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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 7 (3001 - 3500)

3001. You're sitting in math class and you hear the word "prism", you just have to yell 'POWER'! Thanks Erin!
3002. You have the entire collection of Sailor Moon dolls and you play with them every day... at the age of twenty! Thanks Nefertari!
3003. You scream at your substitute teacher for calling you by your real name instead of "Neo Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom".
3004. When you get a super good grade (which hopefully is quite often) you shout "Moon Prism Power!" in front of everyone, and you're proud of it.
3005. You and your friends run around in public "Saving the world from the Negaverse."
3006. You get your hair dyed blue, like Sailor Mercury.
3007. Whenever a bully picks on you, you shout "In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"
3008. You print out so many pictures of Sailor Moon, that your Mom has to practically kick you off the computer to save the world's ink supply. The above are thanks to Alicia!
3009. You turn your markers into transformation pens. Thanks Irma!
3010. You are always late for class just like Serena.
3011. Your answering machine has the Sailor Moon theme on it.
3012. You fly to Japan to see all the SM movie and shows.
3013. You only eat pancakes just like Reeny. The above are thanks to Jayla!
3014. You watch the Williams sisters play tennis & you wonder if they changed their names because they like the show so much, or if their parents had some sort of a premonition.
3015. You even make your own SM word search.
3016. You buy a book you don't even like, just because when flipping through the pages, you spot a small picture of Usagi or any other senshi. ( a good example of this is Usborne's The Internet For Beginners in the Games section. Small pic of Usagi in lower lefthand corner.) The above are thanks to TDCMoongrl!
3017. You're talking on the phone to your other moonie friend she falls asleep listening to you talk about Sailor Moon for the 100th time again today. Thanks SailorJupiterKin!
3018. Your family and friends can match you to at least 110 of the requirements on this page. Thanks GalaxyGoddess!
3019. You can't remember your own name because everyone calls you Serena or Neo-Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.
3020. You ask "People can watch too much Sailor Moon?
3021. You believe there isn't enough SailorMoon in the world.
3022. You believe that your little cousin is coming between you and your boyfriend.
3023. You take pictures of your face and tape them to pictures of Sailor Moon.
3024. You claim your little Cousin Rini (whose real name is Emily) is really your child.
3025. You talk or argue with a poster of SailorMoon.
3026. You hear it talk or argue back.
3027. When your friend calls you Serena or any other scouts' real name You're proud she got it right.
3028. You only wear clothes you swear you've seen Serena or one of her friends wear.
3029. Your boyfriend's name is Jake and you call him Darien and he gets jealous because you "spend too much time with this unknown guy". The above are thanks to GalaxyGoddess!
3030. You and your other SM fanatic friend have a contest to see who can get more SM printouts and you win even though you don't have a computer!
3031. You buy some of that shampoo that makes your hair grow faster so you can finally put it up in meatballs.
3032. You cuss out people who say "Sailor Moon sucks".
3033. You cry when you listen to "My Only Love".
3034. You have the same birthday as a Sailor Scout and you just know that secretly you're them.
3035. You try to squeeze in Sailor Moon to every conversation.
3036. You paint your nails just so you can say your favorite Sailor Scouts transformation line. The above are thanks to Princess Serena.

From http://lavender.fortunecity.com/mockingbird/76/smpage.html

3037. When it doesn't come on, you burst into tears.
3038. You see people playing cards, and you yell," Oh my gosh, everyone hide, it's Alan and Ann!"
3039. You take an astronomy course just to learn more about the moon.
3040. Someone tells you that they've never seen the show, and you say sympathetically, "Poor deprived creature."
3041. Every time you go on the Internet, that's all you look up. In fact, you even make your own web page about it. (hee hee)
3042. You see a fire, and you run to it, wave bunches of paper around, and say," Sacred fire, tell me of my future!"
3043. After you break up a fight and lecture the two involved, you wink and say," Sailor Moon Says...heeheehee!"
3044. During a notebook check, the teacher has trouble finding the notes in between all the Sailor Moon doodles.
3045. When you're outside, you pick up a stick and yell, "Moon Sceptre Elimination!"
3046. It is your main goal in life to convert everyone you know into a Moonie.
3047. You look at every music store around for the CD, and whine to the clerk when they don't have it.
3048. Your friends notice lip marks all over a picture of Darien you have printed out. (Submitted by mailto:ILuvLucy77@aol.com)
3049. You buy a Sailor Moon doll of your best friend's favorite character, stick pins in it to see if it affects her, and it does. (Submitted by ILuvLucy77)
3050. You live in an area where they don't get Cartoon Network, and you persuade one of your friends who does to tape it for you every single day.
3051. You and one of you friends buy plain white t-shirts and iron on pictures of Sailor Moon that you have printed.
3052. You buy one of the electric-static-lightning balls (what are they called?) and rub your hands over to look like Beryl.
3053. You call the school bully a "Nega-creep."
3054. You take apart a perfectly good floppy disk to get the round disc inside so you can throw it around yelling "Moon Tiara Magic!" (Submitted by WarlockCS9@aol.com)
3055. You are so into Sailor Moon that you name your cats Luna or Artemis (Submitted by Grovin98@aol.com)
3056. You pray that Sailor Moon will survive in the next episode (Submitted by Grovin98@aol.com)
3057. You sing the Sailor Moon song in chorus instead of the song you are supposed to sing.(Submitted by Grovin98@aol.com)
3058. Whenever you light a match you shout "Mars....Fire.....Ignite!" (Submitted by defaultuser@domain.com)
3059. Every Halloween, you and your friends dress up like the characters, changing the costumes like theirs do for every season. (Submitted by BlndDncer9@aol.com)
3060. You and a small group of friends *insist* that you're Sailor Moon, and they're the four Sailor Scouts...."Honest!" (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3061. You insist on calling every good-looking guy a 'Hunk of shoova!' (-Molly, in the ep. where Rei is found to be Sailor Mars) (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3062. You carry a spare glowstick around as your 'Moon Pen' (or wand)(Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3063. You're a waitress, and you use a Tuxedo Mask pen to take down orders! (Sometimes I use my Bunny pen...)(Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3064. You pass out Sailor Moon valentines. (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3065. You lie awake at night wondering if Serena and Darian will get back together. (Submitted by defaultuser@domain.com)
3066. You dump your best friend 'cause she likes the Spice Girls and search for someone who will be your friend AND likes Sailor Moon. (Submitted by defaultuser@domain.com)
3067. You ask every musicbox store to see if they can specially make a musicbox for you that plays 'Darien and Serena's' moon locket song. (Submitted by Claudia618@aol.com)
3068. You rent a tuxedo and a dozen roses just to masqurade as Tuxedo mask for a night. (Submitted by UUUVUUVUUU@aol.com)
3069. You start imagining Rini's Luna-P following you around. (Submitted by SplashJewl@aol.com)
3070. You go to school in the morning you take a marker,draw a moon on your forehead, and go around school all day saying Luna finally found you!!! (Submitted by Titanmoon@webtv.net)
3071. While playing crack the whip you drive your friends nuts by screaming Venus Love Chain Encircle!(Submitted by SandShrew-700@webtv.net)
3072. Your blanket and pillow are Sailor Moon. (Submitted by Rick142@webtv.net)
3073. When you go to the Doctor, and insist you don't have the flu, but the Negaverse has been stealing your energy. (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3074. You have more energy than a busload of kindergarteners!! This comes from eating so many nutritional pancakes!! ^_~ (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3075. You fussed at the poor lady at the Cloth World store when she insisted she couldn't order any fabric with little bunnies and moons on it. (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3076. You then bought a fabric stenciling kit, and.....well, you're still working on it! (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3077. You suspect your inability to paint the fabric in a Sailor Moon motif is also a Negaverse scheme. (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3078. You borrow your best friend's kid sister daily so you can practice making meatballs! (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3079. You're growing your hair out so you can make your own meatballs! (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3080. You submit things to this wicked kewl list, and then show your friends, who in turn submit things, which prompts you to submit more things, until you all obsess with sending in kewler things! It's another Nega-plot!!! ^_~ (Submitted by ANITA98100@aol.com)
3081. You know you watched too much sailor moon when your name's Ann so you find a boy in band playing the flute named Alan and ask him out! (Submitted by QueeSerena@aol.com)
3082. You want a cat so you can name it Luna, but your mom's allergic to cats so you put cat ears on your dog and glue a crescent moon to his head. (Submitted by SailorJenna@aol.com)
3083. You dream about it and go to school with your hair in meat balls. (Submitted by QueenSerena@aol.com)
3084. Your science teacher sends you to the principal's office for throwing darts at the beryllium square on the periodic table. (Submitted by Ularym@aol.com)
3085. You get a life size painting of tuxedo mask on your wall. (Submitted by LaerPearce@IntegrityOnline7.com)
3086. You won't go to the movies on weekdays during the summer unless its after 4:30 cuz you'll miss sailor moon. (Submitted by LaerPearce@IntegrityOnline7.com)
3087. You dye your hair pink and say your Rini. (Submitted by granal@email.msn.com)
3088. You learn how to play the Sailor Moon theme song on your keyboard. (Submitted by par2323@mail.net-connect.net)
3089. You keep getting a guestbook at GuestWorld(www.lpage.com) until the subdomain of where your guestbook belongs in(i.e. mars.guestworld.com, neptune.guestworld.com) is the planet of one of your favorite Senshi.
3090. You see fours everywhere, in the weirdest places, and you didn't start to notice it until you started watching Sailor Moon and said you were Sailor Jupiter. (Submitted by tapwoc311@email.msn.com)
3091. Everyday you bookmark a new Sailor Moon page on your computer. (Submitted by Saturnpwr1@aol.com)
3092. Your friends can't call you because you're on the internet all the time searching for Sailor Moon pics. (Submitted by Saturnpwr1@aol.com)
3093. You search every toy store for Sailor Moon collectibles to add to your collection. (Submitted by Saturnpwr1@aol.com)
3094. You mistakenly call you boyfriend Darien. (Submitted by Saturnpwr1@aol.com)
3095. You dream that you're Serena and you're marrying Darien. (Submitted by Saturnpwr1@aol.com)
3096. You'll start to cry if they don't make anymore Sailor Moon episodes. (Submitted by Saturnpwr1@aol.com)
3097. You cry at Sailor Moon but not at Titanic. (Submitted by Saturnpwr1@aol.com)
3098. Every time you see a black Cat you scream at it. "Luna I've finally found you." And when it doesn't ANSWER you say. "Luna what's wrong talk to ME!! (Submitted by SailorSkye18283@cs.com)
3099. You've noticed that Queen Berel and Santa both come from the North Pole and wonder if they're in league. (Submitted by Sailor_Pheniox@hotmail.com.)
3100. You've gotten sent to the councler at school for writing evil next to beryllium on the periodic table of elements. (Submitted by Sailor_Pheniox@hotmail.com.)
3101. You turn your councler into a moonie. (Submitted by Sailor_Pheniox@hotmail.com.)
3102. You go through withdrawal not just between episodes but during commercials. (Submitted by Sailor_Pheniox@hotmail.com.)
3103. Anything Sailor Moon you put in protecto things! (Submitted by meatballhead@USwest.net.)
3104. Part of your school folder is dedicated to Sailor Moon PICS. (Submitted by meatballhead@USwest.net.)
3105. Your room is a sailor moon shrine. (Submitted by meatballhead@USwest.net.)
3106. You spend all your allowance on Sailor Moon memorabilia (but I guess I should save a little for lunch money, huh?). Submitted by meatballhead@USwest.net.)
3107. You only date guys that are named Darien, and you made all your friends change there names to Lita, Amy, Raye, and Mina. And you change your name to either Serena or bunny. (Submitted by SailorSkye18283@cs.com.)
3108. You screamed at your teacher because your school uniforms aren't like the one's on Sailor moon and you're SAILOR MOON!! (Submitted by SailorSkye18283@cs.com.)
3110. You tape every episode every day. And till the next episode comes on you watch that one over and over and over and over and over. (Submitted by SailorSkye18283@cs.com.)
3111. If all you eat are meatballs. (Submitted by carpenito1@mediaone.net.)
3112. If you can't stop humming the Sailormoon theme in your head over and over. (Submitted by carpenito1@mediaone.net.)
3113. If you're named Diana and you tell every one your 2 cats (coincidently named Artimus and Luna) are your real parents and are under an evil spell. (Submitted by carpenito1@mediaone.net.)
3114. If your desktop theme is Sailormoon, your screensaver is sailor moon, and you have nothing on your comp but sailor moon music and pictures. (Submitted by carpenito1@mediaone.net.)
3115. When you made your science product, you did a probe of the sailor system, and you put little scouts on the planets. and sailor moon and tux mask on the moon kissing. (Submitted by SailorSkye18283@cs.com.)
3116. If you stay up all Saturday night and watch Sailor Moon on Toonami. (Submitted by alvinancy@eatel.net.)
3117. If you make a Sailor Moon poster (like I am). Submitted by alvinancy.eatel.net.)
3118. You learn gymnastics just so you can learn the "disguise pen" jump thing done by Luna. (Submitted by mailto:catsndragons@home.com)
3119. You know absolutely nothing about the show, yet you continually create characters for it and then write fanfics based on those characters... (Submitted by ddreddragon@yahoo.com.)
3120. You continually demand that your friends call you Lita... (Submitted by ddreddragon@yahoo.com.)
3121. You aspire to dye your hair black so you'll look more like Darian... (Submitted by ddreddragon@yahoo.com.)
3122. Your best friend happens to look and act like Sailor Jupiter... (Submitted by ddreddragon@yahoo.com.)
3123. You play downloaded Sailor Moon Midis until your parents wish you were dead... (Submitted by ddreddragon@yahoo.com.)
3124. You download over 20MB worth of Sailor Moon crap a day... (Submitted by ddreddragon@yahoo.com.)
3125. You can't remember your own birthday, but have all the Sailor Scouts' birthdays memorized and marked on your calendar at home...(Submitted by ddreddragon@yahoo.com.)
3126. You are in major debt because you buy sailor moon stuff at internet auctions. (Submitted by trophy@mddc.com.)
3127. If you have 5 or more messages on this site. (Submitted by SilverPanther.)
3128. You dump your boyfriend, because you swear Darien winked at you, and you KNOW he's finally noticed you after all these years! (Submitted by maryk@dialpoint.net.)
3129. When you have dreams that you are Sailormoon every night and wonder what they mean. (Submitted by Lilyg64895@aol.com.)
3130. At school, you run around looking for trouble-makers, and, when you find one, you raise your hand and shout "Moon Prism Power!" (Submitted by mltrout@prairieweb.com.)
3131. When you tape every episode and then act it out right after you watch it so that someday when the worlds being attacked by evil forces youll know what to do. (Submitted by sailor@erinet.com.)
3132. You see someone eating meatballs and they look at you and you yell, "DONT DARE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT COMPARING ME TO THOS MEATBALLS OR ILL MOON DUST YOU!" (Submitted by sailor@erinet.com).
3133. You legally change your name to Serena through court. (Submitted by sailor@erinet.com).
3134. You sleep with a stuffed Luna each night and lie awake crying if its not with you. (Submitted by sailor@erinet.com).
3135. You spend all night every night chatting in Sailormoon chatrooms. (Submitted by sailor@erinet.com).
3136. You start to act like sailor moon. (Submitted by jetandc@telusplanet.net).
3137. You change your name to Serena, Amy, Lita, Rai, or another person off sailor moon. (Submitted by jetandc@telusplanet.net).
3138. You can't get the theme song out of your head. (Submitted by jetandc@telusplanet.net).
3139. You spaz on anyone that says sailor moon stinks. (Submitted by jetandc@telusplanet.net).
3140. You watch the episodes so many times you know them by heart. (Submitted by jetandc@telusplanet.net).
3141. You feel that you know the sailorscouts and the Negaforce are out there fighting. (Submitted by jetandc@telusplanet.net).
3142. You name your E-mail address after Sailor Mars. (Submitted by sailor__mars_@hotmail.com.)
3143. You insist your name is Raye Hino when your history teacher calls your name. (Submitted by sailor__mars_@hotmail.com.)
3144. All you can stand to listen to anymore are the SM music, and are now totally hooked on Japanese rock.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3145. You get upset because you can't find the lyrics to Flame Sniper or the other Japanese songs.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3146. You have to listen to (and/or watch) the Outer Senshi's transformations at least once a day, or you feel bad 'cause you missed 'your hit'.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3147. You refer to your desperate need for Sailor Moon music, episodes, or movie watching/listening as 'your hits'. (Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3148. I won't say when your ideal man looks and sounds like Darien/Mamoru because that was my ideal BEFORE I ever saw Sailor Moon . . .really!(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3149. You are truly creeped out by Alan and Prince Diamond's obsessive talks/actions about Serena/Sailor Moon.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3150. You sob broken-heartedly when Darien dumps Serena, when they show Darien's doom-predicting dreams about his relationship with Serena, when he cries because he's hurting Serena by pretending to dump her, etc, etc . . . . . . (Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3151. When you shudder and have nightmares about Prince Diamond after the episode in the future when he kidnaps her (in Us "Legend of the Negamoon"), but cry your eyes out in the two episodes where Sapphire and Diamond die. (Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3152. When you get goosebumps everytime you hear "Carry On", and get weird feelings when it gets to the part where the Scouts give Sailor Moon their powers.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3153. When you have done, have thought of doing, or wanted to do everything on every "You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When . . ." list ever created.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3154. When you could spend all night (or several nights) adding things that should be on a "You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When . . ." list.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3155. When you find your mind making thought-jumps from any subject to Sailor Moon.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3156. When you thank the universe that you have a four octave range so you can sing the Outer Senshi music in the same octave as the violin. (Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3157. When you can't help comparing characters of other anime, other countries' cartoons, live-action shows, and worst of all, real life people, to Sailor Moon characters.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3158. When you find yourself trapped in an E-Mail of things to add to a "You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When . . ." list because you brain is locked in the loop and you can't stop thinking of and typing Sailor Moon fanaticism.(Submitted by kristine@controls-program.com.)
3159. You hang pictures of Sailor Moon in your locker and by the end of the year your locker partner watches the show religiously! (Submitted by pjlmoore@home.com.)
3160. You're mad if your family members don't play Sailor Moon with you. (Submitted by edlarissa@cs.com.)
3161. When you look at people and try to decide exactly which character they are and you're not satisfied until you do. (Submitted by mailto:AmiMizuno64289@aol.com.)
3162. If you say your siblings are from the Negaverse cause they annoy you. (Submitted by smsaturn@raex.com.)
3163. When you start to rent tapes that are sailor moon in another language. (Submitted by smsaturn@raex.com.)
3164. When you begin to call guys that are cute "Darien." (Submitted by smsaturn@raex.com.)
3165. You use up the ink cartridge all on sailor moon pictures. (Submitted by smsaturn@raex.com.)
3166. When you start to use nicknames from sailor moon on yourself and on your friends (Submitted by smsaturn@raex.com.)

From http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/silvercrystalpalace/moonsleisurelounge.html (Jezzibelle)

---*The ones with stars by them (*) Jezzibelle created herself!!!---

3167. You see the above statement and hit the "Back" button on your server because you believe there is no such thing as too much Sailor Moon.
3168. You know the wacko who created this site.*
3169. You publicly admit to knowing the wacko who created this site.*
3170. You are on this site to begin with.*
3171. You own all of the movies, have taped every episode (both Japanese and English), own all the mangas, and own all the Sailor Moon merchandise known to man.
3172. You haven't done the above, but you seriously consider doing it!
3173. You e-mail me your ideas for this YKYWTMSMW here!: E-mail Me! <Michiru378@aol.com>
3174. You know more about Sailor Moon than Naoko Takeuchi!
3175. You walk away from your friends backward because you want to never turn your back on a friend.
3176. You claim to only have taped your favorite Sailor Moon episodes, but you have 6 full tapes of Sailor Moon!
3177. You feel your meaning in life is to fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight.
3178. Your bedroom walls are no longer visible because of your Sailor Moon pictures and drawings.
3179. You've finally achieved a higher IQ than Ami! No, not in school.......in Sailor Moon trivia!
3180. You shaved off all of your cat's fur on it's face in hopes of finding a crescent moon on it's forehead.
3181. Your convinced that the guy across the street is Tuxedo Mask. Now, if you could only get a date...
3182. You send that guy across the street a dozen roses so you can rest assured that when the time comes, he will be able to save you from the Negaverse.
3183. Reading this list ups your self-esteem because of all the things you've accomplished off of it!
3184. You dye your hair blue and cut it short so you can be like Ami
3185. You let your hair grow out, dye your hair black, and then rinse it with grape Koolade to look more like Raye..
3186. You then dye your hair brown and put it in a ponytail to look more like Lita..
3187. You finally dye your hair blond and put a red bow in it to look like Mina..
3188. You take your now blond hair, put long extensions on it, and put it up like Serena's!
3189. You drive yourself crazy looking like Serena and decide Rini's hair-do is much cooler.
3190. You want to BE a sailor senshi!* (^_^ And who doesn't?)
3191. Your one of those diehard moonies that already believe that they ARE a sailor senshi!*
3192. Your teacher complains about your low score on a math's quiz you say "At least I'm doing better than Serena!"
3193. You get sent to the principle's office for shouting out Moon Prism Power! in class and by the time you come out, the principal is a Moonie too!
3194. You yell out Moon Crystal Power! and expect to get a perfect manicure!
3195. You go up to a girl at your school called Amy and say to her "I know who you really are!" And she just thinks your insane!
3196. You have soooooo much Sailor Moon merchandise that Bandai buys stock off you!
3197. You get a black cat for Christmas and scream at it "I'm Serena and I know you're Luna so, GIVE MY MY BROOCH!"
3198. You sue Bandai for selling you one of their "transformation sticks", claiming "THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING! IT DOESN'T WORK!"
3199. You talk about it at school with your best friend nicknamed Bunny*
3200. You watch it as soon as you get home then talk about it till late at night on the internet*
3201. You can draw all the pics from the manga free hand
3202. You tell all your friends to call you Chibi and your friend Bunny
3203. You make a website that is full of Sailor Moon stuff*
3204. You can recite the entire Sailor Moon R, S, and SS movies even though you live in the U.S.
3205. Your watercolor Sailor Moon pictures now become your new wallpaper
3206. You get all your friends to dress up as Sailor Senshi for Halloween with you.
3207. You bribe friends who look like the Senshi, but don't like the show, to do the above.
3208. You have created your own Sailor Moon character and have given her a real name, powers, etc.*
3209. You write Sailor Moon fan fiction all the time about your own Sailor Senshi.*
3210. You have drawn out transformation scenes and attack scenes for your above mentioned fan fiction character*
3211. You dream about you and your friends being Sailor Senshi and saving your school from evil gremlins, but your principle suspends you for short skirts.
3212. You try to phone Sailor Pluto to ask her to take you back to the time of the dinosaurs
3213. An obsession with Sailor Moon is taking over your life*
3214. You've memorized the transformation scenes yourself and love to act them out to your favorite music*
3215. You spend all your money on a gold brooch and demand it have a crescent moon shape engraved on it
3216. You accidentally call your kitten "Diana"
3217. You’re determined to name your two new black girl cat and white boy cat Artimus and Luna
3218. Your Siberian Husky is named Hotaru
3219. You dye your six-year-old daughter's long hair pink and tie it up right so she'll look like Chibi-Usa
3220. You even have a Sailor Moon binkie
3221. In school you're turning and swirling your pencil like Sailor Moon with the Moon Scepter when you should be listening to the teacher
3222. You try to convince your Intro to Foreign Language Teacher to teach Japanese so you don't have to wait for the Star anime or manga to come out.
3223. You stake out at your nearest arcade to watch for guys in tuxedos, then throw your shoe or test at him.
3224. You sell your soul to the devil so you can be Sailor Moon
3225. You can sing the Sailor Moon theme song in English & Japanese*
3226. You also know every word to every other song from both the Japanese AND English dubs, despite having know clue what the Japanese lyrics mean...
3227. You know what color underwear each senshi wears... ^_^;;;
3228. You know what color underwear *Mamoru* wears... O_o
3229. You quote Sailor Moon in your sleep...
3230. You and your friends can act out every scene from every episode...quite vividly...
3231. You get tossed in the loony-bin for attacking a robber with a plastic stick and a discus...
3232. Alternatively, you get tossed in the loony-bin for talking to cats...
3233. You yell at your gym teacher for not saying "Moon Tiara Magic" when they throw a frisbee
3234. You are convinced your ex-boyfriend is from the negaverse
3235. You will not respond to any name other than "Neo-Queen Serenity"
3236. You have named all of your friends after sailor scouts and call them by those names in public* (You know who you are ^_-)
3237. You stare at a fire for hours trying to "read" it like Rei does.
3238. You dyed your white kitten purple so it looks like Diana
3239. You think all of the teachers who don't like you are from the Negaverse
3240. You have your own Transformation Pen
3241. You have a moon wand which you use to heal people you like & turn people you don't like into "moon dust"
3242. You have a Sailor Moon costume which you wear all the time
3243. You think you and your boyfriend are just like Serena & Darien which means you are destined to be together FOREVER
3244. You attend Sailor Moon withdrawal meetings AKA Moonies Anonymous.
3245. You and your friends have started a Sailor Moon After School Club.
3246. You spend every penny you receive on Sailor Moon merchandise but you always have to buy more until you practically own Naoko.
3247. You spend hours reading the TV guide cause you never know when they'll show a Sailor Moon marathon.
3248. All your conversations end up about Sailor Moon.*(Well, with certain people...)
3249. You get grounded for going outside at 1AM on a school night cause you were studying the moon in hopes of finding remnance of the Moon Kingdom.
3250. You fail your test on the solar system because on it you've put all the names, powers, personalities, etc., of all the sailor senshi.
3251. You run out of ink in your printer 2 times a week cause you print practically every picture you find on the internet in color.
3252. You name all of your pets after the senshi and knights.
3253. You take you pets from above and have them act out scenes from the show.
3254. You believe that all dubbed Sailor Moon is evil, despite the fact that you wouldn't have known of the show if dub didn't exist.*
3255. You can get people obsessed with Sailor Moon even though they have never seen the show!*
3256. You suggest Sailor Moon for your annual school play.
3257. You start having dreams (both during the day and at night)that you're Sailor Moon or another Sailor Senshi and are destroying the Negaverse.*
3258. You start acting out these dreams in your sleep
3259. You act out these dreams when you're not asleep!
3260. You buy a round, clear crystal at the mall and since you're convinced that it's real, you shout out "Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up!!" in front of everyone in the store!
3261. You try to teach your cat to flip on the trampoline so you can get a Luna Disguise Pen.
3262. You run around the house stark naked yelling (insert favorite senshi's planet here)Planet Power! in hopes of transforming.
3263. You ask NASA if there is a planet Nemisis.
3264. You ask NASA to destroy planet Nemisis, even though they insist one doesn't exist!
3265. You tell your friend that you had since you were little, "Listen Fiore, I am not going to work for you or Kisenian!", and the next thing you know, your friend has abandoned you.
3266. You have so many Sailormoon pictures you could open your own public museum!
3267. You walk up to a girl who is named Mina and say," Is your cat's name Artimus? Did you know that their is a video game named after you Sailor V?", and during this time, you didn't notice her cell phone was out, and the next thing you know, some guys in white are carrying you away.
3268. You managed to get your grandparents hooked on Sailormoon!
3269. Your favorites list has Sailor Moon and only Sailor Moon sites on it (and it takes up the whole screen)
3270. You make and sell good luck charms in hopes of seeing a really hot guy who looks like Jedeite.
3271. You can shut your friends up just by threatening to talk about Sailor Moon.
3272. Every time Sailor Moon gets a new wand you run outside and make one out of a stick (You don't have to worry about missing the rest of the show -you already memorized it!), and you are never seen without your sticks.
3273. Your friends are ready to kill you if you mention anything of Japanese origin.
3274. You can speak Japanese even though it was never taught to you.
3275. You sign your E-mail with the name of a Sailor, fictional or otherwise. *
3276. You use the morals of the Sailor Moon series as the topic of your English essay for the final exam.
3277. You use the morals of the Sailor Moon series as the topic for every English essay you write!
3278. People say that you are obsessed with Sailor Moon and you take it as a compliment.*
3279. You actually tell people that you are obsessed with Sailor Moon.*
3280. You and your fellow senshi meet every Friday night for a sailor senshi meeting!!!!!!!!
3281. You rename the icons on you desktop, My Computer=Central Control, My Documents=Luna's Documents, and so on.
3282. You get plastic surgery to look like a Sailor Senshi, but end up looking like a freak or a freak with anime eyes
3283. You design gundams for the Sailor Senshi and their friends
3284. You're home alone Saturday and all you do is sit down and watch all your taped Sailor Moon episodes, while playing with all your Sailor Moon stuff.
3285. You invite your friends over for a Sailor Moon sleep over and are brought to your parents at 1:00 in the morning by the police because you were out throwing sticks at people you thought were from the Negaverse.
3286. You go to the principal's office because at recess you were screaming "MOON TIARA MAGIC" and throwing frisbees at a bully.
3287. You are at your riding stables trying to tape wings on a white horse and telling it to come in your dream mirror.
3288. You start to see everyone around you become a character. Your best friend looks a little like Ami with red hair, your cat looks like Luna, your teacher becomes Ms. Haruna, your boyfriend Mamoru, the guy at work becomes Motoki....you know what I mean.*
3289. You dyed your hair blond and put long extensions in your hair, and now you're demanding every cute guy around you call you Meatball Head
3290. You draw or paint a crescent moon symbol on your forehead!
3291. You do SM's "I-Will-Punish-You" Stance perfectly
3292. You do that above pose in your sleep!
3293. Your computer is now re-named "Central Control"
3294. You say "Kitty stalks by moonlight" to "Central Control" everytime it boots up.
3295. You are reading this list instead of doing your homework
3296. Your cat talks to you, but you don't have a cat
3297. Your mother overhears you talking to a cat, she decides to ban you from Sailor Moon
3298. Because you were banned from Sailor Moon, you have been sitting in your room repeating "Never suspect the dreams of dreaming kids..... never suspect the dreams of dreaming kids" while staring at your mirror
3299. Your mother decides that Sailor Moon kept you sane, so she lifts the ban
3300. You sit through a 24-hour marathon of Sailor Moon after the ban so you can catch up the episodes you "missed".
3301. Your friends are ready to kill you for accidentally speaking Japanese in front of them because you'd been watching illegally sold Sailor Moon episodes ^_^;;
3302. Your friends can no longer understand you because of all the Japanese phrases from Sailor Moon you use "accidentally".
3303. The spell check on your computer has "Endymion", "Elysion", and "Senshi" entered in its dictionary*
3304. You set the spell check on your computer to check in Japanese.
3305. You are madly in love with one of the characters
3306. You carry little fish in your pocket hoping that Luna or Artemis will start following you.
3307. You tell your boyfriend to where a white turban and protect you
3308. You spend all of your free time trying to get roses to stick in the ground when you throw them
3309. Your parents ground you for spending so much money on roses trying to accomplish the above.
3310. You’ve memorized your parents' credit card pin number because of all the Sailormoon merchandise you've ordered off the internet.
3311. You TRY to get a score lower than 30 so you can beat Usagi
3312. You use the Sailormoon theme song to drive your little brother out of your sight. *
3313. Your little brother is now obsessed with Sailormoon because you sang the theme song so much.

From http://www.sailorscout.netfirms.com/welcome_to_the_greatest_sailor_s.htm

3314. You try to convince your parents to change your little brother’s name to Sammy.
3315. You buy a Black cat and name it Luna and try to make it mate with your friends white cat Artemis
3316. Your dad has to wear fake glasses when you’re around.
3317. You attempt to dye your mom’s hair blue.
3318. When your mom refuses to dye her hair blue, you make her wear a long blue wig all the time. Even in the summer.
3319. You ask your French or Spanish teacher if he could teach Japanese instead.
3320. You know the Sailor Moon TV schedule better than your school schedule.
3321. You attempt to lower your grades and be late to school every day so you can be like Serena.
3322. When that doesn’t work. You try to get 100% on everything and be 15 min early every day so you could be like Ami.
3323. You ask your parents about eye-enlarging surgery.
3324. When they get scared and run away, you cut out anime eyes and stick them to your face. (Don’t forget to poke holes!)
3325. You pick a tall guy with black hair and blue eyes and ask him to be your boyfriend.
3326. You make your boyfriend change his name to Darien and wear an ugly green sports coat all the time.
3327. You’re the only person in the school who actually wants uniforms, Sailor Moon style of course.
3328. You get exactly 11 friends to make up the Sailor Scouts
3329. You won the student council election by scaring people with, “If you don’t vote for me, I’ll punish you!”
3330. You consider Sailor Moon to be a religion.
3331. Watching a Sailor Moon episode is like going to church for you.
3332. You paint your nails your favorite scouts color and then do their transformation
3333. You convince your smartest friend to cut her long hair and dye it blue. You also make her stare at the computer for a long time so she has to wear glasses.
3334. You make your friend with the longest black hair to buy a temple, move in it with her grandfather, and go to a private school.
3335. You make your friend with nice brown hair to wear it up all the time. She’s very shy but you “trained” her to be sort of a bully. You also made her go to cooking and sewing lessons.
3336. You don’t have any more female friends so you make one of your male friends wear a blonde wig all the time, dress in female clothes, and take up volleyball.
3337. Your friends have been infected by your love for Sailor Moon so they do all this without *much* complaint.
3338. Whenever someone feels tired, you announce to everyone that “The Negaverse drained their energy! Moon Prism Power!”
3339. You burnt all of your cards because you just “knew” there were demons in them.
3340. You tell your teacher at the beginning of each school year that, “My name really is Serena. I won’t answer to any other name.”
3341. School bullies have been locked up in lockers by you for calling Sailor Moon "stupid".
3342. The only time you don't wear a Sailor fuku is Halloween!
3343. Because of you, all your friends are Sailor Moon experts.
3344. When you hear the word, "sailor" you automatically think "moon" even though the rest of the sentence is "The, mans the board on the large ship."
3345. You ask your parents about moving to Tokyo.
3346. When you finally go for a visit, you spoke better Japanese than some of the residents there.
3347. You do nothing but watch Sailor Moon and shop Sailor Moon in Japan.
3348. You asked Japanese families with a son a bit younger to you to adopt you.
3349. When coming home, the police had to bound you into a straight-jacket and haul you onto the plane.
3350. The people in Japan still remember you.
3351. You make more money off your Sailor Moon website than your part-time job.
3352. You have to fake-cry all the time to be like Serena.
3353. You download Sailor Moon songs off Internet and get a CD burner just so you can burn them on. You’re aiming to have 1000 Sailor Moon songs.
3354. You have almost 100 of them.
3355. You’re thinking of making up your own Sailor Moon songs because there doesn’t seem to be enough.
3356. Whenever you have to do a biography assignment, you always choose a Sailor Moon character.
3357. When your teacher gets annoyed and says no more fictional characters, you do biographies on Naoko Takeuchi.
3358. You work out every day so you could have a body like Sailor Moon. (And it’s really hard because you eat like Serena too!)
3359. When your cousins move into town you make one of them wear a green wig and one of them to cut her hair and dye it blonde.
3360. Then you try to convince the blonde one that she really has the heart of a guy and really loves the cousin with the green wig.
3361. You forget what ASAP, LOL, BTW, G2G, and TTYL stands for but you know exactly what YKYWTMSMW stands for.
3362. You wear a Sailor fuku to school every day even though they’re already banned from your school because of you.
3363. You kidnap a little girl, throw her off a plane, dye her hair pink, and give her growth stunting pills. You call her Rini and make your family adopt her. You hate her afterwards of course.
3364. You tell your boyfriend that she’s “our future daughter” and “don’t you dare like her better than me!”
3365. You buy a porcelain horse for "Rini" and make her talk to it every night. You make her name it Pegasus and tell her “but his real name is Helios and you’re in love with him.”
3366. Every time the local circus comes, you go to make sure “they don’t hurt innocent people.”
3367. Because of you, the circus doesn’t come anymore and you say, “They’re moondust!”
3368. Every time you hear someone say they don’t like Sailor Moon, you suspect they’re the “new enemy.”
3369. You go the local arcade, make all of the employees leave except the one who's willing to dye his hair blonde, date your friend Rita and change his name to Andrew.
3370. Your friend Rita had to take up horse-riding, move to Africa and become an archaeologist, and date the arcade guy.
3371. You make your friend Rini befriend an eerie girl.
3372. The eerie girl’s name is Sarah but you change it to Hotaru.
3373. You make her take showers with the window open so she catches pneumonia and hypothermia so now she has very poor health.
3374. Her father is a scientist but you tell everyone he’s a “mad” scientist.
3375. Her father’s name is Mr. Marvin but you make him change it to Dr. Tomoe.
3376. You make Hotaru and Dr. Tomoe move out of their apartment and into a mansion that you bought with the money you made off your Sailor Moon website.
3377. You dream about Sailor Moon, type out your dream on the computer, and try to pass it off as fanfiction.
3378. People actually like it.
3379. You got an art scholarship because of your Sailor Moon drawings.
3380. Your ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenging, QQ, email, Neopets name, and codename is “I_am_the_real_Sailor_Moon.”
3381. You have a separate computer just to keep Sailor Moon stuff.
3382. For some reason, you never seem to grow old. You look the same as the time you were 14.
3383. You can write detailed episode summaries for Sailor Moon without having to watch the episode again.
3384. You refuse to let any of your family members to keep a mirror in their room because you are afraid that they are plotting against you with Queen Nehelenia.
3385. All of the male rock bands are afraid of you because you have been known to accuse them of really being women and being the Starlights.
3386. Sometimes you even bring in a girl with red hair and make them bow to her because according to you, she is Princess Fireball and it's their duty to protect her.
3387. Your boyfriend has to wear eye patches because you are afraid that glass will fall in it and he'll be bewitched by Queen Nehelenia
3388. Everyone thinks you're weird because you keep referring to chaos as a person and you insist, "He is! He took over Galaxia's body!"
3389. You kidnap your neighbor's little girl who is able to speak very effectively despite her young age, and bribe her with candy to say nothing but "chibi". (Even though she does not know what "chibi" means.)

From http://tot.rei-li.com/ (Temple of Treats)

3390. You continually spam "Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon, SAILOR MOON" in any available chatrooms or forums.
3391. You shout at the nearest department store employee for not having any Sailor Moon merchandise.
3392. It's Christmas time, but you're still wearing your Sailor Moon costume.
3393. You complain to each and every company that was responsible for a commercial during Sailor Moon and harass them because the show was 5 minutes shorter because of them.
3394. You plan to name your daughter after a Sailor Scout.
3395. You try to convince your daughter that you ARE a Sailor Scout.
3396. You turn the TV on to YTV at 4:00pm every weekday and cry because Sailor Moon's not on anymore.
3397. Demand your friends pick a Sailor Scout just so you can rant to them and show off your new merchandise.
3398. You go to all the pet shops in town to stare at all the black cats.
3399. When the pet shop employees aren't looking you put 2 band aids over the black cats forehead and shout, "Look it's Luna!"
3400. You stand in front of the mirror and practice Sailor Scout poses.
3401. You insist on being called by your favorite Scout's name.
3402. You only answer to your favorite Scout's name.
3403. You change your entire lifestyle to match that of your favorite Scout.
3404. You try and get that Japanese exchange student to sing the theme song...any Sailor Moon song, in Japanese.
3405. Hell, you even try to get that German guy to translate the German Sailor Moon techno remix into English. When he fails miserably because it's just that bad, you shrug it off and pretend it never happened, as you sing along to it anyways.
3406. You enter the local jewelry store, point your cheesy toy gun at the clerks head and say, "Give me your Silver Crystal!"
3407. You enter the second nearest jewelry store and ask if they have the Imperial Silver Crystal line.
3408. When being harassed at school by a bully you shout at them, "Beware! Lita's my best friend."
3409. You warn everyone that the 2 new students are life sucking aliens.
3410. You ask everyone in your town if they are 1 of 7 Rainbow Crystal carriers and poke at their chest.
3411. You go to school late on purpose.
3412. You get a japanese phone book and look for Tsukino Usagi's phone number.
3413. You throw a fit and grab the nearest telephone pole each and everytime a bus comes near.
3414. You buy concert tickets to every concert in your part of the world just to see if the Starlights are playing.
3415. You call the local radio stations and ask them to play Sailor Moon songs.
3416. When you can argue with your cat about your homework.
3417. When you can recite entire episodes...yet still not know the name. But who cares when they're all different in each language, right?
3418. Nothing, NOTHING is more important then getting your hair up in odangos.
3419. You actually can get your hair into odangos.
3420. You know what odangos really mean.
3421. You stare at the moon and can swear you've seen visions of the Moon Kingdom.
3422. You can't understand why there isn't a network devoted to each season of Sailor Moon.
3423. You spend all your time on the internet looking up Sailor Moon and your marks at school suffer because of it.
3424. You sit up all night writing out to moonies and non-moonie alike why you've watched too much Sailor Moon.
3425. You enjoy trying to pronounce you and fellow moonies names in Japanese.
3426. You actually call your friends moonies.
3427. You make up words to Sailor Moon midis you've never heard in English before.
3428. When you do hear it in English you discover you were pretty damn close.
3429. You hassle the nearest pregnant woman to name her child after a Sailor Moon character.
3430. You try to dye a crescent moon on your pets' head.
3431. At free face painting fairs you beg the woman doing it to paint a crescent moon on your forehead.
3432. You have at least one copy of any Sailor Moon movie in any language.
3433. You own at least one copy of any Sailor Moon album.
3434. You've made your own Sailor Moon action figurines.
3435. You potentially jeopardize your entire career as a web designer by making a serious school project into a Sailor Moon thing.
3436. You refuse to remove any Sailor Moon merchandise from boxes or protective coverings for more then 5 minutes.
3437. You throw headbands at all your enemies and teachers yelling, "Moon Tiara Magic!"
3438. You wear your brown hair in a pony tail, wear rose earrings and glare your dazzling green eyes at everyone who looks at you.
3439. When you think of all the reasons why your boyfriend is like Darien.
3440. When you stand in front of the mirror trying to figure out a way to make your mouth bigger.
3441. You play the Sailor Moon CCG by yourself.
3442. When playing cards with friends or family, you occasionally yell, "STOP! That ones evil!" and throw it in the fireplace.
3443. At your next party, you force each of your four friends to change their hair style and color to that of each senshi, and present them with cardboard wands.
3444. You draw swirly marks on your brother's glasses.
3445. Watching the show leaves you in complete agony from the wonderful storyline and romance, not to mention the great puns!
3446. You learn to play Alan's flute song to see if you can summon a cardigan.
3447. You wander around at 3 o'clock in the morning trying to play "Three O'Clock Fairy" on a flute, attempting to get kids to follow you.
3448. You CAN play "Three O'clock fairy" on a flute.
3449. You insist your blonde friend buy a white cat and you get a black one.
3450. You buy Sailor Moon games that you don't even have the platfrom to play them on.
3451. You download Sailor Moon ROMS that are only available in Japanese and try and play them anyways.
3452. When you vow never to cut your hair until it meets the requirements of your favourite Scout.
3453. You cry for hours, days, weeks because you DID cut your hair (It was only a trim!!!).
3454. You want to dye your hair pink with blue streaks and your best friend wants to die his hair blue with pink streaks.
3455. When you and your friends sit in a circle on your bed and sing Sailor Moon songs to each other.
3456. Submitted by Neko Sprite - You plaster one or more walls of your room with printed out pictures.
3457. Submitted by Neko Sprite - You try to translate the text on your Japanese collectable cards ...even though it's just the copyright info.
3458. Submitted by Neko Sprite - You throw playing cards up in the air while playing that one Cardian song on a flute...
3459. Submitted by Ryan C. - You download Sailor Moon in any other language.
3460. Submitted by Jennifer - When you look on the internet for photos on Sailor Moon everyday and place them on a bulletin board.
3461. Submitted by Page - You know all the SM facts (like the character's blood types and favorite food) which aren't really from the series and someone just made up.
3462. Submitted by Page - You have, or plan on, buying all the SM episodes (uncut!!) on DVD.
3463. Submitted by Xander - You dress like Sailor Moon...Every single day!
3464. Submitted by Kendra - You sing Moonlight Legend in Japanese on the volleyball bus and everyone just stares at you.
3465. Submitted by Kendra - You can speak every line of the Japanese version while you watch it...
3466. Submitted by Kendra - You still cry while watching episodes 45 & 46... for the millionth time... But yet, you NEVER cry during other shows and movies...
3467. Submitted by Kendra - You KNOW what episode 45 and 46 is and you nod along with me with tears building up.
3468. Submitted by Kendra - You have perfected the 'Serena Yodel'... You know, that weird laugh that Sailor moon English version has...
3469. Submitted by Kendra - You listen to Sailor moon midi's while you do your work in Computers class AND sing along with them.
3470. Submitted by Kendra - You successfully and correctly translated 'The Sailor Star' song, into English, AND made it so it so it fits the beat of the music.
3471. Submitted by Kendra - You use your sailor star song translation and take your midi of it and sing it, then record your voice and the midi together and make it into an MP3... Wow... then you discover you REALLY SUCK at singing!
3472. Submitted by Karina - You plan to read a SM book and make a book report for school.
3473. Submitted by Heather - You can sew your own Sailor Moon costumes.
3474. Submitted by Lucy - You giggle in shame as you read YKUWTMSMW, because you've experienced entirely too many...
3475. Submitted by Roxi-ZIM - You dress up in a snazzy tuxedo every night and you wait until a citizen is hassled/attacked by someone, then chuck roses at them and say a Tuxedo Kamen/Mask quote.
3476. Submitted by Roxi-ZIM - You purposely wake up everyday late for school, forgetting your lunch, purposely stepping on a cat, make sure no one is looking and put a band-aid on it, take it off, and pretend to see a crescent mark.
3477. Submitted by CJ - When you HAVE all the video/DVDs of every series and every language and watch them every day.
3478. Submitted by Dominic - When you randomly yell out, "Moon Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!" in the grocery store.
3479. Submitted by Jessica - Your mom gets sick of Sailor Moon so she asks "Who do you love more, me or Sailor Moon?" Next thing you're an orphan.
3480. Submitted by Jessica - You wrinkle up your English Test and throw it at the guy behind you, then yell at him when he didn't look at it and say something about the awful mark.
3481. Submitted by Jessica - Don't brush your teeth so you can get cavities like Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon.
3482. Submitted by Lisa - When you compare a Fruedian thesis to a Sailor Moon episode. (For all us college Moonies out there!!)
3483. Submitted by Grace - When you and your cousins pretend Ann and Alan live with you and try to attack you every day, but luckily you use your Sailor power to send them to the basement.
3484. Submitted by Crystal Princess -You don't care what your friends think; you're still moving to the moon. (To live in the moon kingdom, what's still there anyway).
3485. Submitted by Sabrina Pariis - If you scream and kick your TV every day for Cartoon Network taking off Sailor Moon and wish that the people who suggested it would die.
3486. Submitted by Sabrina Pariis - You chase your cat and paint a yellow crescent moon on its forehead and then put a mic in its mouth and the mic plays dialog from Sailor Moon.
3487. Submitted by Sabrina Pariis - You give your other Sailor Moon obsessed fans sticks, brooches, and sailor outfits and tell them that they are protectors of the moon and have to save earth from going into darkness.
3488. Submitted by Kerureyu - When you make your own Ofuda scrolls and take them with you wherever you go just in case there is an evil spirit.
3489. Submitted by OfudaMaster - When you learn how to throw a fireball like sailor mars and uses it to win dodge ball in gym class.
3490. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When even though your hair is friggen short and black, and your desperately poor, you make hair extensions out of yarn JUST for the sole purpose of moderately realistic Odangos (and so that it doesn't take sixty years to grow out your hair).
3491. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you submit to YKYWTMSMW, and you laugh because you know it.
3492. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – You go the Cartoon Networks [Adult Swim] Message boards, and to any of the swimmods, suggest they bring back Sailor Moon the first season.
3493. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – Cry hopelessly when the swimmod you pleaded with denies your request ruthlessly.
3494. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you speak only random bits of Sailor Moon dialogue from the Japanese series.
3495. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you downloaded episodes of Sailor Moon from any season in Japanese.
3496. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – You consider going to a Con (like Otakon, or Sakuracon) near you dressed as any form of the Serenity Royalty.
3497. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you're so desperate to get the perfect Serenity Royalty gown for said con that you offer a commissioned dressmaker $1000.00 to do so.
3498. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When the dressmaker e-mails you back telling you you're only fourteen, and therefore your crazy. (You know what, I love NQS manga form dress, and I SHALL HAVE IT!!! =3)
3499. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When your computer clock reads 2:19 AM and you're writing these out, wondering what became of your once non-Sailor Moon related life.
3500. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – You're on Google, and you search for NQS pictures, and you think to yourself 'I may already have that one =\\.

***   ***   ***