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YKYWTMSMW PAGE 9 (4001 - 4500)

4001. The judge forbids you to get near Chinatown for harassing the salespersons.
4002. At the morning inspection, the sergeant tells you, again: "Private (put your name here), What is this Sailor Moon doll doing on your bed??? Remove it!" and the worst thing is that you will still leave your Sailor Moon doll on your bed tomorrow...
4003. Some of these YKYWTMSMW already happened to you.
4004. Some of these YKYWTMSMW already happened to you, many times.
4005. You are in exercise and when you are in front of the "enemy", you make a speech style "Oshi oki yo!"
4006. You get up at 5:00 to watch Sailormoon.(it's at 6:00 but you must be fully awake!)
4007. For year 2000 you go down in the metro stations and distribute religious pamphlets claiming the arrival of Queen Serenity and Crystal Tokyo.
4008. You ask Santa to see the real Sailor Moon, because you were good all year.
4009. You were actually good all year in order to see Sailor Moon.
4010. When Christmas comes and you still haven't see Sailor Moon, you conclude it's not a coincidence if the D point is in North Pole!!!
4011. About D point... isn't the magnetic north pole in Canada? You want to emigrate and fast!
4012. About Canada... doesn't Naoko's brother study there? You make of finding him the goal of your life.
4013. You create the Bloc SM and try to present yourself at the elections. (By the way Sailor Vulcain, how goes the 1000 signatures?)
4014. You are Sailor Moon. But sometimes you have strange dreams where you have the impression that this is the dream and you actually are in straight-jacket in a little white room.
4015. You're about to say "Yes sergeant" but you realize at the last second you actually are about to say "Sailor" instead. (That would have been embarrassing! ^^)
4016. You create an organization for the victims of Sailormoon privation.
4017. You refuse to watch Pokemon because it drains potential otaku from Sailor Moon!
4018. Your lowest mark of the year is 98% but you think it's lousy since Ami beats you.
4019. You sell your soul for a cardass.
4020. There is a huge graffiti on the front wall of your school saying: "Sailor Moon #1!" and, weirdly enough, they know you did it! Someone must have told!
4021. You cut your finger and scream when you see your blood is not green!
4022. You run after your sister yelling "Bunboooooooo!"(sounds lame but hey, it's fun!)
4023. You manage to convince your psychiatrist it's not an obsession: you really are Sailor Moon.
4024. You buy a watch with a cover and try to contact the Sailor With it.
4025. You train yourself with a punching bag with a picture of Tuxedo Kamen on it.
4026. You have moonism recognized as an official religion.
4027. You consider Sailor's anniversaries holidays and refuse to go to school.
4028. Nobody wants you to baby-sit for them, because after the children don't want to sleep, fearing monsters will steal the energy from their dreams.
4029. You join the Moon cult, and are disappointed because they don't speak about Sailor Moon.
4030. Just by your Sailor Moon drawings, you double the business of a small paper factory.
4031. You call all strangers "human" and feel offended when you are reminded you are, yourself, human.
4032. You often shriek when you see your reflection in the mirror: You should have had blue eyes, short blue hair, etc... and instead... that! (add some points if you are a guy)
4033. Your boyfriend break because in action (you know what), you screamed "Oh Mamoru!"
4034. You think a manometer is a device to detect Mamoru.
4035. Everyone laughed when you told at school what you thought a manometer was. They were right! It must instead be what Mamoru uses to know when Sailor Moon is in danger! Ah now you know! :)
4036. You learn electric arc welding so you can produce lightning like Jupiter. (and of course you never put on the current without a loud "Supreme Thunder!")
4037. You try to convince your younger sister to have a sex change and rename herself Shingo.
4038. You only have 100%, but it's because of your power, well at least it's what you tell people: Sailor Mercury is way smarter than you!
4039. You think Rainbow Six is about the sixth rainbow crystal.
4040. You replace your ID pictures with images of your favorite Sailor.
4041. You replace your ID pictures with images of your favorite Sailor... and nobody notice!
4042. You didn't replace all your ID pictures with images of your favorite Sailor, and people can't recognize you on these ones!!!
4043. You often turn around, sure you saw Sailor Moon behind you.
4044. You say fans of other anime than Sailor Moon are heretics and lead an inquisition to save their soul.

Thanks to Kasumi <kasumi@caramail.com> for these You know you watch too much Sailor Moon When

4045. You make a communicator out of your watch to contact the other sailors.
4046. You sing "My only love" every time you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
4047. You make an act (about SM) to get money and buy more Sailormoon stuff.
4048. You make a petition To get Sailormoon back on the screen.(Hi gang!)
4049. You wear your hair like your favorite Sailor(Hi Fita)
4050. You have your room enlarged to fit all your Sailormoon stuff. (I feel aimed at...)
4051. You make school project about Sailormoon.[How did he know???]
4052. You call your tamagoshi Luna, Artemis or Diana.
4053. You find a phone book of Tokyo to find the Sailors.
It gets scary when...
4054. You are sure it's possible to change your age in two seconds. (Chibiusa and Usagi...)
4055. You like blonde jokes but your friend reminded you Sailor Moon had blonde hair...And then, it was a drama...
4056. Every time the teacher asks you if you are on the moon, you answer "yes".
4057. When you hear the song "you have to believe in the power of love" you think dirty.
4058. You find a garnet orb and a "miroir aquatique", but it's no use, you don't have the space sword, you can't get the Holy Grail, you can't transform into Super Sailor Moon.
4059. You think "If only I could Turn Back Time" by Aqua is in honor of Sailor Pluto.
4060. You get to talk with James Cameron and ask him to remake Titanic, with, instead of Jack and Rose it would be Serena and Darien (English names make more sense in this case)
4061. You don't cry at your mother's funerals but are desperate when the Sailors die.
4062. You want to change your name for Bunny, Minako, Ami...
4063. When you will die, you want to be buried with Sailormoon objects.
4064. Instead of R.I.P. on your grave you want R.I.P.W.S.M., Rest In Peace With Sailor Moon.
4065. You cry all the time you are not watching Sailor Moon.
4066. You look for the bodies of the scouts at the North Pole.
4067. You fall in love with Haruka even if she is not a guy.
4068. You consult a specialist since you think you are Sailor Moon. (NDLR: think??? What you are not really her???)
4069. You are already in a mental hospital.
By Anonymous:
4070. Your neighborhood doesn't even know Sailormoon but they could recite every episode by heart.
4071. If you stop watching Sailormoon people think you are possessed by a youma.
By Sailor Frog <sailor.frog@caramail.com>
4072. You do your hair like Sailor Moon and say Moon Tiara Magic everytime someone laugh at you(is it me?)
4073. You want the same grades as Usagi succeed (me again)
4074. You bring your moon scepter at school and play it until the supervisor scold you (I'm here often^^')
4075. You call your locker neighbor Umino because he has big glasses and brown hair (Hi Claudia)
4076. You call one of the fattest girls of your cycle Chibi-Chibi because you picture Chibi-Chibi with a big butt (Hello Fanny)
4077. You regret breaking your Sailormoon doll because you had stopped liking it (Yo Alex)
4078. You call your hamster Luna because it's black and try to make a crescent shaped mark on its forehead (I'm back)
4079. You call all your friends by Sailor names and call yourself Usagi (that's me and my friends also use these nicknames!)
4080. You did 95% of these lists (undoubtedly me^^')
4081. You call your mother Ikuko-sama and ask her to dye her hair purple (Me-_-' and she refused)
4082. You cry like Usagi each time someone bothers you(me, and now I always cry like that)
4083. You downloaded the Sailor scouts skins for sims and you're sad because there's no Pluto, Saturn, Luna, Artemis and bad guys (me)
4084. You create a Sailormoon club with your friends, you all take a sailor name and make "challenges" to become Sailor Scout (me)
4085. You try to subscribe with the name Sailor Moon with Sailor nationality and force Moon (me but I finally took human force thief)[note: I suppose it's some kind of RPG]
4086. You try creating a Sailormoon RPG with RPG Maker 2000 but you can't find Sailormoon (me)

From http://www.galaxycauldron.com/active/yky/

4087. You start reciting scenes from the episodes...
4088. In Japanese...
4089. In your sleep.
4090. You learn how to put your hair in odangos.
4091. You go to school / college / work wearing your hair in odangos.
4092. You take Japanese lessons for the sole purpose of watching the original, uncut episodes.
4093. Within a month you are more fluent than the teacher.
4094. You watch subtitled episodes, looking for mistakes in the translation.
4095. You actually find mistakes in the translations.
4096. You argue with a chemistry professor that the element Beryllium is evil because Queen Beryl came from it... (Queen Beryl is named after the precious stone that is made out of beryllium).
4097. You went through textbooks to find out that little fact.
4098. You go around gloating that you were able to find out that little fact...
4099. You decide to get in touch with your 'Sailor Self' and do a fire reading until 1am.
4100. You somehow manage to buy every Sailor Moon DVD/video/comic etc ever made.
4101. You make copies of Rei's paper charms and attack your enemies shouting AKU RYO TAI SAN!!
4102. You try to foretell your future by staring at the bay while you're supposed to be working.
4103. When you find out someone's in trouble you run into the nearest alleyway and shout 'MOON COSMIC POWER!!'
4104. You've created your own personal senshi costume and practice your speech every day in front of the mirror.
4105. You know the music to Sailor Moon is just too damn catchy.. (Cheshire Catgirl)
4106. You start having weird visions that YOU are 'the one named Sailor Moon' (Bunnywabbit)
4107. You force your boyfriend and 4 of your friends to go as the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask with you as the leader for Halloween.
4108. You name your kids after the characters.
4109. When your friends make you mad, you yell at them and call them "Ecchi baka!"
4110. You call your mom Ilene and your dad Ken.
4111. When you get in a fight, you try to conjure your crescent moon wand.
4112. It actually worked.
4113. You name your cats Luna, Artemis, and Diana.
4114. They can talk to you.
4115. You're attracted to tall guys with black hair that wear black tuxedos.
4116. You absolutely cringe at guys with long silver hair, a white suit and a third eye.
4117. Whenever the clouds cover up the moon at night, you desperately try to use the silver crystal to get rid of them, because your powers are stronger with the moon.
4118. You call your sister/daughter Rini or Chibi-moon.
4119. You also force your little sister to wear pink odangos and red contacts.
4120. You give yourself a fringe (even though you haven't had one for years), dye your hair a rich purple-black and get everyone to call you Rei. (Chibi-V)
4121. You throw ice cubes at people you dislike and shout Mercury Bubble Blast!!! ( Usagi)
4122. You've made at least 1 fan fic. (Sailor Star)
4123. You are confused because you do not know whether you are in the Sailor Moon world or in the real world. (Sailor Star)
4124. You love Sailor Moon so much you hate one Senshi just to add a new one. (Sailor Star)
4125. You would do anything to see all the episodes in Japanese uncut. (Sailor Star)
4126. You can't choose who your favorite senshi is. (Sailor Star)
4127. You try to get your siblings to like Sailor Moon. (Sailor Star)
4128. You actually spend your time doing this. (Sailor Star)
4129. Your house catches fire and you think it's Sailor Mars and you run off to get Sailor Mercury. (Tyler)
4130. You go around the entire Internet trying to find more "YKYWTMSMWs" just to make sure that the one you type in yourself is not repeated anywhere else. (Archiebald)
4131. You start telling everyone to call you by the name of a Sailor Scout (Outer, Starlights or Inner). (Gundam Wing Gurl)
4132. Your friends start calling you by the name of a Sailor Scout. (Gundam Wing Gurl)
4133. You use a Sailor Moon character's name as your screen name. (Gundam Wing Gurl)
4134. Your goal in life is to try to make the whole world love Sailor Moon. (HolleyFR@aol.com)
4135. You stay up ALL night trying to think of another "ykywtmsmwy". (Grizabella_Girl)
4136. You have turned your whole family to Moonitics, even your male cat who now has a crush an Luna. (HolleyFR@aol.com)
4137. When you have your hair cut like a guy's, dye your hair yellowish blonde, wear green contact lenses and wear guys' clothes. (Viva Eevee)
4138. When you start flirting with all the girls and hate love confessions! (Viva Eevee)
4139. When you get a red sword and swing at the air desperately to unleash a power beam from it. (Viva Eevee)
4140. When people start calling you Amara or Sailor Uranus. (Viva Eevee)
4141. When you have sudden urges to go and drive a race car even if you don't have a normal license. (Viva Eevee)
4142. You see someone in trouble so you rip off your heart-shaped belt and yell "VENUS LOVE-ME-CHAIN!" (Shakiya Malfoy)
4143. During a thunderstorm, you think someone's made Sailor Jupiter angry... (Shakiya Malfoy)
4144. During the summer you grab the hose, spray it on your father and yell "SHABON SPRAY!" (Shakiya Malfoy)
4145. Being the brainiac that you are, you've requested your friends to call you "Ami".(Shakiya Malfoy)
4146. When you get in an argument, you yell "IN THE NAME OF THE MOON, I SHALL PUNISH YOU!" (Shakiya Malfoy)
4147. There is SOME Sailor Moon reference in ALL of your schoolwork. (Shakiya Malfoy)
4148. You try to fit various Sailor Moon quotes into all of your conversations. (SailorVguardian)
4149. When people make fun of you, you sing the Japanese theme song and they go away. (SailorVguardian)
4150. Your entire class 'suddenly' becomes moonies. (SailorVguardian)
4151. You make a life-long goal to eat faster than Usagi. (SailorVguardian)
4152. At a party you request the DJ to play 'My Only Love'. (SailorVguardian)
4153. He does. (SailorVguardian)
4154. You WERE a master of the clarinet, but you gave it up just so you could play the violin like Michiru does. (BlameTheSugar)
4155. You duct tape a banana to a stick and wander around outside and when you spot trouble....you know what will happen with your almighty banana-duct-taped-to-a-stick wand. ;) (Kitty)
4156. When you look all over the school for somebody named Ami and you persuade her to dye her hair blue and cut it. (Kitty)
4157. She actually dyes it blue and cuts it. (Kitty)
4158. You contribute more than 20 to this list. (Kitty)
4159. You start getting complaints from your neighbors because you keep catching their cats and putting band-aids on their foreheads. ( Periwinkle)
4160. And then you go around purposely trying to step and trip over them, then doing a dramatic scene where you rip off the bandaids on their forehead and stare them. You then run home and take a nap, waking up at small noises hoping that the cat has come back to tell you that you are Sailor Moon. ( Periwinkle)
4161. You follow everyone that has similar hair to one of the senshi's and repeatedly ask them if they are Sailor Moon. You don't leave them alone until they say yes, where you jump up and down sqealing that you found Sailor Moon and ask for an autograph. ( Periwinkle)
4162. Then you stick by them asking if you can become a senshi too. ( Periwinkle)
4163. You call your younger brother Shingo and start crying because he injured your cat whom you call Luna. (Sailor Starlight)
4164. Shoot! You're too tall to be Serena so instead of drinking water, milk etc. all you drink is coffee until you become her height. (Petit_Soldier)
4165. Sailor Moon (in the later episodes when she is over 16), is so beautiful, if only she was real.... (Scott Bull)
4166. When your password for Neopets is a Sailor Moon Japanese song title. (Belldandy)
4167. You take swimming lessons just to become as good a swimmer as Amy! (Minako Aino)
4168. People think you're weird because you shout the Senshi's attacks when you're mad... (Sailor Star Guardian)
4169. You bought a Sailor Moon costume and wear it even when it's not Halloween. (*Sailor Star*)
4170. You draw little chibi-Dariens all over your Math notebook. (He's just too hot!!) (*Sailor Star*)
4171. You do your hair up into yam-like buns. (*Sailor Star*)
4172. You try to ride a wild white horse that wandered into your yard because you thought it was Helios and he needed help. (*Sailor Star*)
4173. You open the shower curtain, hoping that Seiya's in there trying to wash off the sticky cake. (LoonieMoonieMinakoGirl)
4174. You call your little sister/daughter Chibi-Chibi. (LoonieMoonieMinakoGirl)
4175. You bring your cat to your friend Rei, saying that it will give her a transformation pen. (LoonieMoonieMinakoGirl)
4176. When your boyfriend decides to break up with you and you tell him that it's very sweet of him trying to protect you, but you think he should stop listening to those dreams his future self sends him. (Anigym)
4177. You play the Sailor Starlight henshin songs over and over... (Jason)
4178. …and you try to henshin with them. (Jason)
4179. To top it off you make a little yellow star with a mike and tie it around your head whilst doing it... (Jason)
4180. You love Yaten so much, you know that she cant carry anything heavier than chopsticks. (Jason)
4181. You love Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon because of the hot girls! (Jason)
4182. You choose your summer camp nickname as "Sailor Moon" (I did this at the camp I work at, where all the staff have to have camp names, and the campers don't find out your real name until the end of the week!) ^^. (Sailor Chibi Moon)
4183. When Queen Beryl appears in your lounge-room, throws one of your mum's precious plates at you and you scream 'Sailor Kick!' and kick it to pieces! Bwhahahahaha! (intermezzo)
4184. When you're such a fanatic that you actually buy that icky Sailor Moon ice-cream. (intermezzo)
4185. When your dog turns out to be a monster and you transform and fight it! (intermezzo)
4186. When shiny little Sailor Sheep start dancing around you singing "SAILOR MO-OO-OO-OO-OON!" and give you a headache with their song and Darien comes up to you and eats your odangos and Luna throws grapes at you!!! O_o (intermezzo)
4187. On the first day of school you introduced yourself as Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice and Princess of the Moon Kingdom. (vicky)
4188. You plan to wear Neo Queen Serenity's dress to your wedding, and you hubby will be as Tuxedo Mask of course! (Vauny-Chan)
4189. You alter all the epidsode storylines so that Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are always together. Voice in his head? As if he'd listen to that! (Vauny-Chan)
4190. You think that your boyfriend/girlfriend is Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask. (sailor_rainbow)
4191. You love Mamoru to pieces. (sailor_rainbow)
4192. Your dream is to meet Naoko Takeuchi. (Fabнola)
4193. When you meet her you try to give her some ideas for new storylines. (Fabнola)
4194. If you go to Japan, you would only visit stores that sell Sailor Moon stuff. (Fabнola)
4195. You buy all the Sailor Moon stuff you can find there, even if it means using up the money for your plane ticket home. (Fabнola)
4196. When your math teacher gives you a bad grade, you stand up and shout "MOON HEALING ESCALATION!"
4197. You are then sent to the office and have to face the principal, but 10 minutes later he bacomes a Sailor Moon fan too.
4198. You have seen all the episodes of the anime, read all the manga and seen all the movies; now you are watching the live-action series and can't help but hope for more.
4199. You can relate your friends to Sailor Moon characters.
4200. You know everything about the series, even the facts that hardly anyone else knows.
4201. You get into debates because of this.
4202. You're too young to order Sailor Moon stuff online, but you still manage to collect it all anyway.
4203. You've made your own Sailor Moon character.
4204. Your dream is to work on the series.
4205. Your parents are fed up with your obsession, but you don't care.
4206. You can relate yourself to every character.
4207. You get 100% on every Sailor Moon quiz there is.
4208. You've visited every Sailor Moon site there is.
4209. You've drawn so much Sailor Moon fan art that your skills have actually improved!
4210. You have heard every version of every Sailor Moon song ever made.
4211. You have seen all of the Sailor Moon musicals, even though you don't live in Japan.
4212. Because of this you can now speak fluent Japanese.
4213. For creative writing assignments you hand in Sailor Moon fanfics that you wrote.
4214. You call your male friends Urawa-kun or Shinozaki. (jane-person)
4215. Every time you see a ferris wheel, you look to see if Ami and Urawa are on it. (jane-person)
4216. Your bed-sheets have bunnies and stars and crescent-moons on them so that they match Usagi's.
4217. You make sure that your hair is cut in a specific way so that you look just like your favourite Senshi.
4218. You're planning on changing your name to Usagi Tsukino or something similar.
4219. You complain when your school decides not to have school uniforms.
4220. You do Sailor Mercury's transformation sequence in the shower.
4221. And then her "Shabon Spray" attack when you get out.
4222. You watch Sailor Stars on your laptop at school, just to make a point that you're a fan. (Guilty as charged!)
4223. You can somehow associate everyday events with scenes in Sailor Moon. "Oh, I'm walking home, I wonder if I'll see a talking black cat.." "Oh, look! A crowd! It must bee the Three Lights!" "Oh! Some birds! Maybe Rei is nearby..."
4224. You call yourself "Sailor Something".
4225. You sing your own theme song and run around school with your 'Moon Wand' (a yardstick) whilst looking out for a silver-haired girl in a business suit...
4226. You are determined to put 'odangos' on the lunch menu at school.
4227. You sit around for hours on end trying to figure out how Luna, Artemis and Diana can have eyebrows.
4228. You worship Naoko Takeuchi.
4229. You have a bracelet that says "What Would Luna Do?"
4230. You can no longer see the walls in your bedroom because they are completely covered by Tuxedo Mask posters.
4231. You are easily amused by simplest things like ykywtmsmw lists and Tuxedo Mask's big hat.
---xx Sgt. Pepper xx
4232. You run around in thunderstorms wearing a tin-foil hat and yelling "SUPREME THUNDER!" (starsenshi21)
4233. You know the lyrics to a whole CD of Japanese Sailor Moon songs by heart. (starsenshi21)
4234. When you go to an elementary school and yell "Oh my gosh! Chibis everywhere!" (Seiya'sGurl)
4235. When there's a solar eclipse you look out for Nehelenia and the Dead Moon circus. (moose-chan)
4236. When you play role-playing-games with your room-mate and they name all of their characters either Makoto Kino or Lita Kino. (serenitydeath)
4237. Your room-mate's computer is full of Sailor Jupiter stuff. (serenitydeath)
4238. You spend all your time on the internet downloading more Sailor Moon stuff. (serenitydeath)
4239. You and your friend begin saying the lyrics of Moon Revenge back and forth to each other to get the little boy sitting next to you to stop listening in on your conversation.
4240. You know all the lyrics to every Sailor Moon song ever made, including the Japanese ones.
4241. You use Sailor Moon's (or any other Senshi's) final transformation pose for silly school group photos.
4242. The Sailor Moon pictures on that you've saved on your computer take up over a gigabyte of memory.
4243. You're determined to get every Sailor Moon picture there is.
4244. You've caught all the pocket Bishonen and Bishoujo that are Sailor Moon characters.
4245. Your room is covered in Sailor Moon pictures and posters.
4246. Fellow moonies admire you just because of your room.
4247. After watching a few episodes, you look in the mirror and are disappointed to find that your eyes aren't 1/3 the size of your entire face.
4248. When your friends have to yell "LOOK! IT'S SAILOR MOON!" to get your attention. (Sailor Kitkat)
4249. If you cry afterwards because you realize that they were lying. (Sailor Kitkat)
4250. If you become a klutz just so you can be like Usagi. (Sailor Kitkat)
4251. When you think that the weather is abnormal you go to the circus to see if you can find the Amazoness Quartet. (Eternal Sailor Moon)

From http://smoonmania.no-ip.org/ykywtmsmw.htm

4252. You go to a Halloween party dressed up as Sailor moon or the other scouts and your guy friend/boyfriend is dressed up as Tuxedo Kamen.
4253. You see a black cat and wait for it to give you a transformation brooch.
4254. You dress up as Tuxedo Kamen and try to jump from a high place to the ground.
4255. You call your friends by the characters names.
4256. You tell people not to call you meatball head/ondango even if you don't have odangos.
4257. You try to find the silver impremium crystal.
4258. You throw roses at people.
4259. You like to wear skirts like the Sailor Senshi.
4260. You find 3 people that look like the starlight and ask them if they found the princess yet.
4261. You ask them if they are the Three Light.
4262. You tape a yellow crescent moon to its forehead.
4263. You go around and tell people "Let me see your star seed" and hold up bracelets that look like the animates.
4264. You know all the episodes starting from number one all the way to 200 in Japanese and English.
4265. You want to do Sera Myu for a school play.
4266. You could memorize all the lines from each episode in Japanese even if your not Japanese.
4267. You are able to make odangos and go to school with them.
4268. You could recite every Sailor Moon magna. (cough *help* cough)
4269. You collect Sailor Moon dolls/figurines and have them on display for all to see.
4270. You have a Sailor Moon shrine in your room (I'm talking posters, dolls, figurines, transformation toys etc.) (cough *help* cough)
4271. People open your winamp to listen to REGULAR music and all they find is Sailor Moon music and its all Japanese. (umm... yeahhh)
4272. You have lyrics to half the songs that Sailor Moon ever came out with including the musicals.
4273. You want to move to Japan so you could see the uniforms and try to find the senshi. (cough *help* cough)
4274. You ask your science teacher about Kinmoku.
4275. You yell out "Moon Prism Power Make Up!" when you and your math class are learning about geometry or prisms.
4276. You own all the Sailor Moon magna in English and Japanese. (That's a lot of money)
4277. Your whole entire room is sailor moon. (desk covered in Sailor Moon stuff etc.)
4278. You want to paint Sailor moon Characters and stuff onto your walls. (very experienced people)

From http://lunarfigures.homestead.com/humor1.html

You're obsessed with Sailor Moon if:

4279. You have had your boyfriend breakup with you, because you began calling him Darien
4280. You promise yourself that when you get a little older a small, black, talking cat will come to you and tell you that you are a super hero.
4281. You adopted a black cat and named it Luna.
4282. You decided to wear your hair in meatballs.
4283. Since you have Serena on the Brain you began tripping constantly and considered it a great accomplishment when you managed to take three other people down with you.
4284. When people called you 'baseball brain' and 'doughnut head,' you automatically informed them that that wasn't your name; it's meatball head.
4285. If you're wearing a hat and you see someone doing something wrong, you take off your hat throw it at them while yelling "Moon Tiara Magic!" (Moon Tiara Action)
4286. The last time you saw a small child fall down, you helped them as quickly as possible. While putting on the Band-Aid you chanted, "Moon Healing Activation." (Moon Healing Escalation)
You're obsessed with Sailor Mercury if:
4287. When you went to the hair salon you secretly had the person dye your hair blue and refused to get it fixed when your mother demanded that you did.
4288. You have began studying at every spare moment, so you can be a smart as Amy.
4289. Even though you've always hated sandwiches, you like them now, because you can eat them and read at the same time.
4290. Because Amy loves to read, you have read more books than anyone in your school, to show that you love to read.
4291. You turned the ice maker on and let the ice come out and called "Mercury Ice Storm Blast!" (Sine Aqua Illusion)
4292. While you are blowing bubbles you frequently say, "Mercury Bubble Blast." (Shabon Spray)
You're obsessed with Sailor Mars if:
4293. At camp and cookouts you sit and stare into the fire, waiting to see something.
4294. You have taken great joy in picking on small blonde girls.
4295. You have burnt your fingers, because you believe you can 'conjure' fire in your hands.
4296. You cut up paper in small strips, write a few Japanese symbols on it, and throw it at people you don't like, while saying 'AKU RYO TAI SAN!' (Evil Spirit Be Gone)
4297. When you fall asleep in class, you report to your teacher that you were in a trance and the great fire's spirit told you everything the teacher has covered.
You're obsessed with Sailor Venus if:
4298. You suddenly have started having sudden blonde moments.
4299. You lost all of your stage fright and started taking singing lessons.
4300. You frequently mess up old sayings.
4301. Your best friend smacks you on the top of the head a lot, because you apparently called her Lita, again.
4302. You gathered a length of rope, taped small, orange paper hearts on it, and began to lasso things with it.
You're obsessed with Sailor Jupiter if:
4303. Although, you never showed an interest in it before, you have taken a liking in the gym. You go there to 'pump up.'
4304. Every time you see a cute guy or one of your friends does, you sigh and say "He looks just like my old boyfriend!"
4305. You have gotten in several fights at school, because someone called one of your friends a name.
4306. You have taken a liking to the outdoors because of all the flowers and trees.
4307. You started wearing 'tall' shoes, so you are taller than everyone else.
4308. When there's a really bad storm and your mother tells you to come into the basement, you look at her like she's crazy.
You're obsessed with Sailor Saturn if:
4309. You brag to everyone that you and her look so much alike. *shakes head in self pity*
4310. You like characters from other shows, just because A. They resemble her or B. There name is the name of one of the moon's of Saturn. (Do that, too.)
4311. You bought violet contacts. (Want to do that.)
4312. You have suddenly taken a liking to sharp, slightly round objects.
4313. You bought a pack of fire crackers and set them off all at once so that you could recreate the Silence Glaive Surprise.
4314. You feel a strange connection with glasses wearing people that sit in the dark all the time.
You're obsessed with Sailor Neptune if:
4315. You dyed your hair aqua, even though you have never actually seen a person, other than Michiru, with aqua hair.
4316. You have your room's walls painted to resemble the bottom of the sea, even though it cost you a fortune.
4317. When doing the dishes and your sibling sneaks up on you, you take the sprayer and spray them calling "Neptune Deep Submerge!"
4318. You carry a mirror around with you and stare at it intently when your trying to think of something.
4319. You get angry at any mention of the Sailor Moon dub and Michelle's 'cousin' Amara.
4320. You always hated classical music, because it gave you a headache. Now, you've decided to take up playing the violin.
You're obsessed with Sailor Uranus if:
4321. You've taken a liking to sharp knives.
4322. You started counting down the days until your 16, so you can get you driver's license.
4323. You started saving money so you could buy that cool motorcycle when your 16.
4324. You've started taking fencing lessons, as you're mother wouldn't let you near a REAL sword.
4325. At your fencing lessons you yell "URANUS SPACE SWORD BLASTER!" before attacking.
You're obsessed with Sailor Pluto if:
4326. When your friend asks why you didn't answer the phone, you say that you were to busy guarding the gate.
4327. You have steadily lost friends, because you're never around.
4328. Your grandma offered to teach you how to sew, when she saw the 'wonderful' dresses you had been working on. Not to mention the many pricks in your fingers.
4329. When you were at Pizza Hut the other day, you could have sworn that the red light coming from the back room was the Garnet Rod, so you jumped the counter and got thrown out.
4330. You dyed your hair green. Now, you have the greatest nickname, Seaweed Top.
4331. You have begun to collect clocks.

From http://sailormoonmeatballmadness.tuxedomask.com/ykywtmsmw/ykyw.html
(Michiru and ChibiBunny)

4332. You just have to record every single episode... and you never plan to sell them in the future as antiques for money.
4333. The world revolves around Sailor Moon. Your teacher is a youma or a monster from the NegaMoon, and your local clock store is a place to snoop around for "clues"
4334. You can name all the sailor scouts in 2 languages but can't name all you're relatives!
4335. You cry for hours when you find out that they cancelled sailor moon!
4336. You have a big party when you find out they're bringing sailor moon back on the air!
4337. You have a party for all the sailor scout on there b-days (7 days till Seiya Kou)
4338. (You plan to change your name to one the sailor scouts (I don't have to :) jk fr.michiru)
4339. Bad weather day means that Sailor Jupiter is having a bad day.
4340. You have long hair, and you spend hours and hours just to put it up in a odango style or a meatball style... and you realize your hair is another color.
4341. You go cooking, like Lita/Mako-chan and when you stuff it all down, like Serena/Usagi, you find it tastes good, only because you think it was Lita who cooked it.
4342. You practically kill when somebody bugs you when you watch Sailor Moon!!!!! (ha..ha...hu..fr.michiru)
4343. Your writing down all the YKYWTMSMW lists and checking off the ones you actually do!
4344. Your singing talents have majorly improved ever since you have sung Sailor Moon theme songs, and etc.
4345. Your mother, heck, your whole family, tells you to shut up in the shower when you sing in the shower, Rainy Day Man! (I do that. Obsessed, aren't I?)
4346. People who offend you in any way walk away disgusted by your little speech on how you're Sailor Moon and how you will punish them.
4347. You flame every single anti-Sailor Moon site...
4348. When you watch a Sailor Moon episode, you record it, put it in your showcase, and when your friends come over, you show it off. But on a rainy day, you get you're feather duster and dust off all the dust on it so it will look special.
4349. You keep watch of your brother, whom you nicknamed Shingo or Sam.
4350. You also snoop around his room, for a strange animal that has hypnotic eyes...
4351. You can sing the Sailor Starlight's song in Japanese but can't sing the national anthem! (Guilty as charged)
4352. You compare everybody to a SailorMoon character.
4353. You cry when Serena/Usagi and Darien/Mamoru break up. Then you think, now I have a chance!
4354. You, a very bad artist in sculpting, get a razor and desperately but inspiredly, shave off a crescent moon on your cat's forehead. Then you paint it with gold paint to make it shine...
4355. You and all you're 9 closest friend and you're sister go as sailor scouts for Halloween. (Oh well... the costume shop doesn't have those. Better get out those threads, and needles!!!!)
4356. *b-You call you're friends by a sailor scout name whether they like it or not!
4357. *b-You call them by that name in public! (Who would do that, ChibiUsa/Rini)*michiru talking to chibi bunny* (I told you I'm Serena/Usagi!)*chibi bunny to michiru*
4358. *b-You use your lip gloss to transform!
4359. *B-You only wear the colors of your fave scout.
4360. *b-After you paint your nails, you scream (your fave scout) Star Power!
4361. *B-Before you scream you say Pluto Deadly Scream!
4362. *a*b-You only answer to Moon Princess
4363. *a*b-You know every single word to all the Sailormoon episodes!
4364. *A*B-You wear your Sailor Moon pin everywhere!
4365. *a*b-The only reason you go to prom is because you get to dress like Tuxedo Mask (for guys)
4366. *A*B-You get in major trouble cause you write Sailor Moon rules with your Mom's fave lipstick all over your house
4367. *A*B-You try every key in the house but none of them take you to the future!
4368. *a*b- You cry when it doesn't
4369. *a*b-The only reason you eat Cosmic Brownies cause it has cosmic in it

From http://ae-creations.com/wishingmoon (Wishing Moon)

4370. Sailor Lumina - Your name is Anna, but you tell everyone to call you amy.
4371. Eternal Sailor Venus - When you grow your hair out long, do it in an odango, and make a Moon Scepter out of cardboard and start whacking your enemies with it saying, "MOON SCEPTER ACTIVATION! MOON SCEPTER ACTIVATION!!"
4372. Somebody Else - You spend every waking moment telling everyone around you about how the DIC (Drunken Idiots Corperation) Messed up Sailor Moon regardless of whether the people around you even know what Sailor Moon is.
4373. Nozomu-Chan - You sound like Mitsuishi Kotono (Usagi's seiyuu), wear sailor uniforms, wear odango, call your boyfriend Mamo-Chan, and purposely fail tests just so you can be like Usagi!
4374. Apuriru - When you start your very own Sailor Scout group and try to fight strange people who look evil on the streets.
4375. Kakyu - When you call your cat Luna... even though it doesn't have one single black hair!
4376. Akari Tsukino - You've looked everywhere for Sailor Neptune's adorable shoes, and when you finally found them, you started sobbing because they didn't have your size.
4377. Bunny - When you get your nails painted the color of Sailor Moon's and yell "Moon Prism Power" when your alone or before you get dressed in the morning.
4378. Ji - When you eat meatballs or odango, you immediately pick them up and try to fasten them on your head in any which way possible.
4379. Sailor Bubble - You call your enemies names of villains on Sailor moon.
4380. Sailor Moonies - You buy Sailor Moon cereal, soup, candy, cookies and don't forget the Sailor Moon gum. They really sell them!
4381. Usagi-chan - You say sweet, romantic crap to your mirror pretending you`re Usagi sitting with Mamoru, or you spend every single free minute trying to think about stuff that makes you similar to any of the senshi and when you can’t find one, you make it up, or when your brother catches you jumping all over your room, pretending to be Sailor *someplanet* in the new episode you make up, or when you draw a heart and write "Usagi & Mamoru", or, even worse, "Mamoru and *your name*".
4382. Sailor Star Dreamer - When you have a Sailor Moon e-mail address, when you have 3+ folders devoted to Sailor Moon, when you tell your friends to call you by (insert Bishoju Senshi Sailor Moon charter name), or when you quote/talk like a BSSM character 7+ times during one period!
4383. Guardian - Have Sailor Moon's Wand and say every word she says in a video from beginning to end.
4384. Brianna - When you grow up, you are going to the moon to re-build the moon kingdom.
4385. Brianna - You walk around like a zombie saying Sailor Moon this and Sailor Moon that.
4386. Sailor Saturn - When Your Mom Callz You A Sailor Moon Head!!!
4387. Queen Serenity - You're late for school all because you expected your black kitty, who you named Luna, to wake you up in the morning! Go figure!
4388. Taru-chan - Whenever you see a guy named Darien, you jump up and hug him and say, "Did ya miss me, big guy?!"
4389. SailorMoonFan - you somehow managed to put something Sailor Moon-ish in ALL of your Art projects! (like me ^_^ tee hee!)
4390. Queen Serenity - You're convinced that one day, Darien is gonna dump Serena and suddenly ask you to marry him!
4391. Queen Serenity - You go to you local animal shelter, and pick out a black cat, just to name it Luna! (hey at least it's for a good cause!)
4392. Queen Serenity - When you raid your old Barbie doll collection, just to make the doll, sailor moon dolls! This entails dying their hair the right color(s) and sewing up the outfits! that actually look like the characters! And you dont just stop there, you also have to include Darien and his four knights! the villains, and all of the family members (live and dead)! Then your collection is complete! Lets see Bandai or Irwin pull that one off! muwa ha ha ha!
4393. Abcjason - Your parents even know the lyrics to some sailor moon songs and they dont even know any Japanese. Wait. Maybe a little because you peak in it too much!
4394. Mizu - You have your own staff, brooch, scout, scout knight, and attacks for yourself...and friends.
4395. WiseOwl11235 -Your siblings give you a weird look every time you turn on the TV (to Sailor Moon of course!)
4396. Sailor Mom - When your parents forget the sound of your real voice.
4397. Sailor Eternity - You have an incurable fetish for knee-high boots.
4398. Aeris - You gather as many neighborhood cats as you can find and shave crescent moon baldspots on all of their foreheads, and then cover them with bandaids so that wherever you go you can trip over cats and pull bandaids off of them so that maybe you can find a cat that will tell you that you are Sailor Moon.
4399. Star - You have to spin around the house naked before you can put your clothes on.
4400. Silver Angel - You've made yourself a 'moonie' wall of pictures you colored, and look at it every night as inspiration for your next fanfiction.
4401. Sailor Sun - When someone has to call you Serena/mina/bunny/lite/rei/ami/or meatball head to get your attention.
4402. Marz - Someone asks a person about Sailormoon, you butt in and started to blab many things about it and continue to blab until they left you.
4403. Sailor Cloud - Create a group of your own Sailor Scout group and add them into new Sailor Moon episodes.
4404. Sailor Astro - You're able to recall that Seiya's number on the blue softball team of the Tenth Street high school is number one, or that Misa's operation date fell on the first Tuesday of the month of September, or who Misa even WAS, and yet you still flunk all your midterms and finals. (It's the effort that counts, really.)
4405. Sailor Astro - Your friends find a ticket stub to a Three Lights concert under your bed.
4406. Sailor Astro - You sneak out of your house at night to fight crime (heheh, and no one is the wiser. . )
4407. Sailor Silver - You have a Sailor Senshi picture on every corner of your wall and even your ceiling so you always see something Sailor Moon! ^_^
4408. Melody - When you find yourself shouting 'Moon Prisim Power!" when no one's looking. hee hee!
4409. Girl - Your teacher mush become a moonie to EVEN SLIGHTLY get a clue about you!!!!
4410. Usagi - Your parents wind up dressing like NeoKing Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity just to get your attention!
4411. Flame Cat - It's a hot day, and you're outside, day dreaming, then you find yourself blowing bubbles with your tongue and yelling out "MERCURY BUBBLES! BLAST!"
4412. Sailor Sun - When you wear your hair in odango every day, and when people say you look like Baby Spice, you scream "IT'S SAILOR MOON! SAILOR MOOOON!"
4413. Coaco - When you made a movie and pretend you are sailor moon!
4414. Sailor Amber - You have checked out every Sailor Moon site there is, and when there's a new one, first you faint, then you check it out.
4415. Sailor Amber - You have every Sailor Moon site in your Favorites.
4416. Jennifer - You pass up the man (or woman) of your dreams and pray that Usagi and Mamo-chan break up... for good.
4417. Jessica - When you spend every waking hour doing something Sailor Moon related!

From http://www.angelfire.com/ok4/hawaii22?

4418. You spend the majority of your paycheck on the subtitled movies.
4419. The people at the anime store call you to find out what episodes you want.
4420. You don't have room in your backpack for your moon wand so you paint one on your binder.
4421. After you let the paint dry on your binder, you put a coat or two of clear fingernail polish on it.
4422. You don't mind that now your binder will smell like fingernail polish, just as long as the finished product is safe.
4423. You make your own bunch of Sailor Scouts and write them into stories and/or episodes where you see fit to put them.
4424. You put them up onto a web site.
4425. Before inserting a key into the front door you shout, "Crystal Key! Take me home!"
4426. You give up your social life just to watch Sailor Moon, whether or not you saw the episode a million times.
4427. You defend Sailor Moon (or any other Sailor Scout) from someone else who dissed her.
4428. You unintentionally convert your parents' friends to moonies when they are over.
4429. You go to the last day of a close out sale for a store you like just to get 50 percent off.
4430. You have a mixture of feelings about that store, because on the one hand, you got twice as much as you might have with the discount but on the other hand now you won't be able to go to that store at all any more and see if anything new has come in.
4431. There was a sign saying that the people that work at the store will try to buy the store from the current owners, and even thought they say not to, you hold your breath.
4432. Your face starts changing colors while you hold your breath.
4433. You look at a full moon and instead of seeing the man in the moon, you see (a manga version of) Serena (of/in) the moon.
4434. You make up a wicked cool YKYWTMSMW on your way to somewhere important and by the time you go to write it down, you forget what you were going to write, so you start crying like Serena.
4435. You build a scarecrow in honor of your favorite Scout in a contest at the local fair.
4436. You win first prize because of the scarecrow.
4437. You consider piercing your ear lobe along the ridge of your ear, just so you have the 3 earring look like Sailor Mercury. (Note: Sailor Mercury does have 3 earrings in the Manga Sailor Mon comix.)
4438. You hunt around clothing and fabric stores for the right material to make a Sailor Scout outfit.
4439. You consider buying knee length boots and spray paint it blue or red to match the Sailor Scout boots.
4440. You buy some aluminum, some crystals and gold paint, so you can fashion your own tiara.
4441. You start throwing the said home made tiara at people you wished to be vaporized.

From http://www.birdangel.net/minako/ykylsvtmw.php (Crescent Light)

You Know You Like Sailorvenus Too Much When...

4442. You always wear a red bow in your hair.
4443. You misquote proverbs on purpose.
4444. You dye your hair blonde. If you already have blonde hair, you grow it extra long.
4445. You're always on the lookout for cute guys, even if you already have a boyfriend.
4446. Your friends call you "Minako-chan" or "Mina-P."
4447. You have over 350 Sailorvenus images saved on your computer.
4448. You play matchmaker for your friends, claiming you are "the goddess of love."
4449. You dream to be an idol.
4450. You can mimic Fukami Rica's voice.
4451. You can perform the hand motions for Crescent Beam, Venus Love-Me Chain, and Love and Beauty Shock.
4452. You have as many roses as Tuxedo Kamen, to use for Venus Love and Beauty Shock (manga only).
4453. You adore Kunzite, even though he's a villain.
4454. You like Katarina, because she was a big sister to Minako.
4455. You hate Katarina, because she stole Minako's first love.
4456. You are glad that Venus had the shortest death scene in episode 45, because she suffered for less time than the others.
4457. You were mad that Venus got the shortest death scene, because she always gets jipped on screen time.
4458. You cried during Minako's flashback in the Sailormoon R movie.
4459. You saw nothing wrong with Minako's two-timing in episode 141.
4460. Episode 141 is your favorite episode.
4461. You love Minako's idol outfits.
4462. You enter idol contests.
4463. You dislike little boys, but love little girls, just like Minako.
4464. You call your boyfriend Kunzite.
4465. You own both the Sailor V and Sailorvenus fukus.
4466. People online think that you really are Sailorvenus.
4467. You have read the Codename wa Sailor V manga.
4468. You believe that Codename wa Sailor V should have been made into an anime, not Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon.
4469. You and a Sailormars fan constantly argue over who is the leader of the Sailor Team. (Venus, of course!)
4470. You constantly practice singing "Route Venus" and Minako's other image songs.
4471. When no one is around, you shout "Venus Power, make up!" and swirl a gold ribbon around you, attempting to transform into Sailorvenus.
4472. You do this even when people are around.
4473. Your license plate says "SLRVENUS," "MINAKO," or "SAILORV."
4474. You only wear clothes like Minako's.

From http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/kasanomiko01/YKYWTMSMW.html

4475. You ask your best friend to paint a crescent moon on your forehead.
4476. You get any new friends that you make addicted to SM too.
4477. You have more SM pictures on your wall than anything else. (Pics of boyfriend, etc.)
4478. You want to go to prom just so you can see your b-friend in a tuxedo. (There just might be a resemblance, you never know...)
4479. You cried when Toonami announced it would be showing the S and Super S series.
4480. You bought your best friend the Sailor Moon Super S movie for Christmas but opened it up and watched it before giving it to her. ^^
4481. You refer to your mother as "Queen Beryl".
4482. You wake up in the middle of the night screaming "Rei, gimme my comic book back!!!"
4483. You find top hats incredibly sexy (Why someone would I have no idea).
4484. Your mother informs you that you are no longer allowed to watch SM in her presence.
4485. You've tried to enroll your cat in speech classes.
4486. You wear mini skirts in the middle of winter.
4487. You are convinced that all men with pony tails are actually women, especially if they are in a band.
4488. You are convinced that it IS possible to do karate in high heels.
4489. When you spot an especially attractive person, but aren't sure of their gender, you can't help but wonder if they may be Zoisite... or one of the Sailor Stars, perhaps...

From http://hometown.aol.com/smoonkitty/myhomepage/jlo.html

4490. At sleepovers people claim that you hit them in your sleep while saying Senshi attacks!
4491. You have a picture of what you would look like as sailor scout!
4492. You think Sailor Jupiter made "Shock Tarts"!
4493. You make your own Luna pen!
4494. You try to fly with an umbrella!
4495. You wonder if Scooby Doo met Luna & Artemis
4496. Your call the solar system the sailor system!

From http://www.expage.com/ssykywtmsmw (Sailor Saturn's YKYWTMSMW...)

4497. When you watch Mulan, you wonder if one of the soldiers is Haruka who grew her hair out a little, dyed it black, and got a tan.
4498. When you play a Pokemon game, you name your character after your fave. Sailor Senshi and your rival after your fave. SM villain.
4499. Your favorite time of the day is the Moment of Silence.
4500. You won't eat carrots, no matter what.

***   ***   ***