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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 6 (2501 - 3000)

2501. You actually managed to convince your boyfriend that the show is cool.
2502. You get furious whenever Raye tries to make a move on Darien, and start planning the insults you'll yell in her face.
2503. You actually managed to convince your younger brother that the show is cool.
2504. You made Sailor Moon addicts out of all of your friends.
2505. You sing the appropriate song for any situation in your life. (break up? Rainy Day Men. moving? Only a Memory Away. Etc.)
2506. When you're in trouble, you hear the Tuxedo Mask music in your head and manage to conjure up a rose from your pocket.
2507. You picture your future child as Reeny.
2508. You practically drool whenever you see good food, and thank Lita (secretly of course)
2509. You talk to the fire in your candle/fireplace, or wherever you may see it.. and swear to yourself and your friends that you saw the spirits.
2510. You start calling hot guys "hunkmeisters".
2511. You change your BBS alias to "Princess Serena".
2512. You convince your friends to change their aliases to Artemis, Luna, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter... and Tuxedo Mask, and the MoonLight Knight, of course.
2513. Whenever you get anxious or embarrassed you picture a raindrop on your head or in the air. (151-182 - carnold983@aol.com (CArnold983))
2514. You watch one taped show so many times your in constant fear of the tape breaking!! (Crystal Clear Destiny... I watched it 32 times in ONE weekend!!!)
2515. Your opening a can of that shaped pasta and you think that they should make a Sailor Moon-shaped pasta!!!
2516. Your Mother's constantly threatening to break your CD because you play it too much. (183-187 - Rebecca)
2517. You read Shakespeare's _Henry V_ prologue and see this line: "Assume the port of Mars, and at his heels" And you think, "Shouldn't that be 'at HER heels?'"
2518. You get a whole new appreciation for the element selenium.
2519. You begin to refer to the asterisk symbol (*) as "the Ginzuishou crystal"
2520. You're reading Katherine Mansfield's short story "The Doll House" and gasp in horror when one of the characters is called Aunt _Beryl_ (who, btw, is a meanie whose mood corresponds to her dismal love life - like Haruna)
2521. (SMS*)You get something in your eye, and you rush to the mirror to see if it's glowing gold. (dedicated to Chiba "Goldeneye" Mamoru) (188-192 - gregory.lam@ablelink.org (Gregory Lam))
2522. While watching the X-Files the name Fiore comes up and you are upset that "Fiore" is not the same one on the R movie
2523. "Flower Power" reminds you of Kisenian
2524. When your astronomy teacher asks you to name the outer planets, you say "Hotaru, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna<Puu>"
2525. You want to eliminate your music competition with Deep Submerge and are upset when it doesn't work.
2526. You buy a royal purple Saturn car and nickname it Hotaru-chan
2527. You try healing a small wound...and it WORKS
2528. You worship Hotaru instead of Jesus [!]
2529. You wear only one earring. It is a gold loop in your right ear.
2530. You get satisfaction out of drawing a SD Sailor Saturn slicing off the heads of offensive teachers or a SD Sailor Uranus pounding an offensive fellow student into the ground<I love doing this!>
2531. You try bouncing a yellow ball on your violin scroll while playing
2532. You throw hard pink candy hearts at people while shouting "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" (193-203 - travis@utpapa.ph.utexas.edu (Sailor Saturn))
2533. You have an hour long debate over who's the worst cook, Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2) or Minako-chan.
2534. You wake up, and can't remember anything about the previous day. So you conclude that you fought a fierce battle with Queen Beryl and won.
2535. You ran out of disk-space because of overwhelming Sailor Moon files, but without hesitation you decide to erase Microsoft Office 95 and all of its sub-systems, then click on Netscape to get more files.
2536. Your Netscape home-page is "http://ftp.tcp.com/pub/anime-manga/sorted/Smoon" or some other Sailor Moon site.
2537. You wake up during sleep, and write down ideas for YKYWTMSMW, just so that you can send it in. (204-209 - hojoonl@aol.com (Ho Joon L))
2538. You see the book "Mars and Venus in the Bedroom" at a bookstore and think, "yeccch. Hentai." - bryand@cadvision.com (David Bryan)
2539. And you consider getting it anyway :) - Eric VanHeest (ericv@netcom.com)
2540. Your cat has gone missing for day and you wonder if she is with some obscure astronomer.
2541. Your cat comes back wearing a yellow ribbon and eating star candies (then I guess you'd be wondering if you were LIVING Sailor Moon and not addicted to it!) (212-213 - ah307@torfree.net (Darryl Cheung))
2542. You read "I am what I am and that's all that I am, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man!" and your brain reads the last word there as "Moon" rather than "Man". (And boy, did *that* create some bizarre images. Yeesh.) - goldfarb@ocf.berkeley.edu (David Goldfarb)
2543. You've played the SM soundtracks backwards to see if there are any subliminal messages.
2544. You forget your friends' and family's birthdays, but can remember the Sailor Senshis' perfectly.:) - Jackie/ASSW <username@exis.net>
2545. You realize that the final battle 'Day Of Destiny' episode aired on a FULL MOON day today (3 May)! - nekocat@aol.com (NekoCat, aka John)
2546. You have 3 people come up to you on the same day and say "Hey, I thought you'd be interested to know they have SM ice cream bars now!" (This has happened to me!)
2547. You run around saying "I'm Tuxedo <your name> Kamen!" and throwing around your favorite fried food
2548. There's someone named Molly in your school, and you always protect her from evil dust balls and closing doors by throwing shrimp
2549. Anytime someone peeves you, you try to defeat them by singing "Rain or shine I'm happiest, when I'm with Tuxedo Mask! etc." (218-221 - ckern@mail.nitco.com (Chris Kern))
2550. You're reading a fantasy novel that calls for a beautiful queen and pretty little brat of a princess and you can't help picturing Queen Serenity and Chibi-Usa (from the SuperS time period) in those roles despite all descriptions to the contrary by the author. - Nomad aka Tim <nomad@cyberverse.com>
2551. You realize that you once had a car that could have been an Ami-chan! Blue Mercury compact (and since it had a stick shift, you make jokes that it came complete with power stick!) - kauffmanl@aol.com (Kauffmanl)
2552. If someone asks you if you know where something they need is, you say "Just stay right there, and I'll show you!" - Chocobo <chocobo@concentric.net>
2553. You can't remember what the acronyms "ASAP" and "RIP" stand for but when you see "YKYWTMSMW" for the very first time, you say without thinking "Oh... You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When!"
2554. You throw a party and only serve hot cocoa, squid-on-a-stick, donuts, meatballs, vanilla-raisin shakes, curry, muffins and weight gain bars.
2555. You read the above line and say to yourself "Oh you forgot..." and without thinking, proceed to fire off 20 more food items which I forgot to mention.
2556. When shopping for clothes, you ask yourself "Now what would Darien wear?" (guys only)
2557. When shopping for clothes for your boyfriend you ask yourself "Now what would Darien wear?" (girls)
2558. You desperately run for your life whenever a girl asks you out for some chocolate parfait. (long haired guys only)
2559. You meet some guy you really like and under NO circumstances are you gonna let him even THINK about eating chocolate parfait. (girls only)
2560. When friends tell you "Hey you kinda look like that Darien guy.", you go home and try to get your hair to do that little curly thing his does because "kinda..." just doesn't cut it! (BTW it's 10%hairspray/5%mousse & 85% luck :)
2561. You start calling a girl you like "Meatball head", tell her things like "Are you stupid or just plain lazy?" or "I'm not worried, I know your gonna fail" because you KNOW this is the way to win her heart. (guys only)
2562. That guy you can't stand suddenly becomes irresistible all of a sudden just because he called you "Meatball head" (girls only)
2563. You fill a balloon with helium, stick eyes, ears, whiskers & an antenna on it and then start asking it for advice.
2564. Whenever your friends need help, all you do is stand there, shout out Tuxedo Mask's/Moonlight Knight's inspirational speeches and then leave.
2565. You are driving a car and when you turn the headlights on you shout "Venus crescent beam smash!"
2566. You sit around and compile very long YKYWTMSMW lists. [Whuh-oh. gL]
2567. Your biggest worry about your upcoming vacation is weather or not your VCR is going to actually record Sailor Moon like you programmed it to.
2568. You shell out seven bucks for a poster of the solar system because it has the symbols for all the planets on it.
2569. When you need to remember the symbols for the planets to solve puzzles in Zork Nemesis and the -first- thing you think of is finding some pictures of the scouts with their symbols.
2570. You go around all day, singing "Tuxedo Mirage" even though you don't speak Japanese.
2571. You actually *wake up* when your (oh-so captivating) chem teacher starts talking about Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium and how they were named after the respective planets.
2572. You decide to take a Solar System class for college major requirement.
2573. You're an astronomy student and decide to specialize on planets.
2574. You think your next door neighbor looks a lot like Sailor Mercury.[The girl I sit next to in my history actually does look like Sailor Jupiter, btw.]
2575. Your personality begins to become that of your favorite Sailor Scout.
2576. You start learning to play chess again, just to be like Amy.
2577. You hear about a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers live show, and you start polishing your tiara for some "action".
2578. Your house looks like the Crystal Palace from Crystal Tokyo.
2579. You become purely nocturnal, just to look at the moon.
2580. You re-design your room to look just like Usagi/Serena's.
2581. You learn to cook, so you can be like Lita.
2582. You start hoping that your parents will be killed in a car wreck, so you can be more like Darien. [Touch wood!! -gL]
2583. Your astronomy teacher asks you what the two closest planets to the sun are, and you say Ami and Minako!
2584. (Girls) Instead of searching for Prince Charming, you're looking for Prince Darien.
2585. (Girls) You think the best quality a guy could have is being willing to take an ice crystal in the back for you.
2586. You start judging your friends by how closely their actions resemble those of the characters.
2587. Outer senshi pix dominate your computer and max out your hard-drive.
2588. You celebrate any senshi's birthday.
2589. The Uranus/Neptune theme plays when your Windows '95 starts up.
2590. You try to steal your friend's Haruka keychain.
2591. You think "Speed Racer" would be a much cooler show if Haruka was in it.
2592. You see the rose symbol ( @}---'----,---- ) and all you can think of throwing it.
2593. You somehow get Museums Replicas Ltd. to make you a Silence Glaive, Space Sword, Aqua Mirror, and key-staff.
2594. You actually have "beautiful dreams" of Pegasus! (Believe me, I once had one myself... though I was the Pegasus instead ^_-).
2595. You buy Chibi-moon's "Crystal Carillion" toy from a Japanese shop, and go outside & try summoning the Pegasus so you can play, ride, or help defeat the baddies around you.
2596. You try summoning the Pegasus with your crystal carillion, but get P.O'ed b-cuz you soon figure out that the "Carillion" concept is fake, & you really have to be a kid like Chibi-Usa to summon him? (assuming your already an adult ^_-)
2597. You're playing basketball w/your friends and become thirsty, so you soon bounce the b-ball into the air & say "Luna-P henge.. give me a bottle of milk! (or actually any drink of your choice i.e. gatorade, all-sport, etc.)"
2598. You inflate a black beachball with helium, paint Luna eyes, nose, and a mouth, stick an antennae on top of it, and make it float around you all the time.
2599. You always step on that ball to reach "hard-to-reach" places, like the doorbell... instead of a stool.
2600. You always think you're like Chibi-Usa because your also a new navy sailor soldier in training. (R.O.T.C.!?!?) [Compiler/Editor's note: Not recommended to try this one unless your CO is a fan too. Trust me.]
2601. You have a daughter who has the same name as you, but to avoid confusion, you call her "Chibi-<your name with only first 3 letters in it>"
2602. You catch a glimpse of alvin & the chipmunks (*boo! boo!*) singing, and it reminds you of that Japanese Sailormoon cd which features Chibimoon singing? (you kno', that "Uranus - Neptune - Chibimoon - plus" cd?)
2603. [The only tradition on this list...] You were thinking about Michiru and Haruka for this one.
2604. After a thunderstorm, you go outside and sing that "I just love Tuxedo Mask" song. (rain or shine, I'm happiest...)
2605. (a joke for young girlz only) you start being disrespectful to your mom & saying that your dad is your boyfriend.
2606. You start kissing after a boat ride, but fear that your future daughter would fall out of the sky & slam on your head.
2607. You start demanding to your mom to hand over the Ginzuishou
2608. You won't kiss anyone unless they're chewing "that sticky caramel gum".
2609. You've started putting the episodes audio track (i.e. the dialog, etc.) on tape and using an auto-repeat tape player to listen to the eps over and over at night, trying to sub-consciously absorb them. [Done this one with the NA CD ^_^]
2610. After the Doom tree you tried to grow from ykywtmsmw #176 died, you went out and started stealing energy trying to keep it alive.
2611. You start to lose your mind if you don't see at least some moon light every night.
2612. You took up astronomy just to find the planets.
2613. You were overjoyed to see that your YKYWTMSMW made either list. [Hey, I put 'em together, I'll brag a little. ^_^]
2614. The TV station that locally shows SM for you has learned the sound of your voice, and come up with policies to deal with you.
2615. Takeuchi Naoko has a restraining order against you.
2616. All your local anime shops have started cowering under the counter whenever you come in, and yelling "Don't hurt me! I couldn't help it that someone beat you to the last piece of <whatever SM related merchandise>!!"
2617. Toy store delivery trucks have your picture in the cab as a warning.
2618. You get diet tips from your cat.
2619. Every time you see a naked girl (or guy, whatever) you get a nose bleed, and tie a handkerchief under your nose.
2620. You hear one note from any of the SM songs, and can tell exactly which song it is, and where it's from. (i.e. "That's 1 minute and 6 seconds into Moonlight Densetsu on blah blah blah...)
2621. Now when your cat wakes you up in the middle of the night, you think there must be trouble with the Dark Kingdom and start looking for a way to transform. [Believe me, if you're half asleep, and coming out of a dream about the Senshi, this can be very disconcerting.]
2622. When your cat repeats the stunt, you begin yelling at it in Japanese, and you don't speak the language.
2623. (adults) You've ever gone into debt over SM merchandise.
2624. (kids)You've ever gone more than $100 into debt over SM stuff.
2625. You go to Japan solely for the purpose of buying authentic ofuda.
2626. Shinto temples have hired guards to keep you out.
2627. You drove the guards nuts talking about how they looked like Jadeite.
2628. You offered to sell your soul to keep SM on the air in NA.
---During the Olympics...---
2629. You keep looking for a blonde girl with really long pigtails on the Japanese discus team.
2630. Whenever you play Monopoly, you insist on using the top hat.
2631. Or you use the SM finger puppets (For some reason, the person who uses Chibi-Usa always wins).
2632. Instead of using "What's your sign?" in pickup lines, you use "Who's your favorite senshi?"
2633. Watchers of the original, these are the past seven entries in your MS Bookshelf query list: tier, daimon, lemure, saturn, moon, hime, and koto (as in Makoto)!
2634. You call your biggest marble Pharoah 90.
2635. You get terrible scores in the Windows _Solitaire: Sailor Moon Edition_(It's Solitaire but with Sailor Moon pics on the cards!!) because you spend all your time admiring the cards instead of concentrating on the game.
2636. You fax your local newspaper a scathing two page letter when they print a derogatory SM article (I did that to the Toronto Star; they got OVER 10,000 letters - more mail on one subject than they ever got in their 104 year history!)
---At the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)...---
2637. (Stars)You and a friend stand at the MR. SUB deeply pondering which sandwich to buy - and you both immediately say, "Sub-marine reflection".
2638. You run around the CyberCafe replacing all the PCs' desktop wallpaper with Sailor Moon pics downloaded from the Internet. (308-315 - gregory.lam@ablelink.org (Gregory Lam))
2639. You've started using those 'Turn 5$ into 10,000$' schemes in order to come up with the cash to sponsor the continued dubbing of Sailor Moon.(On your own terms, of course)
2640. Your answering machine greeting says "Welcome to the Sailor Moon Awareness Network..."
2641. Somebody actually leaves a message on said machine saying "Hi, I'd like to report some suspicious activities by the Moonies..."
2642. And you follow up on it, thinking the caller was talking about a Sailor Moon convention!
2643. Activating/deactivating your car alarm, you first do the movements and pose of your favorite Sailor attack before pressing the button.
2644. Playing ultimate frisbee, everytime you get the frisbee you have to put it close to your head, balance it on your fingertips, spin around three times balanced on one leg, then wind up and yell "Moon Tiara Action!!!" as you let it go.
2645. Doing your Japanese homework, you use the names of the senshi. "Ami studies at the library." "Usagi sleeps and eats." etc.
2646. You attempt to use the order of appearance of the inner senshi as a memory aid in helping you remember the days of the week in Japanese
2647. In 1999 you go around in public carrying a sign that reads "The Silver Millennium is Upon Us."
2648. While watching ID4 you wonder how the Dark Kingdom's minions or the Senshi would have done against the alien invaders, then chide yourself for thinking that the aliens would have even the slightest chance.
2649. When you put five TVs and VCRs side by side and watch the English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and French editions simultaneously...
2650. You then give running commentary about the cuts and translations particular to each version. [gL: Hah! A pastime I proposed to the Cult of Serenity - but everyone agreed we would have to constantly pause the English version for the Japanese original to catch up]
2651. When you give yourself a lame Internet nickname based on a SM character... (317-328 - Tuxedo Ramen)
---At the hospital...---
2652. You wake up from surgery and the first thing you think about is Sailor Moon.
2653. Whenever a nurse asks about your Sailor Moon pillow you feel the need to go into the whole DiC's not going to dub anymore episodes thing.
2654. You name the stuffed lamb that you got as a present Mako-chan.
2655. Your grandma brings you roses and you wonder how she knows Tuxedo Mask.
2656. You are *very* upset that the hospital decided to block out YTV and put their own "hospital information channel" on instead (we all know the home shopping network is *much* more important). But luckily you still get Global, so you won't be Sailor Moon deprived. :)
2657. You're more concerned about what you missed on a.f.s-m than catching up on your homework :P (329-334 - Andrea Doolan <ajhd@king.igs.net> (who thinks Usagi could cook better than _anyone_ at the hospital))
2658. You return your Mistress Nine Halloween costume back as defective merchandise because the 6 foot-long wig doesn't actually strangle people. - inspired by Wendy "Sailor Saturn" Clark
2659. You stick little black stars on your personal objects in hopes that a daimon will merge with it and eat the heart-crystals of people who touch your stuff all the time (well, I just use black stars because they look cool.)
2660. You put your hair up a la Cyprine or Puchirol/Ptilol
2661. You actually spend $90 for a 6 foot black wig so you could be Mistress Nine for Halloween (I'm guilty)
2662. Your friends roll their eyes when you do your Professor Tomoe impression (guilty)
2663. They also call you "Witch #7" (Guilty)
2664. They also call you Mimete (semi-guilty)
2665. They wonder why you simply *must* mention the Death Busters or Hotaru and Tomoe in EVERY conversation (not ALL the time...) (336-342 - *The Original* Sailor Saturn <wtclark@tpoint.net>)
2666. A young girl with blonde hair in meatballs wearing a sailor outfit on Halloween tells you, "You're obsessed!" - EKEARNEY@flemingc.on.ca (Evan Kearney)
---Working at a bookstore (in the kids' section)...---
2667. You think "Return to the Bunny Planet" MUST be about the Silver Millenium or Crystal Tokyo.
2668. You can't pass a book called "Fish Eyes" without cracking up.
2669. You always have a piece of paper on the info. desk at work so you can write down all the YKYWTMSMWs you notice that day.
2670. You agonize about not being able to remember all the YKYWTMSMWs you thought of that day.
2671. You pass "Amazon Alphabet" and think "A for Amazons, B for Bad, C for CereCere, D for Dumb, E for Evil, F for Fisheye..."
2672. You FREAK OUT after seeing a newspaper headline "Sailors' remains found after crash" (344-349 - eponine@delphi.ccs.neu.edu (Jennifer Wand))
2673. You get to school and power up the notebook PC (Which is replete with Sailor Moon Logos, a SM screen saver, SM system sounds, and SM cursors and icons.) so that you can enter grades. (Because YOU'RE THE TEACHER!!) - Kevin M. Hartmann (hartman@smartnet.org)
2674. You painted [the notebook PC] blue and pasted the 'Mercury' symbol on it. - Johnathan walde (jwalde@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca)
2675. You do a dir/s on your moon directory and get: 2,459 file(s) 749,491,262 bytes (I used to post the dir/s result under YKYWTMSMW, but now its just plain scary ;-) Must be all those AVIs :-) ) - knauer@mindspring.com (Conrad Knauer)
2676. When at a Mexican restaurant, intending to order the chimichunga, you blurt out to the waitress "I'll have the Chibi-usa" (true story :-]). (What really blew me away was, when she brought our order, she referred to me as Mamo-chan.) - Smokey <smokeyz@worldnet.att.net>
2677. You then drop everything, crouch on one knee, and propose to the waitress on the spot (Because, a Sailor Moon fan is the ultimate soul mate!)
2678. You are at an observatory on a tour (and the tour guide just happens to called Greg :) and you wonder if the tour guide is a Sailor Moon fan because he says "If you see something bright near the moon it's Mercury". (Ok so he was telling how to find the planet Mercury in the sky but it was such a good choice of words. He was also kind enough to point out how to see the rabbit in the moon!)
2679. You lose your chess match because you saw "CheckMate" that morning and are afraid your opponent is from the Negaverse and will kill you if you win.
2680. You write a script about Darien falling in love with Amy and send it to DIC because you happen to be madly in love with him and you name just happens to be Amy.
2681. You quit your very conservative private school as soon as you can so you can dye your already short hair blue to look more like Ami.
2682. You copy all your CD games to your hard disk because you can't bear to not be listening to your Sailor Moon CD.
2683. You invite a fellow moonie to your birthday party and it turns into a Sailor Moon Party with both of you throwing paper plates to each other yelling "Moon Tiara Magic".
2684. You have the Hearts game that comes with Windows set up so the other three names are Lita, Mina and Serena which fits in well since your name is Amy.
2685. You are disappointed that Sailor Mercury's initials aren't H G.
2686. You change your male rabbit's name to Usagi and then giggle when ever you see him. (350-358 - Amy Bridger (dudette@ois.com.au))
2687. You're at your homecoming dance, and you swear that song just went 'Meiou Setsuna's Sailor Pluto.' (It did!)
2688. You wish the Three Lights would come and play at the aforementioned dance.
2689. You have to control the urge to yell 'Fire Soul' at the bonfire.
2690. When you're talking to your friend and the bell rings so you have to go, and when you're leaving you give her a wink and a grin (a la Haruka) and say 'Ja na.' (and you're a girl. I actually did this, well I did everything on this list, but.... Luckily she's a moonie too, so she understood. She looked at me kinda funny though.) (359-362 - vprclaudia@aol.com (VprClaudia))
2691. You wonder if there's a way VCRs can be rigged to *play* at 7:30, instead of record.
2692. You shoot your hand up in the air, screaming NAIL POLISH ACTIVATION!!!! and expect your nails to be painted
2693. (assuming your American) You sing "Moonlight Legend" in perfect Japanese during lunch everyday. [Heck I'll do it right now! Gomen ne sunao ja nakute! Yume no naka doodee da da doo! Oh man! I forgot the rest of it!]
2694. You wonder how you would interact with the Senshi in various situations ["Ahh.. Setsuna-san! Could I buy you a cup of tea?" *SMACK* "It was worth a shot. Can someone call 911?"]
2695. You got whiplash from snapping your head around to see where the violin music is coming from.
2696. You have ever watched more than 36 hours of Sailor Moon in less than 3 days.
2697. You have ever called in "sick" to spend the day organizing your Sailor Moon files.
2698. You suddenly realize that you could instantly dress up like Melvin just by putting swirly discs behind your glasses and making your hair look like Sheryl Crow's, and then, during the same day, someone who has only seen 2 episodes (which you taped and showed to him) comments on the exact same thing.
2699. You are playing volleyball, and then the same thing that happens to Serena when she's playing volleyball (she is standing there, about ready to bump the volleyball, when it suddenly hits you square on the forehead, and your head starts bobbing, and your head turns all red) happens to you and then you think that. (Both of these happened to me - if they sound a bit garbled, keep in mind I got hit square in my forehead by a volleyball going a million miles an hour today!) (375-376 - dilbert@metro.net (Nick J. Mattos Jr.))
2700. You face the Zellers-card people just to check because one of your friends said she saw some SM stuff in a Zellers flyer... (This is a true story. We were accosted at the door on the way in AND THEY WOULDN"T LEAVE US ALONE! I finally had to lie, and tell them I didn't have a job (which is true, sigh) and therefore had no bank account (blatant lie) because I am a penniless starving student (also true))
2701. You buy the Star Locket at the Bay, despite the sideways glances from the cashier and other customers, and open it right there and put it on, winding up and opening the locket in glee, as the familiar strains of "Moonlight Densetsu" echo through the children's section...
2702. You willingly go into comic stores again and again... you get some really strange looks for being a just-over-teenage female in a comic shop, searching desperately for Moon stuff in among the X-men, on the receiving end of snickers from all sorts of annoying pseudo-teenage boys, probably for the SM T-shirt you are proudly sporting... you then face the straaange looks when you actually ask if they have any SM merchandise.
2703. You have received scars from SM shopping. [Ophelia has a little story to go with this one: "True story! (True, stupid story) I opened one of those big, heavy, metal doors at the train station, on my way downtown to pick up some SM merchandise; however, my toe happened to be in the way. I was wearing sandals. It scarred. YET I STILL MADE IT DOWNTOWN AND GOT MY STUFF!!! I am proud of that scar...." But you must wear yours with a difference! (Hamlet, act 4, scene 5, line 206)] (who is thrilled to discover that when she wears her star-locket with her SM T-shirt, it hangs at just the right height to cover Chibi-Moon's excessively pink hair) (377-380 - emhegera@acs.ucalgary.ca (Ophelia))
2704. You go to see the new Mel Gibson movie "Ransom", and see Cubby rent a SM movie for Shawn. Look closely, it's there... I think this qualifies as the smallest SM reference *ever*. - Ken Meredith <ummered0@CC.UManitoba.CA>
2705. You joined a volleyball team just to perfect Minako's spinning receive.
2706. You did perfect it, and then turned down a shot in the Olympics because you were expecting some new Sailor Moon tapes.
2707. Your computer has processed so much Sailor Moon stuff, that it formed an artificial intelligence based on the Senshi.
2708. You won't even think about firing a gun (weapon, if you prefer), unless it has a star-shaped barrel, and a liquid reserve.
2709. You've started wear an armored patch _exactly_ over your heart.
2710. You've completely searched your entire city for a crystal forest.
2711. You start speaking Japanese, without realizing you ever learned it.
2712. You start choreographing Haruka and Michiru in your mind to Rue Paul's song "Snapshot" because of the violin music.
2713. You think the "Speed Racer" series would have been better with Haruka instead of Speed.
2714. You write comical Sailor Moon related virus descriptions.
2715. You make Sailor Moon music videos. [I'm working on one to ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man." Guess who the star is. ^_^]
2716. Firing (or fired by) the Shrink Ray in Duke Nukem 3D, you cry out, "Chibi Chibi!"
2717. You're raking the leaves in the fall, and you suddenly grab a handful of them and fling them at your little brother while screaming "Jupiter Oak Evolution!"
2718. You're taking archery classes, and every time you fire, you yell "Mars Flame Sniper!" ...Or "Arrow Shock Wave!" for you Ronin Warriors fans...;D
2719. You dye your hair dark green, wear red contacts, and claim to be the guardian of time.
2720. Your harp teacher quit because you continually yelled "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" at her every time you played. (394-397 - Sailor Quasar <firebolt@cruzio.com>)
2721. You're talking about the Italian eatery East Side Mario's, and it occurs to you that its abbreviation (ESM) also stands for Eternal Sailor Moon.

From http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/4818/
("The Annals of YKYWTMSMW Volume II" compiled by Tom Ragsdale and Gregory Lam)

2722. You're looking at a map of the United States and inconspicuously write "CHIBI-" in front of the "USA".
2723. The highlight of your geometry class is the "zoi" in trapezoid, and if you always draw pictures of Serena doing moon healing activation behind all of the circles.
2724. You sing Sailor Moon songs for your chorus recital, but then start to wonder if the whole thing is just a Negaverse ploy to get energy (I wanna be a star star star star star....).
2725. You're playing cards with a friend and assign a scout to each number and when you draw that card yell out one of those techniques.
2726. You're playing cards and when your friend draws a card out of the pile you say, "Pick a cardian, Ann".
2727. It gets even worse when you start to play the flute at the same time.
2728. It doesn't get any worse when some psycho mermaid comes out.
2729. And then the be all end all is when your grandfather enters the room and invites her to the temple.
2730. You spent two hours compiling cursors, icons, GIFs, and sounds from Sailor Moon, then spent three hours building a SM theme for Windows 95 with them. (Yes, it really took me that long, and yes, my parents made me take off the Moon Sceptre Cursor.)
2731. You go to the shoe department and pick shoes based on which ones are worn by the sailor scouts.
2732. Someone gives you a chocolate rose as a present and you won't eat it because it reminds you of Tuxedo Mask.
2733. You check the car and motorcycle racing results in the sports page to see how Haruka did.
2734. You're supposed to be doing heart surgery but decide to do a moon-scalpel lobotomation.
2735. Your physics teacher starts talking about the electromagnetic spectrum, and cosmic radiation, and the first thing that comes to mind is "COSSSMMMIICCCC MOOOOOOON POWWWWWER!!!", and you figure that since some types of radiation can cause genetic mutations, that must be why Reenie/Chibi Usa has pink hair, or red eyes.
2736. You become insanely jealous of Cape Boy.
2737. You're 20 years old and at Mickie D's with a dozen friends and all you are talking about is Sailor Moon
2738. You start having dreams about marrying each of the Sailor Scouts
2739. You have friendly conversations in your head with Mina, arguments with Raye, talk about American Gladiators with Lita, pretend to study with imaginary Amy.
2740. You have a little cousin that you obsessively call Spore or Fungus
2741. Instead of having a picture of your girlfriend in your wallet, you have a picture of your favorite scout
2742. You comb the city searching for Sailor Moon stuff
2743. You spend hours on end on the Internet searching for Sailor Moon stuff
2744. You have business cards printed up that say "Moonie" under profession, and "Don't call, I'm probably watching Sailor Moon" for a phone number.
2745. You have bruises from the time your friends warned you not to mention Sailor Moon again, but you ignored them.
2746. You call all your 'net buddies that are also Moonies to go kick their @$$'s.
2747. You're watching an episode of "Bewitched" and Samantha says, regarding her sister: "Serena may be child-like and immature and all, but she means well..." And you say to yourself, "No doubt!" - then realize the Serena in your head is not one who dabbles in witchcraft but tosses a tiara around.
2748. You go without sleep for 6 straight days in hopes of having a hallucination about the Sailor Scouts.
2749. You use so much paper printing Sailor Moon stuff that environmental groups now picket your house.
2750. You have hundreds of humidifiers in your house, just so you can get that Mercury Bubble Blast effect.
2751. The Sacred Fire that Mars uses told you to quit bothering it.
2752. You study the tapes of the show and decide the only senshi who could beat Haruka in a 100 yard dash is Usagi when she's late for school.
2753. While studying for your finals, you decide that you are Ami with Serena's study habits.
2754. You bring your Sailor Mercury dolls, cards and whatever else you can find to school for good luck on your final.
2755. And draw little mercury symbols all over the answer sheets.
2756. And you _still_ get a 78 on your bio final.
2757. You see an article in the TV Times from the Sunday paper, and it starts: "Star Power! It's not the rallying cry of a new superhero from Japan. . ." and realize you're probably one of two people reading it who get it.
2758. Your sister tells the joke "If you see three rabbits walking along the side of the road wearing tuxedos and top hats, what do you know is happening?" and you answer automatically "A Sailor Moon convention."
2759. The power goes out at 02:55 Sunday morning. So, thinking quickly, you take the uninterruptible power supply from your internet-server main-computer, and hook it up to your VCR for 2 1/2 hours to tape the Sailor Moon wildfeed. "To: All Subj: downtime Sorry you couldn't log on for a couple of hours Sunday morning. We had some technical difficulties due to power failure." :)
2760. You wear your hair like the corresponding scout for every day of the week: Mon.-Serena Tues.-Rei Wed- Amy ....etc. (Good luck in growing it out after Wed. Has to be long enough to put it in a ponytail on Thursday.)
2761. You see the video for "Macarena" and assume the singers are SM fans because one girl in the video is wearing a short blue wig and another girl has meatballs a la Serena.
2762. Your parents leave you the house for the weekend, and instead of throwing a party, you throw a Sailor Moon Convention.
2763. Your parents come home in the middle of said convention, and you manage to talk your way out of it by getting them hooked too.
2764. You have two pet ravens named Phobos and Deimos (bonus if you knew the names before I said them).
2765. Your plan to save Sailor Moon in North America involves help from the Silver Imperium Crystal.
2766. Your dissertation in quantum physics was on the properties of the Senshi's energies.
2767. You not only have the entire NA CD memorized in your head, but you can 'listen' to it anytime without actually playing the CD, and you can mentally adjust the volume, bass, treble, etc.
2768. In the name of SOS (the light side of SOS that wants to save the show, not the dark side of it from the Negaverse :) ), you black out your entire homepage according to the suggestions at the SOS page, swipe the idea of having the background midi of "Carry On" in the background, have it open with that huge Princess Serena pic on the SOS site, and create your own SOS page with "Moon Revenge" as the background midi. :)
2769. Your cat struck up a conversation, and it didn't strike you as odd.
2770. You put the same cat to sleep when you found out that the only reason it was talking was to ask you to not watch so much SM at odd hours of the day.
2771. You bought a cathedral, and a celestial holographic projector.
2772. Takeuchi-sensei has personally declared you obsessed.
2773. Your license plate is now in kanji.
2774. You regularly take the day before a full moon off to sleep, so you can stay awake to party with the full moon.
2775. You can predict the alignment of the planets perfectly, but never studied astronomy or astrology.
2776. To you, blue moons are better than Christmas (or Chanukah)
2777. You know that fringe group a while back that wanted to blow up the moon? They now cower in fear at the very mention of the moon, praying you don't come back.
2778. You had your family name legally changed to Tsukino (or Aino, Kino, Mizuno, or Hino -- whatever).
2779. Your last fanfic was longer than 'War and Peace'.
2780. The Guinness book of World Records wants to make a record for the possession of the most material pertaining to one subject, and declare you the winner.
2781. You wear a fuku...and you're a guy.
2782. You have put in personal appearances at DIC headquarters.
2783. You keep trying to get that big stick you got to open time portals.
2784. If told you could be granted one wish, you couldn't decide on being *in* the show, or asking for all the Senshi's powers.
2785. Your laughter has woken people up while reading this.
2786. You're in the military, and your suggestion on new battle tactics is to find the Ginzuishou.
2787. You're running late, and instead of missing even a minute of Sailor Moon, you drive 80 through a school zone.
2788. You see a kid running with a Sailor Moon backpack, and actually stop long enough for the kid to jump in, so neither of you miss it.
2789. You think a lunatic is that black cat clock featured in the Time Bomb episode of Sailor Moon.
2790. You start calling your dog "Chibi-Usa" or "Chibi-Moon" because he's so small.
2791. Your boy/girlfriend starts nicknaming him/herself after one of the characters. (Mine thinks of "Usagi-chan". ^_~)
2792. You wake up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, you can't get back to sleep, so you go turn on the computer and get on the Net to find out what's shaking on alt.fan.sailor-moon......yaaawn......
2793. You let yourself get far too emotionally attached to someone who the writers have it in for.
2794. Even though you can't read or write something as simple as "hello" or "book" in Japanese, you can effortlessly recognize and even write down "Moon", "Rabbit", "Evil Spirits Begone", and "Beautiful Young Female Warriors". (Okay, that's more a manga thing ...)
2795. Likewise, even though you wouldn't recognize "hello" in Chinese if you heard it either, but you can easily spot "On behalf of the moon, I'll punish you!" (O hai yueh hun to, gen mon sen ka! Or at least that's what it sounds like. :)
2796. You sometimes seriously confuse fans of both the English and Japanese versions by using the Sailors' Chinese names. (370-372 - The Evil Professor Chronos)
2797. You see an ad for Darien Lake and you automatically wonder if Tuxedo Mask has got into the family amusement park business.
2798. You're backpacking in the Zirkle wilderness (in Colorado) and you refuse to leave Luna Lake.
2799. You've spent more than an hour trying to figure out how Allan and Ann's coffee maker/cocoa machine works. (You know, the one that looks like an hour glass with lightening inside it?)
2800. After playing the Sailor Moon video games, you decide it's the perfect time to learn kanji.
2801. The people at the DMV couldn't figure out what you were talking about when you asked for vanity plates with a stylized 'ne' kanji on it.
2802. You hear the voices of the Senshi in your head, and conclude that they must be your Goddesses. You then start your own religion. (Senshiism)
---During the Olympics...---
2803. You *know* that the Scouts/Senshi could shatter any world record in high jump.
2804. Instead of actual training for the discus throw, you watched Sailor Moon throw her tiara in slow motion a few dozen times.
2805. After watching "Granpa's Follies", you wonder who could triple jump further: Zoisite or Tuxedo Mask.
2806. Whenever anyone mentions the Dream Team, you think to yourself, "I never knew the scouts played basketball?"
2807. You can't wait to see the discus throw because you think Serena will be there playing for team Japan.
2808. You attach a rose to one end of a javelin and throw it.
2809. You wonder if there's an ofuda (the anti-evil things Rei uses) throwing event.
2810. You go up to the Olympic flame and seek its guidance.
2811. You were upset that Sailor Mars wasn't used to light the torch.
2812. You expect one of the Japanese track and field Olympians to be named Haruka.
2813. You are watching some excellent exercise at Georgia Dome and expect everything to suddenly turn dark and the energy of all the athletes starting to be drawn by the evil forces.
2814. You expect some of the gymnasts to wear SM stickers/stuff on their huge bags.
2815. When a girl named Michelle wins a gold in swimming, and you are elated, cause of course she's Michiru and you've been yelling Deep Submerge all through her race.
2816. You're watching Dominque Moceanu do her routine on the floor exercise and you can imagine her doing it to the NA SM Theme, and all the girls in the stands and on the floor singing along?
2817. Kerri Strug was doing her last vault to help the US team get the gold, you can hear in the background 'Carry On'.
2818. You think the coolest thing possible in the gymnastics event would be one of the girls doing their floor exercise to a Sailor Moon song, and ending in one of the Scouts.
2819. Your method of cheering in the decathlon involves yelling "MOON TIARA ACTION" for the discus, and "SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE" for the shot put.
2820. You think Serena could take the gold in the 100 m Sprint, if you told her she was late to school.
2821. You can't decide to cheer for Japan or America.
2822. You can decide, and choose Japan.

From http://www.reeny.org/smoon.html

2823. Your goal in life is to convert the world into LOVING Sailor Moon.
2824. You've seriously considered petitioning your university/college to let you teach a course all about Sailor Moon and its impact on society! ;)
2825. You would LOVE to go to Japan just so you could learn Japanese and watch all those Sailor Moon episodes that aren't translated, sub-titled or dubbed over into English yet!
2826. You have however, borrowed Sailor Moon episodes in Japanese, just to gaze in admiration at the awesome animation and you SWEAR you could figure out what's going on in the plot.
2827. You're SO caught up in Sailor Moon that you even SOUND like your favorite character - you've got the whining down pat!
2828. You think that you and your significant other are EXACTLY like Darien & Serena and are therefore destined to be together forever!
2829. You LIVE Sailor Moon.
2830. On the full moon, you think you are at your peak power and NOTHING bad could happen to you then!
2831. You have all the translated episodes on tape and watch them SO frequently that you know every character's lines!
2832. You get so wrapped up in each episode that you laugh and cry along with the characters (even if you've seen it so many times you know what's going to happen)
2833. You play your Sailor Moon CDs loud and proud in your car, despite the weird looks you get from other drivers!
2834. You walk around and catch yourself humming Sailor Moon songs.
2835. Your little sister (who is more in the target age group for Sailor Moon than you are) buys YOU Sailor Moon dolls and doesn't buy any for herself! And you're GLAD to get them!
2836. You have your very own Crescent Moon Wand (which doubles as a lipstick) and you go around healing your friends and family.
2837. You begged and whined until your boyfriend bought you a tiara and a stuffed version of Luna so you could feel like Serena :)
2838. You have one of those name-chains with "Serena" on it.
2839. You have a keychain about how hard it is to be a Princess.
2840. You love diamonds because they remind you of the Silver Crystal.
2841. Pink is your favorite color! (heh!)
2842. You're so addicted you make a whole WEBPAGE to show the WORLD how much you're addicted... ;)
2843. You always wear your favorite character's colors. Thanks Dara!
2844. You find yourself striking your fave character's transformation positions. Thanks Dara!
2845. You figure out how to play "Carry On" on your guitar. Thanks Link!
2846. You dream about SM episodes in your sleep. Thanks LaJaguaria!
2847. You're caught drawing SM pictures on your home-work. Thanks LaJaguaria!
2848. Since they don't make a SM wallpaper, you decide to cover every square inch of your walls with Sailor Moon pics. Thanks Serena!
2849. All your friends refer to you as 'That Sailor Moon Addict'.
2850. You add to these 'You know you watch too much Sailor Moon when...' lists.
2851. You gather a bunch of friends and people you don't even know to create a Sailor Moon arcade game.
2852. Your girlfriend grows her hair really long and ties it up into meatballs just to look like Serena. The above are thanks to the Mage of Light
2853. You have turned just about all your friends into SM Fanatics!
2854. You find yourself talking about SM with your friends more than 50% of the time! The above are thanks to Jynx Da Cat!
2855. You get your five closest friends together and dress up as the Sailor Scouts for Halloween. Thanks Len!
2856. You write an essay all about how you wish you were one of the Sailor Scouts.
2857. Every time the moon's full you pray to Queen Serenity to create REAL Sailor Scouts and have you as their leader.
2858. You insist on naming all of your pets after Sailor Moon characters. The above are thanks to Kristen!
2859. You decide to name your children after the characters from Sailor Moon! Thanks Jamie! 8)
2860. You try to turn your black dog into a CAT and tape a crescent moon onto its forehead. Thanks Cece!
2861. You sang a song from Sailor Moon for a play audition.
2862. You wander through the alleys all day trying to give Luna a chance to find you.
2863. You dress up like Sailor Moon for your grandmother's birthday party and everyone there knows that you're obsessed with that "darn Sailor Planet thingy"! The above are thanks to Sailor Aquamarine!
2864. You and your friends are each one of the Scouts and you call them by their Scout names in PUBLIC! Thanks Julie!
2865. You are studying ancient Egypt in school and you make a booklet about the tomb of Queen Serenity. Thanks Lauren!
2866. You want to dye your hair pink and put it into those famous meatballs and get red contacts so you can look just like Reeny! Thanks Jamie! 8)
2867. Your AWARD winning science project is a model of the solar system complete with bios of every sailor scout, pictures of castles on their planets and a little model of the Moon Kingdom having a party. Thanks Sarah!
2868. You wish, even if you're not single, to be dating one of the Sailor Scouts. Thanks Adam K
2869. You constantly fantasize about being a Sailor Scout.
2870. You are passionately in love with Darien.
2871. You go to school dances alone hoping that Tuxedo Mask will show up, and when he doesn't, you know that he has a legitimate reason for not doing so.
2872. You believe that your ex-boyfriend is from the Negaverse.
2873. You have a real thing for blue, acordian-pleated skirts.
2874. You rationalize pigging out by thinking, "Hey, Serena does it."
2875. You want to take a princess seminar just because Serena did.
2876. You are always trying to make little kids cry to see if a cresent moon shows up on their foreheads.
2877. You want to go on MTV'S Fanatic to meet Naoko Takeuchi.
2878. You honestly believe that Y2K will be the beginning of the Neo-Silver Millenium.
2879. You sit in front of the fire place for hours to see if you can read the flames like Raye does.
2880. You do your bedroom in a bunny motif.
2881. You become suspicious of all cosmetics sales people.(a.k.a the Four Twisted Sisters)
2882. You're afraid to touch trees for fear that they'll suck out your energy.
2883. In objecting to dissection in biology, you suggest a unit in space botany instead. All of the above are thanks to Bunny & Zelda! Thanks guys!
2884. You record every minute of a channel hoping to record some Sailor Moon commercials.
2885. You fly to Japan to find that rare (in America, popular in Japan) Sailor Pluto toothbrush.
2886. You will not speak with someone unless he/she refers to you as "Princess Serena of the Silver Millenium"
2887. You search every arcade in the state looking for a Sailor V video game.
2888. You recite every line from all translated episodes, hoping Lucas will make a Sailor Moon movie and discover you. All of the above are thanks to Venus-Cat!
2889. In class when you raise your hand, you just want to say, "Moon Prism Power." Or other Transformations chants.
2890. You wonder why the scouts (when they transform) get their nails painted and then cover them with gloves.
2891. Even though you are allergic to cats, you still get a black cat and name her Luna, a white cat and name him Artemis, and hope they have a purple kitten so you could name her Diana.
2892. Sometimes you correct others by saying your name is, "Serena," or any other scout name.
2893. All (or some) your chat names, e-mail names, or code names are Sailor Moon related.
2894. You talk about Sailor Moon 60% of the time.
2895. You love Sailor Moon so much, your parents think you should join "Sailor Moon Anynomous."
2896. When you order Sailor Moon stuff and don't get it right away, you cry like Serena.
2897. You always compare yourself, and people you know to the Sailor Socuts.
2898. When you miss a Sailor Moon episode, you cry!
2899. You don't mind your school having school uniforms as long as there exactly like the ones in the series.
2900. You memorize every attack and transformation poses or your favorite,or all of the Sailor Scouts.
2901. You're exactly like your favorite scout, it doesn't even surpise you!
2902. Your friends call you "Meatball Head" because of your hair style.
2903. You have joined so many Sailor Moon clubs, you can't even count them.
2904. You look up Sailor Moon info, pics, and GIFs everyday on the internet.
2905. When you have kids someday, you'll have them watch, and try to make them obsessed with Sailor Moon.
2906. Whenever there is a mirror, you check your forehead if there is any Sailor Scout Symbols there.
2907. Or you take markers and draw a Sailor Scout Symbol on your forehead.
2908. You wish your pen was the "Luna Pen" or a transformation stick.
2909. You save up your money, even every penny, to buy Sailor Moon stuff.
2910. You want to learn how to sew and have your very own sewing machine so you can make a Sailor Scout outfit.
2911. You always hope someone you like, or your boyfriend gives you red or white roses.
2912. You try to make your boyfriend dress like tuxedo mask for a Halloween dance and you wear a Sailor Moon outfit. Or make him wear a Prince Darien costume and you a Princess Serena costume.
2913. You sometimes get Nega vibes and feel that the Negaverse is near.
2914. You wish you lived at a temple like Raye's.
2915. You wish your cat could talk like Luna, Artemis, or Diana.
2916. You actually think there is a Sailor Moon....or that you are Sailor Moon! All of the above are thanks to Jennie! Thanks so much!
2917. You actually conned one of your roommates into taping the show every day that you're not home to tape it yourself! Thanks Samantha!
2918. You choose not to have any friends exept for a pink haired girl so you can be like Hotaru.
2919. Whenever you get mad at someone, you bash them over the head with a broomstick that you taped a paper blade to and scream "Death reborn revolution!"
2920. You tell everyone at school that your dad is a mad scientist.
2921. If someone doesn't call you Tomoe Hotaru, you attack them with your homemade silence glaive.
2922. You have so many lamps in your bedroom that planes sometimes try to land at your house!
2923. You say you live in a mansion when you actually live in a co-op.
2924. You say that your parents are two women named Michiru-mama and Haruka-papa, when your parents names are really Gilbert and Ingred! All of the above are thanks to Lexington!
2925. You can spell Usagi in Kanji(A form of writing in symbols that Japanese use similar to the Chinese)
2926. You can carry on a conversation in Japanese with a person from Japan and they understand you.
2927. If school gets delayed because it's too foggy and you scream "Thank You Mercury" as loud as you can, out of the window.
2928. You get kicked out of a car dealership for standing on all of their red Ferrari's and screaming "You're going down Nephlite" as the security men are pulling you off the car.
2929. You get a 30% on a test and are not upset, because now you are just a little more like Serena.
2930. People in your French class wonder why you're not taking Japanese and you respond "If our school had a Japanese class I would".
2931. You secretly talk to your fireplace when no one is watching.
2932. You buy a cockatoo and dye it purple(If you've seen the episode you know what I'm talking about).
2933. The word usage makes you think of Usagi.
2934. During the weekends you used to go through withdrawal, but now you go through withdrawal during the commercials! All of the above are thanks to Neo- Queen Serenity! Thanks so much!
2935. You think that your cat is proud of you when you memorize the transformation and destroying phrases that Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts use. Thanks Courtney!
2936. The first thing you say in the morning is one of the transformations (e.g. moon prism power), hoping that when you look into the mirror you will be a Sailor Scout. Thanks Kevin!
2937. You keep a package of temporary crescent moon tattoos around for cheering you up when you're depressed.
2938. You can't go to sleep without listening to the Sailor Moon theme at least once!
2939. You're looking for a set of translucent wings to put on your Neo-Queen Serenity outfit.
2940. You're having a Sailor Moon tiara made especially for you.
2941. Your computer has a SM background.
2942. You refuse to leave the house at 4 o'clock for any reason, so that you can watch 'the show'.
2943. You insist on watching a taped SM episode at 4 o'clock on Saturdays and Sundays so that you won't have to go a day without it.
2944. You're considering a class in martial arts.
2945. You're considering a class in Japanese.
2946. You don't have to read the subtitles on your subtitled SM movies anymore, you know all the words by heart.
2947. You can sing the SM theme song, both sets of lyrics, in both languages.
2948. Whenever the subject of Japan comes up in your geography class, you know more than the teacher. All of the above are thanks to LadyPolgara! Thanks so much!
2949. You start to call your bf Mamo-chan and you get really mad when he calls you by your name and not Usako.
2950. You go to the race track hoping to met someone like Haruka.
2951. You call your teacher Miss H.
2952. You try to cook like Makoto and hope that Usagi will come up and ask for some food. All of the above are thanks to HarukaslrUranus2! Thanks!
2953. When you convince your English teacher to let you write an English paper about Sailor Moon. Thanks Diana!
2954. You create your own SM character and give her a background, real name, transformation music, famous quote...
2955. You tape every episode of SM off TV just for insurance.
2956. You don't like anyone unless they know something about Japanese anime. All of the above are thanks to S.T.
2957. Whenever you write a story you include the names of characters in it and make them the main characters.
2958. You get WAY too hyped about gaining half a pound.
2959. When your mom takes you shopping for your birthday, you go into a store and buy everything from Sailor Moon...even the things you don't really like...
2960. Your sister buys you a Sailor Moon journal from Claire's with her own money for no occasion whatsoever. All of the above are thanks to Katibugk11
2961. You find yourself dressing up as sailor moon and running around town saying "In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Thanks Selene!
2962. You tell your teacher all about anime and Sailor Moon right before his or her trip to Japan, conveniently, hoping to be brought back some SM presents!
2963. Right before you open your locker, you yell, "Locker Opening Activation!!!"
2964. While watching a NASCAR race, you yell, "Sailor Scouts, start your engines!"
2965. During a hockey game, when your team scores, you yell, "goal scoring power!" All of the above are thanks to TDCmoongrl!
2966. Your favorites' list page on your start icon has Sailor Moon, and ONLY sailor moon web sites (and takes up the whole screen).
2967. One of your things to do today (and everyday) is to add a YKYWTMSMW to the list. The above are thanks to Maurice!
2968. You wonder why the SM movies haven't won an Oscar yet.
2969. You wonder why Sailor Moon or any of the other scouts don't have stars on the Walk of Fame. Thanks Rei Holt!
2970. You sing the SM songs while you're asleep. Thanks Sailor Neptune!
2971. Your parents are getting sick of Sailor Moon so they use it as a punishment if you get into trouble!
2972. You tape every SM episode, fearing they might replace it with some weird show. Thanks Young!
2973. You get mad at someone and try to throw your tiara at them.
2974. The "golf ball" at Epcot reminds you if the Imperium Silver Crystal.
2975. You ask for Sailor Moon stuff for graduation.
2976. You get it. The above are thanks to Lady Jupiter!
2977. You scare your friend every time she comes over by playing Sailor Scouts vs. The Negaverse.
2978. Your high school has nominated you as prom queen and your sweetie as King and you convince him to go as Prince Darien and you as Neo Queen Serenity.
2979. You get accepted to Harvard but you won't go because they don't get the Cartoon Network.
2980. You get kicked out of school and have your sailor items taken away because you were carrying your transformation pen, moon locket, and your time key. (they dont get that you need them to save the world). The above are thanks to Sailor Iris!
2981. You have a dream where you are Sailor Moon (and you are a guy).
2982. You have multiple Sailor Moon desktop themes on your computer.
2983. You insist that EVERY computer on your network MUST have a Sailor Moon desktop theme.
2984. You create your own Sailor Moon version of Monopoly.
2985. You're a guy and you wear Sailor Moon Underwear.
2986. You're a guy and you have Sailor Moon's hair style.
2987. You program your own Sailor Moon game.
2988. You get your favorite Scout symbol tattooed on your forehead. The above are thanks to David!
2989. You don't sleep in on the weekends just to see Sailor Moon whip butt!! Thanks Polgara!
2990. You buy an island to try to make a palace on it and train two cats to talk. Thanks Marie!
2991. You don't go on a cruise ship, for obvious reasons.
2992. You go to the bodybuilding championships and the first team up is Molly & Melvin. Thanks TDC!
2993. You wish your whole report was about how much you know about Sailor Moon because you know you'll get straight A's. Thanks RP!
2994. You see Darien kiss Serena you get really frustrated and wish it was you giving her that kiss.
2995. You wont let anyone into your home or look at anything belonging to you because you are afraid they will learn that you are a Sailor Scout.
2996. You get accepted to Princeton but won't go because they won't let you take your talking cat with you.
2997. You hide under your bed everytime there are dark clouds covering the sky. Who knows, maybe it really IS the Negaverse this time.
2998. You always wear a top hat, tux, cape, carry a retractable cane, throw roses at everybody who looks evil, and walk around humming Tuxedo Mask's Theme. (If you are a boy SM fanatic)
2999. Every five minutes you practice throwing a frisbee just right - who knows you might need that skill one of these days.
3000. Everytime you open a music box, you expect it to play the song from Serena's locket. The above are thanks to Mike!

***   ***   ***