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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 8 (3501 - 4000)

3501. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you attempt to dye your unnatural black hair the perfect SM color that you've been hunting for a year straight and finally found, but it turns Orange (You know what. . .I'll just wait till my natural blonde comes back in or something =3).
3502. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you type/say everything I've said or done. ((Webmistress comment: Doing that now aren't I? ^_^))
3503. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you call yourself Usagi Kou/ Usagi Tiara.
3504. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you legally change your name to Usagi Kou/ Usagi Tiara.
3505. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – You think Seiya is hot.
3506. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you wish to all the heavenly bodies you were as beautiful as NQS, Princess Serenity, Queen Serenity, or any of the other Royalty characters.
3507. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you try to make your legs over three quarters of your total body percentage, and your breasts the last quarter.
3508. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you know what I'm talking about in the above statement.
3509. Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou – When you make your own Doujinshi and then scan it to your site.
3510. Submitted by Kittylass - You accidentally call your boyfriend Darien, which just happens to be your ex-boyfriends name, so he dumps you, but you're too busy watching SM to catch the actual reason why, so you pretend it's because he senses something bad will happen to you if you keep going out.

From http://www.foreversenshi.50megs.com/index2.html

*The ones with two stars are the ones the author hasn’t done!*

3511. *You're reading this list ~.O
3512. *Ideas are already coming into your head as to what to put on this list
3513. *Everything around you reminds you of Sailor Moon or something on Sailor Moon
3514. *Haruka and Michiru's relationship is NORMAL!!
3515. *You know how to put your hair up in odangoes
3516. *You've already thought up of your OWN way of making odangoes
3517. *You wear these odangoes every moment you can, despite it's taking thirty minutes to do each one
3518. *Your hair has to correspond with one of the senshi's
3519. *Books on the planets start to sound made-up...you KNOW there's a castle somewhere on Mare Serenitatis (where the "Moon Kingdom" is)
3520. *The term "Sailor" does not necessarily mean somebody on a boat
3521. *You know only Japanese words that have some kind of connection with Sailor Moon, even if you're studying the whole language
3522. *You know who Alex Glover is, but have never met him
3523. *SOS is a distress call??
3524. *When listing the nine planets, you add Moon and remove Earth, and wonder why the teacher marked it wrong
3525. *Anything you do has to do with Sailor Moon
3526. **You refuuuuse to go out with any guy without black hair and blue eyes
3527. **You only want girls with long blonde hair tied up in meatballs
3528. **You want a girlfriend with blue green hair and you're a girl...o.o
3529. *You start laughing at the concept that the other nine planets are "non-inhabitable"
3530. *You took the time to learn HTML for the sole purpose of creating a shrine for Sailor Moon
3531. *You spent a whole summer learning HTML for this shrine
3532. *People start calling you "Sailor Moon"
3533. *People start calling you "That Sailor Moon freak"
3534. *You start calling yourself "That Sailor Moon freak"
3535. *Your romantic life has always had some connection with Sailor Moon ^.^;
3536. *You adamantly refuse to go out with anybody who doesn't know or like Sailor Moon U.U
3537. *Your two year old little sister knows how to say "Moon Prism Power! Make up! while raising her hand in the air
3538. *Your friend has made you a Sailor tiara out of paper and you squealed for joy
3539. *You're a girl and you'd rather go to a comic book shop where they sell Sailor Moon videos instead of buying clothes
3540. *You've thought about dying your hair blue, dark green, blue green, or even pink
3541. **You've actually dyed your hair blue, dark green, blue green or pink
3542. *You spend yeeeeears trying to learn how to draw the senshi "manga style"
3543. *When you're being described, Sailor Moon has to fit in somewhere
3544. *You know that "The Cult of Serenity" is not dangerous (It isn't!!!)
3545. *The best way to your heart is to talk about Sailor Moon
3546. *Your dream present would be to go to Japan and just seeeee Naoko Takeuchi
3547. *You start thinking about the day when the world would become Crystal Tokyo
3548. *You start daydreaming about being a senshi and destroying your enemies
3549. *You want uniforms for your school as long as they look like the senshi's!!!
3550. *Japan is the ideal place to go for your honeymoon
3551. *You start saying words in Japanese just so that you have an opportunity to explain Sailor Moon
3552. *You tell everybody you know about Sailor Moon!
3553. *You wish so badly that you were born in Japan
3554. *You've thought about becoming a Shinto Maiden, even though you're catholic
3555. *The computer is there for my Sailor Moon files and nothing else!!
3556. *You watch Japanese episodes without subtitles, but you don't care!

From http://blackmercury.tripod.com/nsm/ykywtmsmw.htm (Nyanko's Sailor Moon)

3557. You use the Sailor Moon patch on your copy of The Sims
3558. You've been boycotting Power Rangers ever since that awful Saban Moon trailer resurfaced online
3559. You think that Tupac Shakur has a song on one of the Japanese CDs
3560. You burn your house down just so you can talk to the fire
3561. Every time you roast a marshmallow, you say "Fire Soul!!!!!!"
3562. You've ever tried to do an Akuryou Taisan
3563. You tried it, and it worked!!!!!!
3564. You smash a $2,000 computer system because you think that it has been possessed by an evil entity
3565. Everytime you throw a snowball, you say any of Sailor Mercury's attack phrases
3566. You've started a petition to get a Sailor V game out on PlayStation
3567. You're distrustful of pale women in skimpy outfits
3568. Instead of NSYNC or BSB, your favorite boyband is the Three Lights
3569. You've broken several CDs attempting Sailor Moon's tiara attack
3570. You've spent hours in the mirror trying to put your hair up in odango
3571. You have drawings of Destiny's Child dressed up like Sailor Senshi
3572. You've ever tried to send threatening letters to Linda Ballantyne (Especially with cut-out letters from magazines....very Sex Pistols!!)
3573. Your screen name or e-mail address includes the words "sailor", "chibi", "rini" (In any of it's spellings), "usagi", or "tsukino" (e.g. SailorReenyMoon1997@hotmail.com)
3574. You have a crescent moon tattooed on any body part that should be covered by underwear
3575. You actually like those techno mixes with Sailormoon sound clips on Napster
3576. You make those techno mixes with Sailormoon sound clips on Napster
3577. You call your play cousin (Who lives 3,000 miles away) just to commentate on the new episodes
3578. SOS sends you Christmas cards
3579. You've actually had a physical fight with someone who said that Sailor Moon sucked
3580. You've spent more than your annual income at AnimeNation.com
3581. Whenever you eat spaghetti & meatballs, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling
3582. You played the Moonmix MIDI at a party
3583. You ever customized JEM dolls into Sailor Senshi (Well, Raya would make a cool Sailor Jupiter...)
3584. You've ever called a radio station and given a shout-out to you favorite WPR
3585. You went to a beauty salon and requested a "Hotaru"
3586. You want to marry Hitoshi Doi
3587. A night of Japanese snack foods and VKLL's fansubs is your idea of a hot date ("Pass the Pocky and pop in that "Saint Tail" tape, LaQuita!!")
3588. You show up to marital arts classes wearing pumps
3589. You've ever set up a cheerleading routine to "Moon Revenge"
3590. You tried to get Kotono Mitsuishi to sing at your wedding
3591. You always wear Japanese uniforms to school....but you live in Canada
3592. You plan your clothing colors around those of your favorite Senshi
3593. You only date girls with long blond pigtails
3594. You always get the urge to talk like a Valley Girl and use Ebonics at the same time ("Missy, you're, like, SO off the heezy fo cheezy jiggy, girlfriend!! West SIIIIIDE!!!")
3595. You make up some lame excuse just to buy the dolls (e.g. "This is for my niece, Kevin!")
3596. You talk to fire.
3597. You carry around a plastic red rose....just in case.
3598. You get a 31% on a test and think that at least you did better than Sailor Moon.
3599. You get a computer just to go to Sailor Moon Websites.
3600. eBay sends you Christmas cards
3601. You Paint a Crescent moon on your cat's forehead.
3602. You dye your hair pink, blue, or green to look like your favorite Sailor.
3603. You stay after school everyday so you can be as smart as Ami
3604. Whenever you get in trouble, you wait for a girl in a sailor suit to save you
3605. You always speak of Crystal Tokyo
3606. You buy any of the CDs and listen to them twenty times a day
3607. You wear a tuxedo everywhere
3608. You where one anywhere, and your a girl!!
3609. Every time you see a full moon, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling
3610. You think that the kids that you are babysitting are from the Dead Moon Circus
3611. You dress like Sailor Venus for Halloween....and you're not female!!!!!
3612. You try to spot subliminal messages in any of the episodes!
3613. You only come alive during Chemistry when the teacher mentions Plutonium, Uranium, Neptunium, or Mercury.
3614. You've ever tried the Sailor Teleport
3615. You go around sticking grocery store receipts to people's heads saying "Mars Fireball, Charge!!!
3616. You run a church dedicated to any character
3617. You always wait for some nut in a tuxedo to rescue you!!
3618. You can't remember your family's birthdays, but you know all of the ones of Sailor Moon
3619. You get mad when someone uses the English names for the characters ("She's Usagi, NOT SERENA!!!")
3620. You weigh 400 pounds, yet you insist on cosplaying as Sailor Starfighter

From http://www.angelfire.com/sd/sailormoon11/YKYWSMTMW.html

3621. You put electric tape on your stomach shaped in the letters S M and tan out in the sun until you get burned!(ok I did this but it just won't come off...and I don't mind!)
3622. You seriously consider a tattoo of your fav's scouts symbol on you forehead.(Honestly I will do this!)
3623. You have at least one shirt exactly like your fav scouts!(I only have 4!)
3624. You gone on sooo many quizzes you e-mail the people who have a question wrong!(I hate it how ppl don't know that there is a Sailor SCout on every planet!)
3625. You HATE dubbies and want to take them under your control and turn them into moonies! (Dubbies suck!)
3626. You have beat up at least one person for saying those dreaded words "Sailor Moon Sux"(my nephew >:)
3627. Reading those words just made you tingle.*shudder*
3628. You have taken so many quizzes that your comments are usually "Too Easy"(Help I cannot find a quiz I can't pass!)
3629. No one will ever again say "What is Sailor Moon" because last time you went on FOREVER starting with 1000 years ago... (What I'm not obsessed!)
3630. You can type Sailor Moon faster than your name. But is usually looks like this: SAilor MOon!(What I don't type SAIlor MOon funny)
3631. When your teacher asks "What do you want to do when you grow up" you answer "Rule the world" with a strait face. (They all laugh at me... its ok they'll see when I'm queen)
3632. You yell at your mom for a half an hour telling her how they will prolly turn the Starlights to GIRLS! (I HATE AMerican Translators!)
3633. YOu have a dream about a Sailor Moon talk show and you win!(I always win)
3634. Every quiz you take you have to answer the question Japanese version: English version: (I know to much!)
3635. You chewout every person who says Chibi Chibi is Chibiusa's daughter! (She is a frickin star seed for god sakes!)
3636. When Toonami's web page said Artimus is Darien's cat you send them hate mail and the next week it is all fixed. (WHat ME send HATE mail no way!)
3637. You grab a pencil in Teen Heath and when you realize it says "moon" you scream "Destiny!"(Don't you hate it when you think out loud!)
3638. You love Japan so much your sister goes to Disney world and buys you a Japanese flag!!!( I wuv my sissy)
3639. You know your translated name! (Mine is Kasushi)
3640. You have a Japanese translation sheet and use it often! (konichiwa minna!)
3641. You have a Sailor Moon costume in your dresser drawer. (I don't think I’m Sailor Moon I know it!)
3642. You wear it at your nephews b-day party and he thought you WHERE Sailor Moon.(Well duh because I am!)
3643. Your room is so stuffed with Sailor Moon stuff if someone comes into your room you are forced to explain. (Every detail!)
3644. You have turned numerous friends into moonies!!!(well lets count 56,57,58...)
3645. YOu HATE crossover fics because Usagi is with Mamoru and so on and so forth... (Ok Mina and Lita ARENT together!)
3646. You have a pic of Mamoru on the inside of your dresser and kiss it every morning. (And before I got o bed!)
3647. You have also woken up at 3:30 in the morning kissing it!!!(Its DEstiny I tell you DEstiny!)
3648. You SWEAR someday you will find a full size naked pic of Mamoru and hang it on your wall (Who cares what mom says!)
3649. Your dream is to buy black & white cats and name them Luna and Artimus (even tho your allergic)
3650. You want to go to MTV's Fanatic and meet Naoko Takeuchi.(So what if they say she isn't a star... she is in my eyes***)
3651. You wonder why the scouts get painted nails then put on gloves!(On Halloween I am painting my nails! and putting on gloves!)
3652. YOu HATE English names (e.g. Amara )
3653. YOu just screamed when you read that. (Ahhhhhhh!)
3654. YOu know Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna's Apartment numbers (ANd realize they match there b-days 1209, 1306, 1127)
3655. You refuse to buy a new toothbrush because you love putting Tuxedo Mask in your mouth!!!(Yummy!)
3656. You are making a house for your SAilor MOon dolls! (They even have a laundry room!)
3657. And your 14. (so!)
3658. Sailor Moon got cancelled and you didn't care cause at least ONE of your hate letters will get through to them! (Again I don't send hate letters!)
3659. OK you did care you cried... then sent hate letters. ( :( )
3660. You HATE the R movie cause Mamoru gets hurt :( (sorry if you didn't see it yet oops!)
3661. If you are 5 foot 4 by the time you are 16 your are going to dye your hair aquamarine. (my sister)
3662. If you are 5 foot 8 by the time you are 16 your going to chop your hair off :( (she made me)
3663. But you wont become a lesbian (no offense but my life is boys)
3664. You have a moonie friend that is 46 and you want to be just like them!!!(OH god that sounds pathetic!)
3665. You've liked SAilor Moon 3 years 5 months and 21 days or more!!!(so I count!)
3666. You are going to change your name to Tsukino Usagi when you are 18!(I will)
3667. You have played the Sailor MOon Theme repeating all night!(It gets sooo stuck inn your head)
3668. You have recorded your voice saying the episodes 1-82 and summaries.(I like the sound of my voice!)
3669. You can recite all the episodes and numbers 1-82. (1.A moon star is born 2. Talk radio...)
3670. You have recorded your Sailor Scout dolls on logtech making it look like they are moving.(I just want them to)
3671. You are dressing up as Sailor Moon and the scouts for your third year on Halloween.(I can't wait!)
3672. You sing the theme song in the shower. (What...it is a good song!)
3673. You paint an old golf ball and pretend it's your very own Imperium Silver Crystal.(I am Sailor Moon!)
3674. You celebrate the Scout's birthdays.(Lita's Next Dec. 5th)
3675. Every time you hear Aerosmith's song "Dude looks like a lady" you can't help but think of Zoycite. (Man he does look like a lady!)
3676. When you go to your dads for a month you have two suitcases and 1 and 1/2 of them are filled with Sailor Moon stuff. (WHat, you just gotta have it!)
3677. On June 30th (Usagi's B-day) Your Family gives you presents!(I got a pink bunny this year)

From http://www.expage.com/ladysaturnrealmoffanfiction (Lady Saturn)

^^ means the author came up with it. (=

3678. Your answering machine says, "Sailor Moon says, leave a message after the beep!"
3679. You pretend that your sick just so you can stay home from school and watch Sailor Moon.
3680. When you shut down your computer it says, "Sailor Moon Says... See Yah!"
3681. When you’re taking a test and you don’t know the answer to one of the questions, you put one of the Sailor Scouts name in the space.
3682. You notice that TM and SM (the initials of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon) are side by side in the initials "YKYWTMSMW".
3683. You only wear the color that your favorite scout wears.
3684. Whenever your friends see you coming, they run because they know all you'll talk about is Sailor Moon.
3685. Your email address is based on Sailor Scout names.
3686. You realize you just CAN'T watch too much Sailor Moon!!
3687. Your locker is covered completely in Sailor Moon stickers and pictures.
3688. You have thousands of pics on your hard drive and it’s driving your family crazy!
3689. You have a crush on one of the characters.
3690. You daydream that you’re a Sailor Scout fighting evil or that you’ve meet the Sailor Scouts.
3691. You and your friends are late to school and your struck with an idea! You grab your friends’ hands and shout. “Sailor teleport!” After your friends stop starring at you, you decide maybe it’s best to run.
3692. When you’re embarrassed, a teardrop appears on the back of your head.
3693. Every time you raise your hand in class, you have the uncontrollable urge to shout "Moon Prism Power!"
3694. When your brother/sister keeps saying mom or dad (your name) keeps going into Sailor Moon sites.
3695. When you see a cute guy/girl huge hearts pop out of you eyes.
3696. A girl at your school named Serena now thinks you're crazy, because one day you walked up to her and said, "I know who you REALLY are."
3697. When your teacher returns your "What I did over Summer Vacation" essay, she asks why you gave her a forty-six page story about 'Sailor Moon'.
3698. You toss pink flower petals around yourself, hoping that they will transport you to the Negaverse.
3699. You are on the Internet looking for school research sources and you wind up on a Sailor Moon website.
3700. Your parents admitted you to a mental institute because last week you chased a motorcycle down the highway screaming "Amara, wait!!!"
3701. You read the statements on this web page and think, "It's funny, because it's true."
3702. You stand in front of a sliding glass door for hours, hoping to see your reflection turn into Sailor Moon.
3703. When your cell phone rings, instead of 'ring.....ring....' the Sailor Moon theme song plays. ^^
3704. You refer to this list often to see how you may further prove your moonie-ness.
3705. You know this list so well that you don't HAVE to refer to it.
3706. You WROTE this list.
3707. You tell your brother that he's being an idiot by denying that Luna exists when you see a shop called 'Luna's Bridal Shop'.
3708. You tell everyone that hair colors like brown, blonde, and black are banal- and you don't even know what banal means.
3709. You received a Sailor Moon calendar for Christmas- and you already had one.
3710. You received a Sailor Moon calendar for Christmas. You already had one, but you REFUSED to return either one and kept commenting "This is great! Now I have TWO!"
3711. And you MEANT it.
3712. REALLY meant it.
3713. You want to take anger management class to see if you can learn to handle your intense hatred of all Sailor Moon villains.
3714. You say ' -sama' after every sailor scout's name.
3715. Your little brother was annoying you while you were eating breakfast, so you hurled half of your bagel at his head while screaming: "Moon Bagel MAGIC!"
3716. When you're angry at someone, you throw anything that slightly resembles a tiara at them, saying: "In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!"
3717. You break a mirror and reglue the pieces so that what was previously a mirror now looks (at least to you) like the Silver Imperium Crystal.
3718. The song "Daddy's Girl" makes you cry because every time you hear it, you think about how Lita doesn't HAVE a Dad anymore.
3719. It seems perfectly normal to you to spend half an hour copying down the words to "Ai no Senshi" and "Moonlight Denetsu" from a site on the internet.
3720. You know the Japanese versions of "Ai no Senshi" and "Moonlight Denetsu" SO well that every member of your family can sing along with you.
3721. Including your three-year-old sister.
3722. And the cat.
3723. People constantly ask you why you like Sailor Moon.
3724. And that strikes you as such a stupid question that you don't even answer.
3725. Your friend says, "Look! Over there! It's ... Sailor Moon!" And you look.
3726. And you actually believe you SEE Sailor Moon.

From http://membre.megaquebec.net/youma/youknow.html (Scary Sailor Moon site)

8^) ~= lived by the author or friends

3727. You decide to do your thesis in history about Sailor Moon...
3728. You accuse the comity who failed your thesis to be Wise Man's minions...~
3729. You make sure your university schedule doesn't interfere with Sailor Moon's diffusion...
3730. You know all episode titles by heart....
3731. When your fifteenth girlfriend leaves you cause she thinks you cheat her with a certain Ami, Raye or Serena...
3732. You end up in a mental hospital because you keep screaming in a classroom MERCURY POWER in all possible languages....
3733. You get treated for thinking yourself as Sailor Moon or Tuxedo Mask. [That's no disease! Not to do so would be abnormal!]
3734. You came to speak better Japanese than English! [It was originally French, of course!]
3735. You know every line of the show and that in French, English, German, Japanese, Sumerian and sing language.
3736. You impatiently wait for the episode where the senshi will finally be beaten by the forces of evil. It can take quite a while before it happens :)
3737. When you start writing anything!....
3738. You go to school with your hair done like Serena's or Pluto's. And especially when your friends calls you Setsuna. [Originally the names were Bunny for Serena and S**ine for Setsuna]
3739. They made an article about you in a collector magazine (I admit it's a bit far!)
3740. You recognize stories you sent to TOEI...
3741. At your prom, you sing "only a memory away"
3742. At your school's talent show, you sing the theme show.
3743. You're speaking to your Sailor Moon posters, but you start understanding why they don't answer: they are made in Japan, they mustn't speak English. [same note! ^^]
3744. You get withdrawal symptoms Sailor Moon during commercials.
3745. You are pissed of since you can't wear what your Sailor Moon doll wears.
3746. At midnight in the New Year, while everyone sings "Ce n'est qu'un au-revoir", you sing "It's a New Day". [I don't know any English equivalent for "Ce n'est qu'un au-revoir"]
3747. All calendars of the house has the anniversary of all scouts on them.
3748. When you're late at home, you plaid: "Sorry, I had a job for the Sailor scouts!"
3749. When you're late at school, you plaid: "My alarm didn't work!"
3750. You're already worrying about the end when you see the previews.
3751. You use this list to convince your parents you're not the only maniac around.
3752. After a short trip to Japan, you're arrested at the customs for trying to drain the Japan's Sailor Moon goodies market.
3753. You see a fire and cry when you realize it's no use yelling: "Deep submerge".
3754. You are sure your energy have been drained every time you are tired.
3755. You draw a Mercury symbol on your pocket computer.
3756. You sing Sailor Moon songs under the shower. 8^) (Anne-Marie...)
3757. You look in every jewelry store you see if they have the Silver Crystal.
3758. Your dream wedding dress is... princess Serenity's!
3759. When you play with soap bubbles, you scream: "Mercury's bubbles blast!!!"
3760. Even your parents know the songs by heart. 8^)
3761. You call your cats Luna and Artemis.
3762. You try to read the future in front of a fire.
3763. Every time a new store opens, you suspect the enemy.
3764. Window's password is Ami Mizuno.
3765. You imitate Sailor Moon's gestures even in English class... 8^) (hi Marie-Eve!)
3766. You pretend to be sick to stay home and watch Sailor Moon. 8^) (careful Anne-Marie!)
3767. When you are compared to Serena, you take it as a complement!
3768. You get mad at your parents for not having called you by the name of a Sailor.
3769. When you have a call waiting, it's Sailormoon theme who plays.
3770. When the moon is full, you take your telescope and try to locate the Silver Millenium.
3771. If the teacher asks you the name of the planets, you say: " Ami, Minako, Mamoru, Rei, Makoto, Hotaru, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna!"
3772. It's your only reason to get up in the morning.
3773. You want to call your first daughter Serena.
3774. You can't sleep when episodes finishes in intrigues.
3775. You pretend to buy Sailor Moon dolls for your sister or cousin but you're lying. 8^)
3776. You talk to your cat and expect an answer.
3777. You play Allan's music on the flute to attract girls.
3778. You try every brooch you find, one has to transform you into Sailor Moon!
3779. You see yourself in this list. (I think Anne-Marie will kill me...)
3780. When you throw a Frisbee, you can't help but say: "Moon tiara Magic!" 8^) (good memories...)
3781. You suspect every new student.
3782. You are afraid, in your bubble bath, that Chibi-Usa might suddenly come out of it!
3783. Whenever you see a cat... (You never know, just add a moon crescent and a bit of black and...)
3784. Whenever you see a rose, then the guy must be Tuxedo Mask!
3785. When you see a guy with a long ponytail in the street you think: "he must be one of the group Sailorstar light!!!
3786. You argue with your younger brother because Sailor Moon is way stronger than his super-heroes!
3787. You ask your parents to move to Japan.
3788. You think Michiru have abused of seaweed shampoo.
3789. You swear to your science teacher there have been life on the moon.
3790. You ask for a pencil, again, and the guy ask you: "again?", you say: "it's for my math", while you know, you missed, one more time, your Sailor Moon drawings.
3791. You think about your mom whom used to tell you only birds could fly, but... Sailor Moon is not a bird, and she flies?!
3792. You stare at the big hall mirror (Who does not look alike Nephrenia's) and you are afraid a shadow might come out of it.
3793. You open an empty cage, sure Pegasus will come out.
3794. You're pissed off since you don't understand anything in your Japanese dictionaries, but still try to translate your manga!
3795. You don't really notice it but you tell all your friends that, during your vacations, you met this cat with that moon thing on the forehead...
3796. You keep signing incorrectly the theme song, and you go into depression.
3797. You work overtime for the new manga volumes...
3798. You pre-pay all volumes to come but not arrived yet.
3799. You wonder how comes there is so much blonde Japanese girls.
3800. When you meet a cat, you whisper: "Hi Luna."
3801. Your little brother offers you for a supposed sister's day some kind of statue shaped like... human, with paint, yellow, pink, blue and a bit of red.
3802. You create a page for Sailor Moon.
3803. You create a second page for Sailor Moon.
3804. You collect call to Japan just to say "Bishoujo senshi Sailormoon" and hear their reaction.
3805. You whom had such a nice room with little moons, you see that Usagi completely changed the decoration (argh!)
3806. Your greatest wish is to find the pen who's going to transform you into...
3807. You are ecstatic when you get to see a Greek episode of Sailor Moon.
3808. You collect things with bunnies on them. 8^)
3809. You write manga.
3810. You have a Japanese pen-pal even tough you don't understand each other. [Here in parenthesis was written "English is useful sometimes!", but it doesn't make sense anymore...]
3811. The time is gray and you think: "The Sailor scouts must be fighting"
3812. You can sing the theme song in many languages, and you do.
3813. You hastily buy gum, pens, pencils, caps, posters, dolls, even if they are pirates.
3814. You count Sailormoon sites ( 5681, 5682...)
3815. You spent 3 mounts making a list of all Sailor Moon sites, now you have to visit them.
3816. You are ecstatic when you find a site entirely dedicated to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (Karl Unnecessarily long Sailor moon link page ) [If she says it's the biggest, she obviously didn't see The Sailor Moon Nexus... If I could find this page again...]
3817. At the pool you receive complements about your great swimming, but you know you'll never swim as good as Ami!
Part by Youma Doom
3818. You think your English teacher is a youma.
3819. You think you might be a youma, actually.
3820. Your English teacher thinks you are a youma (My English teacher in a fan of Sailor Venus!).
3821. You can't just give the bus driver your transfer, you had to stick it on him saying: 'akuriou taisan!!!' (stcum transfers looks like ofuda).
3822. You try to get the same marks as your favorite senshi (easy for me, my favorite is Sailor Merc... ...do-oh!)
3823. You manage to get the same marks as your favorite senshi (mercury in my case, the worst is that it's true!)
3824. You never scream a transformation formula, you know it'll work, and neither the anime nor the manga ever shown you how to transform back!
3825. You write about 300 pages of fanfic in a month and you can't figure why they say you're exaggerating.
3826. You like water a lot, you have your name changed for Mizuno Ami.
3827. You like water a lot, you have your name changed for Beruche.
3828. You like water a lot, you have your name changed for Tetis.
3829. You look for the Silver Millennium on the moon.
3830. You don't search for it, you already found it! It's near the Humboldtianum sea (60N, 90E)
3831. You just realized your city is _not_ called Tokyo!
3832. You are willing to pay all your fortune for only one episode, poorly subbed, seven generation copy, with no sound, but you are sure you made a good deal!
3833. You think something is wrong because once, you didn't dream about Sailormoon...
3834. You analyze the Ginzuishou to try to create your own for personal uses (window ornament, prism to make cute little rainbows, taking over the world...)
3835. You are sure Sailormoon is a plan to collect energy, as proof, you are always tired after thirty two hours of viewing.
3836. You buy packs and packs of mister freeze, in hope Jadeite might be in one.
3837. You think Mercury is lesbian: if she loved Zoisite during the millennium, and DiC made it a woman... ?
3838. Too obsessed by Sailor Moon? Impossible, we can't love it too much, Sailor Mars told me.
3839. You were late at school again because you forgot you couldn't teleport.
3840. You dislike the store's Sailormoon Action figures so you carve your own.
3841. Sailor Moon action figure for sale, 50$, carved by hand, wood, acrylic and real tissue, only Mercury and only one item. [I still didn't sell it!]
3842. You name your children after gemstones. (Fulgurite, go eat!!!)
3843. You dedicate a great part of your life making statistics about SM(41% of anti-shrines are about Tuxedo Kamen, 84% of youma are female, 100% of my brain cells are devoted to Sailormoon, 70% of these 'you know you watch too much Sailor Moon when' actually happened to me, etc....)
3844. You built an altar to Naoko sama and you give it human sacrifices.
3845. You drive your parents on the edge of suicide constantly finding resemblances with your heroin.
3846. You are exactly like Sailor x???x but she lives in Tokyo, so it isn't you, you must be her evil equivalent.
3847. Cut your hair and dye it blue? Ya crazy? Your meatballs looks so great!
3848. You try to find the passage to the Dark Kingdom on the map.(should be on north pole, where is it?)
3849. You don't try anymore, you know in real life, good guys don't always win, they must control the governments and the Rand McNally.
3850. You suffer from double personality.(well known fact)
3851. If people don't like your fanfics, you draw them in manga form, you might have a chance!
3852. You always overreact when you suspect someone to have stolen your energy, but you would sacrifice it all for some Sailormoon merchandize.
3853. You examine every image of every episode to prove you were in the show.(Look, I found myself!)
3854. Rei and Jadeite did well not to stay together (Millennium), we all know genetics: when one parent have black hair and one blonde hair, the daughter has big scary pink hair...
3855. Your friend who thinks she's Usagi would like to meet a black cat with a moon crescent on the forehead but you don't. You know if it happens, the cat will think you are a youma and you'll end up being disturbed in class (scandal) and threatened by a real youma, and anyway, you don't have the time for that, you have to study!
3856. You suspect all gifted people to have a nijizuishou.
3857. You are a gifted, now you have to spend all your life hiding from Zoisite.
3858. He'll find you anyway, and he's a good looking man, you surrender.
3859. No matter if you like the Dark Kingdom or Sailor Moon, you won't keep your nijizuishou, they all want it... They are all after me!!!
3860. You want to marry with Chiba Mamoru, Urawa Ryo, Yuuichiru, Motoki, Taiki, Jadeite, Zoisite, Kunzite, or any pretty boy of the series.
3861. You want to marry Umino Gurio.
3862. You want to marry Chiba Mamoru, Urawa Ryo, Yuuichiru, Motoki, Taiki, Jadeite, Zoisite, Kunzite, or any pretty boy of the series and you are male.
3863. You want to marry Umino Gurio and you are male.
3864. You want to marry Umino Gurio and you are not completely crazy.
3865. Your parents nearly killed you when they saw the phone bill you made by calling all the time to Japan, but is it your fault if Naru is always in danger, you have t make sure she's well.
3866. You realize you can't communicate with the other senshi, what will happen? It's tragic!
3867. You end up in a mental hospital for having attacked people screaming 'Zoi!'
3868. Bad news, your psychiatrist think he's Tuxedo Kamen.
3869. You call every person who gives you orders "My Queen".
3870. The record of the longest fanfic is five hundred pages long, you try to beat it!
3871. You wrote over nine hundred pages of fanfics at the total.
3872. You never went to Tokyo but you could find your way around immediately if you go.
3873. You think you were in the Silver Millennium in your past life.
3874. You don't think it, you know it.
3875. And you can prove it.
3876. Not only you can prove it, you will go back there, anything is possible since the NASA is infiltrated by a moonie...
3877. You are the moonie who infiltrated it.
3878. Your father is desperate because you've put a giant poster of Sailormoon where he wanted to put his giant poster of the Enterprise.
3879. Your father swears to the gods he'll never talk about Star Trek if you quit speaking about Sailormoon only one second.
3880. You lose your English only speaking Japanese.
3881. You are sure the spice girls are the senshi under a false identity.
3882. Same thing about the Backstreet boys... wait a minute am I crazy???
3883. You have a solution about the official language conflict in Quebec/Canada, if it was Japanese, nobody would be the little favorite, no jealous, everybody is happy. And the country would be safe: the Sailor could come!
3884. You wonder if Serenity is a dictator, she was never elected...
3885. You prepare a big campaign to have the power when Crystal Tokyo will come.
3886. You give up, being named Wiseman gives you a bad feeling about your chances to beat Serenity.
3887. You send your gang at your place, they'll be less suspicious. You know, Rubius, Emerald, the gang!
3888. You try to summon cardians from tarot cards (it does look like Ail and Ann's...).
3889. You try to summon cardians from play cards.(Show yourself, cardian two of squares!)
3890. You try to summon cardians from just any card.(Obey me, cardian American Express!)
3891. You don't understand why people give you weird looks, is there stain on your cape?
3892. You don't understand why people give you weird looks, is there stain on your fuku?
3893. You don't understand why people give you weird looks, did you said wrong the transformation formula you just yelled?
3894. If you come to say, for some dark reason, that you are not a Sailormoon character, all people around you go seek help, they think they are hallucinating.
3895. You have a pretty henshin pen in real stone and metal, but are too chicken to use it.(my sister is like that, I carved her the henshin pen(No! I'm not Luna!))
3896. A talking parrot? Yeah, but you have a talking cat!
3897. You freak about one of the Sailors.
3898. You freak about Mamoru.
3899. You freak about the four kings.
3900. You freak about Queen Beryl.
3901. You think the beatles are from the Dark Kingdom.
3902. To do like your hero Zoisite, you change sex every time you change country.
3903. You always disguise as a Sailor at Halloween.
3904. You always disguise as a Sailor.
3905. You disguised as a Sailor long before the series even existed.
3906. Disguise? Come on, you are a Sailor.
3907. You think Sailor Pluto, witch skin color changes all the time (in manga vs anime by example, but even the manga is not constant...), has something to do with Michael Jackson.
3908. Even your little brother thinks he's Sailor Moon.(but he was so disappointed when he found out she was a girl and nobody told him...)
3909. Nobody wants to play Frisbee with you, you can't figure out why...
3910. You wish you were a youma so you could see Kunzite and cie closer.
3911. You cry every time you can't use your powers(But you must have some).
3912. You cry every time you see an ending screen, too much painful memories, like when Sailormoon finishes...
3913. You receive your marks and realize with horror you only have seven 100%, and you thought you were Sailor Mercury... (happened to me once, 94% in sciences, I'm still in shock)
3914. You create a cult about Sailormoon.
3915. You'd like to have your energy stolen, then you'd see the senshi...
3916. You create a group of people with the same names of characters at school.
3917. You never take the 66 bus, fearing it might disappear.(with you in it, what loss for mankind!)
3918. You forgot your national anthem so you sing Sailormoon theme song instead.
3919. You never say 'the Sailor senshi', you say 'us'.
3920. You go to Juban Junior High School.
3921. You voluntarily arrive late in hope to meet Usagi on the way.
3922. You learnt to cry exactly like Usagi.
3923. You teach your sister to cry exactly like Usagi.
3924. You try to brainwash your sister so she don't know how to cry like Usagi anymore.
3925. You quit trying that, you actually like Usagi's voice.
3926. You never do anything before being sure one of the Sailor did it before.
3927. You are afraid to talk in your sleep, what if you said 'Firesoul' or something like that, it would be terribly dangerous for fire.
3928. You never use the microwave, you use Mars powers to heat food, well, finally you do use the microwave...
3929. You innocently open the door and discover two horrible monsters who certainly want your energy or worst, quick, you get your Moon Wand and scream "Moon Healing Escalation". It doesn't do anything, but that's two Jehovah's who won't be bothering you anymore...
3930. You consult a psychiatrist because once, weirdly, you had the impression your name was not Mizuno Ami, what can it mean?
3931. Will there be another Great Ice Storm at Montreal? You haven't decided yet... (Mercury Ice Storm Blast!)
3932. You know the name of all characters by heart.(it includes supporting roles you only see once and doesn't have a *** of importance)
3933. Even Sailormoon would think you're too obsessed by her.
3934. Why going to school? You just have to find the Ginzuishou and one formula later the world will be under your control.
3935. Your worst fear is that Sailormoon does not exist for real. (impossible, but when you think about that...)
3936. Even your potted plant runs away when you come, to not hear about Sailormoon.
3937. You write a complete encyclopedia about the series and are surprised you don't get published...
3938. You carry your Kurozuishou around, especially at the arcade in case Joe would be there.
3939. You tried to count the number of seconds in a day you thought about Sailormoon. 86399.
3940. There is 86400 seconds in a day, What were you thinking all the rest of the time?
3941. You catch up the day after and think about it 958343 seconds, thank you Sailor Pluto!
3942. The governments is a bunch of traitors working for the Death Phantom, but who didn't know that?
3943. You and thirty two students of your school are expelled for fighting. But is it your fault if they all copied your name? Fans, you are the only real Sailor x???x
3944. When you have to fight, you begin by trying a couple of formulas. If it's not working, you decide to fight like Makoto, and that's even more fun...
3945. You never go ice skating in a group of five and even less if it's free.
3946. Actually, you never accept free stuff, it may be a trap... No, wait, you accept it, if there is really a trap, you must be there, the other Sailor need you!
3947. You might stop thinking you are Sailor Moon, but she'll have to come and tell you herself.
3948. All your friends know all dialogues by heart, and they don't even talk Japanese.
3949. If one of the Sailor doesn't like something, you don't eat it.
3950. You made yourself the fuku you wear half the time, it's really cool, actually, people wonders how you made it, easy, you explain, you just screamed 'Moon Crystal Power Make Up'
3951. Crystal Tokyo is not in the atlas? So it was true, the Rand McNally is controlled by the Dark Kingdom.
3952. You leave everything to devote your life to the cult of Serenity, so in a future life maybe you'll reincarnate into a Sailor.(we know they already are reincarnation of planet princess, but you could reincarnate into a princess.)
3953. You organize moonies reunion where you discuss extremely vital questions such: Is Chibi-Usa the reincarnation of Queen Beryl (makes sense)? Do droids have a soul (ask them)? Can all moonies be senshi (not only solar system, I already saw a Sailor Krypton, Sailor Vulcain, etc.)? And all constructive points like that...
3954. You are expulsed from the Club Price for having screamed to everyone not to touch the samples because it's a plan of the black moon to contaminate them with black energy.
3955. You make plans to sneak into the Club Price and save everyone anyway.
3956. You finally give up. If they are to be like that, then they deserve to be taken over by the Black Moon!
3957. You tried to kill your history teacher because her name was Karine Baryl.
3958. You are sure Naoko created the universe.
3959. The title screen of the show is printed on your retina. (yaiiii, I see it everywhere!!!)
3960. You won't forgive the world for making capes out of fashion.
3961. You wear your Sailormoon watch, your Sailormoon earrings, your Sailormoon brooch, your Sailormoon pants holder, and so many Sailormoon stuff if you dive in a pool, you sink immediately.
3962. You only think about that.
3963. You don't want to think about anything else.
3964. You think it's abnormal to think about anything else.
3965. There is something else???
3966. You finally decide to try a transformation phrase even if you are scared not to be able to transform back but you change your mind at the last second. If it didn't work. Impossible but if it did happen, you would die.
3967. And even if it works, witch you are sure, maybe the joy will be too much for your heart... You don't want to die so young, the senshi will have to work without you one more day.
3968. You dream in Japanese subtitled in English.[Exceptionally here English was not French originally, because French subtitled fansubs are virtually impossible to find. I'm still looking for some after two years of intensive moonism]
3969. You change religion for Shinto.
3970. You keep calling the prayer 'Boxy'.(episode 26)
3971. You write some hundred of 'you know you watch too much Sailor Moon when'.
3972. All based on true stories.
3973. But they are bad named, one can't watch too much Sailor Moon!
3974. You pretend the series of floods and ice storms are just a dual between you (Mercury) and Neptune.
3975. You saw that glass thing the neighbors have in their window(in the sun it makes niiiiiiiiiice rainbows) and that looks so much like the Ginzuishou, so you want to get into their house and steal it...
3976. You did steal it, but it wasn't the good one...
3977. You dedicate a webpage to ., lets say, pictures of something really insignificant, yes, Sailor Chibi Moon's big toe.
3978. You want to get a sexchange because your hero doesn't have the same as you.
3979. You still think you have powers, even if it's the third time you go to the hospital for having thought you could levitate.
3980. Sailor Moon in person would tell you that you would still not believe you are not her.
3981. You learn a second language just to visit a Sailor Moon page.
3982. You still visit the pages in languages you don't understand.
3983. You are shocked if someone ask you if you think you are Sailor Moon, come on, would you do that? You know very well you are Sailor Jupiter.
3984. You want to move to Mercurey, in France, or to Jupiter, in the United-States, or in another city who has a planet name in honor of your favorite Sailor.
3985. All currently known planets has their Sailors. Not good, then you can't be one... You pass all your time stuck to the telescope in hope to find a new one and you'll be its Sailor!
3986. You keep calling the NASA to ask for the new planet they discovered beyond Pluto(Don't get carried away, they aren't sure) to be called Nemesis.
3987. You even see Sailor Moon in your food. So you stop eating. You won't eat your heroin!
3988. Everyone stops listening when you begin a sentence with the syllab 'Sail..', even if you were saying, say, 'salespersons are thieves'.[That new pun sucks but the old one would not have made sense in English]
3989. You get confused when you write your name, sometimes. But the teachers are used to it, they know the signature in kanji is yours...
3990. You draw Nephrite’s symbol everywhere to get people's energy, by example, that of the corrector of your exam, but for what he's doing with his energy, he's better without than with it...
3991. You think you are more than one character of the series at the time and you end up fighting against yourself. (not to do in public, speaking with experience...)
3992. You write a bible of Sailor Moon.
3993. You enroll in the navy so you can say you are a Sailor soldier.
3994. You swear allegiance to Serenity. [Here I had written the declaration of allegiance, but I don't know the English version: ‘Je, (inserez votre nom ici), declare solenellement, d'etre fidele et de porter sinsere allegeance, a sa mageste la nouvelle reine Serenite, reine de la Terre, a ses descendants et a ses successeurs, en conformite avec la loi.’]
3995. You will only marry a moonie.
3996. You think antis are a real threat to mankind.
3997. At the smallest event you see a reference to Sailor Moon
3998. At the smallest event you are inspired for two or three new You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When.
3999. You are sure to read the word Sailormoon everywhere, but it's just Salomon, but you laugh every time.
4000. When you can't remember someone, you try to remember to witch character he reminds you most of.

***   ***   ***