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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 5 (2001 - 2500)

2001. Hmm... it's final exams time and you hardly prepare yourself because you know that Ami- chan would be a tutor for you.
2002. You know the lyrics to over 10 Japanese Sailor Moon songs off by heart even though you have no idea what you're saying!
2003. You do a search for Sailor Moon sites just so you can find the ones with really bad information (Sailor Moon Super Stars is the sixth season? ^_-) and then laugh at them.
2004. You like to look at all the Japanese Sailor Moon tapes you own, and think of how many hours of pleasure they give you.
2005. When you read a fanfic, you immediately hate it if it uses the NA names.
2006. Your two year old cousin is a Sailor Moon fan, so when she came over to your house you showed her some subbed episodes and expected her to understand them.
2007. You're an atheist, but you still think of Usagi as God (she is the Messiah, after all).
2008. You rename your klutzy friend "Usagi", your smart friend "Ami", your violin playing friend "Michiru", etc.
2009. You could've sworn that the short-haired, blonde, suit-wearing, attitudy chick in Romey and Michele's High School Reunion was a cheap rip-off clone of Haruka.
2010. You believe that Poison Ivy in the Batman and Robin movie is Chibi-Usa grown-up.
2011. You think that Vanessa-Mae (aka. great violin player) had Michiru as a tutor.
2012. You actually have a full fledged team of people who look like and will be senshi for Halloween and you're one of them.
2013. You're afraid of your Science professor for his menacing laugh.
2014. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot remind you of the Three Lights.
2015. For the life of you, you can't remember WHO "Serena", "Lita", "Mina", "Darien", or "Reenie" are.
2016. Your definition of the term "Sailor" has been changed for life.
2017. You have sat through the entire SuperS series without loosing one shred of your sanity.
2018. You can't remember the last time you listened to non-Japanese music.
2019. You can't go camping without being reminded of that one SMS* episode.
2020. While being forced into watching "The Sound of Music" your ears perked up while hearing what you thought was: "Do-_REI_-mi-fah-so-la-ti-do."
2021. You and a group of friends plan on running in the "Bay to breakers" marathon, costume competition, as the Sailor Senshi.
2022. What's so bad about the Star Lights' outfits?
2023. In French class you're assigned to bring in French music, so you try and get away with your "Sailor Moon SS in Paris" CD.
2024. You don't understand the joke people commonly make about Mako-chan's "talent". Not because you never saw the original version of the episode, but because you never saw the DiC version.
2025. You have a pet fish named "Fisheye", a parrot named "Hawkseye", and a cat named "Tigerseye."
2026. You have a hard time watching Ranma 1/2 without thinking about the Star Lights.
2027. The other day while having a discussion about the first season, you slip up and use the "N word" (^_-) instead of "Dark Kingdom". Afterwards you wash your mouth out with soap and force yourself to watch fansubs of the first 46 episodes until you get it right.
2028. You wish that Bandai would make a "Sailormoon Tamagotchi."
2029. You've contributed to this web site.
2030. More than ten of your contributions made it into this site.
2031. You go to a jewelry shop and ask them for crescent earrings.
2032. You scream and hide when seeing a yellow haired girl wearing glasses and carrying a briefcase with a black star on it coming your way.
2033. You take Metalshop/Woodshop/Glassworks so you can make a: Silence Glaive, Space Sword, Aqua Mirror, Time Staff, or any other scepter/wand used in the 5 series.
2034. You've actually made the henshin stick/brooch of any of the Senshi (including the Star Lights').
2035. You try recreating any of the Sailor Anima-mates' or Galaxia's outfit.
2036. The first thing you do, when reading a fanfic, is convert all the names into the Japanese ones.
2037. Any jewelry you would wear has to have been worn by someone on the show. (ie: the earrings the Senshi wear with their fuku: red stars, red roses, crescent moon necklace, ringed planet, etc.)
2038. Anything you see in your mind's eye that relates to BSSM is in black and white.[manga]
2039. If reading a description of a manga event, you can instantly call up the image, plus the previous 3 pages before the mentioned event.
2040. Your drawing style now look remarkably similar to Takeuchi-sama's
2041. At any given moment, you can list all the manga events not in the anime, and vice versa.
2042. Two copies are bought for every volume and artbook, just so you can keep one original, unopened copy.
2043. Osabu is your favorite character.
2044. You get in trouble at school but refuse to be punished if your teacher doesn't say "Tsukini kawatte oshiokiyo!"
2045. You insist that you boyfriend travel by train or bus for fear that he will be killed if he flies in an airplane.
2046. You're editor of your school's yearbook, and you sneak the kanji/hiragana for Tsukino Usagi and katakana for Seeraamuun on to a page along with a sketch of a bunny.
2047. When people ask (and even when they don't) you will proudly sing Japanese Sailor Moon songs in class.
2048. You sing Moonlight Densetsu while on Jonovision, to the shock of the host and the audience.
2049. You were excited about going to Toronto to tape Jonovision, but you were even more excited about buying Japanese Sailor Moon stuff.
2050. You memorize tin is Sn on the periodic table because of Sailor Tin Nyanko.
2051. While reading Animerica you see, "Okay, so you're a SAILOR MOON fan, and you want to talk about your passion with other diehard fans, but you've only seen what's been on U.S. TV. Will you be shunned as a clueless "newbie" by those who have gone before?" And your first reaction is, "Yes! It's a clueless NA fan! Evil!"
2052. You giggle and smile like an idiot whenever a reference is made to Haruka and Michiru's relationship.
2053. Out of all your favorite Sailor Moon moments almost all of them have to do with Haruka and Michiru (ep 180! ^_^).
2054. For a French project you're asked to bring in a painting that you like, so you bring in the cover to manga 18.
2055. Also for French you're asked to do a review on a CD, so you pick the Sailor Stars Best Song Collection.
2056. You see a girl at the mall with a Sailor Moon backpack, but it's an NA one, so you don't bother going up and talking to her.
2057. You see something with the word 'Usage' and think they spelled Usagi's name wrong.
2058. You hug your manga....just because ^_^
2059. You would give your soul for a CD with La Soldier and the Outer Senshi's BGM on it.
2060. Every project you do in school has something to do with either Sailor Moon or Japan (which helps you learn more about SM).
2061. You plead temporary insanity when you murdered your little sister after she found those cute "story/coloring books" of yours. And they believed it.
2062. You're mad at Gainax and the staff of Evangelion 'cuz they have a moon related ending sequence, stole the basis of Ami and Haruka's hair styles, named one of their characters Rei, and Shinji (a boy) has HARUKA'S VOICE! (talk about cashing in on the S.M. craze!)
2063. You wonder if Yui (from Fushigi Yuugi) and Haruka have any family relationship.
2064. You wonder how the SM seiyuu feel when working on opposite character roles with fellow SM seiyuu (i.e. Midorikawa Hikaru/Ail & Tooma Yumi/Ann as enemies in Fushigi Yuugi, Tamahome and Yui; Mitsuishi Kotono/Usagi & Ogata Megumi/Haruka trading authority roles in Evangelion, Misato and Shinji).
2065. You go to see a cabaret and think, "Hey cool, there are Star Lights everywhere."
2066. The Spice Girls remind you of the Inner Senshi.
2067. You sing Sailormoon's henshin BGM while changing for PE even in front of all your classmates.
2068. You have a memo for none other reason but to note the YKTWTMOSMWs you happen to come across.
2069. While in Astronomy class you made yourself look like an idiot asking about the Silver Millennium.
2070. You go out wearing three skirts on top of each other, it makes you confident feeling more like Eternal Sailormoon.
2071. You tried to figure out which song is better, "Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto" and "Watashitachi Ni Naritakute," but you ended up with a migrain.
2072. In Chemistry you made an idiot of yourself again asking what element the Ginzuishou is.
2073. You freak out when someone says 1...2....3...
2074. You scream and itch all over when you receive love letters.
2075. You pierce on three ear studs on each ear to tell people you are now Super Sailormercury
2076. You can't decide whether to dye your hair green, pink, blue, purple or white. So you end up dying it all of them, and the result is... interesting. To say the least.
2077. You spend hours pondering what happens to the Gate of Time when Sailor Pluto isn't there. After all, in SMR, she wasn't allowed to leave it even for five minutes, and then in the other series...
2078. You rent "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," but turn it off in annoyance halfway through when Super Sailor Moon and the Outer Senshi don't appear.
2079. You X-ray yourself in hopes to find a star seed or a heart crystal.
2080. While everyone else collects movie star signatures, you collect the SM seiyuu's.
2081. You can remember every senshi's birthday, but you forgot your own mother's.
2082. In Mathematics class, while learning about parabola graph, you suddenly have a strong urge to transform in to Sailorneptune.
2083. You dress your sisters as Chibi-Moon and ChibiChibi.
2084. You plan to go to the prom dressed as Neo-Queen Serenity. The twist is... you're a guy.
2085. As head of the school Drama Club, you plan to do the Sailor Stars Musical as the yearly school play.
2086. You insist that your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the urge to dress up as a Sailor Senshi.
2087. You give away the NA SM CD soundtrack because it's blasphemous.
2088. You pay about a $100 to get the entire 18 tankoubans of Sailor Moon manga, even though you can't read Japanese (yet).
2089. You consider, as a school fundraiser, showing the Sailor Moon R movie.
2090. Whenever you get angry at someone, you automatically point your finger at the person and yell, "Tsukini Kawatte, oshioki yo!"
2091. You know the entire Sailor Moon introduction speech by heart, and say it out loud repeatedly in class. ("Ai to seigi no, Sera fuku bishoujo senshi, Sera Muun! Tsukini Kawatte, oshioki yo!")
2092. You're reading Shogun, and you literally jump for joy, when you realize that the talisman have historic origins!
2093. You took a trip to Japan and instead a looking at the view from Tokyo Tower you stopped to admire the 3 story Sailor Moon Supers Ad.
2094. You know Naoko Takeuchi's address and mailed her. She answered with a restraining order.
2095. You won't touch NeXT machines, because the Witches 5 use them... You wonder if Steve Jobs knows that.
2096. Someone mentions Ami's name and Windows in the same sentence, you go off... (She runs UNIX!) (Or Amix [Linux/Alpha with some special enhancements])
2097. You answer the phone in pseudo-Japanese, just because it sounds cool.
2098. You write your signature in Japanese on school papers, to annoy the sucker that has to pass them back.
2099. You wasted a whole pack of post-it's trying to stick them to people like Rei-chan does with her ofudas.
2100. You've made the mistake of answering the phone "Ohayou" and a real Japanese person was on the line.
2101. You play Japanese SM in your car, really loud, with the windows down.
2102. You find it really cute that Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium are next to each other on the periodic table.
2103. You can (theoretically) make the ionic compound HArUKA, and are devastated when you can't make Michiru or Setsuna work.
2104. While performing flame color tests (spraying chemicals through bunsen burners) you think about how the outer senshi would perform their procedure: Haruka- {spritz, spritz} Michiru- Haruka, put *down* the spray bottle... Haruka- {eg} {spritz, spritz}
2105. You invent a new Uranus attack: Chem Logbook Shaking!! Then you argue whether bringing World Shaking in and destroying the logbook is fair.
2106. You become neurotic when, after learning (almost) fluent Japanese so as to understand the original episodes, the only SMS eps. you can lay your hands on are dubbed in Cantonese
2107. You sigh with relief when you talk with other otaku -- finally you can speak properly again: "Konnichi wa, minna!!"
2108. You, English through and through, write an online Japanese dictionary of "essential Sailor Moon vocabulary" in an evening, and come up with over 50 words. Then your SM friends e-mail you with all the words you missed
2109. You scare small children by attempting to right their *evil* dub watching ways...
2110. You have in your room: a can opener, a sword, a aqua-colored hand mirror, and a ring with a heart-shaped garnet.
2111. You enjoy the archery unit in gym.
2112. Before you start opening a can you shout, "Silence Glaive Surprise!"
2113. You wish you were Sailorpluto so you could freeze time and go to Japan, stealing any Sailormoon merchandise you can find.
2114. You convert to being Shinto and practice throwing ofudas at people.
2115. You find out that Michiru's seiyuu DOES have a role in Evangelion as a nurse. Now you know why Shinji's always in the hospital.
2116. When the circus come to town, and your parents want to take you, you respond by yelling and screaming something about the Amazon Trio capturing you and looking through YOUR beautiful dreams... your parents strongly suggest a psychiatrist.
2117. One of your friends giggles when you describe Haruka and Michiru's relationship, and you refuse to talk to the insensitive moron ever again.
2118. For your birthday, your family buys you NA-related Sailormoon merchandise, and can't understand it when you force them to return it, and lecture them for at least an hour about the evils of DiC.
2119. February 8th is your best friends birthday, and he can't understand it when you refuse to go out and celebrate, preferring to stay home and mourn the end of Sailormoon.
2120. You invite a *supposed* moonie to come over and watch episode 200, and then throw her out in disgust when she says "Mamo-chan? Who's Mamo-chan?"
2121. You plead desperately to be allowed to go on a student exchange trip to Japan, and your reasoning is "$3000 isn't that much. University can wait. Sailormoon can't."
2122. Your friend is allowed to go on the exchange trip and you aren't, and you pack her off with at least $200, with the instruction, "Buy everything Sailormoon related you see."
2123. Everytime the only shop in Queenlsland that sells Japanese Sailormoon stuff gets some more stock in, you are the first in the shop, and spend, spend, spend.
2124. Some moron with a webpage calls the outer senshi Alex, Michelle, etc. etc. etc., and you marvel at their stupidity, and send them a really informative (although nasty) e-mail, telling them exactly what you think of them.
2125. You spend several hours trying to get your sister's strawberry blond hair into Chibi-Usa's hairstyle, and then try to get her to wear a pink netball skirt and matching sailor top.
2126. You admire the Starlights outfits, and wonder when they're coming into fashion, and where they'll be sold.
2127. You have very important day at school tomorrow, but you can't resist putting on a Sailormoon marathon.
2128. You see the Stars episode with the professor in it, and think, "Damn! Tomoe looks *good*!"
2129. All your projects for school are SM-related, and your teachers stare at you when you try to explain it.
2130. Your dad has gone on and on about the evils of SM obsession, but when you read him some of the YKYWTMSMWs, he chuckles.
2131. When your hear KOTH(King of the Hill) character Boomauer saying "Yeahman, I'lltelluwhat BSSM is the bomb"(repeats that 3 times).
2132. You join the Lunar Inquisition.
2133. You kick your brother (or sister) at your anniversary because he gives you videocassettes of the NA dub instead of the original.
2134. Bart & Lisa Simpson watch the ORIGINAL BSSM instead the Na version (and instead of the "Krusty the clown show").
2135. Krusty aired BSSM instead of "Itchy & Scratchy."
2136. You think that Simpsons characters Sideshow Bob & Mr.Burns are members of the Dark Kingdom(or the Black Moon, etc.)
2137. You're angry when Starfox closed the original YKYWTMSMW and when you learn that he still maintains his personal page, which looks like a grocery-getter Ford Pinto or Plymouth Valiant (http://starfox.simplenet.com)YOU HOPE THAT THE SENSHI PUNISH HIM ONE DAY!!!!
2138. After the Senshi punish Starfox, he decides to re-open his SM page ^_^.
2139. At 3 o'clock on the dot, (be it morning or afternoon) you start baking cookies while playing the Three O'clock Fairy Song (Sanji no Yousei) as loud as you can so your cookies will turn out better.
2140. You think that a good theme song for Spike (from Buffy) would be Princess Kakyuu's theme song.
2141. You tell your NA moonie friends that Luna turns into a human in the second movie and they laugh at you and call you a liar, and you smile and walk away knowing that they are all fools.
2142. You are in a water balloon fight and you only throw the teal-colored balloons while shouting "Deeeeeeeeeeeeeep Submerg-ee!!!"
2143. Your art teacher criticizes you for doodling Naoko style in class and you give her a lecture on the beauty of anime and manga.
2144. Your DiC Sailor Moon loving friend asks if you can bring the R movie for her B-Day party, and you wonder if they can grasp the story.
2145. You beat up your last friend for laughing while you explained Michiru and Haruka's relationship.
2146. When rumors fly about Disney possibly dubbing the S season or making a live action Sailor Moon movie you faint.
2147. You've made many desperate attempts to look like your favorite senshi, including hair dye, EXTREMELY expensive contacts, and a total wardrobe change.
2148. You see a girl at school making a desperate attempt at the new 'anime' fad by wearing an obviously American-made Sailor Moon shirt and you scream to her, "Poser! How dare you promote DiC trash!"
2149. You've made many attempts at drawing the senshi as they'd look if real, non-anime.
2150. You've given up on having a boyfriend because the Tomoe, Endymion, Saffir, Demando, and Kunzite are much more charming, bishounen, and humorous.
2151. You've once dreamed that you and your friends met Haruka and Michiru, and once your friends started laughing because they found out Haruka was a woman, you screamed and beat them up. ^_^
2152. You're depressed because your baby isn't as cute as Chibi Hotaru.
2153. You start to think about Umino whenever you eat fried shrimp.
2154. When you saw Titanic, you though that Jack should have been Mamoru and Rose should have been Michiru.
2155. You give names to the friends that Naru hangs around.
2156. When you watch Suddenly Susan, you think it should be called Suddenly Setsuna.
2157. You find pleasure in watching a Japanese episode and then trying to guess what the Sailor Says for it will be in America.
2158. You worry that your science teacher may turn into Sailor Teacher.
2159. The Hansons remind you of the Star Lights.
2160. You think the Fertile Crescent was a garden in the Moon Kingdom.
2161. You call Dic and blare Moonlight Densetsu into the phone.
2162. Every time you hear the song "To the Moon and Back" from Savage Garden, you think of Usagi and Mamoru, since the chorus say "I will fly you to the moon and back if you'll be my baby."
2163. You swear that Ellen Degeneres looks just like Haruka.
2164. You send a thank you card to the group Bare Naked Ladies, since they mentioned Sailor Moon in their song, "One Week."
2165. You think that if Bill Clinton professes to be a Moonie, his presidency may be saved.
2166. You make your own Sailor Saturn doll by cutting the hair from the Sailor Mars doll short and dying her clothes purple.
2167. You know the names of all Daimons.
2168. You don't see anything wrong with Chibiusa having a crush on her dad.
2169. In Home Ec, you only make stuff that has to do with the Sailor Senshi and dress up like Mako every time you cook.
2170. Monica Lewinskey reminds you of Mistress 9.
2171. You're in class and the teacher yells "SILENCE!" You then yell "GLAIVE SURPRISE!"
2172. You watch Japanese Sailor Moon in Japanese class and you know more about it than the teacher, who is Japanese.
2173. You're asked to sing a nursery rhyme to your little brother and you sing The Three O' Clock Fairy in Japanese.
2174. You complain because your local Halloween store did not carry a Sailor Saturn costume.
2175. You actually know the episode number when Ami's mother comes on.
2176. You're asked to write a paper for school on sexual harassment and you choose Grandpa Hino as your subject.
2177. You threw a big party when you heard that Sailor Moon may be getting another season (it actually might for those of you who weren't aware...if Toei and Naoko can agree upon it).
2178. You think Mulder for The X Files should date Setsuna.
2179. Your science teacher asks you to describe Neptune and you answer by saying "She is elegant, graceful, an excellent violinist, opulent, gorgeous and has a wonderful girlfriend."
2180. You say the same thing on a test.
2181. You sculpt the Holy Grail in Art class, but get disappointed when no guys help you make it look better like they did for Chibiusa in episode 107.
2182. Everytime you hear the song "It's the End of The World" you think of Michiru's painting from episode 106.
2183. You laugh everytime you see the Dic episode where they kill Beryl because it is so messed up.
2184. You make a fanfic where Naru is a Sailor Senshi and call it Naru Moon.
2185. You called your radio station and requested them to play Moonlight Densetsu.
2186. You know the name of Rei's cousin from episode 183.
2187. You took Japanese just to understand your unsubbed episodes.
2188. Sarah McLaughlin's song "Building A Mystery" reminds you of Setsuna.
2189. You are asked to write a paper for English about the significance of a minor character in a work and you write about Naru in Sailor Moon.
2190. You swear that was Naru in episode 173 of Sailor Stars at the Three Lights concert even though you only saw the back of her head and that green bow.
2191. You think that they should make a TV special where Rei and Bulma from Dragon Ball Z meet.
2192. You make a fan fic called Mizuno Ami: Medicine Woman and base it off Doctor Quinn's story line.
2193. You don't understand why everyone is so hung up on Dawson and Joey from Dawson's Creek cause you KNOW Mamoru and Usagi have a better love saga.
2194. You are asked to do a report on your favorite author so you do a report on Naoko Takeuchi
2195. You see some alternative freak girl with purple hair and yell "WANNABE SATURN FREAK!!!!!"
2196. You cry with Usagi everytime she forgets her lunch.
2197. You go to your local arcade and hope to meet a cute guy like Motoki.
2198. You found a coffee house called Once Upon A TIme, but were disappointed when Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna were not in there.
2199. You know what Once Upon A Time coffee house is and where it is at in the series(hey I do!!).
2200. You put your hair in meatballs, move to Japan, manage to find a school called, "Juuban High School", make friends with a kid with blue hair and an IQ near 300 named Ami, a bossy priestess with black hair named Rei, a strong, good cooking girl named Makoto, and a blondie named Minako, and on the first day of school you FORCE them to say, "Usagi! Hurry up or we'll leave without you!" and then scream, "HAAAAAAIIIII!" And run into their arms.
2201. You try to film your OWN Sailormoon Supers commericial thingie by hurling chicken feathers into the air, dressing you and your big sis up in a sailor fuku and hire a band to sing "Seeeeraaaa muuuuuuuun."
2202. You actually attempt to EAT those Sailor Stars Fish Sausage Links but then slap yourself and force yourself to eat them even though you're deathly allergic to Fish Sausage.
2203. You start to wonder if you're parents/teachers/any adult you know could be a reject from the Dead Moon Circus (ex: Teacher: "David! I *told* you to stop writing notes! I'm giving you to the count of 3! 1..2..3.!")
2204. You try to convince your 5 friends to pose as the Witches 5 but then you realize it won't work because "Mimete" doesn’t have a charm buster.
2205. You have long debates over which male BSSM character is cuter.
2206. You start reading all your books backwards and then you wake up [manga].
2207. You start debating to yourself whether the manga is right or the anime is, and lose sleep over it.
2208. You take voice lessons, and talk the teacher into letting you sing "Otome no Policy" to her.
2209. You throw a fit (silently) when you hear "meatball head" instead of "odango atama."
2210. When you get mad you say, "Tsukini kawatte, oshioki yo!"
2211. You learn to write hiragana and katakana, and your first work was "Usagi."
2212. It is practically impossible for you to say the word Messiah anymore... it's meshia dang it! MESHIA!
2213. You take your old Barbie doll's (or your sister's) and try to make them look like the Sailor Senshi.
2214. You go around your Jhinatown or Japantown looking for real UFO catcher dolls.
2215. You realize Taiki looks like someone from the Backstreet Boys [webmaster's note: "DON'T ASK ME WHO!"]
2216. You mail TY hoping they'll make a Beanie Baby named Luna, Artemis, or Diana.
2217. You mail Mixx 'zine telling them how stupid they were for not translating the Sailor Moon Super arc of the manga.
2218. You also tell them to translate the art books.
2219. You try to fansub the episodes yourself (even if you don't know Japanese).
2220. You don't want to go to England fearing a telephone booth will take you to Galaxia's fortress.
2221. You cosplay (dress up as) Princess Kakyuu/Fireball.
2222. ...it looked good on you.
2223. ...for a guy...(O_o")
2224. You walk around shoe stores trying to find the boots Eternal Sailor Moon wears.
2225. You run away from white-haired/platinum girls fearing that they'll scream "chuuuuuu!" and turn into Sailor Ironmouse.
2226. You hope your little brother(s)/sister(s) are kidnapped just so you get a letter from Sailor Aluminum Siren.
2227. You defend Chibi-Usa's reputation.
2228. You wonder when Ami is going to get a palm pad with Windows 98 on it.
2229. In art class, people look at you funny when you draw a picture of your favorite Senshi when it's supposed to be a pot and two flowers.
2230. When building a shrine, you go crazy over the right HTML code to get the EXACT color of her fuku.
2231. While watching NA SM, you laugh when the voice actors are off synch with the mouth.
2232. You wander around Tokyo looking for Juuban Jr. High School, Juuban High School, Fruits Crown parlor, Crown arcade, Hikawa Shrine, and the apartment complex where Mamoru lives in as well as the one the Outer Senshi live in. [WM: "Don't forget Mugen High School!"]
2233. You go into jewelry stores looking for rose earrings, moon earrings, moon earrings with stars dangling off of them, studs, red stud earrings with red stars dangling off of them, and magenta arrow-shaped earrings.
2234. You try to look for Naru's mom's jewelry store to buy them.
2235. ...you run away when you see it, thinking a youma might attack you.
2236. You look for a yellow car whenever you watch a race on TV.
2237. ...when it's over, you hope the driver looks like Haruka or IS Haruka.
2238. You're pissed at Brittney Spears knowing she just bit off the uniform thing from watching Sailor Moon (the hair looks kinda like Usagi's once you think about it...).
2239. (assuming y'all read the manga,) you wonder how the eternal fukus would look like when it's animated.
2240. You have a REAL shrine of a Senshi in your room (poster in the center, with flowers, offerings, and a lit candle of her favorite color on one side).
2241. You light some candles, take out a parchment with Japanese written on it, and start praying like Rei.
2242. You calculate how long it would take you to watch all 200 episodes, 3 movies, Ami chan no hatsukoi and the three SuperS specials straight (with no bathroom or tape changing breaks). It's around 3 1/2 days :)
2243. You give everyone on your sports team Sailormoon names, then expect them to use their attacks and henshin phrases during competitions or workouts.
2244. You start trying to talk and act like Minako, so when you ask someone what Senshi they think you're most like, they say "Sailorvenus".
2245. Someone thinks they're a bigger Sailormoon fan than you are, so you start quizzing them on everything.
2246. You refuse to use the dub names and places for fan fiction, and be sure to include things that if they were dubbed would be changed or deleted.
2247. Before attempting to transform into your favorite SM character, you run around your house naked.
2248. You wear odangos to school hoping that the boy you have a crush on will call you odango atama. And when he doesn't, you beat him up.(true story!)
2249. You can't find a Sailor Uranus doll, so you take Sailor Venus and take out the bow, cut the hair, and dye her fuku blue.
2250. You paste Sailor Moon posters on your ceiling. That way, when you wake up, they are the first thing you see.
2251. You get a small picture of Mamo-chan and blow it up and kiss it everyday.
2252. You don't usually do what's on this list but once you read it you go out trying to do them.
2253. What Minako is saying start to make sense before another soldier translates it.
2254. Everytime you go swimming with your friends at a pool or a beach, you bring along a harp in the water, shouting "Aqua...Rhapsody!!!"
2255. You know Rei-chan's whole chant and whisper it everytime somebody you don't like is near.
2256. Your science class seminars are about your favorite senshi's planets.
2257. You begin to wonder about whether the Silver Millennium REALLY is on the moon and whether Neil Armstrong and all of 'em just missed it on their last visit.
2258. You hold various pens in your hand and examine it to see if it's about the same size as the senshis' henshin sticks.
2259. You start believing that blue-green hair must be a natural possibility somehow.
2260. You remember only the mythological characters of Greek mythology that have an SM relation.
2261. Crystals start to seem more valuable than diamonds.
2262. You go to short haired quiet girls when you get a cut, believing that she can heal you.
2263. You often imagine what Sailor Cosmos would look like as an anime character.
2264. A pay phone rings and you instantly scream, "GALAXIA!!!"
2265. You dad has never seen Sailor Moon ever but he can still sing the first verse of Moonlight Densetsu.
2266. The hardest you've ever cried is the last few minutes of episode 200.
2267. On your French test you accidentally write "Gomen" instead of "Je suis desole."
2268. Your school uniform looks just like Sailormars'.
2269. You name your computer Chibi-Usa.
2270. A giant purple blanket means two things to you: Queen Beryl dress and Wiseman cloak.
2271. You call a girl in your class Hotaru because she looks uncannily like Sailorsaturn.
2272. You plan to take over the rights to Sailormoon and dub Stars the way it should be! Uncut and TV14!
2273. Your history paper on turns into a fanfic where the Sailor Senshi go to Africa.
2274. You use a maraca for a moon scepter.
2275. You plan to name your child after a Sailor Senshi.
2276. You write to long haired idols to see if they will go to your school.
2277. When someone sneezes and it sounds like "ah choo" you run in fear that Sailor Iron Mouse is going to take your Star Seed.
2278. You start looking in incense burners to see if Kakyuu-hime is in there.
2279. You follow red butterflies.
2280. You've tried to put your hair in one bun, than two odangos, than two cones, than two heart shaped odangos. When that fails, you cut it all of and dye it blue or blonde.
2281. You run when someone in a business suit gives you their card.
2282. You think it's funny when someone cries during a DIC episode.
2283. You can imitate any of the Sailor Senshi's voices, but only if they're in Japanese.
2284. You put up a big argument over how you can like Seiya because the female self is ONLY Star Fighter.
2285. Your definitions of the planets have been changed forever.
2286. When someone names a planet, you can name the senshi, their Japanese name translated into English, their last attack on the show, and their color.
2287. You almost start crying when watching the dub because Michiru and Haruka are, "cousins." :sob:
2288. You constantly try to explain to your friends how awful it is that Chibi-Moon got dubbed as "Mini-Moon".
2289. You no longer think there's anything wrong with blue, purple, dark green, aqua or pink hair, and that it looks completely natural.
2290. Black stars upset you.
2291. You start to act semi-frightened of any item that was obsessed by a daimon. (a.k.a a puzzle, a tea pot, a vacuum cleaner)
2292. You consider Setsuna and Hotaru to be the "Goth" senshi, especially Hotaru.
2293. You run around outside you house naked yelling Henshins but start cussing in Japanese or you break down crying when nothing happens.
2294. You get you and your best two friends to tell your stupidest friend you are Sailor Neptune & your two friends are Sailor Pluto and Uranus.
2295. Then you start using the music to the Sailor Moon S movie and explain to her it's all of you transforming.
2296. You get a green mirror and a gold paint pin and do a design that makes it looks like Neptune's.
2297. You can sing along to all the BSSM songs in Japanese, and actually know what you're saying.
2298. You and your fiancee first fell in love because of Sailor Moon (true story!)
2299. You calculate how much hard disk space it would take for you to hold all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon fansubbed in RealPlayer format (about 6 GB)
2300. You then use that 6 GB on your own hard drive.
2301. Any time you see the word "tusk," you automatically think someone misspelled Tsukino or Tsuki.
2302. You find that blue, turquoise, dark green, pink, and other colors of the rainbow are not unusual hair/eye colors. And those fukus aren't short (anymore), ne?
2303. You buy the single "One Week" by Bare Naked Ladies just because of the one line about Sailor Moon.
2304. You feel like killing someone when your mom tells you to quit "wasting your money" on Sailor Moon merchandise.
2305. You pay ridiculous amounts of money for Sailor Moon merchandise.
2306. You see a girl at school with a Sailor Moon backpack and you feel like running up to her, giving her a gigantic hug, and proclaiming her as your new "bestest friend in the Universe".
2307. Your parents say you can get another cat, so you look for any cat that's black with any type of crescent on their forehead, or looks like Diana (true story! This person once found a black cat with an orange spot on her forehead that looked like a crescent...but it was sideways...).
2308. You have over 5 email addressed dedicated to Sailor Moon.
2309. You only call your Sailor Moon friends by their favorite charater's Japanese name with "-chan" added.
2310. You memorize the Sailor Moon movies in Japanese.
2311. You beg your Japanese penpals to teach you how to write all the Sailor Moon character's names, attacks, etc etc in Kanji.
2312. You've taken absolutely NO Japanese classes, and you can hold a conversation with any moonie in Japanese.
2313. You almost had a heart attack when CloverWay, Inc. named ChibiMoon as MINNIE MOON!, and you scream: "WHAT IS THIS?? AUSTIN POWERS????????????????????? CHIBI MEANS TINY, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!".
2314. You shed tears of happiness when you can find a Sailor Moon CD with the original JAPANESE songs on it.
2315. You practically DIED when they played a romantic ballad instead of "Moon Revenge" in Sailor Moon R when they're on the asteroid.
2316. You can properly sing and spell any given Sailor Moon song in Japanese, AND know what the translation is.
2317. You have over 1,800 Sailor Moon pictures (true story).
2318. You replay the part in the Tenchi Muyo! Movie, Tenchi in Love 2 gazillion times where it shows 5 girls hitting a ball back & forth, and they resemble the Inner Senshi.
2319. You pray that when you wake up, you're your favorite Sailor Moon character.
2320. Every time you mention the words "sailor" and "moon" in the same sentence, all your non-moonie friends roll their eyes because whenever those words appear next to each other, a 45-minute Sailor Moon history lesson follows.
2321. You want to name your kids "Usagi Tsukino", "Rei Hino", "Ami Mizuno", "Makoto Kino", "Minako Aino", "Mamoru Chiba", etc.
2322. You've thought about changing your name to your favorite senshi's name when you turn 18.
2323. When the Sailor Moon card game came out, you almost fainted because you get the chance to play your favorite character.
2324. Same thing when the Role Playing Game and Recource Guide came out.
2325. You pray almost every minute of every day that when you wake up you can draw anime in the exact style as Naoko Takeuchi's.
2326. Your main goal in life is to be the next Naoko Takeuchi.
2327. You won't go out with anyone unless they're named "Mamoru."
2328. You saw a clip of Tenchi Muyo! and thought Sasami was Usagi's future daughter or long-lost sister.
2329. Yosho (the grandpa) in Tenchi Muyo! reminds you of grandpa Hino.
2330. You change your birthday to your favorite senshi's birthdate.
2331. You could've killed someone because in the CloverWay, Inc episodes, Michiru & Haruka are "cousins" even though they almost kiss in one episode and hold hands...
2332. You drool when you see Mamo-chan because he's SO DAMN HOT (hey, even for an anime). Special twist: you're a guy. And you're not gay.
2333. You practically kill anyone who *THINKS* they know more about Sailor Moon than you do.
2334. You beg your school to change your school mascot to a Sailor Moon character.
2335. You insist there actually *WAS* a moon kingdom on the moon, and that the Silver Millennium *REALLY* existed, and everytime you look at the moon, you vow that you'll be up there to meet Usagi some day.
2336. You plan on painting Sailor Moon on your car.
2337. You spend over $300 in one day just on 3 boxes of Sailor Moon cards.
2338. You swear that your cat can talk.
2339. You LOVE the Williams sisters because one is named is Venus, and the other is Serena.
2340. You think Bare Naked Ladies should win a Grammy just because they mentioned Sailor Moon in their song, "One Week."
2341. When you first heard "One Week" on the radio, and nearly fainted when you thought they said Sailor Moon, and then actually fainted when you realized that they *DID* mention Sailor Moon.
2342. Your parents insist that ONLY seven-year old girls watch Sailor Moon, and scold you for being childish when you just shrug your shoulders and continue watching the show.
2343. You think it's ridiculous that Clover Way, Inc is trying to Americanize Sailor Moon, when they're OBVIOUSLY in Japan because of all the signs, and the fact that they live in Tokyo...
2344. You almost kill your moonie friend b/c they have thousands of Sailor Moon stuff, and they insist that what they have is NOTHING (and your collection consists of only a few videos, stickers, and mangas. Plus a few figurines and stuffed animals...)
2345. You drink the Elements drinks because their names are "Fire", "Rain", "Lightning", "Earth", etc.
2346. You wish you could eat as much as Usagi and not get fat.
2347. You insist you're a reincarnated member of the Moon kingdom.
2348. You try and teach your black, white, or grey cat to talk....and you swear you'll get them to say at least SOMETHING by the time one of you dies...
2349. You don't even have to read the subtitles of your Japanese Sailor Moon videos anymore because you've seen them so many times you know what they're saying....or if you're preparing lunch in the room while a Sailor Moon subbed video is playing and you hear the Japanese words and actually know what they're saying.
2350. You disown your 6 year-old cousin because she refuses to let you dress her up like Chibi-Usa.
2351. You disown your 1 year-old cousin because her first words weren't "ChibiChibi".
2352. You're depressed because the homeless kitty you find on the side of the road doesn't turn out to be Luna.
2353. You go to Tokyo and when you come home you're depressed because you didn't run into any of the senshi.
2354. Your dad comes across this website and prints it out for you, because you fit all of the "You Know You've Watched..." sentences.
2355. Ever since you bought that new Luna clock, you seem to be more & more ofa morning person, which surprises the hell out of the rest of your family, and you have to beg your mom to wake up at 4 in the morning to make you breakfast, because you'll burn the toast to a crisp, along with the rest of your house...
2356. You eat a Carl's Jr. sandwich and realize that the sauce that's dripping off of it resembles a Sailor Moon character.
2357. You disown anyone who insists Usagi & the others don't exist in real life.....because DAMMIT! they do!!!!

From http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/4818/
("The Annals of YKYWTMSMW Volume I" compiled by Tom Ragsdale and Gregory Lam)

2358. You bring your Sailor Mercury doll to school on the day of the Academic Bowl for good luck. (We won, by the way.)
2359. You find yourself choreographing a dance to the theme song, including the appropriate power movements for each scout when their name is said.
2360. In gym class you walk up to random people and say, "I am Sailor Moon, and I fight for love and justice. In the name of the moon, I will punish you!" while doing the hand movements (which I have almost memorized).
2361. You try to diagram the scouts' speeches in English class. (Hey, it's first period and I get up at five to watch SM. I'm lucky my thoughts are coherent enough to diagram *anything*.)
2362. In algebra class, all your 4's look like Lita's symbol. (Does that have a name or something?) [Actually, it's the Greek symbol for Jupiter. gL]
2363. You collect all the doubles you can of the SM trading cards so that you can make them into POGs on your sister's POGmaker. You then punch holes in them to make really spiffy necklace pendants.
2364. You wear plastic red star earrings *every day* and tell everybody that you wear them because they "look just like Raye's" (I don't have any blue or red plastic studs and I'm allergic to metal. Any suggestions? And what kind of earrings does Mina wear?)
2365. You have play practice after school until seven and a pile of Algebra and Bio homework, and yet you still manage to read alt.fan.sailor-moon and print off the YKYWTMSMW's for your sister's friend who also likes SailorMoon (although she gets it at 6:30 a.m., the lucky spiff)
2366. You're trying to get a Sailor Mercury costume together for a magazine costume contest and trying to convince your friends who have never even seen the show to dress up as the other scouts.
2367. In crowded places, you yell to your sister "She is the one named sailor..."She responds by yelling "Sailor Venus!" and doing the power motion. You yell back "Sailor Mercury!" and follow suit. She answers with "Sailor Mars!" and then you yell "Sailor Jupiter!" She looks around, seems to notice to crowd for the first time and slinks away, embarrassed, while you, egged on by the strange looks from the crowd, belt out the rest of the theme song in a solo.
2368. In Algebra class, you spend the period typing the theme song on your graphing calculator, which may be why you're so reluctant to start on that pile of homework mentioned in #9.
2369. You spend all your time online trying to figure out what kind of earrings Sailor Venus has.
2370. You begin to dread weekends cuz they only show SM on weekdays.
2371. You sing the Sailor Moon theme song while washing and drying your hair.
2372. You're a police officer, and when you see someone doing something wrong, you start giving them a 60 second speech, and by the time you’re done, they're already gone.
2373. Whenever you see your friends they start running away 'cause they KNOW you're going to talk about Sailor Moon.
2374. When you start thinking about anything and it always turns to Sailor Moon.
2375. When you start following people named after someone in Sailor Moon and they see you and think that you're a stalker and call the police and they have you arrested and no I have never done this before and yes I can sure write long run-on sentences.
2376. You start to strangle someone because Darien just broke up with Serena and since you already broke your TV a minute ago.
2377. Your friends and family trick you into seeing a shrink to talk about your 'problems'.
2378. If someone doesn't watch Sailor Moon, you threaten to beat them up and try using your powers (Jupiter Thunder Crash, Mars Fire Ignite, etc.) and they look at you strangely and walk away while you're wondering why nothing's happening.
2379. You start trying to synchronize the 1st track on the CD with the credits to the show so you can have a glorious 1:33 of stereo Sailor Moon
2380. You know that track 1's intro is longer than the actual one in the title sequence.
2381. You synchronize the beginning of track 10 of the first CD to go along with Usagi/Serena's transformation sequence. I have done this several times now.
2382. You help 5 friends of yours who are doing the first 5 senshi at an Animecon by actually taking the time to acrylic resin cast the bow medallions, and then pain-stakingly detail the crescent moon pendant with silver and golf leaf, and rhinestones. And yes, all 5 do look like the senshi... They even have the correct height proportions, and natural hair color and length. Go to Katsucon 2 this weekend to see them.
2383. This is your fourth time posting to this thread
2384. This is your first of many posts
2385. You watch episodes you've taped on the weekends or else risk going into withdrawal
2386. You refuse to join an exercise club for fear that Jadeite might actually be behind it
2387. You search for the Generals (both original and NA names) in the rocks and minerals section of a museum. (I found Jadeite, Nephrite, Kunzite, and Malachite)
2388. How about when you're playing computer Scrabble (or Literati Lite) and you're happy cause you got to spell "jadeite." (did this one)
2389. How about when you call yourself Tuxedo Mask? :)
2390. Yeah, or you convince the system administrator for your net access that your email address needs to be minxish@crystal.tokyo.deltainet.com.
2391. You get a job in another city and your first concern is: I am going to have to get another internet provider and fast, or I am going to miss out on the Sailor Moon Newsgroups/AVI files. :)
2392. You psycho-analyze every one of the Scout's actions
2393. You know exactly where to find cut scenes in each episode.
2394. You learned Japanese just so you could watch Sailor Moon uncut.
2395. You find those little bubble toys and blow them at people while shouting "Mercury Bubbles Blast!"
2396. You become fascinated with minerals, especially jade.
2397. You spend hours scrutinizing your forehead to see if you might have a Sailor Symbol on it.
2398. You try to shut people up by blessing a post-it and sticking it to their head.
2399. You wear your hair short...except for two balls and a ponytail from each.
2400. You went to a Shinto temple in hopes of meeting Chad.
2401. You hate comets just because they suppose to come from Nemesis.
2402. You were expecting something naughty about Serena and Darien here.
2403. You always carry an Ofuda or two (or ten) "just in case"
2404. You converted to the Shinto religion, but then converted back when you found out that you couldn't really read fire, knock people out with paper, or meet Rei.
2405. You contributed more than one verse to the "A Terrible Song" thread a while back.
2406. Your friends that you haven't scared off have quit trying to stump you with Sailor Moon trivia.
2407. You aced the www Sailor Moon trivia test in under 30 seconds.[I'll post it here in another thread.]
2408. You got through the Sailor Moon choose-your-own adventure story by thinking like Serena. [It's at http://world.std.com/~dwills/index.htm]
2409. You have physical [not web sites] shrines to one or more scouts in your home
2410. You know every episode by heart.
2411. You have ever used a "You know you watch too much Sailor Moon When..." list as a checklist.
2412. In your quantum physics class (or whatever this would fall under), you try to divine the source of the scouts powers.
2413. Whenever you get embarrassed, a large blue sweat drop forms by your head.
2414. You bought the DIC/Kid Rhino CD, and wanted to go open a can of (Moon approved) Whup ass because they changed the rhythm on the refrain of "Oh Starry Night" and butchered up "Only a Memory Away".[For those of you un-lucky enough to not have a copy yet, they made "Only a Memory Away" a _much_ happier song.]
2415. You plan to marry anyone with six foot ponytails and balls on her head.
2416. You plant a _huge_ rose garden so you can graft a rose with a stem strong enough to stick into concrete.
2417. [original 83] When your graft attempt from #82 fails, you order special Titanium stemmed roses.
2418. You have a pack of cards with the Cardians printed on them specially made.
2419. You do extensive research on the aerodynamics of a tiara.
2420. You create a religion centered around the Moon Kingdom, and the Scouts.
2421. You have every episode taped, and on a backup tape.
2422. You dream about the Scouts more than four times a week.
2423. You're still reading this list, trying to see how many you did.
2424. You wish you could have a role on the show, even if it's just for one episode.
2425. You fear that your math teacher is draining your energy because you get so tired in math class.
2426. You wish you could date _any_ (except _maybe_ Rei) of the Scouts, even if nothing any steamier than holding hands or kissing ever happened.[Ladies, substitute the male role of your choice]
2427. You had to add memory to your computer to hold all the Sailor Moon pictures you downloaded.[Or have more than 50 high-d. disks filled]
2428. You applied for a job as a writer in Japan because a couple of people liked your fanfic.
2429. You can name any episode title from the number, or vice-versa instantly.
2430. You won't eat meatballs anymore because you're afraid that Rei finally cut them off and hid them in your refrigerator.
2431. You anticipate thunderstorms when there are cute girls [guys] around in dresses [kilts?] hoping that gravity will cancel out.
2432. You would rather have the Silver Imperium crystal than all the diamonds in the world.
2433. Picture this, girls... your boyfriend takes you out for your very first romantic dinner... and then outside in a park he hands you a single, perfect red rose. As you take it, you breathe, "Oh, Tuxedo Mask..." In a sort of spaced-out fantasy. The guy gets enraged and thinks that you forgot his name, or that you're seeing someone else... and the perfect guy slips through your fingers because you watch too much SM!!! - Delilah Alexander
2434. You've talked to your watch and tried to hail one of the senshi. (I have a flip-top watch, and boy, do I have fun!)
2435. You perform the Supreme Thunder in your bathroom mirror
2436. You daydream about white roses when you hear the song "Moon Shadow"
2437. You go through mineral and crystal books looking for villains
2438. You look at the moon to find the ruins of the Silver Millennium (Actually, there was a recent news release about some guy who claimed there were _complex structures_ on the moon, and was attempting to convince others there were buildings built by aliens and NASA was involved in a cover-up/conspiracy. Hmm...)
2439. [original 106] You are right now thinking, "Hmm, No. 106. Hey, that's the number of the episode we finally see Uranus and Neptune transform!"
2440. You wave your pen in your hand, pretending it's a transformation wand
2441. You insist your real name is Sailor Earth, and await for Luna to come and restore your memory
2442. You stare intently at the foreheads of all the grey and white cats you see
2443. It's morning, you see a fog has settled in, and think, "shabon spray"
2444. You're doing a complex math question and in frustration you raise your calculator in the air and shout, "Moon healing calculation!"
2445. You're talking about Club Monaco (the fashion co.) and your tongue slips and you say, "Club Minako" (then again, that would make a GREAT name for a Sailor Venus fanclub, n'est pas?)
2446. You think "Club Minako" would make a great name for a Venus fanclub.
2447. Your Internet/BBS password is "the rabbit on the moon pounds the mochi"
2448. When holding a beachball/globe, you have the irresistible urge to scream "World...Shaking!" and hurl it onto the floor
2449. When you feel beat, you suspect a youma is draining your energy (101-116 - gregory.lam@ablelink.org (Gregory Lam))
2450. You've managed to teach your friends the theme song and they *haven't seen a single episode yet*... - a friend of fwong@students.uiuc.edu (Biggles Dictates a Letter)
2451. During a dull evening at work (Phone answering for my Internet provider, and it's just my fiance and I at 9pm) you rip open a bad 3.5 disk, put a paperclip or two on the disk thingy for stability, and yell "Moon Tiara Magic!" while trying to destroy the killer ferns.
2452. Then later, "Moon Mousepad Magic"... knocking a picture off the wall and breaking the frame. (true story)
2453. Or (being a Sailor Mercury fan) buying a bottle of glittery blue nail polish (Manic Panic's Atomic Sapphire!) and wearing it all the time, occasionally flashing out my hand and saying "Mercury Star Power, Make up!" (but only in the company of friends) (of course, it'd be worse if a guy wore it...)119-121 - minxish@deltainet.com
2454. You don't need the VCR anymore. You can just picture every detail of every episode in your head. (I can't, but for some reason I'm getting close) - roehl@aol.com (Roehl)
2455. You've dressed as one of the senshi. In public.
---While on your vacation at Universal Studios...---
2456. You immediately suspect that the clowns in the Mardi Gras parade throwing bead necklaces are from the Negaverse
2457. When ever you hear a little kid wailing while standing in line, you turn around and ask, "Serena!?"
2458. To the embarrassment of your parents, when ever Jaws leaps out of the water during the Jaws ride, you yell, "Shining Aqua Illusion!" (Or Shabon Spray)
2459. You think the Senshi may be involved when the decorative pool in the hotel is shaped like a crescent moon
2460. And it is confirmed when you find out there is a town nearby called "Jupiter"
2461. When you actually start to MISS the opening theme to the show
2462. You lay awake at night and wonder if your VCR is REALLY taping the show
2463. And when asked about the highlight of your vacation, tell them it was being able to watch the shows when you returned home
2464. You conclude that the Negaverse is behind the "Day with Barney" show and Barney is a youma
2465. You assault him while making the appropriate hand movements and saying "In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"
2466. At night, when the spotlight are turned on you think, "Oh my gosh! That's Reeny's energy signature! (124-134 - laura1222@aol.com (Laura 1222)) (I didn't do all of this stuff... ...probably only about half of it...;) )
2467. When you hear Aerosmith's "Dude looks like a lady" and think of Zoisite ;)
2468. When you have to buy a rack just to hold your SM tapes.
2469. When wish your cat was smaller (and friendlier) so she could ride on your shoulder like Luna does.
2470. You look for SM references in everything you see/hear in life. (135-138 - nephlyte7@aol.com (Nephlyte 7))
2471. When you're reading King Lear in English, and you see the lines "It is the stars,/The stars above us govern our condition" And you wonder how Shakespeare knew Nephlyte. :) - cj136@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Sarah Mark)
2472. You wonder if those two ravens will lead you to a Shinto temple and a cute dark-haired girl wearing a kimono, sweeping the front steps.
2473. You sit in front of a trashcan fire and wonder how much longer before the good spirits give you a vision.
2474. You try training your cat to do somersaults in hopes to get a magical item (like a disguise pen!).
2475. And of course, you are so bored these ideas for YKYWTMSMW just pop into your head. (The worse part is you write them down so you can post them in the Usenet!) (140-143 - ah307@torfree.net (Darryl Cheung))
---At Easter...---
2476. You go nuts at Easter because there are bunnies everywhere.
2477. You spend the whole weekend telling people that rabbit in Japanese is usagi.
2478. You get sick with the flu and spend the day in bed watching you newly completed 6hr no commercial Sailor Moon volume 1 tape, causing yourself to have delusions about being a Sailor Scout all day. (This is how I spent Thursday) (144-146 - QKTE55B@prodigy.com (Sailor Quicksilver-who put bunny slippers in all of her cousin's Easter baskets) )
2479. You get the local metallurgist to make you a key-staff or the Silence Glaive.
2480. You wig out in Chem class because the symbol for plutonium is "Pu"
2481. You join orchestra just to be as cool as Michiru
2482. You grow a hatred of milk. (147-150 - Wendy, a Saturn worshipper )
2483. You run around your school yelling, "on behalf of the moon, I'll punish you!" while aiming the crescent wand at someone's head
2484. You become over-excited whenever you see Serena and Darien together
2485. You dream of Darien, instead of your boyfriend
2486. You see too many similarities between your boyfriend's actions and Darien's
2487. You talk to your cats
2488. You wish you lived in Tokyo and went to CrossRoads Junior High, just so maybe you could meet the Scouts, or discover your OWN powers...
2489. You base your mood for the day on what happened that morning on the show
2490. You can recite each and every word along with your videos
2491. While taking a bubble bath, you suddenly shout "Mercury Bubbles! BLAST!"
2492. When it's very cold outside, you go out there and yell "Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze!"
2493. You're watching a lunar eclipse, and you think, oh no! What's going to happen now? Serena's powers are useless!
2494. You talk to video games at your local arcade.. trying to make them believe you're really Luna. ("This is Luna.. password, Kitty stalks by moonlight.")
2495. You can play Alan's flute music on your flute, piccolo, and piano.
2496. You can play the theme song too.
2497. While humming along to the music.
2498. Your daily hairstyle is two pigtails with meatballs on top.. if you're going out somewhere fancy, you curl the tips.
2499. You wore a Moon Princess dress to your prom OR you wore a cape, top hat, and carried a rose.
2500. You actually managed to convince yourself that the Scouts are real. [The scouts AREN'T real?!??]

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