seeraa Buinasu).
1928. You can't get to sleep without viewing this page even though you can remember all of it.
1929. You know all the attacks, items, weapons, and henshin phrases by heart.
1930. You actually know their meanings as well!
1931. Your dream is to own the largest Sailormoon web site on the net.
1932. Something gets sad, happy, impressive, and "Otome no policy" seems to automatically come into your head.
1933. You downloaded the MOVs from eps. 196-198, and everytime a senshi died you burst into tears.
1934. You call your teacher "Haruna-sensei" and the class nerd "Umino".
1935. You find out that DiC might be dubbing more SMR episodes, and you pray that something goes wrong with the deal. Who knows what they'll do with Black Lady!
1936. You gather as many friends together as it will take to have people dressed as each of the senshi on Halloween.
1937. You start calling the red-head (the one you hate) in your class "Snail Lady".
1938. One of your friends look like Cooan.
1939. Whenever your moonie friend says an NA SM name, you reply "Who?". Your friend starts describing the character, and you finally realize its Japanese counterpart.
1940. It's sad when someone knows who "Serena" is but not who "Usagi" is.
1941. You call your girlfriend Usako.
1942. You know who Chibi Chibi is.
1943. You see Sailor Moon stuff and leap with joy, but you don't buy it because it's based on the NA SM.
1944. You see the Hale-Bopp Comet and wonder how the Senshi will deal with this new invader to our peace solar system.
1945. You see the famous HB Comet and yell, "It's Princess Snow Kaguya! Quick turn on the senshi signal!"
1946. You scream out the attacks and henshin phrases and nothing happens. You just stand in a certain position looking stupid.
1947. Every time before you enter the shower, you unconsciously say "Ma-ku-ri A-ku-a Ra-pu-so-di" or "Di-pu Su-bu-ma-gu."
1948. You think it's unfair that there are Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, and Mercury, but no such elements, like Moonium, Marsium, Venusium, Jupiterium, Saturnium, so you plan to grow up to be a scientist and create the missing elements.
1949. Every thing you do is based on this list!
1950. You sent Naoko Takeuchi-sama a letter to convince her that only 200 eps. are surely not enough for you and all the moonies on the face of the earth.
1951. When you receive no reply from her, you think, "Hmm, maybe I should go and see her personally..."
1952. You start thinking from the minute that episode 200 has finished that "Oh no, how would I ever survive in this cruel world without Sailormoon?!"
1953. Just when you were thinking that you've finally got over the overwhelming sadness that occurred on February 8th, it was then that someone mentioned the word Sailormoon that you couldn't stop yourself from bursting into tears.
1954. In the same way, while watching "Star Wars", you can't stop thinking about Sailoruranus's Space Sword!
1955. You think, "Well... if there's Star Wars Trilogy, why shouldn't there be Sailor Moon Pentalogy?"
1956. You wear black, and take one minute of silence in memory of Sailormoon on the dreaded 8th.
1957. You split up with your girlfriend because you've just found out that she hates Sailormoon.
1958. You feel sorry for Uranus and Neptune, since Michiru didn't get a role in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Haruka must be lonely.
1959. While watching "Dante's Peak", "Twister", and "ID4", you can't stop thinking about Sailorsaturn.
1960. In the same way, while watching "Star Wars", you can't stop thinking about Sailoruranus's Space Sword!
1961. You'd give anything you own for a replay of one season.
1962. You'd give anything in the world for replays of all five seasons.
1963. And, of course, for the creation of a 6th season, you're willing to give anything in the entire universe!!!!
1964. You can't watch an archery activity without thinking of Sailormars.
1965. You aren't Japanese, neither are any of your relatives, but you actually know what "Minna! Henshin yo!" means.
1966. You're discussing "Wuthering Heights" in AP English and refer to the younger Catherine as Chibi-Cathy.
1967. You think a program named "On Jupiter" should be a biography of Makoto.
1968. You see "moon pies" (choc-cookie/rice-crispie-square combo) and think, "What kind of new thing did Bandai think up this time? Wasn't the moon cycle enough?!"
1969. You no longer use the word "cute", you use the word "kawaii."
1970. You start wondering if "Sailor Wars" has something to do with "Star Wars."
1971. You have over 30 favorite songs and they're all from Sailormoon!!
1972. "Star Gentle Uterus" doesn't sound that bad.
1973. You're gonna make sure your worst subjects this term are English and Mathematics.
1974. Buying an encyclopedia depends on whether or not it has information about "The Silver Millennium."
1975. You want a time machine to travel to the 30th century to meet Neo Queen Serenity.
1976. Greek mythology is now your favorite subject.
1977. You plan to print out this whole page as your summer school report. And you expect your class teacher to give you ten out of ten for it!
1978. You like Sailorchibimoon so much, you make your regular sugar cubes pink-heart shaped and every time you put them into your tea or coffee, you sceam " Piink-shuu-ga hart-at-taac-ku!!"
1979. You pray every night for the making of a 6th season, or an OAV
1980. You make your own holy grail.
1981. You even drink water from it.
1982. Even worse, every time before drinking something from the grail, you just have to scream "Crisis Make UP!"
1983. There's an earth quake, and it's amazing, even in a catastrophe like that you still didn't forget to yell " Wal-do Shaak-kin" just before your house collapses.
1984. You go around donating blood in hopes to get attacked by Eudial, and the Sailor Senshi will come out and help.
1985. You shout in joy when watching ep. 110 because it was the first time Pluto appeared in S, but it didn't last long near the end.
1986. You burst into tears because the death of Uranus and Neptune.
1987. Near the end of the "Pepsi Generation Next" commercial (new version), you could have sworn you saw Sailor Tin Nyanko.
1988. You confuse you entire Spanish class when you absent mindedly answer a question in Japanese.
1989. You worked all through vacation in order to have enough money to become a foreign exchange student to a Japanese high school.
1990. You get mad when you get there because they have uniforms different than the Senshi.
1991. While watching the NA episodes, you unconsciously sing the song with the original lyrics.
1992. You tape the "Outer Senshi Appears" BGM and play it every time you enter your class room.
1993. You draw a Mercury symbol on your mini calculator hoping to make it powerful like Sailormercury's mini computer.
1994. You draw a Neptune symbol on your hand mirror hoping it will reveal the answers to tomorrow's mathematics (or whatever) test.
1995. In cooking class, you freak out your classmates by attacking them with your kitchen knife while yelling "Crystal Attack!"
1996. You got in trouble at school and spent a whole day at the principle's office, then you made a desperate attempt to get yourself out by trying to turn a basketball into an umbrella to hypnotize your principle, which only made things worse.
1997. The electricity went out, so you think "Hey Sailorjupiter must be attacking her enemies right now."
1998. You rewatch all of your SM video tapes from ep. 1-200 to think of any YKYWTMOSMW that you left out.
1999. You go to see a violin performance, hoping that the performer would be Michiru!
2000. You take swimming classes because you think they'll make you more clever or elegant.

***   ***   ***